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(FT2) GH3 with new weather sealed 14-140mm for 1.700 Euro?


The weeks before a camera announcement rumors of all types are floating the forums. As usual I wouldn’t care too much about them. But I am posting that particular rumor in the hope trusted sources can confirm or deny it:

Inview (personal view forum) wrote: “Today I was at a photo equipment shop and the Panasonic salesman came, I am at Athens, Greece. I asked about the GH3 release and he said about November. But about in a month he could have a sample at the shop for preview. He said 16Mp sensor and weather sealed body. I asked what lens would be the kit lens, and he said a new [shoplink 14802]14-140mm[/shoplink] weather sealed lens. He said also a new battery grip. “They are trying to appeal to the pro market” he said. He said also the prize would be around 1700 euros. Oh well.

I never heard of a 14-140mm weather sealed lens until now but it would make sense for Panasonic to release such a lens to be able to offer a cheaper alternative of the GH3 and [shoplink 31225]12-35mm X[/shoplink] kit (which should be priced slightly above 2.000 Euro).

Lens price comparison:
Panasonic 14-140mm at [shopcountry 14802].
Panasonic 12-35mm X at [shopcountry 31225].

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