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(FT2) Fuji will make a mirrorless X300 (if true it doesn’t sound like they will join m43)


Bob Todrick, a pro photographer from Edmonton, Alberta wrote (Source: Dpreview Forum): “Have had my X100 for a week now … puts any of the 4/3 compacts out their to shame. Pretty sure they have a winner here…and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeable lenses.

Bob also said that “I’m in the pro photo supply biz…this is from Fuji. They have decided to pursue what they call the serious prosumer market. The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200…a simplified ‘p&s’ version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeable lens version sometime next year.

If Bob is telling the truth here than it doesn’t sound like Fuji will join the m43 system. I guess they will stick with their APS-C sensors :(

P.S.: J&R is accepting Fuji X100 preorders -> “will be coming soon” (Click here to preorder on J&R). And Digitalrev says “Usually ships in 1-2 weeks” (Click here to order on Digitalrev). There are a few X100 on auction on eBay (Click here).

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • MikeS

    Interesting, if true. However, a “P&S version” seems to defeat the entire concept of the camera; the people who want the X100 appreciate its melding of form and function. A simplified version would be eliminating the latter, leaving an overpriced retro-styled camera in its place. I don’t see a market for that, or why an interchangeable-lens version should, in turn, depend on its success. It’d be like Nikon designing the D4 based on Coolpix sales: backwards and illogical.

    I guess it’s FT2 for a reason ;)

  • thephil

    I would not feel so sad. Actually the picture quality of the Fuji (F2.0) is very very poor compared to Olympus E-p1 with 20mm F1.7 which is a 3 yr old body and lens. In this case Fuji is clearly 3 yrs behind in image and lens quality. They have the wow factor of design, but so did Olympus e-p1 with retro accolades with its release 3 yrs ago. We can’t forget the trend setter Olympus currently is, and minus 3 years ago.

    Why would I want to be stuck with a poor performing lens on a $1k body? Did we forget Olympus creates the best lens in the business?

    • Is the Fuijinon lens really that bad? The samples I have seen on dpreview looks fine to me.

    • Phil?…IMO…Olympus is REALLY lacking in the lens front for Micro 4/3.(not their 4/3 lenses, though). I am assuming that you have a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 on that camera, correct, Olympus does not make a 20mm, f1.7 lens for micro 4/3 that I am aware of? (you did not give the lens a brand name). I find ALL of the Olympus Micro 4/3 glass to be lacking. All of it. Check the reviews. Panasonic, while not perfect by any means, has Olympus beat across the board there, if you compare specs.
      Also…I would like to see an image comparison to back up your claim. I do not own either camera (I have a GF1 and a lot of Panny Glass), but I can’t see any micro 4/3 camera (perhaps the GH2?) holding up to the Fuji X100 in regard to dynamic range or at high ISO? No way. But…I could be wrong. (are you and Olympus rep?). :-)

    • The Other Chris

      If you’re implying that Fuji is incompetent when it comes to lens design and manufacturing, you’re out of your mind. The lenses on Fuji’s decades-old medium format rangefinders are widely revered, and for good reason.

      Recently, Fuji has produced the Fuji/Voigtlander GF670/Bessa III, and currently manufacture the lenses for Hasselblad’s digital cameras.

    • Jadakiss

      The Fuji is not that good, all the samples I’ve seen are mediocre at best…

  • Patrick

    A lot of ifs. Looking at their analogue pedigree, Fuji never sustained interchangeable lenses. Same applies to their DSLRs. I am still hopefull to see one day a X100 with a full frame … or a medium format X100 (drooling…).

    • The Other Chris

      A digital GSW690 would be killer.

  • emde

    Does not sound too convincing to me either. The naming is completely odd: Who would call a simplified P&S version of the X100 X200? Does not make sense at all.

    • True, why would a simplified P&S version of the GF1 be called GF2… ;)

      • admin

        LOL! That made my day :)

      • +1….you nailed it. I am still scratching my head on that decision by Panasonic. The GF2 SHOULD have had a different name????????????? LOL! Too funny.

    • Godot


    • safaridon

      Possible what is being referred to in P&S version is a X100 without the hybred viewfinder or a lower cost plastic bodied version of the X100? Could be either one of those. An interchangeable version would require dropping the hybred OVF/EVF for an a simplier EVF one and adding the lens mount. However use of inbody flash might be problematic as lens might get in way buty there is always option for flash mount so maybe such a development is not as impractical as many would suggest. That still would not make the lenses any smaller when comparing to the m4/3 options but would be attractive if combined with a couple of small primes.

      • safaridon

        Going one step further why wouldn’t FUJI do the above in a future m43 model ie use the same APS-C sensor cropped from 18MP to 12MP for m4/3 lens mount? That way they wouldn’t have to come up with a lot of new lenses and they could sell a pack of X300 rangefinder style bodies to Pany and Oly users of m4/3? So I still do see a potential of FUJI joining m4/3!

        All I can say is Pany and Oly better quit delaying their production of their own rangefinder models with inbody EVF.

  • T Gas

    So if the x100’s lens and sensor are optimized to each other, what does that say about an interchangeable lens x300? Plus the Fuji cameras are as still as large as my Leica which I’ve set aside for the GF-1 because of size.

    Tons of people (who preordered) still don’t have the long promised first camera in hand and Fuji talks about two follow ups ?

  • John Bowen

    Dammit, Fuji!

    Be truly innovative and make a 4:5 sensor system! You can get more sensors out of a wafer (thus cutting production costs), AND shrink the lens (and to some extent the camera) at the same time you provide me with an aspect ratio that’s actually usable.

    3:2 is for retards!

    • “Tons of people (who preordered) still don’t have the long promised first camera in hand and Fuji talks about two follow ups ?”

      I guess it is all a matter of company culture; some reveals nothing of their future plans until the product is ready to be released, others are very open about what they intend to do and leaks are part of the marketing plan. lol

    • Eric

      I use 2×3 as often as I used 3×4 or 1×1; different shots need different things. But yes, I agree that a 1x crop factor 4:5 ratio sensor is long past due. It’s as if companies haven’t yet realized that they no longer have to adhere to film standards.

  • Yup, if I were a major Japanese electronic/optical manufacturer and wanted to leak my future product plans, Edmonton, Alberta would be my first choice of where to do it…

  • T Gas

    I will say this though, IF they do come out with an interchangeable lens camera I would have a hard time resisting it, despite my vow to not get into another system!

  • Eric

    Doesn’t sound too legit, but in all honesty if they are going to do that I’m glad they’re not joining m4/3’s. Since I rarely ever shoot with a lens over 135mm’s the bigger sensor the better for me. In-fact, I’d love for the X300 to be full frame. Why not if they really want to go after the high end? If neither Panasonic or Olympus are willing to do it maybe Fuji can pick up their slack.

  • This rumor sounds sketchy. But it would be cool if it were true. Plus…he says “if the X100 and x200 do well there will be a X300? That is a big “if”…considering that we don’t have an X200 to look at.
    Also…everything being what it is, (the X100 has not really come to market, yet…they are trickling in) AND the unfortunate situation in Japan…I think having an interchangeable-lens X300 by next year sounds VERY iffy. No?

  • M

    Why would Fuji join m4/3? Why? They want quality – and what the heck are Panasonic’s awful sensors going to provide them?

    4/3 is going to die a miserable death a year or two from now :(

    • I don’t think so. A year ago I was afraid if it is a good idea to stick with MFT system.
      Now I’m sure it was a good move for at least 10 years. No company now can compete MFT.
      – Sony with 3 lenses? One very poor, one average and one big and expensive? However I like NEX design very much, they are pretty and sexy. Prices are now very very low, I even recommended it to some friends. But I’m sure they’ll spent no single cent for E-mount accessiries, lenses and so on.
      – Samsung? Where are they? Good prices, average quality, awful-looking cameras.
      – Nikon? Canon? Not a single unit in EVIL arena. For them DSLRs are what people want… hmmm… not me.:-)
      – Pentax? They have not even started. Try to develop two systems at once… Risky business strategy.
      – Fujifilm. We’ll see how it will develop. But it take several years to create capable system that covers the areas MFT has already covered.
      So MFT death in two years is impossible. Maybe ten year… who knows. But ten years is good enough for me. Many many business decisions as far as I know uses 10 years model of “return of investment”.

      • Vlad

        – Sony with 3 lenses… in 10 months. Let’s give them some time.
        – completely disagree about Samsung. The only thing they lack in is the sensor. Otherwise it is probably the best mirrorless system in terms of usability and how they approach their lenses. They lack brand recognition. That is their biggest problem imo.
        – the second Canikon release an APS-C mirrorless, MFT will be dead. Unless they step it up now.
        – risky, but given Pentax’s approach that would probably be the cheapest rugged system with most features and will be unbeatable with the pancakes.
        – as you said, we’ll see.
        I don’t know how we define the death of a system, but in two years there will be so much alternatives, that if Panoly don’t step it up, they’ll become irrelevant. Ok, maybe mostly Oly.
        On the other hand, you surely can use your gear for years and years to come, no matter what happens.

        • omox

          Of Course Vlad, You are right – time is the essence. I don’t know the future but MFT death in two years is in my opinion nearly impossible. Even 43 is partialy living :D
          From my point of view switching to another, better system after 10 years of using MFT will cause me no pain. Nowadays MFT is definitely for me. Dynamics is here. In long period of time everything is possible.
          Greetings :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      The M4/3 lens mount is what makes M4/3 what it is. Fuji could use whatever sensor they want as long as the size of the sensor works within the format’s parameters.

      Panasonic’s awful sensors?
      The new sensor in the GH2 is excellent. Have you used one?

      • I thought that was a inappropriate comment too, Mr. Reeee… I think Panny has Olympus beat hands down….Just use the Raw files. Jpegs from any camera are junk if you have the raw option?

  • Enigma

    I really dont get this rumor. First Fuji is still unable to supply the increasing demand for the X100 due to manufacturing problems, and they leaked information with regards to the X100’s successor the X300? This would just hurt the X100’s sales, and this product hasn’t even reached the peak of its product life cycle. Second, Fuji specifically marketed the X100 saying that the 23mm lens and the EXR sensor was designed for each other thus creating top IQ, and now they’re saying that “oh you could now change the lens on the X300, we were just lying about the X100”.

    If Fuji plans to follow in Oly’s footstep (releasing new models within a 6 month period) then forget about the X100. Premium price of $1200 should be placed on premium cameras, not cameras that would be replaced the next day. I really feel that this Bob Todrick is a bunch of lies as well as the person who told him the information, but if ever the rumors were true then Fuji’s market would definitely go down the drain in the long run, they paved a niche and they should stay on it, preserve the X100’s iconic image, it is worth preserving.

  • che

    its no shame couse m4/3 is not that good, for me all cameras even compact should have full frame sensor, and no mirror and no shutter exept for one when off to protect it when lens change. I would call it MLSL (mirrorless/shutterless) :) and yeah CCD or even Foveon sounds good with more MP.

  • If it is smaller than MFT it will be very interesting piece of equipment in 3-6 years from now. I don’t think Fuji is capable to supply broad range of lenses in shorter time…
    Until this happens I’m very happy with my MFT gear :-)
    I can not see any competitor now. I rather wait for GF2 replacement (really small camera with new sensor). After comparing G1 and GH2 IQ differences, I resigned to buy GF2 and decided to wait for better small MFT camera.

  • Arkersaint

    @ M : What the hell are you doing on this m43 forum ?

    @ our nice m43 community : 1/ m43 native sensor size apperas to be a problem since APS size is the standard
    2/ The nice thing with m43 standard should be (and is) with the small size of the lens
    3/ Would anybody be so kind to explain me/us whether it would be possible tu build a new body using a cropped (likely sony) APS sensor with m43 mount ?
    Please indulge… With many thanks !

    • safaridon

      I have often thought the same thing in regards of the possibility of using a larger sensor for the m4/3 format? This only makes sense if the volume of scale makes it economical or practical. If as many seem to claim the new Sony APS-C sensors are so good why wouldn’t a manufacture like Oly use the rumored new 24MP version only cropped to m4/3 size ie about 16MP or even the inexpensive 18MP Sony sensor cropped to 12 MP? That also means Pentax, Nikon, or Sony could produce both APS-C models and m4/3rds with only differing lens mounts if they wanted to or m4/3 became too dominent? The next step for the above of course would be modular camera with one large sensor and interchangeable lens mounts.

    • Boooo!

      Re 3 – It’s definitely possible, and probably the only thing left for Olympus to do if they wish to stay competitive in any way whatsoever. Panasonic is doing fine, but Olympus is getting the short end of the stick. It will always lag behind Panasonic in sensor tech by a generation, which means it will lag APS-C sensors by two or three generations.

      A cropped Sony sensor would be a godsend! I’m just not sure that Olympus management understands it… The E-5 would have been one of the best DSLRs ever if it only used an 18 Mpx Sony sensor (the one in K-5 and D7000) in a cropped mode. It would even make some people switch systems… But the way it is, ISO 1600 on the E-5 is ISO 6400 on the new APS-C sensors, not to mention a lag of 3-4 full stops in dynamic range.

      I can already imagine the “Pro PEN” using the same old 12 Mpx sensor a year from now… :/

  • Arkersaint

    PS : Of course I was thinking about Olympus !

    • Arkersaint

      Thanks !

  • GreyOwl

    Sounds like dis-information put out by rumour mongers to me(FT1). Time will tell.

  • Jerry Suppan

    Micro Four Thirds is not the ‘be all, end all’ technology. It is still to be mirrorless. Besides, APS-C is a larger sensor too, albeit only slightly.

  • Frank

    This rumor makes sense. Introduce a kick ass single focal length pro-level camera, that makes people drool, the follow up with the amateur model (zoom lens?) to fill the demand built. Finally add an interchangeable lens system that can be used by the majority of both groups. Makes good sense.

    The argument over the quality of the x100’s lens and performance is a moot point. It has been shown to be one helluva camera. The jury is in on that one.

    BTW, Fuji is more than capable of making phenomenal lenses, as they have shown with the x100. Also, no need for them to go small, sensor wise, with the 4/3 model. I think that bigger is the only way that things will be going, sensor wise.

    Interesting to see if 4/3 will die a slow death. It seems that the major players are unwilling to dive in at this sensor size, but are readying even smaller sensors. But with the way sensor technology is improving, maybe smaller sensors will keep up with the 4/3 just enough for the compromise of size to be worth the loss in quality; just as the 4/3 sensor has shown with APS.

    • Mr. Reeee

      “Finally add an interchangeable lens system that can be used by the majority of both groups.”

      But if the first 2 cameras, X100 and X200 have fixed lenses, how do they “share” interchangeable lenses? That makes no sense. Perhaps they “reuse” the X100’s current lens and make an interchangeable version?

      The real issue would be if Fuji does indeed release an interchangeable lens X300, how many lenses will they have available at launch? 2, 3, 4? Fixed, zoom, pancake, wide? What focal lengths and apertures? Will they please their target buyer? And will they all buy, funding further lens development and releases? How long would one need to wait for a good selection of native Fuji lenses? Will they release lens adaptors for Nikon, Canon, Leica, etc., as we have for M4/3 cameras, to allow users to use their current lenses while waiting for native lenses?

      That’s a LOT of questions.
      Too many questions for a vaporware product that’s at least 2 years away from launch.

      • Vlad

        I don’t think they’ll go making their own lenses. They’ll probably use another company’s mount like with the S.

      • Frank

        Read it again, it makes perfect sense. This alleged camera would be perfect for both levels of photographers, not owners of the system. If I were referring to the owners I would have referred to all, not majority, of them.

    • Enigma

      It does make sense but not in the time frame given by Bob Todrick and his gang. With the X200 yes, I believe that it could happen by this year since the tech used would be the same as the X100 just scaled down, but with the X300 I highly doubt, especially when Japan is just starting to get back on it’s feet.

  • anonymous

    smells like bullshit++, moving to interchangeable lens versions would also mean getting rid of the hybrid viewfinder which is THE killer feature of this camera family (especially if we’re talking about “serious prosumers”)

  • Gato

    An X-series camera with interchangeable lenses would be a niche product, but a pretty large niche. Offer a small selection of well-chosen, premium grade lenses at the right price and watch them fly off the shelves. As to the supply and timing, remember there was an earthquake in Japan just as the X100 was being released. No surprise they are in short supply. Fuji very likely considered interchangeable lenses very early in the X100 concept stages — they could be already started on design.

    As to matching lenses to the sensor, no reason that cannot be done with interchangeable lenses. Isn’t that what Olympus claimed for the original 4/3 concept? If Fuji can design a large diameter mount with no obstructions that would open up many possibilities for the lens designers.

    To me, it does not make sense for a company to make both APS and 4/3 sensors — there is just not that much difference in size. Especially not a smaller company.

    • RW

      I have to agree re the possible Fuji strategy re premium primes. Oly and Panny have both been slow to pick up on what one of their key markets wants – the enthusiast that wants a small set of good primes that he/she can use with a compact body (the Leica-lite niche). Instead, a lot of effort has been spent trying to perfect touch screen interfaces for the P&S upgraders.

      Let’s dare to dream for a second. We have seen modular camera designs where the sensor and lens are packaged together as a user replaceable unit. What about a design that features a premium grade EVF as a standard feature, but where the lens and OVF are packaged as a paired module? If you could buy a X100 with a series of matched prime and OVF modules, would you buy that product? I would for sure.

  • mochapaulo

    Whatsoever, I am not fond of the unique design on viewfinder non the classic.
    The strongest part of Fujifilm is the optic. She makes Lens for Hasselblad and it is most valuable thing. I will be glad to hear she make Leica M mount lenses which can be use on M4/3 or E mount through adapter.

  • Bulli

    Another major quake hits Japan.. Let’s pray our friends in Japan pull through Nature’s pounding..

  • Tom

    No one has made a camera yet that I’m willing to upgrade to. Specs are specs, and ultimately not the most important thing to consider, image quality is, but even my baseline specs have not been fulfilled, and I think what a large number of people want.

    Interchangeable lens, compact body (rangefinder style), 1080p video with 23.98 AND 29.97 REQUIRED, higher / overcrank rates a bonus, viewfinder, manual controls, SDI or HDMI studio output, built in flash or preferably hotshoe. I’ll compromise with a high bitrate AVCHD with b-frames, but would really rather see some sort of RAW or other more professional video codec.

    I personally would prefer no built in video LCD, I know that I’m a minority here, would rather have manual controls for everything and could set other menu settings via the viewfinder or smaller text only mono LCD, would appreciate the size savings of such a design. No touchscreens, no flip out LCD – if I need one, I’ll attach one myself. Should have some sort of audio input, does not have to be professional, I’ll likely just be sending it audible timecode anyways. Weatherproofing would be nice, but even some protection if not fully sealed body / lens would be welcome too.

    Obviously my needs are more video centric, and I understand that most people here are photographers… but my opinion is that any really successful system will cater to both crowds. A photog only camera will not sell in volume, unless it caters to the lowest common denominator, thus will have to be expensive for it to succeed with the manufacturer (Leica). So those of you who think that these video features make your camera more expensive, not true… adding them will make the system cheaper, unless the manufacturer graciously decides to absorb the costs.

    Who will be the first one that will release such a beast? It is certainly not a technical limitation, but the first company who can break outside of its own fumbling marketing department (Olympus) or realize that there is no real incentive to attempt to protect it’s own video division (Panasonic / Canon / Sony). My vote is for Nikon or Fuji – please surprise me m4/3 manufacturers. An X300 is just about there minus the video capabilities, which remain to be seen, but unlikely to meet my needs.

    • Don’t hold your breath Tom.

      • Tom

        exhaling as we speak. I honestly feel that my next camera will be the culmination of some miracle of a random manufacturer happening to get all the elements together by absolute chance. Do these people really not do the marketing research?

        • Boooo!

          If you want a video camera, why not purchase a video camera?

          • Tom

            I don’t want a video camera, a want a pocketable mixed use stills / video capable camera. You want a video camera too, you just don’t realize it, even if you don’t plan on using it’s features.

        • Looks like the GH2 is the closest you’ll get to your dream camera…

    • Esa Tuunanen

      25fps should be also on list. (and 50p while at it as it’s time to forget analog era compression called as interlacing)
      Remember that if framerate is “out of sync” with power grid you’ll get nasty effects with inside lightning.

      RAW video would require rather huge storage space and bandwidth so I don’t think we’ll be seeing that yet in anything near consumer level.

      Unless camera is meant as plain video camera it should have flip out LCD, but instead of second coming of Jesus -3 inch marketing gimmick it should be closer to two inch in size as with EVF it’s only secondary framing device and smaller size leaves more real estate for good grip and control buttons.
      Monocolour LCD for settings could be put on top.
      You might want to check what (Konica)Minolta A2 looked like, rather remarkable how much controls and ergonomy can be put into quite small body when designers are actually photographers instead of marketroids.

      • Tom

        Sorry for leaving out my PAL friends, yes, 25fps. Interlacing is effectively gone. Even the 1080i cameras are really capturing progressive frame grabs, even if the intermediate storage / codes is technically interlaced.

  • Chris K.

    If Fuji was smart, the X300 would have a Leica M mount, joining Ricoh (and of course Leica!) for APS-C scale “standard” for interchangeable lenses on rangefinders.

    I, for one, love my m43 lenses, but am seriously considering the Ricoh when the GXR module comes out as an alternative. There are some m43 lenses I’d likely never find for the Leica M mount (like my pinwide lens that just showed up, fun!)

  • MP Burke

    I’m personally convinced that the interchangeable lens version of the Fuji X100 will be a world beater. I am going to promise Fuji that I won’t buy anybody else’s cameras or lenses. Then I will wait until next year, or however long it takes for the X300 to become available, before I buy any photographic equipment. If you ask why I’m so convinced, it’s because some bloke in Canada I’ve never heard of said so.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Didn’t take long to confirm that this “pro” is analog/film era fossil and as usual clearly with better balsamized brains than Eqyptian mummy.

      Some maker should really make digital box camera. That would sell like bread to these retro fossils and surely could be priced with big fat profit margin.

  • Sounds good IF they will lunch the camera with three small, bright prime (24, 50, 90). Unfortunately I doubt that.

  • ….AND…..the Fuji X300 will have interchangeable lenses AND superheros laser etched on all the bodies!

    …just kidding.

  • Jadakiss

    Too bad for Fuji….attach a lens that is brighter than f2.0 to a second generation MFT body, and you’ll more than likely get better results… The Fuji works good only in certain situations, most sample shots I’ve seen so far from the X100, are unimpressive.

    The so-called Canada pro photographer that was mentioned in this article is an absolute tool bag. To generally say the X100 beats all MFT products, is proof of his ignorance and more importantly, those are fighting words……

  • Enigma

    As quoted from Bob Todrick: “Pretty sure they have a winner here…and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeble lenses.” and after a couple of post later he changed what he said, “The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200…a simplifed ‘p&s’ version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeble lens version sometime next year.” I really dont know what this pompous ass is trying to stir up, but his words alone are contradicting, first he tells everyone that Fuji CONFIRMED that there would be an X300 next year, then he changes it to an IF after that.

    LINK to where it was quoted:

  • thephil


    This is just a response to a previouse post from Bob Bowne.

    FUJI x100 image quality/comparison to Olympus E-p2 (specifically F2.8 ISO 200):

    The Fuji X100 F2.8 ISO 200 image looks like it was taken by a plastic lens. So soft you can’t find the focus point. Fast lens aperature, I believe, is useless if the quality is poor, or do we not care about fast lens/image quality. Compare with Olympus e-p2 F2.8. Image is far sharper then Fuji 2.8. You don’t even need to see the olympus image to know FUJI X100 at F2.8 is incredibly poor quality.

    Panasonic lenses: Panasonic forgot the key advantage of Micro 4/3. What is that? Size and portability. Panasonic M4/3 lenses are the same size as APS/c lenses. Where’s the advantage. That’s right, they(panasonic) forgot or ignored size advantage. (both in body and lenses, we know they make both, however the first body they brought to market was a DSLR type body, only slightly smaller then a DSLR)

    Olympus lenses: Are the best in the business. Are you ignoring the 4/3 pro lenses they make? (this website is 43 rumors, comments are not always specific into M4/3.)

    20mm f1.7 M4/3 automatic. Yes Panasonic. There is a scroll image bar at top which displays all m4/3 lenses.

    • M

      Always the same with these bullsht comparisons. Nothing is this simple, there is always more to it. So quick with the conclusions, so little understanding.

      One key difference (and there are plenty more): As the sensor gets bigger, the depth of field gets smaller. It would have to be the F1.7 lens wide-open on the e-p2, versus F2.8 on the X100 to be a fair comparison in that aspect. Especially at this close distance where the DoF is short already.

      • Vlad

        You are right. That is one really crappy comparison.

  • TR

    Out of interest, is it likely given the size of the x100 (distance lens to sensor) that an interchangeable lens Fuji would be able to use Leica M mount lenses?

    • Vlad

      Well, they can always push the sensor forward, so it won’t be a problem.

  • Thyl

    Anonymous: since Kyocera has already shown with the G series that it is possible to produce a zooming optical viewfinder in a camera with interchangeable lenses, I see no particular technical obstacles. Previously, frames were mirrored into the view with a prisma. Fuji has replaced the glass screen containing theseframes with an LCD. This should be applicable to a zoom finder as well, since the prism is optically neutral.

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