(FT2) E-PM to cost 399 Euro (599 for the E-PL5)


I got some more bits about the new Olympus PEN cameras:

The screen on the E-PL5 swings like the one of the Sony F3. It shoots 9fps. There is no built-in flash. The price with kit lens 599 Euro/Dollars. The E-PM2 with kit lens costs 399 Euro/Dollars.

While I leaked the full GH3 specs I still don’t know the final GH3 price. But I have the “suspect” that Panasonic still hasn’t unveiled to anyone what the price will be. They may are waiting to see what others are bringing? I hope that now that Nikon lowered the mark of FF cameras (with the D600) Panasonic may do the same on the pro GH3 :)


  • Sören

    Fair pricing.
    I wonder if anybody in the world will buy the EOS-M except for
    Canon-Fanboy reasons :D

    • Sean Nelson

      You don’t have to be a fanboy, but if you have some investment in Canon lenses then it would make sense to go for a mirrorless camera that could take advantage of focus and metering for them.

      Can’t really see any other good reason to buy one, though…

      • sqweezy

        No doubt, $399 for the E-PM2 kit is an incredible deal!
        Compare that pricing to none other than Olympus’s own XZ-1, which originally sold for over $400 last year! Hard to believe the E-MP2 AND a lens will price the same as the upcoming XZ-2…
        Really think Olympus should include a mode dial and pop-up flash on this mini PEN, but even if they don’t, an E-M5 sensor at this price point might be too amazing to pass up.
        At a price less than other high-end P&S compacts, is this a RX100 killer?

  • agachart

    GH3 is super secret weapon ??? or null.

  • PS

    So will either camera have a built-in flash? The built-in flash on my E-PL2 is pretty anemic, but sometimes it’s just enough for a close-range portrait or a little bit of fill-flash.

  • uiti

    This time, Panny keep the GH3 secret. It’s a kind gj.

  • Tom

    about $400 for the new E-PM with kit lens? Great deal, considering I got my E-PM1 for $300 refurbished. I’ll get one as soon as it’s out, and pass down my ol’ E-PM1 to my pops.

    • SZRimaging

      I’ll probably sell mine and grab the new one. The size + image quality + lenses will make it a great camera for traveling with. The E-PM1 feels pretty balanced with the 45mm and 12mm, hopefully the new one will also.

  • @Admin,

    You keep sustaining that both LVF and LCD specifications for GH3 are considerably under ones the competitors can give right now? (1.74M vs. 2.35M and 620K vs. 1M+)

    Really hard to believe… Where is the catch?

    • admin

      1,74 and 620K are correct!

      • sqweezy

        Have to say… really disappointed in the specs for the EVF and LCD, especially when you compare it to the $850 body of the NEX-6.
        What it means is that the GH3 will be a bigger-body, smaller-sensor camera with lower-res screens, but will surely sell at a higher price!
        Sad news for people like me who were highly anticipating Panny’s “pro” upgrades to its flagship camera.

        • Jorginho

          These specs do not make it pro or not. If that is a cam with good PDAF on sensor (which it isn’t I think..), that would make it much more pro like. Weathersealing, controls, IQ, AF everstill, handling in general (may be there is another way to track focus well with CDAF..) are much more important.

  • Steve

    I must have missed those “Full” GH3 specs.

  • V4Vendetta

    Dont give me a tachycardia, specifications of the GH3 please. :(

  • TT

    399,- for E-M5-like image quality is fabulous, no matter how dumbed-down the Mini will be otherwise. Can’t wait to see how much of the P3 went to E-PL5 though.

  • Jens


    Could you give us an overview, of what we (you :-) ) know so far about the PL 5. Maybe in FT5 till FT2 ranking?!?

  • AtlDave

    $400 will be a good deal. I just hope the $400 EM2 ends up being a false rumor like the “$1500” Nikon D600.

  • Gabriel

    They both have the same sensor than E-M5 ?

  • hullyjr

    What is the current kit lens? I’m assuming it is the latest 14-42mm but what if Olympus replaced it with the 15mm to get these kind of prices?

    • nicwalmsley

      interesting idea. especially for upgrades from series 1, 2 or 3, the 14-42mm would be low on the list.

  • Curiosburle

    No flash is so rediculous. This is a camera for p&s upgrades. Pushes me toward Pany or Sony.

    • Henrik

      I fully agree with you on that one. In this category built in flash I would suspect that many would like to have a flash.

    • Leif

      I’m sure there will at least be the little one for the hot shoe again. Wish it would be a bit more powerful and flexible so we could bounce it.

    • nicwalmsley

      I’ve been using the E-PM1 for 12 months and I’ve never needed the flash. A fast prime does me for most occasions.

      But of course, depends what you are shooting.

  • nicwalmsley

    400 for the E-PM2 would be such a bargain. Makes it hard to go up to the PL5. We’ll see.

  • andyb

    Want to upgrade my E-PL1 but am in love with the built-in, bounceable flash. Despite its lack of power, it makes enough difference to be invaluable on a small travel camera. The clip-on one is quite poor by comparison.

  • psyl

    That would be a great price, considering that there are pricier high-end P&S out there with smaller sensors. Plus the EM-5 sensor seems very capable of producing good images.

  • stickytape

    lol I remember a year or two ago, people were saying that there was not enough space in the camera for both a viewfinder and a flash. Now they’ve done away with the flash as well.

    And why did they go backwards with the tilt screen? Self portraits generally look terrible anyway, and we have phones for that kind of photo nowadays. There is no need for the tilt screen to go 180 degrees.
    So much for shooting inconspicuously from the chest or down low, near the ground.

  • Al

    That’s right 599 for the E-PL5. That’s in Euro. Which is about $US749, not $US599 as in your earlier rumor. It’s still a good price, but a little more than before.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  • I heard $1700 area for the GH3. It’s going to be a totally different animal. For those hoping for a $900 to $1000 camera, that’s not going to happen. Panasonic fell into a serendipitous situation with the GH2, and now they are going to build and capitalize on that happy accident.

  • Miroslav

    “The screen on the E-PL5 swings like the one of the Sony F3.”

    A nice surprise. Canon solution ( side articulation ) would be better, but if this is implemented in a same way as in NEX-F3, it’ll be fine.

    “It shoots 9fps.”

    Wow! Impressive.

    “There is no built-in flash.”

    Infinitely stupid.

    “The price with kit lens 599 Euro/Dollars.”

    As long as kit lens isn’t 15mm F8, that’s OK. After a few month’s that’s going to turn into acceptable 400.

    “The E-PM2 with kit lens costs 399 Euro/Dollars.”

    Way to go! m4/3 needs another ultra cheap model to take over from E-PL1.

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