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(FT2) UPDATED -> Fake? E-P2 price and specs



Two of our trusted sources told us that this specs are close to the real ones but not the exact E-P2 specs! We hope to get the real E-P2 specs soon!


Just received this from an anonymous sender. I don’t know if this specs are true. He sent me an image of the specs in japanese. Can you help me to translate it?


UPDATE: No one else than  Thom Hogan helped me ;)  “third item is 3″ 460k dot LCD
seventh item is 3.5-4 fps shooting rate
” Thanks!

Also John helped us:

I think the only improvements are:

1) True Pic V+
2) External EVF 1.44mp
3) 3″ LCD 460k
4) 1080p 30fps
5) Flash Sync 1/180 or 1/250 and below
6) 3.5 ~ 4 fps shooting speed

Radu added following information:

Also, it looks it works with Oly RM-1 IR remote control instead of the cable RM-UC-1, and the flash sync has an 1/250s option.”


E-P2 alone Body / 79,800 yen ($880)
E-P2 kit lens / 89,800 yen ($990)


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