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(FT1) Olympus will make Zuiko branded lenses for the Sony NEX-FF system?


Sometimes I really have to post some of the strange rumors I get from anonymous funny “sources” :)
One of them sent me a message saying that Olympus will join the Sony E-mount system and make lenses for them. The first lens would be a “Zuiko 35mm f/2.8”. The lens design would be close to the gorgeous Zuiko 35mm f/2.8 OM lens (here on eBay).
I really don’ believe the info is correct but…there is a but. I cannot exclude that in a distant future Olympus will make the big jump to Full frame. And maybe they will really join the E-mount system. Afterall Olympus and Sony are partners and it would be easier for Oly to jump on the boot of a popular system.

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  • deadlock

    The point of a company is to make money, if Sony pays where’s the problem? There’s no point for Olympus to “jump”, they’re far too heavily invested in M43 and frankly, as time passes by and the tech improves, it’s FF that will have to convince users that it’s relevant.

  • Len Metcalf

    Would so love this to be true. Olympus would bring so much not only in lenses but great bodies.

  • Hagen Trondheim

    I think there is something to it. Remember that Sony got the 5 axis stabilizasion from Olympus. So the entry into the FE mount could be the counterpart of the deal. Its also interesting that the followup of the A6000 doesn`t seem to have IS.
    I doubt that a 35mm would be the first Zuiko FE lens givven the fact that Sony offers a 35mm 2.8 already.

    • Juurikas

      No Sony didn’t get it from Olympus.

      • Richard

        Sony adapted it from an old Minolta patent AFAIK, it works on the same principles however takes a different route to get there.

        • Chuck von Churchill

          Which makes sense, since Sony bought Konica-Minolta’s camera business.

    • Oat

      Sony might get inspiration from Olympus, but did not get this tech from Olympus

  • Juurikas

    Nice to see FT1 being used but even it is way too much for things like this.

  • Yun

    If Oly really make such lens for Sony , this even convince more people to buy in Sony’s
    NEX & FF cameras .
    The only weak point for both systems are lacked of quality optics to it’s support , once
    Sony have Oly’s support in optics supply , the NEX & FF will become lovely system to own .

    • They should make an usable mount first. Currently nobody proved that it would be an easy task to make bright lenses for Sony FE. If a full frame system’s brightest portrait lens is an incredibly complex, heavy and expensive F1.8, better buy a Fuji X + 56/1.2!

      • Bhima

        While this may be true, how much brighter does one really need than f1.8 on a FF sensor?

        • Well, why one needs FF sensor if already have the beautiful 42.5/1.2 Nocticron for MFT (or the also excellent 56/1.2 for Fuji X)?

  • Ft1 rumors rock! :) let’s see FF paranoids going frenzy!

  • Returner

    It is going to be a Sony branded Olympus lens :D

    Their Digital Zuikos are super duper excellent, those SHG grade lenses! Sure hope to see an E-mount 21mm D.Zuiko!

  • sneye

    Certainly not FT1. I think such a scenario is quite possible. Olympus needs revenue and Sony’s FF system needs mid-priced lenses, so why not?

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      Of course, there’s nothing preventing it, but…
      There are already two 35 mm FE lenses (the 35/2.8 was one of the first ones since start of FE)
      Reusing design from SLR lens is silly (unless, of course, to save costs, if the SLR lens is already in production)

  • Dummy00001

    The can just “rerelease” the OM lenses with the new mount. Make them twice cheaper than the Zeiss manual focus thingies, and everybody is going to be very happy. Those Sony FE fans are so easy to satisfy.

    • You can just buy cheap lens adaptors for OM lenses… or any other lens.
      That’s what I’d do if and when a higher res A7S II is released.

      I have Nikon AI-S, Pentax SMC Takumar, Voigtländer and Olympus OM lenses ready to roll.

  • Enzojz

    Making lens for Sony will be win-win, making FF camera Olympus will lose all

  • jefrs

    Sony own a good size lump of Olympus and supply their sensors.

  • Guys.
    Either stop whining for an FF system or pls. stop trolling a discussion forum where people obviously prefer 4/3 format cameras.

    • Len Metcalf

      I am a avid and committed micro four thirds user, and have been coming from four thirds. I actually long for a second camera system and had to settle for a canon 5Dsr. Honestly I long for a medium format mirror less camera made by Olympus. Electronic viewfinder, sensor based image stabilisation and a trio of sharp fast prime lenses..

      • Honestly, as sensors get better and better (the Panasonic patent alone can give 1 stop gain, not speaking about organic or graphene sensors) I cannot see the huge advantage of medium format cameras. Better focus on high quality ultra bright lenses.

        • Well, those organic sensors will be available also to the MF cameras

  • Isn’t the E mont officially dead?

    Long live the EF mount… for now, anyway.

    Gotta love Sony’s long term commitments to their photo lines.

    • Junz Inc

      Sony has 2 Mounts… A Mount and E Mount. Sony has FE lenses which are E Mount.
      EF Mount is Canon. Sony does not have an EF Mount.
      Sony hasn’t dropped any Mounts (A or E) till now
      Now there is something you gotta love :-) Misinformed people.

      • A, E, EF, FE, FU…
        Whatever… it’s all alphabet soup anyway.
        And I don’t give a damn about Canon. 😜

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      Said M43 user. Oh, irony.


    Olympus can’t even Afford to make a lens outside of its own, I’d wager. Plus why would they do that, when they need to sell the lenses for their cameras? I mean they’re sitting on Tons of inventory, every week is a new sale on refurbished lenses and now it’s rumored to male Sony lenses? Hahaha!

    Dumbest rumor ever.

    • Altaic

      Olympus has twice the market share than Panasonic does. Would you like to explain why? And if you are going to cry about inventory tell us about the total sinkhole that was Panasonics failed plasma screens

      • Hawkeye

        I love my Panasonic VT25-54 3D plasma. They were widely regarded as having the best picture quality in the industry and the vast majority of videophiles and AV journalists praised them.

        It was a matter of the higher manufacturing cost and prices for a high performance product that the market wasn’t willing to pay extra for.

        Kind of like how the higher performance of interchangeable lens cameras is lost on the majority of people who are completely satisfied with the pictures from their smartphones. As photo enthusiasts and hobbyists we are aware of (and willing to pay extra for) the advantages that modern ILC equipment produces. Most folks will not.

        • Altaic

          That’s the story, but the real truth for the withdrawl from plasma is that Japanese TV makers are getting truly thumped by non Japanese makers. Panasonic has had massive losses from its TV division over and over again

          • Hawkeye

            Maybe, but if cost was the major problem they could have moved the manufacturing equipment to Malaysia or Vietnam. Companies do that all the time.

      • MrALLCAPS

        I didn’t know I could wrap a plasma screen around my neck and take pictures… and since you wanted to pull that card, who’s the bigger company? Last I checked, Panasonic never BEGGED any other company for money.
        And twice the market share, where? In Asia? In Japan? Be specific.

        Sinkhole, huh? Last I checked, Olympus is selling new cameras, with old sensors. But go ahead, spin the story… lemme grab some popcorn first.

      • peevee

        Panasonic plasma screens were (and are) the best. Hard to compete with cheap Chinese LCDs without proper color and contrast though, when people are just buying cheap.

    • C. C.

      No, YOU are the dumbest troll ever – hahaha MrALLCRAP. No one cares what you think, you Moron.

      • MrALLCAPS

        “No one cares what you think, you Moron.”

        Yet, you respond to my comments,

        Now please, ask yourself, seriously… whether you agree with my comments or not… I mean, Reeeally think this through…

        Again… “No one cares what you think, you Moron.”

        Now… WHO’S the Moron?


        • Sigma82


          • Altaic

            This clown sure loves a beat-down.

  • Hawkeye

    Doesn’t make sense to me at this point (with very little information). Does Olympus really think they will be able to take a bunch of share away from the full frame CaNikon fan boys when they finally go mirrorless?

    Fine and dandy to say you have great glass but dont all the current FF camera manufacturers say that? If you then handed over access to that great glass (your biggest value proposition) to your new buddy Sony who is also one of the biggest competitors in the segment, how does that make Olympus anything more than a bit player?

    Sensor technology is improving steadily. M43 image quality will continue to improve. In the digital/electronics world everything is getting smaller and faster and less expensive. The speed of development for the digital technology in modern digital cameras is breathtaking. Most big breakthroughs in digital photography for the foreseeable future will come from the camera itself and not from the lenses. Much improved lenses will be slower to market as lens technology is far more mature and change will be slower and more incremental. The tech found in the camera body is much newer, still in an adolescent phase and is changing rapidly.

    And let’s not forget that M43 also has a price advantage against the fulll frame standard.

    The compact size, very good IQ, and price advantage of M43 vs FF is a powerful value proposition. The R&D costs, tooling, promotional expense and effort required to create another FF line that is also directed at the enthusiast and pro market (and directly competes with a large segment of your current M43 customers base) is an interesting and risky marketing challenge. My $.02

    • Jules

      Rumor is about Olympus making lenses for Sony E mount.
      Just because Sony produced sensors for Olympus doesn’t mean they planed, let alone committed produce a whole line of m43 cameras and lenses.

      • Hawkeye

        There is not as much money to be made doing OEM work and badge-manufacturing for other companies as there is to be made when you are vertically integrated and have full control of the development / manufacturing / marketing cycle. I’m taking it to the next step. If Olympus was going to make E mount lenses do you not think they would also develop a body to slap on the back of them. It’s the next logical step and one that they would ensure is available to them if they were to do such a thing.

        • Jules

          Altho it’s not entirely unthinkable and that it’s a defendable business decision to take, it still isn’t what the rumor is about. Let’s not overspeculate on a FT1, please.
          Sigma for instance does manufacture bodies yet not for every single mount that they cover in their comprehensive lenses catalog. Why would they defeat all logic and not Olympus?
          It is absurd to think that while it’s arguably the next logical step, they should do it and not consider lens only. To begin with, it’s not the same investment nor commitment.

  • I feel FT0 would have been more correct on this rumor.
    And by the way, I prefer to call it 35mm format. All sensors are really full format…

  • Mateus1

    But why new 35mm f/2.8 prime for APS-C E-mount while you have cheap, good and fast Sony 35/1.8? F/2.8 is a mistake for E-mount, but Olympus 35/2.8 for FF sounds ok, but very interesting and desirable if Oly offered f/2 for FE-mount.

  • ZewelVonLelek

    well, if there would be 135/”FF” system from Olympus, it would be a nice surprise :)

    and if it would be even 4/3 and m4/3 compatible through in-camera crop function (like Sony A900, Canon 5Ds and Nikon FX cameras have), it would be awesome… :)

  • Bob B.

    Please Olympus ….Please…talk to Sony…have them make us an over-the-top MFT Sensor….hold out on the lenses until they produce this!!!!! LOL!!!!

    • The Real Stig

      The EM-1 II will apparently have the Panasonic geomembrane sensor which, if the hype is accurate, will make people forget that Sony even makes sensors.

      • Bengt Nyman

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  • bozo

    Hopefully, this “strange rumor” is an opportunity to put a hardlink to ebay… How convenient…
    It’s summer, time is slow and newsfeed’s slow ;)

  • M. Guarini

    I still have with me the zuikos 21mm f2, 28mm f2, 50mm f2 macro, 100mm f2 and the stupendous 35-80mm f2.8 zoom. Recently I tested them with a Sony A7 II from a friend of mine, and the results were truly superb, manual focus, but superb. Anyway, today I only use MFT and I don´t think Olympus will ever make lenses for full frame in the future.

    • James Whitehouse

      Why? Everything you just said is a great reason for them to make FF!

      • M. Guarini

        Because Olympus said many time in the last few years that making very compact systems it’s in their DNA. The 35-80mm f2.8, the very best zoom Olympus ever made for 35mm cameras is quite heavy and large, therefore not to happy with the A7 system. I think the Achilles heel of the A7 system is their lenses, small bodies and large lenses. That’s why I think the MFT is a very well thought system.

        • James

          Agreed, however it’s not impossible to make small FF lenses – Leica and others have done so for rangefinders which are tiny! If Oly could design a FF camera with those types of lens it would be a winner.

  • Thinkinginpictures

    No. How about Olympus make a FF camera and stop screwing around.

    • Sigma82

      No. How about you buy a FF camera from a brand making it and stop screwing around?

  • Thinkinginpictures

    No. How about Olympus make a FF camera and stop messing around.

    • Olympus could try the rx1 and LeicaQ way in my opinion, offering a fixed lens (a great f1.8 zuiko lens in its case) camera.
      Sony could put one of its sensors inside.
      Starting a new system from the ground would be too much expensive in my opinion

      • Bengt Nyman

        Olympus is already a successful brand. All they have to do is to succeed with their new Zuico 300mm f4 pro prime and fill the void in the market for a go everywhere bird camera.

        • True. I was simply saying that the only interesting (and perhaps succesful) 35mm camera could be something with a fixed lens, not a new system.
          Someone suggests here that an FE mount could save some money, right, but then we have to face the big size of lenses.
          No, I think Olympus should focus on its main system, or try something different and brave.
          New kind of sensors are ahead, and will be available to diffrent size sensors, therefore there will always be a difference in IQ.
          My two cents: you need more than a sensor to take a good photo.

      • MGJ

        Every time I see the Olympus sales reps I pull out my X100T and Olympus 35SP (my full frame camera) and tell them they have the history and the knowledge, now please build this instead of a PEN.

        People now more than ever are used to fixed 30-40mm focal length thanks to smartphones.

  • Bengt Nyman

    This does not mean that Olympus i going FF. It only means that Zuiko might make high quality AF lenses for Sony, finally, before Sony cameras become history.

    • HF

      Why do you think them to become history?

      • Bengt Nyman

        Sony is the worlds foremost developer and producer of image sensors. This is an official strategy and goal of theirs. Sony also produces certain consumer cameras. However, you may have noticed how Sony carefully avoids direct competition with their main customers like Nikon and others. Sony cameras are a way to show off new sensor technology. Sony’s goal is to put a Sony image sensor in every camera made. Innovative Sony cameras are merely an advertising vehicle to accomplish this.

  • Fotografis Digitalis

    Desperate times, Desperate measures for Olympus… Either way It would be interesting to see how it would turn out if it comes to nutrition.

  • Lightleak_101

    It would be like AF OM lenses. OM lenses are already better than half of the Sony lineup as is. This would be a great thing!

  • Yup

    Not sure if Olympus will actually do this, but it’s a really great idea. It’s going to take Sony quite a bit of time to fill out their FE lineup and there’s a huge opportunity for mid-priced, high-quality lenses at the moment.

    And if Olympus wanted to do FE cameras, I’m sure it would be much easier than starting from scratch – again.

  • The Real Stig

    (FT -1)

  • Hey, if Olympus can make money making lenses for Sony’s FF cameras, then why not?
    As long as they’re making money.

    Why all the gnashing of tear, ripping out hair and tears… It’s a potential win for all parties.

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      their digital cameras were unprofitable for years, it’s not money why they produce cameras.

      • Then it’s some nervous tick?
        Or obsessive compulsive disorder?
        Or yakuza imperative?

  • Mark Ellsworth

    Yuck yuck yuck. EFF-TEE-ZERO!

    I think the rumor is not relevant to the big question, whether Sony and Olympus are pals and collaborators, or indifferent colleagues. Sony bought and then sold a huge chunk of Olympus stock. Olympus returned to profitability. Old news.

    On the surface, it looks like Sony is going whole hog on two fronts, full frame and one-inch, neglecting the middle in terms both of APS-C and FourThirds. Although the 42.5mpx A7Rii is moderately expensive, those Zeiss lenses would seem to require a new class of lust. Both Nikon and Canon have their devotees at the very expensive end, who I doubt would soon jump ship for any reason. So as cool as the camera may be, it is late in the day to redivide the full frame pie. Brand loyalties are not the problem. There’s nothing wrong with the bag of lenses or the 36mpx Sony FF sensor that Nikon already uses. So… I think the rumor is based on the opinion that Sony is up the creek without a less-expensive lens line. Zeiss probably has an exclusive contract so, getting lenses from the friend up the street looks more like wishful thinking.

  • M. Sauvage

    Would love to see Olympus doing FF lenses, as well as FF cameras…

  • Markthetog

    Probably not happening but Oly would certainly lay out a better roadmap of lenses than Sony has. They also would make glass that did not suck. Sony has too many mediocre lenses for their FF cameras.

    • Ayoul

      24-70 is indeed not the best in its class. 16-35 and 70-200 are just “good”. Otherwise, what about the 55? the 90 macro? The two batis lenses? The cheap 28mm? The tiny 35 2.8?

      • Markthetog

        I agree the primes are great but are a very narrow offering. The Batis are not part of the Sony lineup but are Zeiss third party lenses. They also replicate the Sony lenses. Lloyd Chambers also had some unkind comments about the two copies of the 90 macro he received.
        In the end, those zooms are the heart of a pro kit. Scarcely any pro photographer in the CanoNikon universe does not possess the 24-70/105 and the 70-200. The 16-35 is also the a key for many.

        • Ayoul

          When I think about the roadmap, I include all the brands building the line up of a mount, so I thought about the Zeiss. And despite being real Zeiss branded lenses, I doubt that Sony didn’t know anything about them before their launch… Sony has probably its own 85 1.4 on the way, let’s see how it performs. But even without the real Zeiss lenses, Sony does not “suck” in lenses. The only bad shot was the 24-70, others are between good and exceptionnal… I am a pro, yes, I rely on my pro zooms, but as an event photographer, I can assure you that I spend most of my time with primes…

          • Markthetog

            The good primes make up a decent range up to 85 and down to 25 and I grant that covers most of the useful FLs for a pro not shooting sports. However most wedding and event pros do use the 24-70 range zooms and see them as indispensable. I shot weddings for years with only primes. When the first short zooms arrived I was in heaven. Every one has their shooting style and I will use primes but for the vast bulk of my work a zoom is the tool that’s called for. Now if Sigma makes a 24-70 f2.8 in Sony mount…

      • Juurikas

        Most professionals doesn’t need anything else than 24-70mm and 70-200mm f/2.8 or f/4 zooms and then one good 50mm or 55mm f/1.4 or f/1.8, 35mm f/1.8 or f/2.8 for street photography and then 85mm f/1.4 for portraiture.

        That’s the setup for most pros by having 2-3 of those.

        And then comes the special photographers who specifically are dedicated to portraiture so they use just the 85mm and 35mm. Then are the sports and wildlife photographers who get just the telezooms. And then there are enthusiasts who are never happy, among pixel peepers who just want the newer and better without really even exceeding what the existing glass can offer to them.

        • Ayoul

          I’m a professional so I totally agree with you. There is a new 24-70 on the way for Sony. After that and if it’s better than the existing Sony/Zeiss, the Sony line up will be complete and up to date… That’s why except this lens (but everyone know how important it is ;-) I don’t get the Markthetog comment…

    • Vlad

      Nonsense. Most of the glass is actually excellent.

      • Markthetog

        If you are referring to the FE mounts, the good lenses are greatly outnumbered by the mediocre ones. Even most fan sites acknowledge this. Check out Lloyd Chambers and his comments. The zooms are well made but fall short of their Canonikon counterparts yet are similar in price. As far as I can see the only Sony lens getting any real love is the 55 f1.8.

  • Juurikas

    Olympus to release a OM mount camera with FF sensor specifically for collectors owning Zuiko lenses!

  • blp

    it makes sense though… from what I know, sony does not have any good nor affordable lenses.

    • jackknill

      If Oly make E mount lenses for Sony, then presumably they will not do so at a loss, so if it’s profitable it makes business sense. As for FF, I can’t see it. Why develop sensor shift tech that is rumoured to be hand held in the next generation and then develop a further line which will require new mount / lenses, even if based of previous designs?

    • Vlad

      Really? The Sony 35mm 2.8 is not good?

    • bakanecko

      28mm f/2 *cough

  • James

    35 f/2.8 is BS, they already have one! 35 f/2 would be more paulsible.

    I’d be more interested in a rumour about Olympus jumping into FF themselves.

    I would love an Oly FF camera with the great ergonomics and photographer oriented design of my E-M1, but a great FF sensor.

    • Mk.82

      What benefits most photographers would have from Olympus jumping from 4/3″ to 35mm? The image quality isn’t going to improve no more than 0.5 stops on computer screens up to 40″ prints and after that just about 1 stop up to 2-3 meters!

      HURRAY! Now you need to rebuy everything, market everything, rebuild whole Olympus brand and why? Because SOME IDIOTS CAN NOT EVEN HANDLE THEIR CAMERAS AND IS TELLING EVERYONE “FULL FRAME” IS THE REAL DEAL?

      • Vlad

        What benefits most photographers would have jumping from a compact camera or Nikon1 to 4/3″?

  • Thinkinginpictures

    I did, but it doesn’t say olympus on the front.

  • pdelux

    If olympus does this, then it will not be branded Zuiko, it will be branded Sony/Zeiss, because they can make bigger profit margins.

    Similar to the Olympus 75 which was made by Sigma.

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