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(FT 4) Sigma DP2 – Olympus E-P1 comparison


We received an email with a short comparison made by a person who had the chance to hold both cameras (the Sigma DP2 and the Olympus MicroFourThirds camera)

(translated from other language)
“Olympus m4/3 feels better in your hands. There is a grip which I miss with the Sigma DP2. The camera is a little thicker than the Sigma. The Olympus body quality is higher than the DP2. Controls are very well positioned and simple to use. I like the way you rotate the dial. The LCD screen is bigger (but the camera was off). The camera isn’t rectangular like the mockup you have seen. I believe you can’t really compare the Sigma DP2 to the Olympus E-P1. I am almost sure this camera will be a hotseller.”

And we all hope for Olympus the camera will be really that good!

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