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(FT 3) Olympus m4/3 camera body only price $899?

Old Olympus m4/3 concept designed by a dpreview user

Old Olympus m4/3 concept designed by a dpreview user


We received our first rumor concerning the body only price. That means the camera alone without the 14-42mm(?) kit-lens will cost you $899.

P.S.: You can read here the old dpreview thread where this sketch has been posted

  • Bu

    If it looks like these year old designs Olympus would be taking a step back, not a step forward… I’d raise issue with the price.

  • Agent00soul

    Hmm… so the difference between body only and kit would be $100. So the lens isn’t the expensive part of the kit, it seems. The lens only would probably be around $200. Not a very high quality lens in other words. Similar to the regular 4/3 kit lens.
    So what could warrant a price of $899 for the body only? I suppose Olympus will take out a higher profit margin than on the 420/620, as long as the camera is “the smallest interchangeable lens digital camera in the world”. But what else will it offer?

  • Adam

    If you read the thread, the original poster clearly admits that he made this up. This was just something he did for fun, his “dream” camera so to speak. This should be FT 0, unless you are posting it just for fun. But the pictures, price and specifications are NOT real and aren’t even a rumor.


  • Dylan

    Adam, you might want to compare the text of rumor and that of the linked thread a little more closely. In particular the capture right under the image.

  • Jeffrey D

    I’m with Adam. Why link to a year-old sketch that the author says is just an imagining? Is that dpreview thread your only source for your $900 body rumor? Why say “only” $900, when people are hoping for a body that’s cheaper?

    This site hasn’t had the chance to have a single m43 rumor come true, so a confusing story where you link to an old BS DPReview thread for some unknown reason isn’t doing you any favors.

    • admin

      Hi Jeffrey and Adam! I havn’t “stolen” this rumor from dpreview, I received it via email. The price tag for the body only camera is close to what we heard from our sources. The rumor has value FT3 and not FT4 like other sources because I am not sure if the anonymous rumor sender has taken that news from the dpreview forum or not. But I repeat, may the dpreview user has been only lucky, but the price tag he “wished” is really close to the “reality” ;)

  • a113

    What-is the interest for a $899 body mFT ?
    we expect for a product between “serious compact” and low cost Dsrl (about $600 with kit lens)
    and they seem to product a super compact (without evf and swivel LCD) at a price of a middle range Dslr
    where is the mistake ?
    i hope that Samsung (and is NX) don’t make the same error…
    wait and see!!!

  • Agent00soul

    quote a113:
    we expect for a product between “serious compact” and low cost Dsrl (about $600 with kit lens)

    Who are “we”?

  • a113

    @ Agent00soul
    first , sorry for my bad english….
    “we” = those that i found on differents forums, from several years , waiting for an like-Pen digital , and ,as the Pen ,easy to use , light weight,and relative low-cost. (about $600)

  • Joachim

    It is surprising, that on the front side of the camera (first picture) the viewfinder is on the left side, but on the back side (second picture) it is seen also on the left side. Why does the (optical) viewfinder extend over such a long distance in the camera ?

  • Agent00soul

    Quote a113:
    ““we” = those that i found on differents forums”

    I think it would be safer to speak for yourself only. You have no idea what percentage of the camera buying public shares your opinion. Personally, I definitely don’t.

  • Joachim

    Sorry, my above comment #10 is nonsense.

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