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“free” GF3 on top of the ranks!


For the price of the 14mm pancake lens you get almost a free GF3. That’s why this camera kit is ruling the Amazon Ranking (Click here to see). This are the deals we need to expand the m43 system. Wish I could found some of them in Europe too!

P.S.: GX1 with zoom lens for $519 again at Amazon (Click here).

  • MP Burke

    Actually the GF3 devalues the lens. At Camera World they have the GF3 and 14mm f2.5 lens on sale for £249. The 14mm lens on its own is being sold for £279.99.

  • Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 is only $40 of the original price and is currently #2 among the Amazon CSC best-sellers. Considering that 8 out 20 products in the best-sellers list is made by Panasonic the sales appears to go well.

  • Miroslav

    GX1 description:

    “16MP DSLR-Like Image Quality, Features, and Lens Options”


    Excellent price considering it started at almost 1000.

  • Kenneth

    In this serious shop in Norway you now get the GF3 with the 12.5 3D lens, 14mm Pana, 30mm Sigma and Lightroom for about 500Euro. Not a bad price.,5mm,-14mm,-30mm–and–Lightroom-3-130129-p0000154224.aspx

  • a!

    About 2 months ago, I bought here in Vienna an Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150 mm lens for 360 €. The lens alone is more expensive as well. This was my start into mFT (just waiting a bit before I will buy the E-M5. And the 45 mm Zuiko. But have now also the 20 mm Pana-Pancake and love it…)

  • ashwaniman

    It confirms how much money is made on lenses …

  • Chris

    OT: Admin, it seems I can’t display the mobile version of 43rumors or mirrorlessrumors anymore on my iPhone: is this intentional or a temporary bug? The same thing happened also on sonyalpharumors a while ago.
    The full site is quite slow and awkward to navigate on a mobile, whereas the previous version was very handy, legible and quick to load. I didn’t find any link to choose the mobile version. I hope this change is not permanent as these 3 sites are my daily favorites, worthy of their permanent Safari tab in my phone! Great content!

  • Marco

    Actually 2 weeks ago I bought in Italy a GF3 with 14mm for 299euros with 59% discount… so also in Europe it is possibile to have GF3 for “free” ;)

    • Kenneth

      Have the same problem.

    • fabio

      where did you buy it?

  • Dummy00001

    @Admin – I have just /found/ a quirk of the new design: if one disables the annoying WordPress(?) toolbar on the top, one can’t log-in into the site back when the log-in expires. AND can’t enable the toolbar back to log-in. Any chances of bringing back the old style log-in box? Sorry for the bother.

    On-topic. In Germany there is no GF5 kit with the 14mm. WTF? GF3 – yes. But the GF5 has only one kit – kit with the 14-42 X. GF5 could have been an impulse buy few weeks ago when it became available here – if it were the 14mm kit. Panasonic, I am disappoint.

  • Cem


    I was looking to find a way to login however after the change I do not have an option like that at all! Can you please let me know how am I going to login ?

  • M. Ellis

    Oh what the heck. Been wanting the 14mm lens anyway. Ordered. If nothing else, it’ll give me a camera I don’t care much what happens to.

  • Will

    Considering you can get brand new 14mm lenses from just about anywhere for $150-170 it’s not exactly free. I picked up a 14mm for my em5 off ebay for $155 brand new.

  • dau

    @admin, is the mobile theme active? I seem to be getting only the desktop version of this site the past few days on my andoid phone…

    • beautemps

      Admin is today setteling to the wild lonesome Pyrenees. There are heavy thunderstorms and if he isn’t engaged in arranging his stuff, the GSM-Connections might broke down.:-)

  • I know this is not the correct post however I thought you may want to check some firework photos with OM-D E-M5! I am amazed what this camera can do!

    Here is the link:

  • Anonymous

    This what i call; PRS- Panasonic regreting syndrome,.. No more i would buy a new releaae panasonic camera with premium price,. Coz after 4 months it will be 0 values,.. Poor panasonic

  • Mehdi

    In France there is also a little discount on the 14mm lens: you can now buy it for only 249 €.

    (oh, and a GF2 comes for free)

  • Mehdi

    Here you can buy a GF2 for free AND get a 50€ discount on the 14mm pacake :-D

    • skimzaz

      only for France? i want it!

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