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Free accessory with the E-M1 in US. Free vertical grip in most EU countries.


There are two great deals for US and most EU countries:

1) USA: If you buy the  E-M1 you can get a free Olympus FL-300R Compact Flash or Olympus MMF-3 FT to MFT adapter. The PDF form can be found here at Amazon US (Click here)

2) Europe: If you buy the E-M1 within September 30 you will get the HLD battery grip for free. More info at Olympus UK. I know the offer is valid in Spain and Norther European countries too. Not so in Germany and Austria but maybe Olympus will soon add the deal for those countries too.

Preorders in US and Europe (Click on the store name to read price and specs):
Dedicated page at Amazon.
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphotoAmazon DE (via DL), WexUK, Topshot Finland, Namencolor Spain, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK.
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.

  • Sören

    Same deal as with the E-M5.
    It never made it to Germany. So no hope there.

  • feeble wallet

    love it

  • Alan

    Olympus is dumb. I pre-ordered last night (9/9 10PM PST) after the announcement, but this rebate requires (1) that the accessory is ordered with the camera and, (2) the validity period is from 9/10 onwards… What this means for me is that I have to go edit my preorder (not as easy as doing this online)… and secondly, if the company can’t alter my order date… then I might have to pre-order again to make sure the dates align with Olympus’…

    • DonC

      I read “ordered with” as meaning between 9/10 and 12/2. (“Purchase an E-M1 camera body and the accessory of your choice between 9/10/13 and 12/2/13”). Since the receipt will be the ship date, and the accessory and the camera won’t likely ship on the same day, you should have a fairly wide window.

    • The rebate instructions specifically mentions that it applies to pre-orders. The form that is referenced here is not actually the rebate form itself but rather the instructions. You fill out the rebate form when you register the camera online.

  • Captain Obvious

    You are dumb for ordering prematurely.

    • Mattphoto

      Some men just can hold it in when they see a curvy body.

  • Bob

    Ok, why can you order a kit with lens and body outside the US, but not in the US. Ordering separately adds $200 to the cost.

    • caver3d

      This is exactly why I will only order when they combine the E-M1 with 12-40mm lens for $2199 in the US. Otherwise, as you say, the cost is $200 more.

    • Twister

      I agree. I was going to order the EM-1 with the 12-50mm lens (I can’t afford the 12-40mm PRO) but since it is not available in the US, I can’t buy it. I won’t pay the extra $200.00 to buy the lens separately so I’ll have to wait until that kit is available in the US.

      • Dave

        Please don’t waste your money on the 12-50. I did, and my conscience won’t let me watch you do it without warning you.

        • Twister

          Thanks for the advise. I really can’t afford the PRO lens so is either the 12-50mm or wait until a new and better affordable weather sealed lens comes out. I don’t want to buy a weather sealed camera if the lens is not weather sealed.

    • Mt Olympus

      I agree this is stupid on the part of Olympus. I would have bought the E-M1 and 12-40 lens set at a combined discount, but until it’s offered here in the U.S., I will sit on the sidelines. The free accessory deal is also of no interest to me, as I have no use for the crappy flash or the lens adaptor.

    • cuius

      Yes, the kit is a real bargain in Europe – $3065!!

      • tony


        Obviously, some people think that EURO is just another name for DOLLAR.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t get your math:
        E-M1+12-40/2.8 is 2300€. 20% VAT roughly brings it to 1850€ without tax. 1€=$1,3.
        I get ~$2400 VAT free. Is that really different from US MSRP?

  • So. When do you think the E-M1 hype would be over? Anybody measured the length of E-M5’s hype?

    Poor Panasonic. The launch party for GX7 got totally ruined. (On other news. Never EVER use the German’s Panasonic on-line shop. It is by far the WORST one I ever used. They even managed to screw up the final amount by 1 cent. Also, their e-mail support tries hard to be helpful – record response times! – a sure sign of stupid corporate overlords.)

  • Mick


    • My alter ego

      I guess we should be glad this time Olympus AU got around to announcing it on the same day as everywhere else which is a change. Maybe next model they’ll announce pricing day 1 in the same way pricing appears decided ahead of announcement nearly everywhere else in the world.

      Good luck asking them about anything too. Anything beyond what can be answered with a PDF that would help a customer reach a decision is net with either feigned ignorance or simply left unanswered.

      • Jules

        Got confirmation from Olympus Australia that The body only in black is due in October (no confirmed time in October) With a body only RRP of $1599.00. Kit configurations will be announced in due course.

        • My alter ego

          Sometimes it seems life waits until you’re putting your foot in your mouth before it can surprise you.

          On that note: I’ll never be a millionaire.

          • Jules

            I did say “Please” when I asked. :)

      • Ross

        They’ve already listed the RR price of the 12-40 lens at $1199 in the PDF but not on the Product List.

    • JimD

      I hope they recognise that most initial sales will be body only. As such, will they do what they usually do make the body only very expensive compared to the kit prices.
      This camera should be quite reasonable as a body only as it is the E7 as well as the E-m1. I would think most purchasers in that category want body only and may think of the 12-40 lens a bit later.
      About $1550 is the Adorama price at current exchange rate + 10%.

      Any one want a Bronica GS with ALL the gear and 3 lenses. It will be up for sale. I feel a thirst comin’ on

  • Cupid Stunt

    Same old shitty deal in the US. Many of us have the flash and anyone with 43 lenses will have the adapter. Why not offer the dedicated battery grip, or better still, knock off 200 dollars/euro for those who place an order in the next two weeks?


      Plus the price differences.

  • dirty harry

    If the grip was offered here in the US I would have placed my order today.

    • Same here. I’ll wait a bit to see if maybe they will eventually offer the grip as another “free” option.

      I don’t need the MMF-3, because I bought that a while ago, and I don’t want the FL-300. Of course, I could sell either “free” accessory…

      • Phred

        …grip won’t be offered in the US they did the same thing with the EM5.

  • malchick99

    Tried the EM1 and find that the vertical grip is a must-have for most serious shooters. The EM1 body itself is simply too small for most hands.

    So free FL-300R for USDM? Never mind……

    • c0ldc0ne

      So most of those who use the smaller E-M5 without a grip are… even less serious?

      • No, they have smaller hands. :-P

        • c0ldc0ne

          Might I even dare to go as far as suggesting that even among serious photographers, there are those who do not need or like to use a grip? I don’t have small hands, but I like the size of my E-M5 just fine. In fact, the small size is one of the main reasons why I bought this camera to begin with.

          • The grip, we should note, has uses other than holding the camera vertically.

            Specifically, it provides for an additonal battery, likely crucial to many “pro” uses. It also enables additional buttons and dials, which could be an important feature in some scenarios.

            And far from least, the grip is the only way, as far as we’ve been told, to connect the E-M1 to an AC line to reliably power the camera for an extended interval. I can attest to the necessity for a durable power supply in certain kinds of studio/laboratory work. Absolutely, the grip will be a required specification for “pro equipment” in those cases.

            • c0ldc0ne

              Personally, I find the extra bulk that a grip introduces far more cumbersome than occasionally swapping a battery. I’ve done grips when I shot with DSLRs and never saw the point; for me the cons always outweighed the pros. Just a personal opinion of course. I can imagine that when shooting vertically for extended periods of time, or covering an event that does not allow interruptions for even a few seconds to change a battery (weddings, sports, etc.) that a grip would be a valuable asset.

          • I would say the term “serious” was ill-chosen. If I shoot mostly portraits for an hour, I most certainly want the grip. I also want the grip when shooting in low light, because the added mass enables me to hold the camera more steady. In case of extended shooting, the battery grip also improves comfort considerably, besides increasing endurance. If I walk around town, no, I don’t need the grip.

            • JimD

              “the added mass enables me to hold the camera more steady”
              You must be referring to some other camera. The IBIS does that for you.

              • I prefer to use the electronic crutch only when necessary. Do you mind?

                • Oh, and since I’m a nitpicker, no, IBIS does not make anyone hold the camera more steady.

                  • JimD

                    Correct, but it means you can have your scotch and still take a shot. Or alternatively take advantage of the facilities offered by the engineers.

                • JimD

                  No,whatever you use and how is up to you not me.

    • Here in the U.S., the left wing complains that we have too much influence over the U.N., and the right wing complains that the U.N. has too much power over the U.S. It’s likely, then, that the balance of power is just right.

      So, here in the m43 world, large-handed people have been complaining that the E-M5 is too small. Now that we have a larger body, the APS fans are making fun of an “oversized” body for the small sensor, and the Panny fans are taking revenge for all the times the Oly fans made fun of GH3’s size, and some people still find the body too small. It could be, then, that Oly did something just right, just like Panny did with the GX7?

      In the mean time, I love my E-PM1, and if E-PL7 comes with another dial I would need nothing more. (E-P5 is too big! :-) )

      In other words, it’s just an embarrassment of good choices, isn’t it? I’m happy.

      • JimD

        ” (E-P5 is too big! :-) )”
        There is a little valve just under the battery latch. You can let out some air and it will be right.

  • The HLD-7 at this point has to be the most desirable accessory of the three offered (in different places).

    The reason? Since the 12-40mm is not going to be available for some time, you’d think Oly would be strongly pushing E-M1 body-only sales. People buying just the body already have lenses to use with it, and the grip “completes the kit” more universally than either of the two other accessories.

    (There’s a good chance people owning 4/3 lens already have the MMF3 or equivalent. And I’d bet the flash has lukewarm appeal at best.)

    But nooooo! In the US the grip isn’t among the items eligible for rebate. How come Oly? To me, makes no sense at all.

    • MGJ

      Actually, it makes sense as in “Why does the US always get the best deals?” complaints from our EU brethren. Now we can complain about something. I’m sure it takes a touch of the sting out of the € vs. $ conversion penalty/difference. :)

      • > Actually, it makes sense as in “Why does the US always get the best deals?”
        > complaints from our EU brethren.

        Well, it’s not quite the same. The EU, as said here often, suffers the dreaded VAT, raising prices there considerably. There may be additional factors, but tax policy accounts for most of the US-EU differential.

        OTOH, offering HLD-7 vs. MMF3/FL-300R based on region is just plain arbitrary, since these items are roughly similar in retail price.

        You might say the cost of the grip is modest (but not trivial) compared the the camera body. Even so inexplicably “splitting” introductory discounts by location leaves a bad taste, and tarnishes an otherwise glistening start.

        • JimD

          “There may be additional factors,” Yes, its called greed.
          ” but tax policy accounts for most of the US-EU differential.” No, that is not very correct at all a good political answer but not correct.
          The US price converted to pounds and then add VAT is what should be charged. Often the Dollar price just gets the symbol in front changed to the pound sign.
          Thus a $1000 item is £636. Then add 20% VAT giving £751. But it is marked as £1000 very often.

          • “Greed.” Sure, a whole lot of that going around. But isn’t it the object to “charge what the market will bear”, grab as much as buyers are willing to pay? Get too greedy? Then risk sales slower than a slug. Could call a time-honored “fire sale”, or hey, it’s reborn a luxury thing after all. How many Leicas must we sell to call it good?

            Really, how are camera prices determined? Can’t say what all variables enter into it. I understand no more than the pricetag on the shelf, and the cash I decide (or even have) to spend. If it doesn’t “pencil out”, well, the decision is foretold.

            If corporate actions are “unfair”, can it be “explained”? Obviously, I should know better, it’s silly to try.

            • JimD

              It is a 33% greed. Marketing bods seem to think the internet does not exist and if, just by chance, it did people are to stupid to realise that they are being ripped off.
              ‘What the market will bear’ is a sign of management greed. Setting a rate that allows cost recovery and a reasonable profit that creates a substantial market share is better for sustainable business.
              But as most companies are run for the benefit of management not shareholders, what the market will bear is taken as good for management over a long term profitable organisation run for shareholder benefit.

      • MMF user

        Frankly there should be no penalty difference. Just make all the kits, deals available in all markets at the same pricing (with differences in VAT/import of course), as well as later on a bare bone body only no gimmicks at lower pricing. Would that be hard to do? That is not a rhetorical question, I’m really asking how hard it is to be transparent when it comes to global pricing practices so you consumer doesn’t feel ripped off in country x y and z.

        • In principle I’d agree. However, not uncommonly a seller reduces the price of an item in low demand markets, and keeps “standard” pricing when sales are brisk. OTOH, with a “hot” new product like the E-M1 we’d expect prices to reflect what you described.

          Oly could make it simple. Regardless of location, just offer to rebate the purchase price of any one of the 3 accessories (grip/mmf3/flash) bought along with the E-M1 body.

          Instead the World Wide Intro Discount Split. It makes little sense, but the only reason I can figure, Oly can’t supply enough of the grips to offer it everywhere, so we get this strange situation.

  • Admin not sure if you mentioned it but in this video we see a concept model of the rumored but rejected FT body against the E-M1 ?:

  • E-M1 is on Camerasize now!

    The question is, it is “oversized” relative to whom. Who is the E-M1 supposed to compete with? You decide; I picked Nikon models, but Canon and Sony have their equivalents. I mean… pardon me… there is no equal for the D800e, of course, right? :-)


    Just like we are finally being told that American football is bad for the player’s brains, some day people may talk about how the DSLRs will cause premature osteoarthritis.

    It is definitely bigger than the E-M5, which should make a lot of people here happy.,289

    And I will need a bigger purse if I “upgrade” from my E-PM1.,163

    • andrew

      It is about the same size as the Nikon D3200.

      OMD E-M1: 1605,- EUR (body only)

      Nikon D3200 + 18-105VR lens: 540,- EUR
      Canon 70D + 18-135IS lens: 1515,- EUR

    • Vlad

      Well, I think the E-M1 is very well sized, i.e. smaller than an E-5. But if you compare to it to, say a Pentax K-5, it doesn’t look diminutive. Still though, it is lighter than any “equivalent” DSLR.

    • You got me curious here. Why to American footballers get sick in their brains? Because their heads get banged too much? I read in a novel if the brain hits the cranium box too fast one can even die.

  • Maczon

    EM1 is about same size as GH3.
    EM1 just have bit sharper edges. GH3 is more round overall.
    So is GH3 now oversized when EM1 is just perfect? ;)

    EM1 130.4 mm [W]
    GH3 132.9 mm [W]

    EMI 93.5 mm [H]
    GH3 93.4 mm [H]

    EM1 63.1 mm [D]
    GH3 82 mm [D]

    Well there is 2cm and D and W more on GH3.

  • cuius

    $3065 for the kit in UK – looks a lot of money

  • andrew

    1605,- EUR for the OM-D E-M1 in Hungary.
    Body only.

    • andrew

      Which is 2130,- USD.

  • Jankoff

    It’s interesting what will happen. Will there be many buyers? I doubt that this will be the case after the first wave of Oly fans. The price is too high, unrealistic. You get more from Pentax K-5/K-30 at twice less. All right, the grip would be a bonus, if available and possible to get. But the adapter not. There is a Chinese adapter which does the job for 50 euro, same aesthetics and functionality.

  • alexander

    Remote FLASH

    to connect the remote you need the hump Flash.
    Again: why no in build flash?
    even Nikon D800 has an build in flash!

    Could someone EXPLAINE it to me?

    • andrew

      No room for it? Just a guess….

      • alexander

        plenty space there!… (see all the other manufators)

        • Anonymous

          There’s a sync socket for flash, and yes, a hump flash for remote.

          The question of built-in flash has been debated so many times here that it’s really hard to determine if your comment is a free critical statement or a real question. Btw, how do you know if there’s plenty of space?

  • mj

    Lots of comments from the US here.

    Didn’t think these sort of cameras sold there?? ;)

  • John H

    2292,69 EUR for E-M1 1240 kit in Denmark at Oly Webshop, option to request free grip if preordered in September and bought in October.
    Hopefully price will be lower at independent stores.

    • IMHO European price is out of the question, if you are not a Pro. So good luck to you who can offset the expense by hard work.

      OTH my hope is that some perks will trickle down in the next months. IQ and backwards compatibility apart, there is the colour creator, the time lapse creator, the HDR in camera that I find yummy.

      To counter the party poopers: consider that in Digital format is fuzzy. You can assemble, colour modify images at will. What matters is per pixel resolution and m4/3 has plenty, thanks to outstanding optics. Format, is my prediction, will become irrelevant. Even pixel peepers will stop complaining at some point:

      Steve Huff took the pain to compare Leica shots with m4/3 to show that you couldn’t tell the difference.

      Price however is a different consideration. We’ll see in the next few months how Oly solves the conundum in the more popular models, but certainly digital progress won’t be stopped, it will only gain momentum.

      The strategic advantage of m4/3 is flexibility: even if you have another brand/format you now you’ll use it just for the convenience.

      Even it were called Zebra, it would still be used. So yes, it probably deserves some investment from pros.

      As an aside, it wpuld be intersting to now how many Mpx has the HDR-in-camera resulting image. Fast fps should make it a beauty.

      • Anonymous

        I dunno if it’s the same in every european country, but in mine a pro can get VAT refund (it’s a bit complex)… So “real” price is roughly 20% lower…

        • I got an E-M5 for 850 € as new recenty so I am not going to trade it now. It does most of the things I mentioned with workarounds.

          I am sure that in less than 2 yrs. time I’ll get the E-M1 body for half the price. The problem is the 12-40. Do I need it or do I not?

          Note that there is also the well respected 14-54 mk. II which goes for € 300. Now that is a serious saving :)

          One must forget to be greedy with Olympus, and in time one gets what one really needs, instead of male jewelry :)

          • Anonymous

            I decided to take a risk with a grey import here in the UK from


            I got it for £550{650euro] around £210 less than UK retailers it took 10 days to arrive but as a fully signed up member of the tightarse club it was worth it.

  • cuius

    First discount at Amazon UK – 99p – the rot’s set in

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