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First Tokina 300mm for Micro Four Thirds test at


As you may remember Tokina announced the first Micro Four Thirds lens a couple of months ago. It is a 300mm f/6.3 Telephoto Macro Lens. A first test with many image samples has now been posted at (Translation here). The lens costs $369 in US at BHphoto (preorders here). It should start shipping in US and Europe by end of this month while in Asia it’s already available on eBay (click here).
One more thing. The images you see on have been taken on the Olympus E-M5. The Silver bodies are now in Stock:
Silver E-M5 Body only is in Stock at Adorama, Adorama ebay with extras, Amazon (shipping next week) and in Europe at Amazon UK and Simplyelectronics.
Silver E-M5 with kit lens only is in Stock at Adorama, Cameraland ebay , Amazon (via third party resellers) and Amazon UK.

  • Nawaf

    First :P


    • mooboy

      Congratulations, but why don’t you go look at porn instead like other teenage boys your age?

      • Darwin

        Yet the ease at which you are annoyed displays the utmost in refinement and maturity.

        • Tom

          lol true!

        • Andy Taylor

          Burn! :D

        • anoon


          Your need to criticize a valid expression of distaste highlights a personality disorder

          • Darwin

            Nice try.

  • Guest

    Does this thing have autofocus or not?

    • Andy Taylor

      No, but it transmits focal length data to the camera, so it should automatically activate focus assist.

  • Brod1er

    So small and sharp but with bad ring bokeh and only MF. Personally I would get the 100-300 which has great bokeh, AF, faster aperture and a much more useful range. It also has OIS. It’s twice the size and weight but still very compact for what it offers. Only 25% more expensive too.

    • mister_roboto

      Most mirror lenses will give that sort of bokeh.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Sharp? If that was true, there would be some value to this lens because of size. Unfortunately there isn’t one single sharp picture when looking at 100%…
      This lens is pretty much pointless when it’s probably at the same level of a 40-150mm with 2x digital zoom…

    • Ross

      I think I’d rather have the Panasonic 100-300 lens too, which will probably be a grey import to make it worthwhile.

  • Yun

    300mm is very interesting focal length but in F6.3 will be too slow .
    Not my standard , I’ll skip this while wait for faster lens with similar FL .
    Pana & Oly , you got it ?

    • ulli

      you wont get it much faster because of the lens type, i think the rubinar 300 mm 4.5 is the fastest you can get, which is a very decent speed for a mirror lens.

  • Roger M

    Wow, that’s a tiny 600mm for a reasonable price.
    It looks pretty good on the PEN, and the samples shows the potential. Quite a set up together with a remote and a sturdy tripod.

    I do have a few 55mm filters already, so what am I waiting for?

    “The lens has a fixed aperture of f/6.3 and is manual focusing.” (According to BH Photo).

  • Steve

    The bokeh looks horrible on the Tokina and very poor detail and contrast. I would recommend skipping this lens as my 100-300 looks much better. The Canon or Panasonic bridge would give better results than this.

    Still waiting for a good quality long prime.

    • Boooo!

      It’s a mirror lens. They all have the same type of bokeh :)

    • Pavlo

      The bokeh is a matter of taste. I like it. But must agree on the contrast and sharpness.

      • Roger M

        I also agree regarding the contrast and sharpness. Not great to say it least. I most likely won’t get the lens my self, but it sure looks like a fun thing to play with for a while. So I’m eager to see how it turns out on flickr rather than on my camera ;-)

        • Duarte Bruno

          Sharpness? Have you seen the samples at 100%?

          • Roger M

            (At least I thought it was?)
            Have you?

    • ulli

      its not horrible, its just different and inherent to the construction, lots of of fashion/model photography was done with such lenstype in the 60’s/70’s

  • Dave

    The bokeh is awful. The lens output is dull and glows. Who would buy this?

  • Doug

    Is that a mirror lens? Ironic…. Mirror lens for a mirror less camera….

  • Tom

    pardon my ignorance, but what is that circular thing right in the middle of the lens element? It disturbs me.. :(

    • Dossen

      That’s a mirror – these lenses don’t have lens elements. See here:

      • Tom

        ah, thanks for the lesson….looks like I will be staying away from this then ;)

  • MikeH

    The lens bokeh is horrible. The background either looks dreadfully busy or it looks like someone had added some cheap photo effect like sparkles, in this case, rings. There isn’t much Tokina could do about it as it is a function of the lens design but it won’t be winning any beauty contests.

  • peevee

    For just $130 more, you can get Panasonic 100-300 f/4-5.6. It is 520g vs 300 g, but SO MUCH BETTER… AF alone worth the price and weight.
    Why they even bothered to offer this for $369? This thingy is worth $50 tops.

    • uberzone

      I bought the legacy Tokina mirror for Canon FD 500mm f8 for $50. It is a fun toy but mirror lenses are defiantly not worth $350 as they are not very sharp and the colors are quite dull. The legacy versions comes with a fancy brown case and 3 screw in filters. I was thinking about springing for Cannon’s own 500mm FD mirror lens. Does anyone have any experience with that one?

  • Fish

    Too bad (or maybe good). I was worried that a modern cat from Tokina would give much improved results over the legacy mirror lenses. But it looks like I will be able to pass on this one and save my money for some of the new lenses being announced at photokina.

  • brony etr

    love that crazy bokeh!!!! af would have been nice thou

  • Ivan Lee

    cmon Tokina!!! you can do much better than that!! a 300mm f/6.3 mirror? is this a joke?
    To me that donut bokeh is horrible as hell

  • Good post.

  • Kabe

    Well, there are Zooms from Panasonic and Olympus that cover 300mm focal length, have autofocus and better image quality – the Olympus at least, yet I assume the Pana shouldn’t be so far off to be beaten by the lens described here.

    If this would be a lot cheaper, they may have a point. Certainly it has less weight and is shorter, but I’m very skeptical if there is a market for this lens at the announced price point. Probably they’ll offer steep discounts…

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