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First reviews of the new new Yongnuo 25mm 1:1.7 MFT lens


The new Yongnuo 25mm f/1.7 lens is now in Stock at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR.

And if you wanna see how good this lens is check out the first review posted by The summary:

main advantages:
*low cost (about 110 $)
*light weight, metal mount
*quiet stepper motor
*internal focusing
*small Minimal Focus Distance
*AF / MF focusing mode switch
*one low-dispersion element and 2 aspherical elements in the optical scheme
*good optical performance overall

main disadvantages:
*there is a complete incompatibility with some old cameras (the lens is not recognized by the camera)
*AF / MF focus mode switch does not work with some cameras (lens always uses autofocus)
*no hood included; non-bayonet type hood
*the diaphragm control makes a noticeable noise
*original lenses are more compact and with a smaller filter diameter (52 mm for Yongnuo 25 / 1.7, versus 46 mm for PANASONIC 25 / 1.7 and OLYMPUS 25 / 1.8)
*no USB port for firmware updates
*poor backlight resistance, noticeable vignetting at F / 1.7

And here is the review from Richard Wong:

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