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First real Samsung NX-10 review + size comparison with the E-P1.


The hungarian website made the first professional Samsung NX-10 review. Click here to read the google english translation. The reivew is full of image samples, crops, resolution test and other usual stuff.

Well done guys!

  • M

    Hmmm… Comparing size-wise the Samsung w. pancake to the Olympus w. zoom says it all about the “professional” level of the review.

  • WT21

    I thought about the NX10 for about 10 seconds. It’s a nice compact body, but a) it’s Samsung, who has yet to prove good high ISO performance. And b) I’m trying m43 because the smaller sensor makes everything smaller. Sure, the pancake on the Samsung is kind of small, but look at the zoom for the Samsung and compare that to the Lumix 45-200. That Panny fits in a jacket pocket easily for travel.

    I think the NX10 will have a market, but the combo of the manufacturer plus the larges sizes of the lenses (plus the fact that m43 is pre-established by a year or so) makes it a very upward battle for the NX10.

    Some folks think because Samsung is a consumer brand and sold in retail stores that non-photog enthusiasts will buy it. I kind of doubt it. People who don’t know photography want zooms, not fixed lenses. When you put a zoom on the NX10, it is not appreciably smaller than a Canon Rebel, which has a track record of performance (or, more comparatively perhaps, the Sonys and Pentaxes also are more established, and then there’s the Olympus full 4/3 system).

  • Zeo

    Silly comparison. Doesn’t add EVF to the Olympus, doesn’t try comparing to a G1/GH1. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • tomi

    These technic in a camera body like a rangefinder or pen or gf1 would be great.
    But why the hell this ugly designed body, samsung ?
    The design is so meaningless, i think this camera will be a flop like the attempts in samsungs dslr section.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Not a bit impressed with IQ.

  • Gabriel

    I hope the heavy noise reduction and detail is only due to the pre-production state of the camera.

    At 800iso, there quite loss of detail along with some color shift. It’s really an APS-C size sensor ???

    And there is only 3 lenses, two all purposes slow zoom, and a good old 50mm equiv ;)

    Not really convinced at this time

  • David L

    Judging by the picture, the NX10+pancake and E-P1+zoom have almost exactly the same depth.

  • MB

    It is compared to the G1 as well as the E-P1 — in the textual part.
    It is not only compared to the E-P1 + zoom (with the pancake), just that there are a few photos of those together (amongst others).
    I won’t translate the text though. ;-)

  • Bill

    God that Samsung camera is one ugly hunk of cheap looking black plastic!
    While I of course understand the true test of a camera’s worth is the photos it is capable
    of taking, I would at least like to admire the design of the instrument or tool I am using
    to take the photos. I would use that camera if someone gave me one, but I sure
    wouldn’t shell out my own money for it.

  • digiman

    the samsung nx10 will have a market because it sports an aps-c sensor. the sensor will get better and better with each new camera. Another thing is the 1.5 crop factor when using legacy lenses.You thought 1.5 crop was bad..try a m43 sensor. 2x crop factor is absolutely gross. Call it what they want, micro 4’3, super m4/3 ..infinity m4/3…whatever..its still a teeny weeny sensor. And dont say that a smaller sensor help create smaller cameras. Ever heard of a Sony NEX?
    As for the feel of the nx10, it has a nice grip,and it even has an evf.But i can tell you one thing, no olympus digital pen camera is worth more than 600 dollars with their little sensors..not even close. Think Olympus really cares about its customers? Ask yourself..what ever happended to their much hyped 4/3 format? they even stopped amking new 4/3 lenses and cameras. Looking at their history, it’s not safe to trust Olympus to be there in the long run. om, film half frame pens, 4/3.. it all reaches a dead end with olympus.

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