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First RAW Olympus E-M5 files for download! (UPDATE: manual for download)

UPDATE: You can download the E-M5 manual (Click here for the english manual pdf).

Merci Beaucoup Focus Numerique! Finally we can download the original RAW files form the new Olympus E-M5 (Click here to visit the site). To download the file click on “Télécharger le fichier raw“.

So there is nor excuse now! This is the very first time we can judge the image quality without having to worry if the JPEG settings were correct or not. Focus Numerique reviewers are quite satisfied with the results: “At 1250 ISO, the image retains a lot of details and the color rendering of Olympus is always pleasant“.

So take your time guys, analyze the files and give us some feedback. Click that link to see the ISO test with the GX1. It will be easier for you to compare the Olympus E-M5 RAW quality. A couple of days ago I asked you if you were happy with the JPEG quality of the E-M5 but many of you answered that you have to see more full size and RAW pics before to give a final voting.

I am going to start a new Poll. As usual take time before to vote:

You have seen the RAW image quality of the E-M5: What do you think?

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  • marc

    Sure aps-c is superior if only the sensor matters for iq……….

  • Be careful with the high ISP assessments. Other than the dark black hallway lobby shots everything else high ISP is pretty much done in good enough light. That’s hardly a high ISo test at that point. Looking at the hallway shots…

    • Fan

      I assume they stopped down, so light became less.

      • Riley

        I think the the 6400 hall shot was 1/15th at f/3.5 ISO6400

        • Yes as I pointed out the hall shot is low light

    • Berg

      Raist continues to be one of life’s a**holes.

      • Riley

        he can be like that who cares. The thing is he is completely wrong this time, something that will become more evident within a few days. His problem is going to be reconciling how he vilified a number of people for their enthusiasm, so it will be an interesting study on the basis of his standards.

        • Te funny because I am still seeing a step forward but I will keep it in mind to see if you have the half decency to apologize

          • E-1

            I’m not sure why you still care about Olympus.

            • Raist3d

              Because I am an Olympus customer and I want them to do well? Because most of my photography work is still 4/3rds? Not that I have to explain myself or anything.

              • E-1

                You’ve poisoned DPreview for so long. I just don’t understand your motivation and wondered over the years, so I thought I finally ask as you do the same here.

                • Raist3d

                  No, I have not. I have always called things as I see them. Nobody criticized me for a glowing 420 review. And the e-620 tone curve was something that when you actually read it, was to make the best of the tool and ask for a feature request to Olympus. Step by step so all can verify. Got from many childish insults when I was cordially scientific and even encouraged people to not believe me and do it for themselves. That alone says a lot of the “victims of the poison.”

                  Some people don’t like to read things that seem “negative” yet seem totally willing to drink happy sounding Koolaid. That isn’t my problem.

                  dpreview 1022 is not supposed to be a fanclub, but a forum to exchange tips and ideas on using the equipment. Accurate assessment of it goes with its purpose.

                  There are many who appreciate this, doesn’t sound like you are one of them. Then skip the stuff you aren’t interested in.

              • TonyNYC

                Ricardo (Raist 3d):

                If you “want [Olympus] to do well” why do you do things like send me a private message on DP Review, gloating over Olympus’ financial scandal? Why does everyone here who had previous contact with you know that you’re a rather pathetic, pompous and self-absorbed troll?

                Sometimes I wonder if you’re being paid, but even though the attendant lack of ethics wouldn’t be a problem for you, most half-way awake marketing people who engage in such things would realize very quickly that you’re overwhelmingly annoying, and your efforts simply backfire.

                Why don’t you take up another hobby, like skydiving or bungee jumping?

                • Raist

                  I didn’t send a message to you because I want Olympus to do bad. I sent it *specifically to you* because you tried to make fun of me when Pentax got sold to Ricoh, saying it was “my karma” so I thought it was funny and worth pointing out *to you and to you only because of what you said* what was going on with Olympus.

                  This wasn’t because I was happy to see Olympus going through that, but because of the idiotic behavior you exhibited earlier and since you called it Karma I thought it was ironic that in your attempt at an insult earlier this was going on.

                  That’s why I sent that to you and you only. Because of *your behavior earlier* I thought it was ironic.

                  Or did you forget you did this?


                  So easy to take things out of context eh?

                  • TonyNYC

                    Ricardo/Raist got so used to being the “victim” in life that he needs to keep living out his self-perceived martyrdom on as many internet forums as he can possibly annoy.

                    Still fighting your childhood bullies Ricardo?

                    • Nice story. Doesn’t have todo much with the em5 sensor characteristics though. Seems like you are projecting

            • you are

              gay mofu shut up….

              • scalia

                just knock it off Ricardo, it’s tiring to hear you constantly saying negative things about Oly. Just let it go, buy Panasonic or Sony or whatever, and start bugging their forum or something.


                • Raist

                  Did you miss when I defended the “hump”, the price and that I think this camera will sell out? Or you just count “the hits” of what’s convenient for you to hear to acknowledge your preconceptions?

                  Not that I have to explain myself or you can tell me what you do. You certainly can skip and ignore. You are empowered.

              • Raist

                Yes, I can be a gay mofu. Thanks for the compliment :-)

                • TonyNYC

                  There is still no excuse for wallowing in your victimization, Ricardo. It’s pretty obvious that you don’t know how, and don’t believe, that you can relate to others on the basis of sharing and mutual respect.

                  You’ve learned to believe what the people who bullied you told you, and all of your trolling makes it painfully obvious, rather than disguising it.

                  Stop playing the victim/martyr and move forward.

                  • Given I was respectfully talking about a photographic tool and not people, please point out specifically where I was disrespectful where I don’t know how to share with mutual respect?

                    Look at your first reply, all crying and hurt and getting personal from the first post

                    I was commenting on the camera and it’s analysis and some people came back with personal attacks. That certainly includes you out of the blue all hurt because of a private post I sent you that you deservedly created the situation yourself

                    Then you try to accuse me I playing victim. :-\

                    • TonyNYC

                      I’ll respond briefly to one of your earlier posts, which doesn’t have a reply button.

                      Ricardo, your many hundreds of posts that consistently earn the enmity and contempt of your fellow photographers on this and other forums ultimately have very little to do with photography or sensors.

                      When you engage in such obsessive and uniformly antagonistic behavior over years, it speaks volumes about YOU and your problems, not the photographic window dressing you try to give it.

                      Unfortunately, you trolling…it’s the only way you allow yourself to feel “significant”.

          • mrhodges2

            Isn’t there enough people saying good things about Olympus? Why does one person’s dissenting comments cause you so much pain?

      • I know some people don’t like truth. I don’t care. Btw I still do think the em5 is fantastic so not sure what the problem is now

        • Jed

          Trying to re enter the fold eh raist? You have obsessively trolled Olympus forums for years, now your cornered you pretend to be a champion of Olympus! You know what you are and why you make these nasty attacks.

          • Raist3d

            How long have you been at the Olympus forum at dpreview? I have been there since the e-300 days. You should look my posts and see if I am “pretending anything.” IT’s all there in the history, please do not believe me.

            I am not cornered at all, lol. I am again, calling it as I see it.

            PS: Nor do I need your limited assessment or “permission” of what constitutes “being in the fold” or whatever related concept. These to me are photographic tools. That comes first. If I didn’t think that way before I would have never bought an e-300.

          • mrhodges2

            You guys sure seem to be the insecure and infantile ones. I can’t believe the how you are so threatened and intimidated by one man’s complaints, as if you are afraid the world will find out how true they are. What kind of sheep are you confessing to being anyway by referring to Olympus as a fold. You paid your hard earned money to a company to serve it? Seems kind of backward to me. Although, as I pointed out elsewhere, the joke seems to be on you guys and not on Ricardo, who’s complaints seem to have been met in the EM5. Who had the nerve to complain about the sensor in the E-5? Yep, Ricardo, all the while you were busy kissing up to Olympus as if they paid YOU to take home their equipment. Now when Olympus actually does put in a new sensor, you are the butt kissing sheep trying to jump on a bandwagon that you had no part of before. Hmmmm. These nasty attacks! How dramatic.

      • Raist3d

        Some people don’t like to see things as they are. Some do.

      • mrhodges2

        He’d be hard pressed to compete with you. I don’t recall him having the audacity to call you one. The a$$4ole would be the one thinking that it is appropriate to call someone that based on their opinion of something inanimate.

        • Jed

          Hodges the poodle arrives, rolling on his back before his master Ricardo.

          • Raist

            I realize that someone who has a brain that independently expresses a similar opinion about some things can be intimidating so it’s easier to write them off with an ad hominem attack.

            • Matt

              Your comments are honest and insightful; which is like ammunition for close-minded fanboys.

          • mrhodges2

            Since you know me well enough to call me a poodle, don’t mind if I roll your mother on her back again tonight, son.

            • Jed

              Hey boy you wouldn’t know what to do you haven’t progressed from sucking your mommy’s teats yet. We can see what you are. Every school had a wet creep like you lapping around teachers feet.

              • mrhodges2

                Be careful how you speak to your father, son.

                • mrhodges2

                  Uh, Dudley, why don’t you press the keys down really hard so I’ll be even more scared, hurt and upset. If you can’t figure it out for yourself, you’re not really hurting me, I’m just pretending so that you’ll stop making a fool of yourself. I’m leaving you on autopilot now so feel free to continue by yourself, just like you do when you go out on dates. B-bye now.

  • Pretty much gx1 performance. The ISo 6400 dark hallway looks ok- lots of detail gone. The black looks better than what I remember a pen do but lots of detail and range gone

    The iso 200 image oftge ducks Nd other birds by the pond has maybe a notch more detail in the blacks than pens but it does show color chroma noise (xnconvert)… And this is ISo 200! Not coninced this is anything other than a gx1 class sensor.

    • david

      High ISO I tend to agree (GX1/G3 level). From looking at the low ISO RAW histograms though, I suspect that the DxO-style DR may be better, perhaps even pushing 12 bits. I wish people like FN who get early cameras would shoot some reference black frames.

      • Raist3d

        David, which raw converter are you using? I tried xnconverter and it seemed to work but I have grown skeptical of the conversion. It just did it too fast and makes me wonder if it just extracted the embedded JPEG.

        • david

          Dcraw will convert the files. I just added a little hack to dump out the RAW data so that I could look at histograms in Matlab. I was only looking for some estimate of read noise, not trying to get real pictures.

          • Thanks for the heads up, how could I forget about dcraw ;-)

            Matlab? You are hardcore! ;-)

    • Riley

      well ricardo, remember NR in jpeg is adjustable. Adequate analysis of the RAWs (which is what you are not doing) suggests it is some way in front of Gh2 sensor (perhaps half to one stop), and Gx1 doesnt approach it.

      I think you might have to apologise to a few people after this, in particular Am …

      • Buzzt wrong! I am looking at raws when making that comment. Funny you try to
        tell me this when it is me who usually points out the error to analyze a sensor by jpegs!

        Really you are past idiot an moron at this point. You keep doing false comments on me as if they had any base. The only two times you brought a valid point I acknowledged it to you. You never admit anything.

        I’ll day this: I want to see more raw converters tested so I will check with some other converters as I am not 100% sure te one I am using is really converting the image properly.

      • Also keep in mind: a JPEG shouldn’t be showing chroma noise that way even with noise reduction “off” at ISO 200 anyway

        • Riley

          well its funny you should get it so wrong then, take a look at what KenW says

          does that sound like a GX1 sensor to you?

          really you don’t have a straight analysis worth listening to, you’ve been making a jerk of yourself dragging this camera down for weeks and we both know the knives will be out over at dpr. All you gotta do is make some subthread apology someplace and Im sure everything will be cool. Not to do so, in a community sense, might go pretty badly.

          wise up man, just sayin

          • Raist

            First- acknowledge that you were wrong- you were accusing me of referring to JPEGS and I wasn’t. Though if you look carefully I am giving the EM5 the benefit of the doubt in questioning the results from xnConv.

            2nd, how exactly have I been “draggin down the EM5” for weeks? WTF. I have posted I think this is the best camera Olympus has made in a long time. I think it will be a huge success. I have spoken against critique of the hump and price. How exactly have I been “dragging down this camera for weeks?” That’s a good one.

            As for apology I don’t understand where you get the remote idea I owe any kind of apology. Apology for what?

            As for analysis I have given my analysis before even with step by step instructions people can go and verify for themselves with the e-620 and yet people like you wouldn’t still see it and resort to personal attacks.

            You are not everyone, and you certainly have shown it’s just not worth arguing with you.

            • Riley

              “Pretty much gx1 performance. The ISo 6400 dark hallway looks ok- lots of detail gone.”

              is all about jpegs

              “2nd, how exactly have I been “draggin down the EM5″ for weeks? WTF. ”

              you simply wont shut up about it, you’ve been all over the internet for weeks criticising people for their expectations, now its going to turn out you were wrong, what of your criticism then, will you critique yorself ?

              “As for apology I don’t understand where you get the remote idea I owe any kind of apology. Apology for what?”

              you were all over Am for 2 days continuously harassing and baiting, now its going to turn out you are wrong, in such cases more usually real people own up to that and try to undo the damage they’ve done. Of course my opinion of you is such that you will not do that. ALL show, no go.

              “as for analysis I have given my analysis before even with step by step instructions people can go and verify for themselves with the e-620 and yet people like you wouldn’t still see it and resort to personal attacks.”

              wtf do you keep bringing that up, I had NOTHING to do with that, NOTHING to do with your wedding shoot that got roundly trashed, it has NOTHING to do with me. I have no idea what went on between you and the people in those threads, but I do know you have had it in for 1022 ever since. Then there was your step by step analysis of DxO and your claims of exaggerated ISO, we all know how that worked out

              “You are not everyone, and you certainly have shown it’s just not worth arguing with you”

              you argue with EVERYONE, ALL the time, take a look around at some of the comments about you right here, wtf is wrong with you are you blind?

              • Raist

                “is all about jpegs”

                Once again, I made it quite clear I wasn’t looking at the JPEGS.

                “you simply wont shut up about it, you’ve been all over the internet for weeks criticising people for their expectations, now its going to turn out you were wrong, what of your criticism then, will you critique yorself ?”

                Wait hold on. So if I say the Em5 is going to be a great success for Olympus, I actually mention that the so called “hump” is a non issue, that the camera is small and probably darn fast to operate and nice ergonomics and a great price.. if I say this too, that’s like bad? WTF.

                As for expectations, what exactly about to turn wrong? You mean Almaric’s hybrid view finder that never happened? The better than GH2 video? The fast 4/3rd lens auto focus? Hey, if I get one wrong now, seems like I am doing pretty darn good still.

                “you were all over Am for 2 days continuously harassing and baiting, now its going to turn out you are wrong, in such cases more usually real people own up to that and try to undo the damage they’ve done. Of course my opinion of you is such that you will not do that. ALL show, no go.”

                This is what happens when people take things out of context. Almaric was claiming a hybrid view finder that never happened. Maybe you missed it but it was Almaric, *not me* who interjected me on a thread at dpreview. Did you miss that? So when the hybrid view finder prophecy he had declared- on which he was trying to make fun of me btw- didn’t happen, I merely pointed it out- you know. Only fair no?

                This is why I owe him zero apology. Apparently you think it was me who started it missing it completely, that it was him who interjected one of my threads out of the blue and tried to insult me. But you don’t say anything on that, do you?

                “wtf do you keep bringing that up, I had NOTHING to do with that, NOTHING to do with your wedding shoot that got roundly trashed, it has NOTHING to do with me. I have no idea what went on between you and the people in those threads, but I do know you have had it in for 1022 ever since. Then there was your step by step analysis of DxO and your claims of exaggerated ISO, we all know how that worked out”

                I keep bringing that up because part of what I said there corroborates what Dxo says. I keep bringing it up because it talks about the tone shift and how the ISO shifted vs the previous Olympus cameras. And most importantly, it was a great example of how people took one completely neutral finding that would have shown how to make the best of the tool they have and completely decided it was “negative” so insulted me left and right. Not everyone did, some thanked me, but a select group of 1022- with pretty much the same mentality as yours- did.

                “you argue with EVERYONE, ALL the time, take a look around at some of the comments about you right here, wtf is wrong with you are you blind?”

                I don’t so, sorry. And I have posted clearly my own threads at dpreview quite positive about the EM5. A few people like you all can do is “just wait until it goes bad” or whatever, without any base whatsoever to post such things.

                You need to grow up. Sorry, deal.

          • Raist

            Oh btw, I checked the Ken link at dpreview, thanks. He makes it clear he is not sure of his analysis, and I applaud him for it. I pointed out where I think the error is.

            So I wonder if you will apologize when the time comes Riley, but you can start apologizing by making the wrong assumption I was looking at mere JPEG files. Though again, you really shouldn’t have any color chroma noise at ISO 200, right?

            • Riley

              My simple reply, I’m not going to belabour yet another forum with arguments formed over such obvious miscalculation as your own.

              For those that want to follow your nonsense to its ultimate conclusion they can read my reply here.


              and that as they say, is an end to the matter

              • Your simple reply is quoting someone else that you don’t quite understand. But that said between anyone at dpreview and the engineers that build a commercial raw converter at dxo, I certainly believe dxo is the authority.

                But like I said I explored the exposure shift myself and most importantly I gave step by step instructions so everyone including you can replicate.

                Yes, you can (and should) actually use your brain

    • Dave

      Raist, I am also sick of you as well. You are an ass on DPreview and have been for years. You are a very unhappy person, and make others very unhappy as well! Please, as I have asked for years, go away.

      • Raist

        Then simple- don’t read me. Really. As for dpreview you are your self appointed victim. you don’t need to read. Where where you when I wrote the great 420 review?

        • TonyNYC

          You love playing the self-righteous martyr don’t you Raist?

          The overwhelmingly negative response here and on DP Review to your many years of unrelenting trolling seems to only reinforce your delusional belief that you are a crusader for truth.

          Too bad for you that we’re far less delusional than you. We see you for what you are — a deeply unhappy person who desperately and unrelentingly craves attention through annoying others.

          • Lol. I don’t. I was commenting on the camera and it’s analysis and some people came back with personal attacks. That certainly includes you out of the blue all hurt because of a private post I sent you that you deservedly created the situation yourself

            Then you try to accuse me I playing victim. :-\

  • JF

    It’s terrible !! I can’t open the raw files beacause I’m not at home and I read people saying:

    – Amazing !!! low noise, great DR, Sony sensor, fuji sensor etc…
    – Average G3/GX1, same noise, panasonic sensor, etc…
    – Bad, crappy, bad noise, soft, m43 is shit, APSC is the only way, etc…

    Is everybody looking at the same pics ??? Are there some fanboys, some pessimistics ? Are you all crazy ?? :D

    I don’t know what to think…

    • Well, the comments in first category are all from Oly employees. No surprise there. The second category of comments are all from Panny employees. No surprise there. And the third category of comments are all from Canon and Nikon employees. So it all makes perfect sense! :-)

      • JF


      • Nawaf

        LoooL.. Third category contains Sony employees too :P but not sure about Nikon as they like microscopic sensors..

        • All Sony employees only starting and try make better. :-)

        • In which category wouold you put Raist as an employee?
          I bet no company wanted to hire him anyway, except pehaps the Barnum Circus :D

          • Raist3d

            Keep going. You have been wrong more than many times, so one more, doesn’t add much to the track record :-)

            • Please do again that part were you step into the puddle looking elsewhere with starry eyes :)

            • stimmer

              You are getting hit today. :)

              Raist is a big olympus fan guys. He is more glass half empty and wants to be proven wrong because olympus has burned us in the past.

              Trust me he is a fan of this camera, panny sensor or not.

              I don’t believe it is a panny sensor but I’m also a glass half full of koolaid kind of guy.

              Whatever it is it looks fantastic and almost renders the need for a giant brick camera useless.

              • Thanks ;-). It’s difficult to be dating all these men at the same time ;-). I think I am more of a glass as full as it really is guy ;-)

                • TonyNYC


                  You’re more of a vampire sapping other people’s good will. You actually believe you are so much more smarter than the rest of the world….

                  Judging by most of the responses here, people know you very, very well. And we’re really tired of watching inject your personal misery and pessimism into every Olympus and 4/3s forum year after year.

                  • Raist

                    “You’re more of a vampire sapping other people’s good will. You actually believe you are so much more smarter than the rest of the world….

                    Judging by most of the responses here, people know you very, very well. And we’re really tired of watching inject your personal misery and pessimism into every Olympus and 4/3s forum year after year.”

                    This one is very reach. How did some people posting here right now used to refer to 43rumors.. wasn’t it 43rds humor? And who was one of the first to defend their track record? Oh yeah, that was me. Don’t believe me? It’s right there on the history of dpreview threads. Let me know if you want me to dig it up for you.

                    So that sort of makes your point rather umm baseless me thinks?

                  • mrhodges2

                    5 million people singing Olympus praises and one person stops you from enjoying your gear and the forum. Wow.

                    • TonyNYC


                      Appreciate the acknowledgement that Ricardo + Hodges = “one person”.

          • I didn’t want to mention this because most people wouldn’t believe me, but Raist is actually employee #15 at Lytro. His job is to sew the seeds of discontent into every other camera fan base, and judging by this forum he’s doing his job well. At Lytro, they simply want all other companies to make way for customers to buy upcoming Lytro cameras. No surprise there.

            So Raist does his job by providing a counter to every new hotness in cameras. When it’s a hot Fuji, Raist is all about Oly, Panny, Canon, and Nikon. When it’s a hot Oly, it’s all about Fuji, Nikon, et al.. The game just goes on and on like that — while naive consumers (that’s us) hold our pocketbooks in check. And our pocketbooks are what Lytro has its sights on, and that’s why Raist is so good at flip-flopping from one camera to the next, and back again — giving us all consumer brain freeze… until the Lytro comes out and we all hightail it to Lytro cameras, spilling our hard-earned dollars into their piggy bank.

            So, be nice to Raist. He’s just doing his job. :-) [Raist, did I earn my Lytro discount coupon yet? ;-)]

            So once again, it all makes perfect sense! :-)

            • Bravo, Occam. From now on I will be’ afraid, very afraid’ of Lytro and employee #15. :D

            • PS

              very interesting match going on here.

              Now atleast the teams are playing!!!

            • Raist

              Your explanation makes far more sense than all the others combined and square, even if it’s still not true :-)

              • PS

                Only a little perplexed by the number of login names you are carrying around.

                Does it change by the subject you discuss or the person/s you are discussing?

          • you are

            are you still ill or already braindead?

          • TonyNYC

            The Barnum Circus rejected Raist’s job application because they already have too many clowns. Also, Raist’s pseudo-intellectual and self-righteous pronouncements simply aren’t informative or entertaining.

            • I am sure that’s exactly what happened and your attempt at a personal attack sure has to do with the discussion of the em5 camera characteristics. Did I get that one right? :-)

              • TonyNYC


                You’re actually getting closer to your problem now.

                Most of us don’t have problems with considered and topical opinions, negative or positive. I personally shoot far more with Sony cameras than my E-P3 right now.

                We do have a problem with people like you who litter our forums with many, many hundreds of posts spewing forth your personal unhappiness and antagonism to others, over many years.

                You keep trying to pretend you’re talking about photography, but,more than anything else your incredibly numerous posts show how desperately you crave the attention you get by annoying and inflaming others.

                • More projection it seems. I was talking about aspects of the camera under discussion and some people like you came back with personal attacks. Never mind your false accusation that you started with my personal message to you

                  You are the one bringin lg this up, not me. When I clarify the misinformation about me you brought up then you accuse me of playing victim (?!) or craving attention (!!!).

                  Let’s stick to discussing the camera. I didnt start with personal attacks- you did. Take responsibility for your actions.

                  • TonyNYC

                    Since it keeps eluding you, let me try to make it clearer by analogy:

                    You live in a community of photographers and you keep telling everyone that you only want to spread your love of “truth” in photography

                    But, for years, you pick dozens of fights each day with your neighbors. You lead your dog to poop to on our front steps several times every day, and refuse to stop or clean up. Instead, you do it more and more.

                    During all of this you are oblivious to our objections and your overtly anti-social behavior. Instead, you keep telling us that we — not you — don’t “get it”. You repeat this mantra over and over again while going out of your way to find and antagonize everyone you can.

                    This goes on many times each day for years and years and you apparently have nothing better to do than instigate fights with us under the guise of “teaching” us about “truth” in photography. Out of thousands of such fights and incidents over the years, you have only a couple of good things to say.

                    You stopped really talking about “photography” long ago. You’re just a troublemaker misusing photography forums to project your personal problems that you won’t face up to.

                    • mrhodges2

                      You really don’t believe what you just wrote do you? I mean really, this guys opinions keep you awake at night? Is there really poop on your steps? Isn’t the least bit ironic that one of the things that make the EM5 so desirable is the new sensor? Isn’t that the main thing that Ricardo has been complaining about? I guess he’s really stupid for wanting one, but no one is stupid for getting what it seemed only Ricardo was asking for…

                    • Raist3d

                      I think what keeps eluding you is that I am making camera observations- discussions like everyone else and you come in with personal attacks.

                      You don’t even owe to your own personal attack on “Karma” that ended up biting you apparently and now you are hurt and crying.

                      Seriously it’s that obvious. I was talking about the camera and you came in with personal insults. Not much to see into it than that.

                      As for photography, I have been posting photographs all along at dpreview. Where are yours? Maybe you have an awesome gallery somewhere.

                    • TonyNYC


                      We’re not stupid or naive. You don’t cease being one of the most profligate trolls around simply because you couch your trolling in photographic terms, and keep insisting that you’re not a troll.

                      Ministries of propaganda throughout the world use the same smoke and mirrors you do. Most of us realize that your self-serving self-descriptions don’t matter.

                      What matters is what we’ve seen you do consistently over many, many thousands of posts throughout the years — disrupting and inflaming forums in order to feed your addiction for attention.

                      The fact that you have for years been compulsively churning out enormous amounts of posts that consistently annoy people, and poison the atmosphere, doesn’t reveal you to be confident, knowledgeable, constructive or socially adept, like you want us to believe.

                      Instead, your obsessive craving for attention by destructive means shows just the opposite.

                      Given how thoroughly and consistently you’ve shown who you are, we’re not going to take what you say about photography seriously.

                      Sadly, you’re made yourself into a joke and (with the exception of your alt or poodle, Hodges) the uniform subject of contempt, Ricardo.

                    • Raist3d

                      “Sadly, you’re made yourself into a joke and (with the exception of your alt or poodle, Hodges) the uniform subject of contempt, Ricardo.”

                      You sure write a lot that has nothing to do with talking about the camera. Sure that Karma private message hurt you a lot, which you know, you made of your own doing because you are the one who started that.

                      It’s not the “we are not fooled” as much as “I am trying to hurt Ricardo with whatever I can find, because he hurt me.”

                      Let’s talk about the camera, which is what I was doing. I mean it’s rather obvious you are resorting to personal attacks like some others without much base. The stuff I write as I said, I even tell people to verify for themselves and not believe me, on many subjects. Not sure how much more reasonable/objective can you get.

                      But from camera discussion to personal insults. It’s rather obvious Tony. :-)

    • Since ACR and Lightroom won’t open these raw files, a lot of us are having to look at them using converters that aren’t as familiar to us. That makes it hard to factor out what differences are caused by the camera and what differences are caused by an unfamiliar conversion process, which may explain some of the variability in the responses.

      • DR

        +1 Very good point.

        Well, that and the fact that some of us see what we want to see, and the rest of us see what we don’t want to see.

        I want to see industry best or better sensor. I’m not seeing it. :|

        • PS

          We cant say this is the indusrty best sensor but there is no doubt it is a BETTER sensor.

          I hope you are seeing it.

  • Ru Elpser

    i’d say a small step forward for 4/3 sensor, at least they didn’t stay still this time, fair enough for this class of camera, no match for bigger sensors though

    • just try to imagine a 64 MP FF dslr with the current processing algorythms, thats how the E-M5 output performs.

      • you are

        you look like a frightende gay opposum on your image… someone told you that before?

        • Brad H.

          Warning, we have a twelve year old on board…

        • lol that made my day!

  • Wow, from looking at the manual, video recording on the EM-5 is really poor. 2gb file limit, 59.94i the only frame rate possible, frames off the sensor are “about 30fps” and may drop.

    • Possibly a deal breaker for me. Extremely disappointing in a camera I am otherwise very excited about.

    • BLI

      On file size/recording length — stolen from someone discussing a similar case for a Canon camera:
      “European Tax law applies 4.9% import duty on camcorders made outside of the EU, and they classify a camcorder as any digital camera that records 30 minutes or more of video at 800×600 pixels or higher and a frame rate of 23 or higher. The end consumer is not directly paying these duties as they are applied during import, but the cost is passed on to the consumer via the retail price. That would mean the SRP on the 7D would be about 66 Euros more (about $93USD) if this camera recorded even one second more of video. This may not seem like much but in this highly competitive market an extra 4.9% is a consideration for camera manufacturers”.

      • I had heard about the EU tariff issue before. I’m sure that’s a big part of the explanation, although of course it wouldn’t apply in the US and many other non-European countries.

        I suspect that the second part of the issue is that many manufacturers’ cameras wouldn’t be able to record much past 30 minutes anyway because of sensor heating or some other technical issue. So they figure that there’s no value in paying extra for the EU camcorder tariff, or for the distribution complications of having different time limits in different markets, when it would add only a few more minutes to the camera’s maximum recording time.

        Anyway, it makes me glad that Panasonic was willing to pony up and give my US-spec GH2 the capability to record continuously until the memory card is full. (Sure, it’s usually better video technique to record in shorter “takes” — but a lot of my video work is of performing arts events, and it’s awkward if your camera hits its time limit during a big dramatic moment!)

        The fact that the E-M 5 has a time limit isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but it does mean that even if I buy one, I’ll be hanging onto my GH2 for video!

  • Patrick

    Just checked out the user manual… no improvement on the composition issue with manual focus.

    All Oly would need to do is show a magnified *inside* the green zoom rectangle so you could focus while you still see the image in its entirety.
    You do not need to see a huge area to focus on – you are done with focusing when some well-defined edges show up.

    Or they could at least zoom out when the shutter is half-pressed.

    Once this is implemented, I’d sell my E-PL2 and go for the E-M5.
    Until then, I’ll keep my money.

    • I suspect that with the stabilized VF, magnified MF should be a bit easier. Still, focus peaking sounds like a good idea: I don’t personally know, though, not having ever used it.

      Regardless, not having purchased a µ4/3’s camera yet, this one hits pretty much all of my checkboxes.

      • I expect the stabilized EVF making magnified focusing ALOT easier. Peaking can be very useful but it depends on your subject and style. For me its not accurate enough (yet)

        • Vlad

          It isn’t accurate enough for sure, but why omit it? It’s just software and people apparently do want it.

          • prob in a future firmware update ala Sony :-)

          • Steve

            Do that many people really want or care about peaking? I am happy with the current implementation and with the EVF stabilization it should only get easier to use.

            Could be stockholm syndrome though :)

            • i am stockholmish too i guess

  • Jekins

    Bad news in manual i see:
    You cannot shoot pictures or movies when the HDMI cable is connected.
    Not possible use my monitor/tv as liveview for macros.
    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
    With Panasonic cameras is possible.
    I do not understand this silly limitation of Olympus, more in “pro” camera

    • Robert from Oz

      There has to be a way as olympus did that at a press realease for the camera when demo the is and and af. The link was a few posts back and u can see guys talking in japanese with liveview streaming to projecter behind him

    • Robert from Oz

      There has to be a way as olympus did that at a press realease for the camera when demo the is and and af. The link was a few posts back and u can see guys talking in japanese with liveview streaming to projecter behind him.

      • Spoo

        I was very disappointed to read that too, it was the first thing I looked up in the manual. The GH2 has this option and for videomakers I think it would be a must. I’m guessing the press release was done with the regular video cable which can be live during recording, but only offers VGA resolution I believe.

    • Four by Six

      Oh, I hope not… this is a deal breaker for me. While I don’t shoot macros, I do use the hdmi out as same time recording on my work’s GH2.

    • it seems videographers gettin even more demanding then photographers….well we live in a world now where its hard to be satisfied with the things we have.

  • neeming

    They look good, but it is still inconclusive until a real comparison test of several competing cameras under controlled conditions. It isn’t that difficult to create some good-looking high ISO files using just about any camera today.

    I only trust two types of tests: my own test (and everyone should trust his own test); and properly controlled comparative tests using the same shutter speed and aperture under the same realistic light condition. These are not one of them, although the fact that they do come in raw files makes them the best samples so far.

    Bear in mind that Olympus has tried to make us believe that every new generation of their E series digital cameras made at least a full stop of the improvement over the previous one. Just think about it, it’s been at least five generations since the E-330, which was the only time a E series camera made a real one-stop improvement over the previous generation (E-1). I would say that E-M5 is probably finally an unashamed full stop improvement from the five-generation older E-330. By my standard, the usable high ISO for E-1 was 400, and for E-330 was 800. Before I see real controlled tests, I would conservatively say that for E-M5 is 1600 finally. If it goes up to 3200, I’d be elated.

    My decision to buy the E-M5 seems to getting firmer and firmer.

  • As some might have noticed, alot of the raw files were prob intentionally underexposed, this to checkout how much correction can be applied to retrieve the shadow detail. I made a crop from one of the ISO 400 portraits of the “HOT” model. No processing has been done, except for the cropping and the +2 EV adjustment to show how the shadownoise looks. I think this is a pretty good result:

    • MP

      Haha, you have got some hot models too!

    • Robert from Oz

      That poor “hot” thing. Must be hot under them lights I see sweat in that crop. Nice work ulli btw

    • ulli

      thankyou..Robert & MP :-)

  • Baha

    quiet impressing. imagine this camera and SHG lenses as a combo producing images better than the ones in the website, it’s gonna be fantastic. time to sell my e620 and save some money :)

  • gianca

    High ISO’s look great, but I’m still seeing a lot of noise at base ISO.
    Hoping that’s caused by the early firmware, cause I don’t think that’s acceptable.

    • I assume you noticed the noise after adjusting the EV as most samples are under exposed almost -2 EV. Imagine how a normal exposed raw file would look like without the need for cranking up/down the EV and you will be surprised.

  • compositor20

    Some comments of the women shots (those are at f1.8 …there are not many 85equiv lenses that are as sharp as this one at f1.8 and with so low amount of axial chromatic aberrations and without glow/ghosting)
    – fantastic JPG colors in the brickwall and the transition to highlight is much better… skin colors are not too orange.. so very good white balance too.

    In the high iso shots I see there are 2 big transitions: From iso 3200 to 6400 and from iso 12800 to 25600 (the biggest one).

    From iso 3200 to 6400 you still get amazing blacks low grain in shadows and midtones but there is a loss in color saturation that should appear in raw files too. a little less dynamic range but the blacks aren´t affected.

    From iso 12800 to 25600 you get a big difference… the blacks are now grey and they have low frequency noise appearing, the noise that is course or big in grain size(they dont appear at 12800 so it indicates good ) electronics); color saturation dropped noticeable to an almost black and white level and there is color noise that is not acceptable and I believe, even in raw, is not recoverable.

    Those blacks are nothing like Panasonic had produced… it probably is the Fuji/Toshiba sensor.

    This sensor looks to have one stop of improvement over Panasonic 12mp sensor at midtones and 2 stops in the shadows at High ISO…

    Iso3200 has very good IQ (8.5 stops of screen DR according to DXO), iso 6400 looks to have 7.5 (8 stops in print.

    Indoor sports (EV 7) needs minimum 1/500 f2.8 iso 3200 (1/1000 2.8 6400 for some); weddings (EV4) need 1/60 iso 3200 f2.8 (1/125 for people walking so on those iso 6400).

    From seeing the jpg at 50% I believe they will make good IQ at A3 size at iso 6400 (covers and albums are mostly this size so if you are conservative you can go to iso3200… so if you have primes or don´t print albums but newspapers instead, you can use till iso 6400

  • amvrd

    I’m using faststone imageviewer (you can get it free and quickly as a portable app) and as far as I can see, this sensor kicks previous pens out of the water and really fights its way between GX1 and Fuji territory. when I read nitpickers complaining it doesn’t perform near the same level as the d800 I just go: WTF !? are these trolls serious ? C’MON. To expect more from MFT is ludicrous, this is already far beyond my expectations for this format. Between this and LR4 improved PP we’ll get more than enough flexibility

  • ala

    Samples not impressed at all. Images are even not close to fuji xpro1 samples. For some reason even iso 200 is noisy. Resolution of this samples is not better than what i get from my old gh1. I hope that it is preproduction firmware and bad lens.

    • nonpro

      I looked at the low-light samples with FastStone. Very impressive. For comparison, I brought in to the folder a low-light ISO 1600 jpeg sample from Imaging Resource’ review of Nex 7; — E-M5 is far better even at 3200.
      I also see edge-to-edge sharpness at 12mm for the winter scene with the geese.

    • Stu5

      I am guessing you are looking at the JPEG files which have loads of noise reduction instead of the Raw files?

      • ala

        No, i am looking at current raw set. I am using raw therapee and i see that iq is not great. Of cause iso performance is best of m43, and skin tones are way better than my gh1, but overall quality is not great. Even older EM5 jpegs (killed by denoiser) was better than this raw set. Why so noisy?

        • Test

          I think that the problem is coming from the lens. And from the act that the weather was not clear. The 45mm shots look better. But I don’t think I’ll buy the 152-50mm.

    • Richard

      1000:s of people all over the Internet think that these pictures are fantastic. You are quite alone to not to be impressed. Perhaps yuo should see an eye doctor, the noise you see can be in your eyes.

    • Rob of OZ

      That lens is compensating for something ;)

    • ulli

      the video has been taken down.
      that shot with the E-M5 & 150 f/2.0 looks very wanna-have-too!

  • Gabi

    Samples look good to me. I don’t care about video, therefore I did not check the manual for that option. What I don’t like too much is the 12-50mm lens. I might want to wait for the first reviews that hopefully will tell us how well e. g. the 14-54 II will perform on the E-M5 with the adapter. That might be an interesting, even though a heavier combination. I might also wait for the new Panasonic zooms and in the meantime use my good old Panasonic 14-45mm and the Oly and Pana primes. However, since the kit lens (12-50mm) is only 200 € in the bundle, I might buy this lens together with the camera anyways. So I am still undecided about the lens, however, I will most probably buy the camera.

  • Well the firmware isn’t final, but the manual seems to be. With the release still almost 2 months away and a final manual out this implies to me we shouldn’t expect peaking or more robust video in the final firmware. I’m hoping for 24p and peaking in future firmware updates, but have a nasty feeling Oly isn’t planning on doing it this way. I was expecting video on par or exceeding the GH2 out of this camera, even more so now that they’ve announced future emphasis on better primes. I’m worried they’ll save advanced video capabilities for whatever camera comes out with these primes they’ve mentioned.

  • Boooo!

    I have no idea how to use RawTherapee properly, but that said…

    I opened the dark window shot taken at ISO 640. Then I pushed it by 6 (six) stops in RT. Used highlight recovery, slider to 100.

    Saved as TIFF, opened in Lightroom v3. Very quick corrections made there:

    * blacks +20
    * NR luminance +50
    * NR color +33
    * magenta saturation -50

    Resized to 800×600:

    Considering this is kind of like ISO 40960, I’m impressed, to say the least.

  • rutrem

    i have the GH2 and iam very happy with this camera. but against e-m5 i dont know if i would choose again the GH2,for video apsolutlly,but i like much more IS in body and weather seald camera.
    Oly had made a great camera, ot will be a hard to beat for Nikon and Fuji mirrorless and dslrs

  • Okay, I’ve read through the manual and I have a question:

    In the section about shooting using different aspect ratios (I’ll use square because I use the square format a lot) I notice that the manual seems to be saying that JPEG files will save a file in the actual aspect ratio you’ve selected. But if you shoot a raw file, it seems to be saying the file will save the full 4:3 aspect, with your selected aspect ratio displayed as only “a frame around it” (not sure how that works in ACR or Lightroom…)

    I’m not familiar with the Pens, so don’t know if this is how all the Olympus M43 cameras work or if I’m just misunderstanding the manual. With my Pana GH2, if I select the square aspect ratio, my raw files save as square images with the selected pixel count.

    I realize that the GH2 has a true multi-aspect sensor while the E-M 5 presumably is cropping down the native 4:3 format to make the other aspect ratios, but I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. It’s not a deal-breaker for the E-M 5 as far as I’m concerned, I’m just a bit confused about how shooting in different aspect ratios works in the Olympus world.

    • shuffnet

      They will be cropped in LR. YOu have to open them in Olympus viewer to uncrop them

  • Well here’s another God-awful video sample. Not sure why Oly has let a couple bunk videos samples sneak out, they need to get a jump on it and post an official HD vid sample…

    • I bet the focus of that video is on the IBIS 5-way. The video is apparently shot hand-held, and the video says 300mm. I bet the video starts with IBIS disabled, and when the video fades and returns at the halfway mark, I bet IBIS is enabled. The result is a far smoother handheld 300mm video (never mind the pixelation and crud of the video itself).

      • I bet you’re right. But sheesh, some dudes handheld bird shots at 480p is the second video anyone has seen out of this camera. I hope they’re holding off on video samples for a firmware updated sample with expanded video capabilities, but I doubt it.

    • if thats indeed about with/without IBIS then its pretty impressive, especially since we are talking about supertele FL. I just wonder what the impact is on the power consumption. I assume the batterygrip would be handy in that case

  • Chris

    Also Olympus Viewer opens the raw files. Just tested now and no problem.

  • olynuts

    so much tease, but so expensive likewise.

    i have to wait for real tests before i commit to anything!
    this is a nice peak, but does not necessarly have say much.

    i hope the “old” oly lense will work better with the e-m5 as opposed to my pen, where it continously hunts for autofocus.
    dont want to wait years for weather sealed mft variants to come out, altho im sure it will be very worth it.

    more power to the company! :p

  • Dana

    I just want use my 12-60 on the thing, and the 12mm and portrait-length primes with the battery grip. Thinking about getting body only with 43 adapter, and the 12mm prime to start.

    My current camera is an E-520, and my low-light shots actually work (surprise to hatrz), so I would expect this to be a fun improvement.

    Also, I like the design. Just not sure if I can stand an EVF.

  • 43shot

    I think Olympus has a poor marketing dept to let so much trash get our before they post controlled samples.

  • nxp3

    I know most of you don’t care about 3D, but at least this camera is capable of it. And it mention 3d lens. Either it’s compatible with the panasonic 3d lens or maybe olympus has one coming. I mean I have a 3d tv and ps3, and a bluray that supports it. It’ll be fun to use it sometimes.

    • kftgr

      Great find. Compared with the PEN manuals and there definitely is added text for 3D lenses.

  • ijack

    The forum guys at dpreview has done some serious test, the sensor seems to be huge.

  • david

    Prediction: DxO will say ~11.7 stops DR (pixel level) at ISO 200.

    • Raist

      I am predicting it won’t cross 11.1 stops DR at Dxo, but I need to check a few more RAW files. But if it does, that would sure be great- just not seeing it happening.

  • oluv

    unfortunately the files from focus-numerique are password protected now.

    but here is a raw-conversion from me aimed at maximum detail and less texture-smoothing than the internal jpegs:

    here the same file upscaled to 48mp (8000×6000) with a crop of here left eye:

    here some crops to compare the potential of texture-preservation compared to the internal jpegs. 2 100% crops with jpeg to the left and the raw conversion to the right:

    • Melvin

      Looks good to me, especially if we consider the piccs are taken with a kit lens. What iso are these files?

    • Raist

      Oluv- that woman conversion looks pretty good and that’s ISO 400. Pretty good indeed with a lot of detail and decent blacks- some small grain looking hard but not an issue. How did you manage PHotoshop to open it (what the exif says)? Did it recognize them?


      • oluv

        they are converted with raw therapee, then saved as 16bit tiff with further color adjustments in photoshop. for sharpening and noise reduction a combination of topaz denoise and topaz infocus was used.

        it is really hard to achieve the same levels of details olympus is doing without the same smoothing. olympus does a great job already with the jpegs, but there is too much noise reduction going on. i wonder how the jpegs would look like with NR turned down completely as well as sharpening reduced a notch.

        • Raist

          I was experimenting with Olympus Viewer 2 right now. I could only open and convert the RAW of the guy in the suit shot, for some reason the other two raw files I have “go black” and don’t convert.

          With noise reduction off, there’s more detail than the default JPEGS but not as much as what you are showing here. Though the shot I was converting is an ISO 2500 (though in relative bright light).

          Are you using Raw Therapee – the windows build or the mac build? Thanks again.

          • oluv

            i use raw therapee for windows, although it wasn’t the latest built i guess. raw therapee is very good at low-iso shots if you want maximum detail. it is not that good for high-iso shots though. i prefer using ACR or LR for high-iso, although we will have to wait for it to support the E-M5.
            unfortunately ACR doesn’t extract that much details out of the RAWs at lowest iso. most mFT cameras suffer from this. if you have a look at the comparison of GH2 and G3 (which more or less have a similar sensor) you will notice that the GH2 is quite a bit sharper in dpreview’s raw conversion.


            this is because for the GH2 raws still a beta-version of ACR was used, which was not “optimized” for the sensor. this results in sharper demosaicing with some possible artefacts. but compared to the optimized G3 version, the GH2 shows much more details which are simply smoothened out in the G3.
            i am afraid that adobe will also “optimize” their algorithms for the E-M5 sensor, which also will result in detail loss, compared to a neutral converter like raw therapee, which got a very good demosaicing algorithm “amaze”.

            could you please upload the raw and jpegs from the guy somewhere? i didn’t manage to save it in time. i only have 2 of the woman-shots, the bike shot and the first shot with the building, though i haven’t looked at it yet.

            • @Oluv,i did dl the rawfiles exemple1-6,9,12,23,24,26
              let me know if you need them and i will upload them via WeTransfer to you (

          • Rchard

            There is a new update for Olympus Viewer 2 available. Ver 1.3. I´m at work, so I haven´t tested it.

        • ulli

          @Oluv, i did upload a small crop of the same photo to flickr(just look for ulli burer), part of her face, the only processing i did was +2 EV to see the level of shadownoise better, sharpnening and NR were disabled

  • JF

    So…Who made this fuc***g sensor ??

    • And where’s my new weather-sealed 60mm f/2.8 macro and your new 75mm f/1.8? Sheesh.

      Back to griping on topic!-)

  • hmmm this thread is starting to get nasty, lol

  • You said: “I’m not sure why you still care about Olympus”
    I say: “I’m not sure why you still care for those who care about Olympus”

  • Lala Rodino

    good site!! You should start many more. I love all the info offered. I will stay tuned.

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