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First preorder reaction: E-M1 most sold overall(!) camera at Amazon US!


12 hours after the announcement the Olympus E-M1 is the most sold (orders+ preorders) digital camera at Amazon US (Click here to see the ranking). The ranking includes all camera like compact cameras, Sony QX, DSRL and Mirrorless cameras. And you really don’t see it often an Olympus camera being more popular than a Canon or Nikon FF. And the 12-40mm lens is on second place of the Lens ranking (Click here). The rankings do change hourly but this is definitely a very good first result for Olympus. The E-P5 don’t even made it into the top 100 of the overall ranking when launched back in June. Just to say… :)

Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a good result.

Preorders in US and Europe (Click on the store name to read price and specs):
Dedicated page at Amazon.
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphotoAmazon DE (via DL), WexUK, Topshot Finland, Namencolor Spain, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK.
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.

  • “Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a good result.”

    Neither do i

    • Same here. It seemed like a lot of people here were excited about it, but I thought this was a small community.

    • Mack

      This means that many of those who ordered are Canon and Nikon DSLR owners.
      There should not be so many Olympus fans.
      The beginning of the end of the DSLRs.
      Viva la revolution!

  • The G

    As an E-M5 owner with no 43 glass, I’m happy with what I have but glad Olympus are doing all they can to make m43 better. The new 12-40 lens looks great and I’ll be saving up for that for sure!

    • Horaciux

      I fell exactly the same way

      • Horaciux

        I feel exactly the same way

        • Hojk


  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I just received a newsletter from Olympus (I live in Italy): if you preorder it, you will receive the horizontal grip for free.

    I would have preferred a 100 euros discount..

    • Sören

      The “free HDL-7” promotion works in many EU contries. However, not in Germany, Austria, Swiss etc…

      • Enzojz

        And what strange is now I can’t pass command on for E-M1, it says can send to my address, I am in France.

    • peevee

      In the states it is free MMF-3 or FL-300R again, supposedly $179 value. I wonder how much the simple adapter or the cheap weak small plastic flash really cost.

      They should have just priced the camera at $1K now that E-M5 is $850 everywhere and D7100 is $1100K.

      • Enzojz

        It’s not or, but exactly AND.

        • Luke

          “Only one accessory is eligible for rebate at time of E-M1 purchase. Choose one of the below accessories.”

    • Pavlo

      You will have this discount soon: high season is aproaching

  • OM-4ever

    “Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a good result.”

    I was.

    • Anonymous


  • Hojk

    How much sales tax you have to add on amazon prices if you live in the US?

    I am tempted to contact a US colleague of mine to bring me some gifts :)

    • Fafhrd

      In many states, there is no sales tax collected on Amazon purchases.

      • That doesn’t mean you don’t still owe the tax (called Use Tax). Utah threatened recently to audit any pro photographer that didn’t pay any Use Tax, as they know that most photographers are ordering at least some gear from places like B&H. Other states, like here in Pennsylvania, have added a Use Tax line to the state income tax form, and if you ever get audited, I’m pretty sure the first thing you’ll hear from them is why that line is zero on your form.

        So just because an entity doesn’t collect sales tax doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

        The Supreme Court’s decision that kept mail order (and now Internet) vendors from collecting sales tax was due to the complexity of the collection problem. In that decision, the Supreme Court outlined what would have to happen to have all businesses collect sales tax, and recently the Senate has passed a bill that basically follows that. At the moment, it’s stalled in the House.

        So don’t think that this situation will be permanent, either.

        • Fafhrd

          Exactly why I said “collected”

    • kodachromeguy

      It depends in which state your friend lives. For most states, Amazon deliveries are not charged any extra tax. The same is true if he orders from B&H or Adorama. But in New York, the latter two would have to charge NY sales tax.

      • Anonymous

        If you order from B&H they will only charge tax in NY.

      • Anonymous

        Adorama charges tax in NY AND NJ.

    • Anonymousse

      Some states, like Oregon, don’t collect any sales tax at all.

  • This is unexpected with all the complaining about the E-M1…

    • Vlad

      Shows you how far off we commenters are from reality, haha.

    • Pixnat

      Vocal posters are the minority, and often payed internet shills. This is a good site for them because it’s hardly moderated.

      Despite those vocal posters, the EM-1 is on the EM-5 path : a camera that generates a lot of interest, and promised to a great success

      • ssgreenley

        I always hear that shills get paid, but I’m not sure I believe it. I’ve never seen an ad calling for applicants (maybe they’re just “Social Media Consultants”)? If it is a paid position, I think it would be a desireable line of work. The pay probably isn’t great, but it seems pretty simple.

        • T9D

          Paid Shills definitely exist. A few big companies got caught on some tech forums a few years back. They really ruined the forums. They were from Nvidia and AMD. I’m sure many companies have them. Also some people just decide to do it who say are running companies and websites that profit from the competition. They start to see their money dry up and want to do something about it. Many websites make so much on advertisements and inside/first look info from a certain company that they are always biased. Well about every big website is massively biased toward whichever company pays the most advertisement. Sad there is so little integrity these days.

          And then you just have your trolls who do it for free because they view everything not on their side as the “enemy”. And have to keep their e’penis big. They can’t handle not being “cool” anymore because the new product is better than theirs. They want to keep using their giant camera’s to show off, “oh look how big my camera is it must mean I’m good and better than you!”.

  • win

    Sad that the GX7 can’t even come close. I wonder if they’re starting to lose money on their system cameras? Oh well… I sure hope people still buy the GX7

    • Peter

      Still can´t get used to the OM-D menu and stupid settings. Maybe Olympus is making good cameras but the software is – sorry, imho – utter crap. Last weekend I was at a wedding and had to use both a Lumix and the OM-D. With the Pana, I had only 10-15% blurred, under/overexposed, or simply bad pictures. With the OM-D, about 50%. And I was shooting with alternating lenses from both brands, on both cameras. No upfront favouritism from my side! But the pictures speak for themselves, even with superior image quality of the OM-D on paper…

      So thanks, but no thanks, I will definitely not go for a new Oly overpriced cam before/unless serious tests and user reports strongly suggest this investment.

      Much hype now, yes. But remember what happened, after the first people got their hands on the equally sought-after (and pre-ordered) BlackMagic cam?

      • Sam

        That’s weird, I dumped the Canon GX series because I hated the menu system, OMD’s I can work all day without any issues…

      • BLI

        What an absurd comparison to make: the Black Magic and the E-M1… Why not the Black Magic and the GX7?? Or the Black Magic and a Hummer? Or… eh… whatever??

      • win

        I also prefer Panasonic’s menus. I’m getting a GX7, I just expected it to still be higher in the list. But NEX are still higher I wonder why.

      • MAFAv8r

        That’s weird you are getting that, what mode are you shooting in, are you shooting raw or jpeg. Something doesn’t sound right there.

    • FredG

      The GX7 has pretty much identical image quality have you tried the RAW files from DPreview plus it has better video.They are aimed at different users the E-M1 has some really awesome features and I am glad for the for the FT guys that they can move forward.I will be sticking with my E-M5 and see what the next gen brings I would never change cameras for a fraction of a stop gain, especially at the price of the E-M5.None the less it is a damn sweet machine


      People that plan to get a GX7 ALREADY PRE-ORDERED. “Can’t come close”? My, how we forget that the GX7 was atop the amazon rankings as well when it debut..

      And trust me, no one is losing more money on their camera business like Olympus.. You dont see Panasonic, Fuji or Canon begging for money like Olympus has.

      • Mattphoto

        Pretty much every camera hits top of the list when they are released/announced. When else do people place thousands of orders for the same model at a time? It’ll be off the top by weekend.
        This measure is a pretty statistically ignorant way of benchmarking.

      • win

        don’t get me wrong, I prefer the GX7 and am buying one. But I almost never see panasonic cameras at the top of amazon’s list. I would expect it to be just behind the e-m1. But there you have NEX cameras…

      • win

        Oh, and ‘can’t come close’ was referring to the rankings sorry. It’s just sad that I saw NEX cameras having higher orders/preorders than the GX7.

    • Pixnat

      They do not target the same customers. GX7 is like EP-5, pseudo rangefinder style cameras. This isn’t the most popular camera shape among photographers, despite the vocal minority that cries out loud to have a rangefinder style body (most because they love retro fashion hype), but don’t buy it when it’s out.
      EM-1 and GH3 are pseudo DSLR bodies, which are much more popular among photographers. No wonders they sell better.
      That said, all those cameras are awesome photographic machines.

      • win

        Well at least it should be ordered as much as the NEX-6 cameras in there… they were still higher.

  • Ken

    OM-D EM-1 still not listed on Amazon UK!!!

  • E-M1 Fan

    E-M1 will rule all. Told you so.

    • E-M1 Fan

      Pricing is reasonable. Positive reviews will ensure E-M1’s success. Just announced and roadmapped lenses further strengthen the system. Not to mention the 4/3 glass also. Look past the initial cost. E-M1 + 12-40 is a great combo that covers many situations. Add a fast prime in desired FL for a formidable compact system you can put in a small bag. More than good enough.

      • peevee

        The price is unreasonable, because it is higher than 70D and D7100 and K-5 II with bigger sensors, faster AF and faster shooting speeds with AF – and bigger lens systems – and it is not all that much smaller and lighter now. E-M5 was (and is) popular because it was much cheaper than 60D and D7000 and K-5 and NEX-7 and X-Pro1 and GH2 while being smaller and better in many respects. But it is not Feb’12 anymore, everybody released better products and prices have fallen (due to competition and falling yen), while Oly decides to raise price 40% for their update (quite minor update BTW – same sensor, same battery, same basic features, just improved, but for the price of being bigger and heavier).

        • E-M1 Fan

          When I want a hatchback, I don’t go look for an SUV. The problem is people are price sensitive. Especially when it comes to tech. $1400 for E-M1 while not cheap is not super expensive. This is a top of line product. There are cheaper options with same or similar IQ available within the m4/3 system. People want pro level quality but not prepared to pay for it. Cheap as chips mentality.

          I personally don’t care what the price of APS-C and FF DSLRs are compared to E-M1. I’m not interested in those systems. I don’t buy desktop computers anymore. I buy underperforming overpriced notebooks and tablets with comparably weak CPUs instead. Suits me fine.

          • peevee

            But when you see a tiny hatchback priced like a luxury SUV… very few people buy the hatchback.

            Then again, E-M1 is not that much smaller than D7100 and especially Pentax K-30/50 anymore. Actually, exactly as wide – 130mm – as k-30/50, just 1mm narrower than K-5 II, just 3 mm lower. You will use exactly the same bag for both.
            K-30 has 6 fps, K-5 II 7 fps. K-30 is weather-sealed too. And just $470 (body only) on Amazon, 3 times less. $540 with WR zoom. Sure, E-M1 has Wifi and a few other minor features, but not worth $1000 more, not even close.

            • Anonymous

              Won’t you put lenses in your bag?

              • peevee

                Sure, and for a sport shooter, Panasonic 35-100/2.8 is nice and small. But longer, only 4/3s, which, combined with an adapter, are pretty large (although 90-250/2.8 is fantastic, Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 EX DG OS APO HSM AF on APS-C is more than twice cheaper, and with m43-equal crop of D7100 goes even longer).

                Both 90-250 and 120-300 dwarf any body – 2.95kg Sigma, 3.27kg Olympus.

                Unfortunately, Olympus fails on value proposition even for tele, where smaller sensor gives them an advantage.

                If you are not a sports shooter, high-end speed etc don’t matter.

              • Fafhrd

                What he said

            • anymouse

              That’s not really what you are arguing. It would be more like two cars of the same size wuith different engines and amenities. Some people might like the one with a smaller engine for a variety of reasons. And while the amenities might not be something you think is worth extra money, there are others who think it is.

              While my m43 cmaera will never outperform a current FF camera, it does out perform my old film cameras. And as a non-pro, that’s more than enough for me. The fact that it is smaller and weighs less is just a bonus. This camera may be bigger than mine, it is still lighter than a FF. And that makes a big difference over a long hot day.

            • BLI

              … Of course: until you put a lens on the cameras, they may be relatively similar in size. But when you put lenses on them, the difference gets big. And I’m referring to a couple of pancake lenses.

              Example: the 12-40/2.8 Zuiko lens is 382 g. The Nikkor 24-70/2.8 is 900 g.

              • peevee

                Why would you put full frame 24-70 f/2.8 on an APS-C camera? You would put something like Sigma 17-50/2.8, $569, 565g. Or Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-f/4, $500, 465g. Or 16-50/2.8 on Sony and Pentax.

                FF is not even comparison, in size and price (although E-M1 came awfully close to 6D in price, which is ridiculous).

                • Anonymous

                  And why exactly is that ridiculous?

                  You know what is ridiculous? Comparing an entry level full frame camera to a high-end m4/3 camera, and then complaining the price of the later is high.

                  How about.. comparing that 6D to say,, a G5?

                  How about prices for say.. an 1dx or 5Dmk3?

                  Or if you want a somewhat more realistic comparison, how about comparing it to the aps-c D300s? Oh, and why would that camera despite not exactly being new, still be at least as expensive, usually more expensive then a D600 or 6D?

                  Sorry but the kind of comparison you are making is ridiculous, not the result of it, that result was predictable, and is exactly why your comparison is ridiculous.

                  • CaverDave

                    I am always surprise how people try to compare a pro-level camera to an entry level camera . It just don’t make sense.

                  • peevee

                    “And why exactly is that ridiculous? ”

                    Because of cost of everything in 6D is much higher. It has 4 times bigger sensor, and costs of chips raise much faster than linear with chip size (higher failure rates and higher unused zones on circular silicon crystals). This sensor gives 6D at least 3 times the low-light performance of m43 – it is so different class it is not even funny.
                    6D is also weather-sealed and includes some expensive parts which E-M1 simply does not have, like mirror and its mechanism, top LCD panel and separate focusing and metering sensors.

                    And most importantly, because cameras with similar features and performance to E-M1 are priced much cheaper on the current market – take Pentax k-30 for $470 – weather-sealed, dual control dials, pentaprism viewfinder, 16 mpix (bigger, somewhat better performing) sensor, IBIS, 6 fps with tracking, same size. E-M1 maybe better in some respects (except image quality), but not nearly 3 times better, 10% at most.

                    • Anonymous

                      If sensor size is so important, you should compare an entry level FF to a pro grade FF from the same brand, and then justify the price difference… You’ll see that sensor size doesn’t justify all.
                      Using the same reasonning, you’ll then compare entry level m43 to pro grade m43 from the same brand and judge if the price difference between the two is bigger than the one calculed between the two FF cameras…

                    • peevee

                      Top level FF (say 1Dx) has, compared to 6D, bigger VF, built-in vertical grip with extra batteries and most importantly 14 fps shooting with much better AF/tracking. And professional-level support (with it you are becoming eligible for very quick repairs, loans etc). E-M1 does not have any of it compared to k-30 for $470.

            • E-M1 Fan

              Those DSLRs are just more of the same. You’re forgetting all the advantages of mirrorless, especially m4/3, just for the sake of price comparison. Granted, we all want the best value for our money. I’m one of those prepared to spend a little more to buy the product that best suits me.

              We can make the same price arguments with high end compacts compared to mirrorless. Sony RX100 II is $799. For that price you can get any of several mirrorless or DSLRs with better IQ, options, upgrade paths etc. But the price is what it is. Wished it was cheaper though. Those who want it have to pay it.

              Olympus simply cannot compete in volume with Canikon. It has to price higher and hope that its feature sets can convince the market. They also allow room for discounting later on. Priced too low initially, there’s just nothing to be made. This runs true for other mirrorless systems too, not just m4/3. Remember Fuji X-Pro1 crazy $1699 launch price? E-M1 is a much better overall camera and mature system IMO at $1399 launch price.

              m4/3 is World Rally Championship. DSLR is NASCAR. I prefer agility, dynamics and quirky character over pure speed and brute power. E-M1 and the 12-40 ticks most of the boxes for me for what I want to do.


            The Canon 70D will easily outsell this camera. There is no real value compared to other cameras, even the E-M5. Lets see how long this camera lasts up top…

            • peevee

              Greed won over Olympus managers these time once again. They somehow decided that people bought E-M5 because it is Olympus and not because it was a better camera at cheaper price 19 months ago. After E-P5 pricing fiasco, now E-M1 pricing fiasco.

              • Anonymous

                Wow, you guys get ten cents for each comment that you wrote?
                No wonder you guys have to work so hard!

  • It’s priced just right in the US. If it were $100 more expensive the demand would surely drop dramatically. A high initial sales rate usually bodes well for a product, but being what it is I suspect many high profile users are pre-ordering with the intention to send the gear back for a full refund after trying it for a week. It’s quite common in the US. The good news is the E-M1 certainly gets some attention.


      Its over $400 more than the GX7. And I’m not trying to hear that it works well with FT lenses, because last I checked, FT lenses are no longer being supported.

      So basically, this is a camera going backwards instead of forward. Once again, Olympus B.S. on FT lenses and trying to patch it up with a MFT camera.

      Out of 100 photogs, maybe 2 own FT lenses… Maybe?? I think thats even a reach. So yeah, for most MFT users, this is too expensive… again, there are cheaper, better Options out there. Similar IQ, and better video from mostly everybody else…

      • Anonymous

        Out of 100 photogs, maybe 2 own FT lenses

        That is beyond optimistic the entire mirrorless market all brands accounted for only 15% of shipped cameras from Japan data from CIPA.At its peak FT accounted for 9% of the market a number which has dwindled to almost zero.

        The last couple of years the sales of FT cameras did not even register on the sales charts no shock about that considering how many bailed out to other systems I think 1 in a 1000 would be nearer the mark. I think that the improvement to FT AF is really just a side effect of the boost in C-AF for mFT lenses


          I kid you not, we may just as well be watching the demise of MFT and Olympus right now, and it’ll be mostly Olympus fault.

          • BLAHBLAHBLAH

            THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

            Know what you should do? go buy some camera that you like, go out and take pictures.

  • Anonymous

    I guess there are quite a few more of those 4/3 ‘legacy’ lens owners with money still around than some here think, eh.

    • duststormq8

      Honestly, I was on the verge on buying the E-M5, but decided to wait and see what the E-M1 would bring to the table. I am paying the extra money for:
      – Better EVF
      – Wi-fi connectivity
      – Better sealing
      – Better grip
      Other than that, I think E-M5 would be just as good.

      • CaverDave

        Don’t forget the
        – better ergonomics
        – direct control for most functions
        – HDR
        – C-AF and Tracking that works better (reports are up to D200 standards, so it could still be better)

        Anyhow, I am on the pre-order list at my local camera store, which will not show up in the Amazon totals.

  • Macintosh Sauce

    This is very encouraging. I just wish they’d sell the kit here with the free grip. :)

    • Me too. Much prefer getting the HLD-7 vs. MMF3/flash. Especially since I already have the MMF3, and seldom use flash anyway.

  • Glad for Olympus. The price is right I think for the balance of technology, quality and reliability it provides. The 12-40mm is the first m4/3 ‘serious’ zoom and is a welcome addition. I may be saving for that for my EM5, while waiting the successor of EM1. ;-)

    • Sorry… I did not notice the price of the 12-40! I thought around 400-500 $!! I will not be saving for that. For a m4/3 is a rather out of the world quotation IMO. After having been buttf*** and abandoned with the super high grade lenses of 4/3… no thanks. There are more long lasting, reliable and cheaper corresponding brands for older pro-camera that still outperform EM1 (and still will in the future).

      • The G

        A 24-80 equivalent at 2.8? To be honest I’d have expected it to be more than the $999 dollars! I’m excited for this lens…

        • Anonymous

          a 24-80 equivalent F5.6 do you fucking idiots never get it 2x effective focal length 2x effective aperture it is that easy

          • Millermatic

            We know exactly what we are getting. Clearly you don’t. Your loss.

          • BdV

            Not sure if you were talking to me, but it is actually really a 12-40 lens with a 2.8 max aperture. Since 12mm is really wide if you start comparing it with 35mm film cameras, the 2.8 aperture value will already provide quite a big DOF. But of course it’s still 2.8.

            • Anonymous

              The Panasonic FZ200 has a 25-600mm F2.8 with a free camera thrown in what do you mean it has a smaller sensor and therefore it is not the same as an F2.8 lens on mFT? lol

              • MJr

                The FZ200 is 4.5-108mm F2.8

            • gtshdt

              “Since 12mm is really wide if you start comparing it with 35mm film cameras,”

              Its not really wide as it is designed to cover a sensor with a quarter the area.Just as the FZ200 lens is designed to cover a far smaller sensor or are you honestly suggesting that the FZ200 25-600mm does the same as te Olympus 12-40,the upcoming 40-150 and the 300mm F2.8 all rolled into one what a bargain

              • BLAHBLAHBLAH

                Except for it not being an 28-300 lens, but a lens that on that specific sensor gives the FIELD OF VIEW that an 28-300 lens on 135 format would give.

                You seem to be one of those people who misunderstand the meaning of this ’35mm equivalent’ stuff, nope, its not about aperture, its not about focal length either, its about field of view, and nothing but field of view. The ONLY reason why ’35 equiv focal length’ is used is because that serves as an alternative for ‘field of view’, its simply a series of numbers that due to historical reasons represent certain field of view in the mind of people.

                Nobody is saying the 12-40/2.8 is really a 24-80/2.8, it is a 12-40/2.8, nothing more, nothing less.

                But but but.. yes, people will indeed point at that it gives the same FIELD OF VIEW as a 24-80 (note, NO aperture there, for a very good reason).

                But but but DOF!!!

                DOF changes due to many things, such as magnification, subject distance and aperture. Equalling a specific relative aperture to a specific DOF is just a clear sign of not understanding how DOF works at all.

                But but but I’m just comparing what exact lenses and cameras I need to take the exact same picture!! RIght, thats where equivalence is relevant, but, 2 different cameras tend to lend themselves to different kinds of use, and different pictures, so the exact relevance of that kind of comparison is mostly to people who like to study numbers and test charts. Phoptographers care if the camera can do what they need it to do without it getting in their way.

                • Chez Wimpy

                  >Nobody is saying the 12-40/2.8 is really a 24-80/2.8

                  That he is. I also suspect Nobody trolls his “glass-half-full equivalence” under a number of aliases.

          • Sigh…
            Someone never learn.
            I mean, is it really that difficult for you to grasp? :(

            • gtshdt

              Eric the fact remains that for 90%+ of all shooting scenarios an F5.6 lens on FF will do the exact same job as an F2.8 on mFT same DOF same AOV, same total light .The worst case situation means that the FF user has to up his ISO if you need the exact same shutter speed.While there are tiny differences in sensor tech of the same generation the best FF will still have a clear 2 stops high ISO advantage over the best mFT.

              Compared to the dinosaur sensor you FT users have been stuck with FF is nearer 4 stops ahead noise wise with 3 stops better DR etc


              So just how would a FF F5.6 shooter be at a loss ?

              • Olaf

                If you do not understand where a FF would be at a disadvantage you should stop posting.

                Hint: It has someting to do with weight….

              • 3vo

                FF are large, heavy…. and people are scared when you point one in their faces.

              • MJr

                it’s a new sensor.

              • BLAHBLAHBLAH

                The fact remains that you keep repeating the same theory while at the same time demonstrating you do not at all understand it, nor understand the practical implications.

      • Dudes, I would stop bragging that way. You seem kids. I just said that the lens is expensive for my standards. It was meant to be a ‘practical’ comment. The camera is new and there is no certainty about a relevant superiority of image quality compared to EM1. And for a such a small and ‘fragile’ tool (after two three months with my EM5, the camera was significantly scratched – screen included) -, I am and will never be intentioned to spend so much for an alike-lens. A pro-tool need to work well under most of the conditions. Something that OLY sensor unfortunately will not do (if you can shoot low light at 12000 iso virtually without noise, let me know which OLY model you use!). 12-40 corresponds roughly to 24-80. Everybody knows it. Otherwise you would have had 24-70 focal length lenses in Oly catalog as well. They are competing with others…! To do good photography in normal light condition you already have a wide variety of cameras and lenses (which you can find also far more cheaply). Old E5 would work perfectly, and is not so much bigger than EM5. You already have EM5 with his lenses. or do you want to tell me that you can not shoot professionally with EM5, but you will with the new one and the 12-40?! WIFI control with your phone, or a grip will not make of you a better photographer. That’s is the deal. Besides, the lens is called ‘PRO’. So it means it is not. It is undoubtedly a significant step up, to make the m3/4 looks like or go into the direction of the ‘serious’ cameras. But I would have expected it to be a bit cheaper, as it really doesn’t offer much more of what already exists. That’s all. I have been OLY user for many years. And I like it. But I need to deliver, and to use money properly. I will go checking out the novelties on friday in Akihabara. There will be an presentation event. ;-)

        • “Besides, the lens is called ‘PRO’. So it means it is not.”

          The 12-40/2.8 is said to have SHG quality for both IQ and build.
          As an owner of several SHGs I know what that means.
          Seems you are clueless about this. I suggest you try one out, hand-on (or an SHG).
          After doing so, you are entitled to say something about it.
          But (if) coming from the current std. breed of m4/3 lenses, you certainly are not.
          Compared to those lenses, an SHG or PRO is simply another world.

  • peevee

    “12 hours after the announcement the Olympus E-M1 is the most sold (orders+ preorders) digital camera at Amazon US (Click here to see the ranking).”

    For an hour? ;)

    ” The ranking includes all camera like compact cameras, Sony QX, DSRL and Mirrorless cameras. And you really don’t see it often an Olympus camera being more popular than a Canon or Nikon FF.”

    FF digital cameras never have been very popular simply because of high prices, for example, the most popular FF now is Canon 5D3 just at 41st place – and it is on sale now.

    • Anonymous

      , the most popular FF now is Canon 5D3 just at 41st place – and it is on sale now.

      It may be on sale now but it has spent 534 days in the top 100 outwith the E-M1 there is only one other mFT camera the G5 at a give away price [ best buy in mFT at the moment] in the top 100. Once the pent up demand from the FT guys is satisfied it will drop down the charts.Several APS models have been in the top 100 chart for 900+ days

      • peevee

        Is 5D3 even 534 days old already? BTW, 5D3 is in #50 already.

        Anyway, E-M5 has been in the top 100. Not anymore. And E-M1 will be less popular due to gross overpricing in the current market.

  • If it sells, the price must be right.
    Thats simple.
    nice to se positive reaktions preorderwise.

  • Daymon

    1399$ =1499€?

    • peter

      don´t tell me you´ve expected otherwise… :/ it´s soooo typical – and one more good reason not to become an early adopter.

      • Daymon

        I expected the usual 1$=1€ conversion which has been applied for the lens but strangely not for the body.

    • MMF user

      It’s typically USD=EUR with import/VAT. For example the EP5 superkit was 1499USD 1449EUR. This is a new low for taking advantage of European customers, and they’re trying to make up for it offering the free grip and MMF-3 (not free). Only while stoks last. Not in all European countries. aha, I’ll either pick one up from the US myself and declare it at the border, still cheaper than European prices btw since I’m there this Christmas. Or wait till we see bigger drops, which is the norm for Oly anyway.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t have 12-440 kit in us. We have in Europe.
      And depending on the european country, you may get free hld7 and free mmf3… All in all, no reason to complain ;)

      • MMF user

        The US also get the MMF-3 or FL300 free, so yes there is reason to complain.

  • Macabre

    It appears there are far more people with $1400 burning in their pocket swinging it willy-nilly on a new camera, then we have expected.

  • Anonymous

    Lookin for Mr Anonymoose with his “it’ll never sell statement”
    And if you see Mr Shenkie, tell him his wife did a good job telling her friends to massively pre order…
    Yeah I know it’s easy, but it feels sooooo good! ;)

    Have fun everybody and be joyfull: it’s all good for m43, anybrand, anyhow!

    • Anonymous

      Lookin for …


      Yeah, judging from some sore losers statements, I bet he has posted already.

    • Anonymoose

      News at 11: the only new camera released on a Tuesday grabs top selling spot!

      You serious?

      It won’t be the top seller come weekend.

  • derek

    I can’t imagine any one buys this really oversized micro sized sensor camera at this price.
    for me even free , it is too ugly and too bulky for the sensor size to be even considered seriously.

    This must be the worst camera of the year for 2013.
    The GX7 and NEX6 are much better options.
    The lens is also ugly,”pro” on the barrel looks so embarrassing.

    • BLI

      +100: just proves your imagination is lacking. :-)

  • derek

    I am sure if Oly continues this so-called OM-D(OMD should be FF) line any longer, Oly will go bankrupt so soon.

    • feeble wallet

      derek do you need 50p for the meter

  • Camaman

    What is the time frame measured for this most sold benchmark?
    Last hour?

    It should be mentioned that it is the most trending.

    • BLI

      It is *still* in first place, after more than two hours! So *more* than one hour! :-)


    Amazon does not charge you credit card until the camera is in stock, ready to ship.

    So in reality, it doesnt mean much but hype. Check the list when the camera is in stock.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, but it’s still about the ugliest camera I’ve ever seen. Beauty isn’t everything, but ugly is immediately apparent. I don’t mind so much, if a camera feels good in the hand, but damn, I have to look at this thing, every time I go to change settings. What about when I go home and set it on the table in the kitchen? I guess I could just throw a towel over it, so I don’t have to look at it. I can hear my wife already, ” GET THAT UGLY G’D DAM THING OUT OF MY KITCHEN, I TOLD YOU NOT TO BRING IT IN THE HOUSE!” It’ll probably have to sleep with slug in the backyard.

    • Yep its ugly and way to expensive for what it offers, but i am gonna get one for the wife and kids.

      • Anonymous

        You have made your point a couple of hundred times now, so now go back to your canikon hole and stay there.

    • I don’t think it’s ugly. Actually, I think it is aesthetically pleasing while looking very functional and purposeful. Anyway, it’s very subjective.

  • The Real Stig

    A few years ago there was a fairly popular song – ‘Who Let the Dog’s Out’.

    Replace the word Dog with Troll and that would about sum up my feelings about today.

    Panasonic must be spending big today.

    • Anonymous

      I truly hope Panasonic will sell a lot of gx7 and will come up with a pro body soon. We need a dynamic standard so that sigma and others bring more dedicated lenses for every budget.
      M43 could be the new M42 :)


        And that’s not good at all!

  • camerageek

    Ahh fools and their money!

    Why would anyone buy this abomination over a Fuji XPro1 which has a larger sensor and better quality
    ? Oh yeah I know! Micro Four Turdists that think horse shite quality is awesome!

    Bahahahaha I guess all you fauxtographers will be happy

    • youre the one who is a fauxtographer..

      photographer worry about how to take good picture.. fauxtographer like you worry about sensor size..

    • Anonymous

      The more bitter you and other trolls get, the more I laff! And I’m probably not the only one! :D

    • Tobias Giesen

      Fuji doesn’t have lenses like 75mm/F1.8 and the focusing sucks, and it has the white orbs issue … nah thanks.

      • gtshdt

        An F2.5 lens on Fuji APS gives the same DOF control as an F1.8 lens on mFT the 60mm F2.4 { effective AOV 90mm} is probably better for most portraits than the 150mm effective 75mm

        • Anonymous

          If DOF is all you care about, go buy some FF monster and a 85/1.2. Yes, it certainly has its uses, but its absurdly overrated.

          For the rest of us, a 75/1.8 needs to be stopped down to get ENOUGH DOF for portraiture, and eh, what exact field of fiew looks better for a portrait depends entirely on the portrait and the photohgrapher. The 85mm classic portrait lens certainly exists for a reason, and in m4/3 there are some nice lenses giving equivalent or near equivalent fields of view, but if it is ‘better’ then the field of view of a 150mm (ff equiv) lens is totally debatable, even more so due to the different aspectratio, and the typical more square formats on which most portraits are printed.

          Remember, field of view is just as much determined by your cropping as by the lens.

        • peevee

          ” the 60mm F2.4 { effective AOV 90mm} is probably better for most portraits than the 150mm effective 75mm”

          You cannot count. DoF is shorter with wider aperture, 60mm/2.4=25mm is certainly smaller than 75/1.8=41.7mm. But 60/2.4 is close to 45/1.8.

    • duststormq8

      Fuji lens collection is nowhere close to what the m4/3 provides. Especially when it comes to pro zooms
      Panasonic 12-35 f2.8
      Panasonic 35-100 f2.8
      and now Olympus 12-40 f2.8

      And oh…its focusing sucks.
      And its not weather sealed

  • what m4/3 really needs now is radio ttl controller.

    yes the slave flash can be ttl controlled optically, but nothing beats radio.

    • CaverDave

      I was surprise that it didn;t have radiottl controller built in. I guess this will be what they will add into the E-M1 Mk2 body in two years along with the organic sensor.

    • Tobias Giesen

      TTL yes but not HSS remotely (Super FTP high speed sync), which is probably impossible but would be useful.

      • Anonymous

        Well, my E-M5 allows me to configure FP mode for remote triggered flashes, and oh wonder, when using a capable flash like the FL50R, that fully works.


    Pretty cool though I did notice there is not even one other mFT in the top 100!

    • Tobias Giesen

      Oh, but there is! Not on the first page (1-25), but on the second you will find

      31. Panasonic DMC-G5KK

      … and that was it for MFT. What a shame. I will do my best to support them with €€€ and I hope it will live loooong.

      In Germany, only the E-M5 is in the top 100 of all cameras.

      BUT things look much much better when you look only at the compact system cameras category. MFT is at the top in both countries US and Germany.


  • grant

    excited about both the camera and the lens…but i echo some of the poster here: the 12-40mm lens will be a big seller, but i think the e-m1 will be more of a niche product. it’s a great camera, no doubt, but as a PRO camera, i think most pros are willing to go bigger and heavier for the little bit of extra IQ from FF or APS-C, especially for the price the e-m1 is currently being sold at. i don’t see it being a huge hit that gets pros to jump ship…but i could be wrong. i’d love to be wrong about this.

    i pre-ordered the 12-40, which should mate very well my my e-m5. i don’t plan on going the e-m1 route for now…maybe i’ll wait a couple years and reassess my needs then…or pick up the e-m5 successor then.

  • Anonymoose

    I’m in a certain European country. Just got info from someone; the expected launch price might be around 1600€ here, which is about $2120.

    The 1500€ price is already $1980.

    So once again Europe is subsidizing the US by having a 50% extra markup over the US price. Yay!

  • 3vo

    C’mon Oly, kick the ass at this american DSLR-addicted folks!!!!

  • Turin

    Ok, I’m all for miniaturisation even at the cost of (some) egronomics – only recently I’ve been called mad for expressing anxiety about lack of ‘true’ successor to GX1 & GF1, my main cameras – but I could see myself getting it once the price goes lower as a, paradoxically, second camera, for when size doesn’t matter. If it means I can sell my beloved Pentax gear and have a single system, it might even make sense economically.

    • Turin

      So yeah, probably not the best choice for a pro picking a system, but for upgrading amateur, one with a collection of wonderful little primes and wanting something handling better with upcoming big teles, it makes perfect sense. And stop bitching about price – if the feature per dollar is your priority pick Pentax, we m43’ers already came to peace with the fact that we’re paying more for the same image quality. If you only oogle at camera’s pictures on the webs and never handle them, you’ll never understand.

  • Andy

    12-40 f2.8-4 please please please! I am sure the constant f2.8 is a fabulous lens, but it’s big and heavy.

    Am I the only one who wants a high grade optic that’s small and lite? Some of us went to m43 for the weight saving right?

  • Hegel

    For what I see as a balanced view of the latest Olympus products, cf.

  • feeble wallet


  • Em1 12-80. F/2.8 (5.6 real ) vs 6d 24-70 f4. Who wins ??? Canon by far this camera is a scam quater of the sensor same price ….oh fa
    I’m in fanboys zone

    • Chez Wimpy

      >Who wins ???

      At checkers, a toss up.

      Kayaking / skiing / rainforest, the EM1. Low light/short DOF, the 6D. Camera + UWA, standard, telephoto, FE, primes (and backup body) in a light carry-on? From experience, NOT the 6D…

    • You’re a few blades shy of a complete diaphragm! :-P

  • 70’almost same weight better sensor better glass. This camera is a fail. What is the improve of the em-5??? The price ?

  • Anonymous

    Going slightly off topic here. I pre-ordered the GX7 in August and am still waiting for Pana to deliver.
    The EM1 gets announced yesterday and Delivery will be in Oct.
    Sony is even quicker with a couple of weeks wait time.

    Pana needs to improve and formally provide actual delivery dates instead of providing Aug-Sep delivery times. This is in Australia btw…

    I am tempted to go EP5…

  • What m43 will do when Sony release the nex ff?

    • ahp792

      That is a stupid question. They will continue making MFT cameras of good quality. Not everyone needs or wants a FF camera, if you do go shoot a D88 or a 5DMK3.

      • ahp792


  • ahp792

    I am going to make this as simple as possible. I have been watching this site as well as sony rumors, fuji rumors and others as I plan to purchase a new camera. One thing that has become very obvious by reading these comments is that the casual observer who is new to photography, mirrorless or MFT would think that both Panasonic and Olympus make poor quality products. This is due to the amount of arguing over Panasonic vs. Olympus on this an other forums. It is kind of turning into the Canon v. Nikon argument which is good for no one, except maybe FUJI and Sony.

    Based on my hours of research both Olympus and Panasonic make great gear. Of course there are differences in specs as with any camera or other product. This is a good thing it means that the end user can find the right pice of gear for their needs. The fact that an MFT camera has topped the charts at Amazon for camera sales should be looked upon as a good thing. This means that people are taking notice of the MFT system, which means they may buy a Panasonic or Olympus camera. This means that in turn the system continues to grow and the manufacturers continue to improve the gear for all of us.

    In short the arguing is a waste of time, an MFT forum should embrace advancements in the system as well as the success of the system. Moreover GO TAKE PICTURES!

    • @ ahp792. You are right, it is impossible to carry a constructive discussion in this site. It amaze me the amount of shit in the head of fanboys and haters of Olympus and/or Panasonic cameras. They really act like psychopaths. Even school childrens can carry a discussion in a more adult way than many guys here. I quit posting in this forum more than a year ago, but I thought the introduction of GX7 and the EM1 was a worthwhile occasion to participate again. The truth is that it is worst now than when I quit last time.

  • Rob

    I didn’t expect them to go number 1 in the USA. Just goes to show, if you give people what they want, people will buy it. I’m looking at you EVF-less EP5.

  • In Asia. Sell well to girls really well

  • One More Thought

    Good for Olympus! I admit that I have been skeptical about the pricing, but this is a great sign. It’s also rather revealing that the other cameras at the top of the list are a lot less expensive.

    So yes, if you give the people a great quality camera they will buy it.

  • Lacunapratum

    Incredible design. Perfect camera. Really happy for Olympus. They got a winner with this one. Reminds me when they sold the E-3 with the 12-60mm – both are a winning combination for 90% of shooting situation. And this one if faster and smaller and better!

    m43 is really rocking these days. Unfortunately, the E-M1 is somewhat overshadowing the Panasonic GX-7, which is a very nice camera as well. And while the GX-7 is a better concept than the E-P5, the 40-150mm/2.8 is likely to outshine the Panasonic 150mm/2.8 prime, even though it might turn out to be a better lens. But who knows? Competition is good, but it’s almost too tough.

    Among the top level cameras, photographers are likely to prefer the E-M1, while videographers may prefer the GH-3, which is also a nice camera.

    M43 is really rocking these days. A full-frame Sony? I can’t see them getting their act together in terms of lenses. Which I find somewhat surprising. I remain puzzled about the American and European public’s slow acceptance of m43. These cameras produce amazing images, which can be enlarged to anyone’s delight.

    Hope the E-M1 turns out to be the game changer m43 needs. I certainly wish Olympus success for this well deserved masterpiece.

  • Eifex

    They could sell them even more if they wanted to. I for one, am a 50/50 still and video shooter, so no EM-1 for now.

    I’ll leave this here.

  • Anonymoose

    And it’s already at second place, beaten by Canon PowerShot A2500.

  • FYI, here are the cheapest web shop Norwegian prices (pre-order),
    incl. VAT, but without any promotional add-ons (no HDL-7 or MMF-3).
    (if registering your pre-order at Olympus, you are eligible for those items though):

    E-M1 body only:
    12999 NOK
    2197 $
    1658 €

    E-M1 + 12-40/2.8 kit:
    17999 NOK
    3042 $
    2295 €

    Guess you Americans have little to complain about after all… :/

    • Camaman

      Time for the US to introduce VAT and increase their gas taxation and joins the rest of the world on the fair price market.

      • peevee

        States and localities have their own sales taxes, ranging from 0% (rarely) to 11% total. Most internet sellers do not collect sales taxes when shipping to most states though – buyers are supposed to pay the taxes themselves (I think very few people actually do because states lack efficient enforcement mechanism for that).

        Regarding gas tax – I think oil tax at the point of extraction or importation is much more efficient measure, and I calculated quickly, and it could replace ALL our income taxes (both personal and corporate) and our gas prices would STILL be lower than what I have seen in Europe. The fact that such tax reform is not even discussed shows how strong oil lobby is.

  • mattphoto

    It lasted a few hours and was taken over by the Canon PowerShot A2500, a point and shoot

  • Anonymoose

    Merely 24 hours later (and still mid-week, and on 9/11 and a huge sales dip in general) it’s already down to #3, taken over by Nikon COOLPIX L820 as well.

    • Anonymoose

      And where is it now, 36 hours later?


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