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First Panasonic GH2 hands-on preview at (all good news!)


SystemKameraForum is the first website to post a Panasonic GH2 camera review. The test is available as PDF only and you need a forum registration to download it. Oh, and it’s in german only!

We can give you a translation of the review high-lights:
– The autofocus is very fast (and faster than on the Panasonic GH1). Even in extreme bright or dark situations! The say this camera allows a “new dimention of autofus speed, not comparable with the other Panasonic models!
– They tested the AF-speed with many Panasonic lenses and the AF speed improves on all lenses!
– The AF is faster than the Canon EOS 5D Mark II autofocus!
– They like the Multi-aspect Bracketing. The GH2 can take 4 continous shots in 16:9 3:2 4:3 1:1!
– Even if the firmware was not in final stage the GH2 has better sharpness, dynamic range and HIGH-ISO than the GH1. They see an 1 stop improvement compared to the GH1.

They say the GH2 is not a revolution but a very concrete evolution of the GH1.

  • I wonder what they say specifically regarding high ISO noise performance. Any banding?

  • sahara_knight

    i guess this quote gives me all what i want to know about this camera “” They say the GH2 is not a revolution but a very concrete evolution of the GH1 .

    cheers next time

    • Duarte Bruno

      This camera is very close to being perfect for me to give a damn about any other right now. The only thing missing for me is IBIS but that’s a Panasonic option and considering that the sensor is even better than the GH1 I think there is no point in waiting for Olympus to come up with an IBIS answer camera.
      A concrete evolution from the GH1 is a good description because they have improved almost every aspect they could improve, (well at least the ones that matter the most for a photographer).
      This is going to be my next camera, no doubt!

  • Eric

    I’m glad to see they added a leather like texture and finally changed the color of the menu system. Both changes make the camera look more serious than it’s predecessor. Now bring on the pro grade PEN :)

  • Lupo

    They say that there is less noise (one stop), focuses faster (2 times) and mutch better on the viewfinder

  • Dun

    “GH2 is not a revolution but a very concrete evolution of the GH1”
    This says all. GH1 was a revolutionary camera and many people expected GH2 to have a revolutionary feature (a shutterless camera etc.) but GH2 could not keep up the pace. GH2 looks like a tweaked and fixed GH1 with same bells and whistles, some of which are already available (maybe even better) in GH1 via firmware hack.

    • You cant expect panasonic to reinvent a new product everytime, this is only the second camera and they improved almost on everything, next big think would be shutterless

  • If only they had in body IS then I would consider Panasonic. Such a shame…

    • Agreed. My grip is too unsteady for lens IS – Oly works perfectly for me.

      One gigantic + for Oly

      • adventsam

        No way is in-body IS better than OIS, for video OIS is the only solution and what about the stabilised view with OIS. Get away with you. For the small fl lens the IBIS has no effect anyway.

        • Duarte Bruno

          I’m sorry to say this but I can tell you that IBIS beats ILIS 100% of the times I use it. Why? Because none of my lenses have ILIS – and I’m over a dozen already!

          Another thing I can tell you is that for VIDEO a tripod will also beat ILIS 100% of the times.

          In the end it’s horses for coarses, it depends on your equipment and the way you set up (or not) your shots.

          I prefer IBIS because I have lots of good legacy glass but for video IMHO this issue is almost academic as a steady cam stabilizer or a tripod are a magnitude of order better than any electronic solution.

          • hd72

            I’m in the same boat. I have four manual lenses for my GF1 which could use some stabilization (it can be tough to handhold a 200mm shot). But what especially frustrates me is my other 3 lenses are Panasonic m4/3 — and only one of those has OIS (the 14-140mm).

    • I use both Olympus and Panasonic with a variety of lenses and the only time I notice any difference using OIS is when using the Olympus 70-300mm however panasonic have just announced a 100-300mmm with built in stabilization…

  • Here it goes again, that childlike feeling of wanting a candy

  • Andrew

    Yeah I pretty much want this camera. My only perk is there is no headphone jack.

  • Gabi

    That review looks very good! I guess my G1 has found a worthy successor! ;) They also said that the first images of the 100-300mm look decent and focussing is pretty fast. The GH2 with the 14-140mm and the 100-300mm will make a fine kit for me!

  • compositor20

    with 20mm f1.7 ibis works !!! i have it in e-p1 and in e-pl1 and without ibis 1/13 is possible in e-p1 and 1/20 in the e-pl1 these are consistent results 75% keepers

    if you want safe 90% keepers it more like 1/20 for e-p1 and 1/30 for e-pl1

    • Hehe… I have 100% keepers with the same lens on GF1. So what?

  • marilyn

    the camera is better than the E5 lol

    • brian

      Unless if you needed a weather-sealed body and/or an OVF, I see no reason to get an E5 over this.

    • Rocky

      Wait for a proper review…

  • Tom Blue

    The E-5 was D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)…

    • Jules

      What about for anyone having a serious collection of top quality 43 lenses…?

      I heard times and again that the Nikon D3x was D.O.A. History proved otherwise.

  • Jules

    where are the complaints about the pixel race now?

    • Duarte Bruno

      Those complains happened (with a valid motive) when the per pixel quality was taking a major dive. This doesn’t seem to be the case. On the contrary!

      So, bring the megapixels!(Along with IQ) :)

  • Jero

    Good heavens, what is this, the “buy an Olympus Epxx club” ?

    This is an announcment about a brand new camera that’s not even targeted at the same segment as the compact cams like the EPxx and GF1… Isn’t there somewhere else you can hang out?

    • Tom

      Not targeted at the same segment as the EPx or the GF1? They all share the same lenses & roughly the same sensor size. A viewfinder and a grip doesn’t exactly put this into some drastically different class of consumer. Once you’ve got a collection of lenses, the bodies are what’s now interchangeable. ;)

      • Jules

        the 45-200 on a GF-1 is a greek tragedy. 400mm equivalent shot at arm length using the LCD is fine provided you like soft pictures. I don’t even want to think about the announced 100-300.

        The fixed EVF, the grip, the extra weight, those all makes more than a difference.

        So, depending on which lens you like, it *is* a different class of consumer.

        • Tom

          Anyone who has to hold a camera “at arm length” to see the LCD screen should consider bifocals. :D

          No, i don’t plan on shooting 400mm handheld on my GF1, but i do consider adding the GH2 to my gear. Got plenty of other lenses that would work great on both cameras.

        • hd72

          The Olympus E-P2 has a really nice quality electronic viewfinder. But you’re right, maybe we should hang out on a different website than you…

  • tomtnt

    Someone help me out. I currently shoot sports with a 7d, 50/1.4 and 70-200/2.8 (indoor sports, dim gyms, fast action)

    Can I realistically replace my canon setup and go with the GH2 given the current state of glass? Doesn’t seem that there are any fast enough glass to accomodate indoor sports photography?


    • Boooo!


  • Alberto

    Please, someone know if GH2 can do AF with all 4/3 lens?
    I want AF with Zuiko 50mm f2

    • richard

      No, it doesn’t AF most 4/3 lens. Also only few lens can do continous focus, panasonic had no fix that issue or had build in is. Panasonic has nice body but still lack of lens for AF.

      • Alberto

        That´s no very good news, G2 and G10 can do it with zuiko lenses, slowly but…

        • Gabi

          I am pretty sure that the GH2 compatibility with the Zuiko lenses will not be worse than that of the G2.

  • Ken B

    Well it is here now and so far so good, lets hope it gets some goods reviews for IQ.

    To tomtnt I hear what your are saying, but your 50mm is 80mm and your 200mm is 320mm with crop factor. Divide the crop result by 2 and your are into M43 lenses, so a 40-150mm F4-5.6 is probably the fastest you will get, and Oly have 50mmf2 scheduled for 2011.

    Just not quite up to mark of really fast glass, possibly the pain of having a small size.

    GH2 and some wide angle primes that on the way, yeah ha great stuff.


  • vertical grip?

  • … the good news is that we can go to a Pan body and keep our Oly/Pan lenses

  • shelly

    now that there is a 3d panasonic lenses, they need to make a camera that you can watch your 3d videos on, with your panasonic 3d glasses. just sayin!

  • yosemite

    The GH2 does NOT have true 60fps Full HD video as AVCHD does not support this. Allegedly it DOES record in 60fps though. Is there any forseeable way this camera could be brought to record VIEWABLE 60 fps Full HD through a firmware update or hack? If so, why would Panasonic not include this in the camera from the beginning?

    • david

      “If so, why would Panasonic not include this in the camera from the beginning?”
      Encoder can’t keep up? Protecting their dedicated camcorder line? The firmware guy decided to be spiteful? Any reason that anyone gives you will just be pulled out the air since at the moment no one outside of Panasonic knows.

      • yosemite

        I understand, but was also asking if this could be fixed with a firmware upgrade or hack in the future? Does anybody here know how complicated or not this might be?

  • calxn

    Admin, so where is the “surprise” technology that Panasonic was suppose to announce? Nothing surprising so far.

    • yosemite

      It was the 3D lens.

      Anyway, given the lack of 60fps recording in Full HD, as far as I can tell the GH2 has no advantages over the GH1, so why would somebody pay twice the price for it? My guess is that this is why they’re only producing 5,000/month, because they’re not sure anybody will fall for the “upgrade”…

      • Dun

        Yeah. As a GH1 owner, I do not think GH2 worths upgrading from GH1, considering the price of GH2. GH2 may be good for people upgrading from other cameras or brands.

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