First Ownuser GH2 battery grip hands-on video


Under the category crazy Asian m43 stuff we can find that new Ownuser GH2 battery grip. The video on top shows a first hands-on. The battery grip can be purchased at They already sell battery grips for other Panasonic and Olympus m43 and 43 cameras on eBay (Click here to see all Ownuser auctions).

And here is another exotic news: At (Click here) you can see some Olympus E-Pm1 with Leica Elmar 35mm f/3.5 lens review. That lens is so tiny! You can find a few lenses for $400 on eBay (Click here).

  • I know him

  • Charlie
    • Neat site… I think more like this:,100 the grip makes the GH2 feel more like a larger camera.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Compare them from the side and the Nikon is about twice as thick.

      On topic… that grip seems like such a crappy looking kludge.

      Ownuser? WTF is with that? Couldn’t they come up with a better name? I mean, really, aren’t the Chinese actually educated, unlike here in the US? ;-)

      • The Eye

        The other name they were considering was Ding Bang 100.

      • Mundstrøm

        Yeah lame name, but English is not among their strongest skills and luckily it’s not as important as the hardware.

      • Anonymous

        How many foreign languages can you speak Mr. Reee?

      • Pedro del Río

        When I see the way non-English words are treated in the US or UK, or the degree of foreign language knowledge in those countries, I think English speakers should be the last ones to complain about other people’s English.

  • mclarenf3

    I cringe when I see him using that knife.

    • The Eye

      I was sure Mr Haphazard was going to drop his knife. We could have enjoyed an impromptu DIY vasectomy video.

  • JimD

    Nice grip with 3 versions, up to IR remote and something else in Chinese that I can’t read. Almost enough to make me get a GH2! Oh I forgot no IBIS. Pity.

  • I’m still waiting for a Panasonic G3 OWNUSER Battery Grip !! Contacted the manufactor few weeks ago, but still got no answer if and when there will be one available.
    Does anyone has more Info??

    Greetz from Germany,

  • The Eye

    It’s like an instructional video for assembling IKEA furniture. Not only do bits and pieces get (almost) dropped and handled in a very confused manner, but fantasy words replace the proper words (“gold bars,” “sideways shooting,” etc). How to hold the camera is shown in temporal disarray, before loading the battery. Oh yeah, the lens shade is on crooked, too. Luckily there is that disembodied female voice that comes to aid the headless guy. Good job!

    • LOL.. It’s about the battery grip… not how to shoot portrait or landscape or battery contacts…. Good critique though… rofl.

      Signed- Headless guy.

      • The Eye

        I’m laughing with you. Really! All the distractions in that video fascinated me so much, I ended up missing the review. :-P

    • caver3d

      Actually, the camerawoman couldn’t keep her mouth shut throughout the video. How distracting is that. Sheesh!

  • Chris

    $100 is a lot to spend on a grip when you have to use Panasonic GH2 batteries. The Panasonic GH2 batteries have a very poor discharge rate. Some other battery grips like ones for the Canon MK Mark 2 you could use AA batteries, which I thought was a great feature.

    I would would have to spend $100 on the grip then another $50-100 on the extra batteries. I can get 4x 5000mha 8.4 volt battery packs that last 9.5 hours.

    I don’t think the grip will last that long and I think you would end up spending a lot of money on extra batteries and spend most of ya time charging them. Also the microphone input it taken up with the battery grip, which I need for my microphone and I don’t want to have to keep unplugging it every time I need to use the grip or the microphone.

  • caver3d

    This is not really new in terms of news. I purchased and received this GH2 grip from the Ownuser web site nearly 3 months ago. It works well. I normally leave it on the camera. Ownuser had delayed shipment to me, so they voluntarily knocked $10 off the price when they shipped it. Good company.

    • The Eye

      I should have put quotes around “luckily” to make sure sarcasm wouldn’t be misunderstood.

      EDIT: This reply should have gone to your other post.

  • Mundstrøm

    looks like this’ll fit on the G2 also? Anyone agree?

  • Why is everything black in the video when a black gadget is being demonstrated? Can’t distinguish a darn thing!

  • 100$ is too expensive !
    + the price of the short panasonic batteries

  • How did that make it up there? The worst of these type clips I have ever seen. Seven+ minutes without one word about how well, or for how long the product works. All he did was fuddle with it out of focus, with his I assume girlfriend speaking over him and editorializing on which position to hold it is her personal favorite.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking about getting it to use primarily went out doing photography and since it add 2 batteries, might as well use it for videography too

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