First Olympus E-M5 full leather case (Review by Tyson Robichaud)


As you can see from the picture on top the first full leather case bag is now available on eBay (Click here). It is also available in Brown (Click here).

My friend Tyson Robichaud tested the E-M5 and wrote a long list of PROS and CONS: “I love the camera, but feel that there are a few areas that can, and should, be improved upon in the future.  There is no one way to skin a cat, but I think Olympus could really fine tune a few of these shortcomings which would benefit not only new users, but seasoned Oly aficianados as well.  It’s not a perfect camera, but for the cost, it is close and truly offers a micro 4/3 shooter a good all around tool.“. Visit his website to read the full article!

I agree with 99% of his points. I hope Olympus will read his article and take care of his concerns when developing the E-M6 or E-M7 :)
This brings me to an idea. I will soon ask you to suggest your features for the next E-M cameras. But I will wait until you first got your E-M5 cameras. First you have to use it for a while. Sometimes first impressions are wrong!

E-M5 (Pre)order links (Click on store name):
Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev. Cheap third party E-M5 batteries on eBay (Click here).

The E-M5 keeps to be present in the Amazon Bestseller list(changes hourly!):
USA: E-M5 on position 7/10 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 40 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 4/13 (Click here).
France: E-M5 on position 22/23 (Click here).
Japan: E-M5 on position 22/23 (Click here).

  • Nic

    Looks to me to defeat the main benefit of the camera, ie small and compact. Moreover who will use this lens regularly anyway? My 12-50 is in the same draw as my OM 70-210, not likely to come out anytime soon.

    Good luck to them.

    • EvoltPen

      Nic, Give it a try you might suprise. It’s great for street photography where quality isn’t all that importand and you can hit streets even in rain. Also try Macro mode, it’s really allround lens and I’m happy about it. I also own PL25 f1.4 and I use it when I need quality or low light tool.

      • Nic

        Good advice. Many thanks. Actually, you make a very good point; weather sealed feature when I’m out in the elements. I’m still playing with the new Oly 45mm, 12mm (arrived today), and Pana 20.

  • Tom Goode

    I’ve had my OMD for almost a month… The gripes I have are mainly about button size, placement, and feel.

    Better video would be nice but isn’t a deal breaker for me.

  • WT21

    Is that a camera in your case, or are you just happy to see me?

    • LOL, that was the line that sprang into my mind as well. Gotta be the ugliest piece of leatherwork I’ve ever seen, and that was before I noticed the hump-sac up top…..

      • BLI

        Reminds me of the Black Adder song…:
        “Black Adder, Black Adder, he rides a pitch black steed
        Black Adder, Black Adder, he’s very bad indeed
        Black: his gloves of finest mole
        Black: his codpiece made of metal”

        • BLI

          (replace “metal” by “leather”…)

  • napalm

    I have a suggestion for the E-M6… DONT release anything soon! hehe

    let the E-M5 mature first, then make sure the next body has all the improvements needed. we dont need another E-P1 > E-P2 transition…

  • Sam

    Please, enough with posting info about leather cases. Nobody wants leather anything anymore, except those trying to prove some idea of elitism. Watch this already and be done with it:

    • Lucky


      Thanks for speaking on my behalf you ass hat

    • facepalm

      Everytime someone links to that video, I eat another burger.

    • mister_roboto

      I don’t think your soap box is big enough.

      Drive a car or use a vehicle? Yeah- vulcanized rubber in the tires + other parts come from animal products. Bring your agenda + elitism elsewhere.

    • Geoff

      Admin, please remove this link as it has no right to use the 4/3rd rumours site for someones bleating about animal rights. This guy seems to have forgotten the fact, that we having incisors in our jaws are carnivors be default, we are designed to eat meat, we have one stomach not two. This link is totaly out of order.

      • WT21


    • @ Sam: Speaking up for animals is always a good thing, thank you, unfortunately I cannot see the video.

      @ mister_roboto: Yes, there are many places where you can find animal-products. But just because you cannot avoid everything doesn’t mean you can’t do something.

      @ Geoff: Nope, we are not designed to eat animals. Every human can live happily as a vegan. So do I. You should check out the latest facts about nutrition and so on. It’s awesome for yourself, the animals and the environment.

      @ admin: I love the EM5 and I’m planning on getting one. But, of course, without any leather case. Maybe we all should focus on cameras and technical accessories. Products like leather cases which involve first-tier cruelty should not be promoted. So everyone’s happy, photographers and vegan photographers also!

    • Sam

      I must apologize for my post earlier.. the admin here at 43rumors does a great job! I check your site nearly every day and am stoked to be a M4/3 user. I’ll admit, I used to love everything in leather, though in recent years, learned a few things about where it originates. Anyways.. we are all entitled to opinions, though sorry for being overly strong with mine. Thank you admin for not being overly authoritative and not removing my post. I will be more tactful in my future posts. If I offended anyone, please accept my apology. Happy photographing and video making :)

      Edit: thank you Johannes for wording it in a more PC fashion than I did. If you want to see the video, just google ‘best speech you will ever hear’

  • Charlie


    • spam


  • jevfp

    omg, we gonna SHOW OFF to everybody that we have the OM-D camera if we use that FULL leather case,..?

  • frank

    this cam only needs one thing: a nice 17/1.4 or so prime, why doesn’t Oly develop that before anything else!

  • Will

    The funny thing is leather doesn’t last and the modern day fabrics do… Buy this if you’re a hipster wannabe who 15 years down the track will be fine with a case crumbling and going stiff. Leather is an inferior product in this area!! Hence no major sellers use it!

  • I would like to set the minum preferred time shutter with AUTO ISO and A mode. It’s simply a firmware issue and could help, specially while shooting with the 12mm or 9-18. I use S mode right now but I really would like to have something like Nikon.

  • Bob B.

    I don’t do camera cases. They just get in the way.
    On the Tyson review…can’t cover it all…but I have owned G3, GX1 and now OM-D.
    I agree with a lot of what Tyson says and not with some. Camera interaction is just so different for each human being.
    I agree…compared to Pany…the Olympus menus are a MESS. Not intuitive at all. Kind of like Mac vs. PC there for this photographer. (although…I will say…I got the Oly, my first and was predisposed to the Pany menu system).
    I sold my G3 to buy the OM…and kept the GX1. I think these two cameras complement each other VERY well. One larger, heavier, with more features(OM), one smaller, stealthier and more convertible. I definitely prefer the touch screen on the GX1 to the Oly. (I only use touch screens for image review and custom buttons)..the Pany TS does more functions and again..the layout is much more intuitive, like a Mac.
    As far as the whole button thing goes…yeah..the buttons on the GX1 rock. They are MUCH better quality, more positive and low profile so they are much less likely to get push accidentally. They are laid out to allow the user more function choices in a much more intuitive way. The Oly buttons are spongy, and not a versatile.
    That being said…I love both cameras…and they are both gems. The wireless flash on the Oly, increase DR and the top half of the battery grip attached (to mention a few) are very nice, nice things to have in this small, growing MFT system.

  • John

    My main complaint with the 12-50 is that it’s just too darned long mounted on the E-M5. I wish they would have done a 12-40 or something like that to make is shorter. Yes the E-M5 + 12-50 is compact, but it’s an odd shape!

  • pw

    That is one UGLY MF !

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