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First Olympus E-5 review (from Russia!)


The russian forum “Olympus Our life” posted the first Olympus E-5 review! The test is very detailed with all kind of ISO and sharpness comparison. We have to put our faith in hands of google translation tool to understand the text :)

More nice E-5 Image samples have been posted here at SmugSmug.

P.S.: Preorder the Olympus E-5 at (Click here)

And here a new Photokina video interview with Toshi Terada of Olympus (via noisycamera)

  • four thirds photo

    It seems that they tested a pre-production model.
    Not fair. Let us be patient a few more weeks until production models become available.

    • Dummy00001

      Well, the camera was given to them by official Olympus rep. And many said that the Sept 27th was designated as an official release date.

      • Boris

        I personally do not know, but in the discussion of the review (in Russian) he (the author) said that the camera (the final version) would be presented in Japan on the Sept29.

  • Dang! You can’t check the odometer by opening the card door anymore! =)

  • nico rico

    Anyway, as gently said by our Japanese friend 40% of market share is mirrorless = Nikon, canon and Sony will jump on the deck and take 90% of these 40% within 2 years… Then we will see what will be left from Olympus imaging, they will probably drop m4/3 at that time claiming the market is somewhere else…
    Especially the statement on the E-5 is too funny… “The best image quality available…in Olympus” not very confident, only best of Olympus…

    • jpydrg

      Entirely agree. Looking at the recent Sony SLT (A33 and A55), it is further obvious that this was the solution to look for (EVF + compactness but traditional mount, their glass remains superb) instead of m43. Olympus is an optician and its ability to deal with electronics will always be limited. Ought to be out of the (non compact) camera market by three years.

    • BS Artiste

      Is that 40% of the entire digital camera market, which includes non-interchangable lens point-and-shoots as mirrorless designs?

      Alternatively, is that 40% of the interchangable lens digital camera market, which includes D-SLRs, optical rangefinders, and mirrorless EVF designs?

  • nug

    From the initial report it’s an EP1 in a magnesium body.

    • Zonkie

      Or, more exactly, an E-PL1.

  • Olyuser

    I tested the E-5 in Photokina with ISO 3200 and 6400 with 35-100mm and I must say I didnt see much improvement in ISO 3200 compared to my E-3. 6400 was unusable.

    • Zonkie

      You will only see much improvement if you shoot JPG. In RAW, noise should be about the same, a bit more noise on the E-5, but also more detail.

  • Michael

    For those who are looking for E-5 brochure, only Japan version is currently available:
    Nice pictures are out there. I just realized one thing that I gonna miss the E-System in amateur level, for example E-620 is really good cam (features/size). I saw good prices for Zuiko lenses in auctions, some people is starting to get rid of Olympus stuff. Toshi Terada is right, MFT are not yet in the same level of classic FT. And users of E-System are not happy because of this. Olympus have to lot of work here. I wish them luck :D.

    • Dummy00001

      My friends is checking eBay periodically for 150mm f/2.0 and no luck yet. So the most interesting group of Oly owners hasn’t started eBaying their collections yet.

      • Thomas

        I am checking eBay for Zuko SHGs as well. Recently there were some 14-35/2.0 going for around EUR 1.300,-. Good price (at least here in Europe), but not that pros are dummping their Oly equipment in panic. I think there was also a 150/2.0, but I didn’t follow the auction. If I can get some of the SHGs at a good price I’ll be happy for the next 5-10 years, taking great pictures and not caring about systems/marketing/megapixels/isos/video etc. ;-)

  • Jozeph

    this guy looks like a Dutch guy…. see

  • napalm

    RE: interview with Toshi

    notice that he is quick to distinguish micro-4/3 and Pen system. i have a feeling there is another m4/3 line under development, not just the Pens

    • CR102

      That was my impression too.

    • BS Artiste

      Customers having to closely parse the marketing statements of Oly to determine the company’s future direction is a concerning situation. I am somewhat tired of trying to read tea leaves about Oly’s intentions and long-term E-system support.

      Essentially, Oly’s ability to signal a future course of development is impaired at the moment. Only clear statements of direction backed up by release of actual products will fix the situation. Trying to hold on to customers with vague statements until products are finally ready eats at the credibility of the company.

      • napalm

        this is a rumor site after all. the problem is when people cannot distinguish fact vs rumor, which is happening quite a lot here and in other sites like DPR

      • napalm

        but i do get your point. however for a company as small as olympus, i guess they have to be conservative in divulging their plans as they dont have that much resources to burn in case things dont go as they planned

        • BS Artiste

          I agree that Oly needs to play their cards close to the vest to keep from giving away strategic advantages to other companies that could copy the Oly solutions. However, Oly also has a customer base that is somewhat in limbo right now because of the split between 4/3 and u4/3. One way for Oly to increase the confidence of customers is to communicate with customers clearly and back those communications up with products.

          I agree that this is a rumor site, and thus reading the tea leaves is part of the fun and attraction. I just wish Oly marketing would communicate more clearly with us instead of seemingly speaking in code.

  • Jozeph
    • Thomas

      Definitely. He also speaks some dutch in the video.

  • I cant understand what the hell the Russian guy is talkin about…

  • The Okram

    Do not despair, Olympus lovers!
    Olympus did not let you down!

    If you browse through the new E-5 brochure (page 13 from, you will find two new exciting and innovative products:
    – the brand new CBG-5 shoulder-bag
    – the brand new CSS-P113 camera strap

    Another strong signal that Olympus 4/3 system is not dead!


  • I gotta say, that one-piece magnesium body is bad ass!
    And that water demonstration is sure enticing.

    I understand where Olympus is coming from, they are a small company and have restricted resources. It makes sense to shift all of their amateur/enthusiast line to m43 from 43. With 40% of the market share, they need to pursue that.

    It also makes sense to continue developing a pro-level body to support the HG/SHG lenses. The pro-line of lenses is too good to abandon.

    However, one of the reasons I invested in Olympus, was I liked their progressive mentality, especially towards live-view and video. And as of right now, their video leaves something to be desired. High bit-rate and progressive frame rate options are needed.

    The jury is still out on the video, as we haven’t seen anything that represents the camera’s abilities, but on paper, the stats don’t exactly make me jump for joy.

    • Jonathan

      ok, how far can olympus play the weather resistant/ splash proof card? how relevant is it for all but a few nature / extreme sport photographers?

    • On that E-5 brochure the SHG 90-250mm is gone…

  • Scott

    Its real important if you are a wedding photographer. I have been caught in the rain several times and I never stop shooting with the E3

    • Jonathan

      i would think the guests would move indoors in such a case :)

    • Patric

      No it’s not. It’s in the upper right corner on page 14, just below the 300/2.8

  • Vitasamb2001

    Also it is important for travel photography (remote locations)…, but… WE NEED MORE AND UP TO DATE!!!

  • Also interesting how he was honest about the fact the m43 is not yet up to DSLR standards for AF (etc.) I wonder what will happen when it eventually is, though? Will that be the end of 4/3 DSLRs (or perhaps a new one every 5 years or so..?)

    I’ve long been a user of Olympus (from the C5060 compacts) and while they are rarely seen beating all of the competition, they consistently seem to put out quality equipment with their own unique features. I think we should accept that they just can’t compete with Canikon in resources and updates and enjoy the things they do offer. The current PEN line is a fantastic system, after all.

  • BS Artiste

    I go back to the C-5050Z myself. Oly has had some great prosumer cameras, and seems to be tryingto hit that same marketplace with the Pens. I like those cameras for what they do, but I really like the performance improvement in processing speed and autofocus times when I moved up to the E-30 as my first SLR. It is a great camera and system, but I just hope there is a future with flagship camera releases having somewhat close to state of the art features. That is why I was disappointed in the video of the E-5. I still would consider Oly for a u4/3 camera, but I am more hesitant right now about the long-term future of Oly’s D-SLR line.

  • Weather-proofing is important to us photojournalists. :)
    So is the one-piece magnesium frame.

  • Jozeph

    The combination with the waterproof Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm 1:2.8-4.0 SWD Lens seems to bee stunning. I am convinced!

  • calxn

    Guess Olympus didn’t get Panasonic’s memo. The memo reads,

    To Whom it May Concerned at Olympus,

    You only have one sensor supplier… us! You get whatever megapixels we give you. We will decide on a whim. All your cameras are belong to us! Biatch.

    Yours truly,

    P.S. We rule you!

    • Thomas

      That seems like a nasty dependency. (Micro) Four Thirds partnerships fine and good, but the fact is that these 2 companies are competing. It’s a pity that there’s currently no independent sensor manufacturer that really can (or choses to) compete with Canon/Sony/Panasonic. Besides of Oly, Nikon would be glad as well…

    • napalm

      i wish Oly would go back to Kodak sensors. might help them better as they are not direct competitors. plus the Kodak sensor produced better colors then the Pany Live MOS

    • Michael

      Looks like Panasonic holds their multiaspect sensors to their own flagship models only. Olympus claims that LiveMOS sensors hit the maximum quality on 12MPix (fine value) but how is that other sensors are higher resolution and still better in dynamic range (yes, they are bigger but not significant)? What a mystery, since Panasonic hugely invest in LiveMOS development because of popularity of Micro Four Thirds.

      I don’t care about megapixels, but 4/3 sensors are not quite up to APS-C ones in dynamic range and high ISOs… In the other hand photography is not all about technical quality. I think E-System could afford high quality images and it more depends on photographer. But Olympus have to take a look for other sensor developer (Fujifilm is maybe off the list, but Kodak could be available).

      And for Olympus mFT – where is that Olympus lenses development? No one famous Micro Zuiko Digital yet. Even Panasonic has got better lenses for this system. Zuiko turns out to ordinary, what a shame.

      • napalm

        9-18mm won an award right?

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