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First Nanoha 5x macro lens video


Our friend Seb Farges shot this video with the new Nanoha 5x macro lens: “I’ve just receveid the Nanoha Macro 5X lens, micro 4/3 mount! It’s an amazing lens that is opening to me the very macro world. It has a lighting LED unit, you can plug it with USB cable, on your computer for example. You also have a target holder to maintain the object in front of the lens to avoid motion blur. I did not use it on this movie, except on the euro bill shot and the alone hair. Not so easy to film nano objects, the D.O.P is very short. The focusing point is 11mm from the lens top. You can adjust the point about 8mm with focusing ring. The magnification will be changed between x5 to x4 with focusing. This is a first quick test, hope you will enjoy it.

More info about the lens here:​nanoha/​index-e.html. P.S.: Yasuhara is known for making M-mount lenses and cameras.

One more thing: Someone sent me the link to a mysterious Lo-fi 25mm f/1.4 M43 lens (Photojojo). To me it looks like this is a copy of the SLRmagic 26mm f/1.4 toy lens (Click here to see that lens).

  • ok, just WOW

  • What an excellent video. It’s not only the lens that does it: it’s mainly Seb’s artistic view on the world and his lovely cooperating daughter!

    • admin


  • Bu

    Nice lens, nice review, if only I had a need for such a specialist option!

  • hank l

    “To me it looks like this is a copy of the SLRmagic 26mm f/1.4”

    i need to stop reading these stupid blogs already. i think i’m going insane

    • A personal opinion “To me…”, if you don’t believe it, argue or maybe ignore it, other than that blogs have authors, people with opinions sharing it on the web! And it wouldn’t be the first or the last case of photojojo copying a existing idea or selling there something that they don’t make and already existed before.

  • matt

    nice video ass allways seb! can i ask you, there was a shot where is your doughter holding something.. what was the distance between the lens and her hand? i read somewhere that this nanoha lens can focus only in 11-19mm from the lens.. is that true? anything nearer or further and i wont focus with it?

    • Frederic Hew

      Be sensible, you need a steady tripod to shoot video at 5X magnification. :)

      The girl holds a sugar cube, CUT. Extreme close up of sugar cube taken with with the required lighting (just the LED lights on the lens?) and support, CUT.

  • Simon

    It’s nice to see ultra-short-dof come to m43.

    The LED seem to be mostly useless, though. Three of them are not enough, and having to plug in a usb cable does limit it to studio work where one has other lighting options anyway.

    Seems to be very useful for video – but not for me, as I’m not crazy about the popular razor thin dof look.

  • Very curious!

  • Mr. Reeee

    What a cool lens! I’d love one, but how to justify it? ;-)
    Seb does great job with his videos.

  • Brod1er

    Try that on a full frame!! Great for video. But what’s the resolution like for stills?

    Shame they couldn’t power the LEDs by battery.

  • I recommend all 43rumors-members to visit Seb’s vimeo page and check out his other beautiful films. I can’t imagine in the world that I would be getting the same results with his optical gear. It’s art, you know…

  • Frederic Hew

    First let me say thank you Seb, your talent is obvious and your videos are always a pleasure to watch.

    Having said that, and this might be an unpopular view, I feel somewhat uncomfortable with seeing so many videos of your girl (the same applies to seeing so many pictures of Steve Huff’s kid – especially when readers comment on handsome he’s becoming etc).

    The love and trust your girl has for you, the way she is opening up for you in front of the camera, is something you should be sharing with intimate friends and family – but * maybe * not with uncountable strangers. She has no control and no understanding of the consequences (neither do you).

    Normally when you see such footage exposed on such a mass scale it is done by the children themselves, having grown up and sharing Super 8 (or what not) footage of their childhood as part of their own story.

    With your talent and the exposure you’ve acquired so far, may I suggest it might be time get new actors for your publicly released footage, consenting adults.

    • johann

      good point. That’s something I’ve thought about too… you might want to send him a PM on Vimeo or post that on Vimeo because I’m not sure he’ll see it here.

      • Frederic Hew

        I don’t have a Vimeo account, you need one to post a comment.

    • I understand your P.O.V frederic, but i’m not agree with you. first of all I’m speaking here as an author. All my work since years has been done surrounding my life and my loving stories, and also my daughter. I don’t care about comment’s readers or watchers, I don’t think I have to justify my work, even if this is personal work. Effectively these short movies we are talking about seems to be only “tests”, but maybe it’s going further. I don’t know how and don’t want to do and make movies in another way, with actors and so on. I’m actually in a workshop in Lisbon, “Archidoc”, I’ve been selected for it by the famous FEMIS cinema french school, and my project is a first person hybrid film documentary based on my personals archives, some of those you already know on my vimeo’s. There will be personals archives, past loves and my daughter. This is my personality and my author way of being.
      Thank you for your attention
      Seb Farges

      • I consider Seb a sincere artist.

      • Brod1er

        Seb, thanks for sharing the great film. Have you tried the lens for stills? I am interested to know whether there is sufficient sharpness for stills work.

      • Frederic Hew

        This has nothing to do my point of view, Seb, nor with public acclaim for your (very good) work.

        You’re totally missing the point, which has nothing to do with you or me. I find your answer very unfortunate, it actually makes me a bit sad.

        Kind regards,

        F. Hew.

      • dudeness

        You exploit your daughter, evidence is in the footage. She ask you to stop filming many times. That’s a child man, not your private acting pawn.

        Instead using her like a prop to fill in your shooting compulsion, listen to her, enjoy your time with her and take care of her.

        You’re a father, time to act like one.

        • Frederic Hew

          You are very blunt, but I agree. She may not ask to stop filming, but if she was bit older she might have.

          Seb is too busy being an Author (capital A), it may have gone to his head. His daughter is too innocent to tell the difference between the A word and a father. He may be as well, or maybe he’s too full of himself.

          f*** Hew

          Oh yeah, now I have something meaningful to say about narrow depth of field, or is it a narrow, selfish mind.

        • Frederic Hew

          Thank you dudeness for making sense, most people don’t.

          • Elvis

            Your comment is straight to the point, but I quite share the same opinion. When it comes to Seb Farge videos I see more personal exposition of his gf/wife or whatever and his daughter than the actual “test” it is suppose to show us.

            I will not deny Seb’s talent/comprehension about DOF and editing but his approach is just getting a bit tiresome.


  • snowflake

    Great video.

    Seb’s work illustrates how video helps overcome the extreemly narrow depth of field. Over time we can focous our attention to various depths and in our mind we can integrate the image together to make a whole.

    I am on the waiting list for this lens and I look forward to being notified as to when I can purchase the lens.

  • rUY

    This is something worth to report. Nice optic design, great details. good concept of micro world.

  • deniz

    i wonder if this could be used for film scanning purposes? the magnification is too high im guessing

  • + I’m agree, very nice optics design, there are not so many lenses of this type (Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro ?).
    + Good idea to use USB power cable – there are lots of mobile powerpacks with USB 5V output and unified connectors
    – LEDs are.. “just to have something like this”. I did some research and calculations about LED macro lighting. LEDs are placed well – as close as possible to focus point. But it’s just regular 5mm dome “white” LEDs with blue-yellow pseudo-white spectrum and CRI less than 75. Maybe it’s a kind of perfectionism.. but I’d like to have such a lens absolutely without any built-in lighting or with good lighting even with proportionally higher price tag. There are LEDs with CRI higher than 90. Why not to use it?

    Importance of light source CRI for photography could be underestimated, because people think: “I could tweak color in Lightroom after shooting RAW”. But there is a problem: red channel could be twice (or more) darker than green and blue, and pushing it up to match brightness will push red noise up, even if you have great profile for CRI<75 LED lighting.

  • Bought the lens, tested it, then created this short. Awesome lens.

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