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First leak of the Fuji X interchangeable mirrorless camera (no m43 mount)


The new Fuji X interchageable mirrorless X system has been leaked at Xitek. As you can see from the pictures it is the final prof that it will not have a m43 mount. Too bad, it really looks nice! it has almost the same Fuji X100 design. This is probably a camera Olympus and Panasonic should have made long time ago. It also has the Optical/Electronic viewfinder switch!
A curiosity: Can you guess the possible size of the sensor? Click on pictures to enlarge the images!

UPDATE: There should be a 18mm/2.0 pancake, 35mm/1.4 and a 60mm lens. In APS-C terms this means that Fuji will offer a 27mm f/2.0, 52mm f/1.4 and 90mm lens.


And here is a poll. I already know your answer but I know Olympus and Panasonic are reading us and do need a bit of pressure to get the message:

Should Panasonic/Olympus do a camera like the FUji X you see here?

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P.S.: Fuji X100 links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • W

    Of course they are not using the m4/3 mount, they are not stupid.

    • We went through this with film. The companies learned nothing. By the time mirrorless has run its course, we will have at least eight lens mounts, possibly nine. Nine mounts will not survive as there is not now and likely won’t be in the future enough unit volume to justify that many. The later you are in introducing a mount, the more you’re running against existing lens sales. It’s the same old “oh, we can do better than those companies” thinking that drives all the high tech companies that are followers, not leaders. It’s why they end up remaining followers. Even Fujifilm knows that, because they’re targeting their mirrorless camera to a high-end subset of the market. They’ll never hit volume with it. As successful as the X100 has been in marketing messages and Internet chat, it hasn’t hit a half million units. You’re competing against guys that think a million units is a bare minimum target.

      While the niche strategy is one that will likely work for Fujifilm in one sense, it won’t make them a major player in cameras again.

      • WT21

        So, what was Fuji’s play then? Jump in with m43? Beg Panasonic for a new sensor like Oly has to? How about a Sony eMount, with it’s attending issues and riding the coattails of an electronics giant.

        How about Nikon mount like Fuji’s DSLRs. How’d that work out. Really turned Fuji into a world beater in cameras.

        I think this is a reasonable move, and a good shot. No ones cracked the CSC nut yet. Oly is busy imploding at the corporate level. Panny is focusing on lenses with rocker switches. NEX has production issues, and refuses to make lenses people actually want. Sometimes you just have to be the one that executes, when everyone else around you stumbles.

        Time will tell.

        • Bill

          Good analysis. Fuji doesn’t have be first, just best. I read a great story about Steve Jobs and Apple. They didn’t invent computers rather they somewhat ripped off another company’s ideas just like Gates did. The difference was that Apple made the product better.

        • infinity jr.

          Who needs volume? Pros and well-heeled enthusiasts will gladly pay top dollar for NEX7 and now Fuji X. Even if Fuji has 1/3 Panny’s volume, they can make 3x Panny’s profit per unit, and laugh all the way to the bank.
          m4/3 better get in on this market before it’s too late.
          For me, Fuji X is no better than GX1. No swivel screen, no sale.

        • Chez Wimpy

          >Beg Panasonic for a new sensor like Oly has to?

          Fuji has come to begging others for sensors now? The whole point of encouraging them to join m43 in the first place was their (superior) imager tech.

      • Olympius

        I can understand why Fuji would want to “go it alone” –if their strategy is to be the first, real Japanese poor man’s Leica — then they would want a mount and specification that would give them the ability to use an optical finder if they wanted to, as well as putting the f-stops back where they belong: the barrel of the lens. I don’t think it’s possible to do either of these with the micro 4/3 specification.

        Back in the days of 35mm film there seemed to be more mounts than there were camera companies, so history seems to be repeating itself in that regard.

        The question is, will Fuji be successful following a strategy of using a retro rangefinder body with an APS sensor and interchangeable lenses? One only has to look to the success of the not-quite-ready-for-prime-time Sony NEX system to determine the answer.

        One thing for sure, you don’t need a lot of lenses (or even good lenses) for people to fall over themselves to buy your cameras, as long as it resonates with their ideals of what a perfect camera is.

        – Olympius

        • AtlDave

          I think Fuji is aiming at the “Japanese upper middle class man’s Leica”.

          They are selling all the X100s they can make at $1200, there is no way the interchangeable lens version is going to be cheaper.

          A unique mount should not be a big handicap for this sort of camera. It looks like it still has the hybrid viewfinder so it is much better suited for use with a few high quality prime lenses with moderate focal lengths instead of a wide array of zooms and extreme wide or telephoto lens choices. This camera is going to meet a lot of photographer’s desires for a camera with good manual controls and (hopefully) excellent image quality. It will be too big, too expensive and not versatile enough for me but Fuji will should sell enough to get their R&D back without me.

          It is nice to see a camera company take the road less traveled for a change.

          • RW


        • PJF

          “I don’t think it’s possible to do either of these with the micro 4/3 specification.”

          The 4/3 Leica 25mm f1.4 D lens has an aperture ring that works with m4/3 via Panasonic’s adaptor, so there’s nothing technical stopping this basic and sensible control input being available on m4/3 lenses. That the Leica D lens still commands a much higher price (plus the cost of the adaptor) than the new DG version shows that there is a demand for this “feature”.

          The m4/3 mount can transfer focal length data, so a motorised optical finder could be implemented with matched lenses. Personally, I think resources would be better spent on improving electronic viewfinder technology.

          The Fuji X100 basic control system is almost brilliant (sadly they bury the ISO input) and I’d buy a camera that had something similar along with decent video output (a Fuji weak point).

          Sadly and ironically, I fear Olympasonic are too conservative to try anything so old fashioned.

          • Chez Wimpy

            >That the Leica D lens still commands a much higher price (plus the cost of the adaptor) than the new DG version shows that there is a demand for this “feature”.

            Surely you just. ‘Commands’ or ‘demands’? The m43 version was released at a lower price, and the original is still originally expensive… I seriously doubt sales have continued to m43 users now that the alternative is out.

      • Low Budget Dave

        Thom, I have often wondered why everyone re-invents the lens mount. Is it some kind of copyright thing? Could Fuji just use a Nikon mount if they wanted?

      • Low Budget Dave

        Thom, I have often wondered why everyone re-invents the lens mount. Is it some kind of copyright issue? Could Fuji just use a Nikon mount if they wanted?

      • Low Budget Dave

        Thom, I have often wondered why everyone re-invents the lens mount. Is it some kind of copyright issue?

      • camerageek

        Every time I read something by you Thom I feel every one must be losing IQ at an exponential rate. m4/3rd is not the future. I think Fuji will do fine. Every one decried the demise of Sony with it’s NEX, and oddly it sells more than m4/3rds. Fuji is not aiming at the common peasantry market, it’s aiming at pros and high level enthusiast, the same market as Leica with the M.

        • jbois

          Peasantry market? I must be a lowly peasant, looking for the best value. Oh, if I could only be of the landed gentry class….

        • Kyle

          Nex does not outsell m4/3. The last numbers I saw had Nex, Oly and Panasonic at roughly equal share, which means m4/3 had double the sales of Nex.

      • Steve

        I think Fuji made the right move by being a niche player. In the past the volume purchasers of entry DSLRs were made up Moms and Dads taking photo of their babies and kids sports. If someone were to make a fixed lens camera based on the fast AF from the Nikon 1 then few of these purchasers would need a interchangeable lens system (this is where I think Nikon missed their market). And without these purchases volume will drop, especially at the low end. I believe all players will need to find their niches as I don’t think there will be the same volume is a few years.

      • mooboy

        8 or 9 mounts? I thought this sounded high so decided to count them:

        1. m43
        2. Pentax Q
        3. Samsung NX
        4. Sony E
        5. Nikon 1
        6. Fuji LX
        7. 43 (can say already unsupported?)
        8. Ricoh GXR (counted?)
        + will likely have a new Leica mount.

        Then, question remains on Canon, but would guess almost certain they would introduce their own mount as I can’t see them using any existing one.

        And then isn’t there talk of Pentax bringing out a larger sensor mirrorless camera?

        At any rate, if Fuji want to go with a larger sensor than 43s, what choices do they have except coming out with own mount? I don’t think Samsung NX mount is open? And have Sony made E-Mount available to camera makers, or just lens makers?

        There’s Leica M of course, but a camera with no auto focus would be way too niche even for Fuji I think.

        But the doubt about viability of the future of any of these systems makes me not want to spend too much on glass. I can happily spend a lot of $$ on an established system like Nikon F mount, but who wants to spend $1000 on a Zeiss 24mm E Mount lens when there is already talk of a new FF Nex mount?

        Now, let’s say Fuji, Cannon, Pentax & Leica got together and came up with a new mirrorless lens mount standard which could support up to FF lenses. Suddenly dropping 2k+ on a single high quality lens seems a better investment.

      • Kyle

        I knew it was a long shot, but I was holding onto the dream that Fuji would release a m4/3 body with EXR.

        Obviously, none of these current lens mounts are really “open”… license fees, license fees and more license fees.

        Huh, maybe Ricoh’s GXR module system is starting to make more sense (until the Pentax side releases their new proprietary mount CSC).

        • The Leica mount could be a rebranded Fuji LX mount. Even the “L” in LX fits quite well. Fuji did this with Hasselblad once, and as Leica is not able to fulfill demand for there more upscale cameras, doing the DLux/Lumix rebranding exercise could make some sense.

      • joejo

        Oh great, if even an “analyst” don’t understand why manufacturer make proprietary new mount for new camera system …

    • Anonymous

      Actually I think they would sell more of these if they had used the 4/3 mount. 4/3 has some fine lenses already in the marketplace and they could have grabbed existing Panasonic and Olympus customers as well as new customers.

      • camerageek

        Micro four turd doesn’t have the IQ they want and micro four turd lenses are no where near the quality that Fuji wishes to equate itself with

        • John

          Yeah, you know it…That Leica branded 25mm 1.4 is terrible… hahahahahaha…..

          • camerageek

            Compared to an actual Leica 50 Summilux that is built by them not Panny? Yes it is a turd, a well polished Turd but a turd none the less

            • John

              camerageek seems to have learned a new word today…maybe while he was in the bathroom “washing” himself?

    • John

      Actually, they are kind of stupid, or at least they are not thinking about profits. If they had adopted the micro 4/3 mount, they could have increased sales to that market as well as gathering new customers. Those who have adopted and purchased micro 4/3 mount lenses would have snapped this model up, but now, they will probably wait for Olympus and Panasonic to come out with their own similar model.

      The micro 4/3 lens market has become more mature and there are quite a few excellent lenses produced today. It is a shame that companies continue to splinter the market by clinging to their own mounting system.

      • camerageek

        Fuji isn’t looking to sell camera to the unwashed common idiots who want micro four turd. Their history pretty much shows that. When film was king what kind of point and shoot did they sell? Hmmm 6×9, 6×7, and an autofocus 645 medium format point and shoot!

        Not really the sort of camera sold to disgusting peasants, but the sort sold to we godlike elite. Why would they change now?

        • Thomas

          Child … please log off of your mother’s computer. She’ll be home soon.

          • camerageek

            Ahh poor peasant tries to engage me lol! Excuse me while I go to the toilet and create a new Panasonic GX1

            • John

              I think camerageek just got back from a medieval times fantasy camp, and is now sunning himself in the light of his game console. Don’t fear Sparky, you’ll have your elite camera soon enough and you can take pictures of your Star Wars Action Figure Collection.

        • Dumdum

          For someone who thinks himself a camera geek, you sure are mightily uninformed, much like the common louts you try to dissociate yourself from.

    • Admin
      there seems to be a lot of fly by trolls (maybe getting paid trolls) around 43rumors the last few weeks :-(

      • admin

        Trolls are everywhere. Don’t care about them. The only other solution would be to close the comment system for non members.

        • yeah they seem to be appear for just one post or day and then disappear (usually on posts that can be turned around into anti four thirds)

        • Nick Clark

          A lot of your readers care though… It’d be sad if 43rumors ended up with the same atmosphere as the DPR forums :/

  • Narretz

    Panasonic look! This is what we wanted from the GX1.

    • Panasonic


  • Wow…well I would guess the sensor would be the same or similar to the X100.
    Should I sell all of my MFT equipment on eBay, today? :-)
    This looks pretty exciting…it will be interesting to see what glass is offered. Hope that Fuji skips the pedestrian lenses and gets right to what matters, straight away.

    • It depends on the

      1) lenses
      2) processor
      3) sensor

      Roughly in that order.

      1) I don’t know if a lightning struck a random Panasonic engineer / manager or what enabled them to produce the 20 mm lens (and even sell ONE camera in the whole history of the whole m43 system with it as kit lens for a reasonable price), but that’s the biggest advantage of m43. No other company so far has been able to do this blindingly obvious thing.

      It really would not be hard to produce a few good lenses (instead of 5 iterations of disproportionately sized and performance lacking kit zooms). Maybe Fuji has the balls to do the obvious here too.

      2) Video is a modern thing (though not all people shoot it) and requires a good processor. Does Fuji have any experience with this? I doubt it.

      3) Fuji can do good sensors, we know that. Are they good for video?

      • camerageek

        To answer your obviously uninformed questions

        1) Yes Fuji knows much better than Panny how to build super elite lenses. Just look at a Hasselblad H System camera, completely built by Fuji BTW. Or their older film cameras like the GX680, GSW690, GA645Zi, The Hasselblad XPan/Fuji TX-1, etc….

        2) A company that can build the processor for the the H series as well as being a sub contractor on the technologies used in Panavision’s Digital motion picture cameras can handle this

        3) So the Organic CMOS technolgie they patented recently doesn’t count?!?!?!?!?

        BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! God you little people make me laugh with your thinking!

        • Camerageek …R U always an arrogant A-Hole (technical term)…or just today?

          • camerageek

            I am always a member of the elite god like people if that is what you are referring to peasant

        • Hhom Togan

          Keep in mind that Fuji isn’t new to the game of making lenses, all the Hasselblad H series glass from the H2 to the recent H4 have been made by Fuji and also the V series too today and they are heavily used by pro´s around the world.

          I wouldn’t disregard the power to attract people this camera will have, unlike my evil twin brother Thom, However there is the thing of lens mounts that I agree with my evil twin Thom, lens mounts if we see the rangefinder market:

          Leica M
          Zeiss Ikon
          Bessa R

          They use the same Leica M mount (although they also produce their own lenses). But there is the other side of the coin dear twin evil brother Thom, look at medium format cameras: Mamiya (645, 6×7), Hasselblad H (645) and V (6×6), Fuji GX680 (6×8), Kiev, Rolleiflex, Synar, etc. they all use different lens mounts… Look at the digital SLR market: Canon (EF and EF-s), Olympus (normal 4/3 mount), Pentax, Nikon, Sony, etc.

          Keep in mind that the Fuji has the potential to be THE Leica M of the mirrorless cameras leaving the Zeiss Ikon and Bessa R badges to Olympus, Panasonic and Sony to fight for them.

        • mooboy

          Your answers are as useless as most of your comments.

          1. He wasn’t doubting their ability to make good lenses, just what they will choose to produce in terms of variety (i.e. intended roadmap). However, I must say the sounds of the 3-4 lenses rumoured is a good sign.

          2. Totally useless point. The Fuji X100 had poor video as an almost afterthought. They might be able to handle it, but from the X100, it seems they are not focusing on this (which may not be an issue for some anyway but clearly is for gravityloss).

          3. No, it doesn’t count. I’m not too familiar with this new ‘technologie’ – but do you have any information if it is good for video which is what gravityloss was talking about? If you don’t, then thanks for your totally uninformed and useless comment. If you do have, then an explanation of why this is relevant would be helpful.

          And the way you crack yourself up with your rather sad little comments just makes me want to cringe in sympathy for you. Often people here suggest trolls go out and take photos. But, I think you need to go spend some time improving your social graces. Maybe try to make a friend? You just sound like an uneducated ass.

          • Thanks mooboy and others, yes that was exactly what I was getting at too, too bad that camerageek misunderstood.

            In other words, many companies possess sufficient technology and design skills to make stuff that rocks but somehow in the end their products don’t really rock. Except for a few accidents.

            Will Fuji turn out to be an exception?

        • Dumdum

          A camera geek you’re not. Troll harder. :)

  • Cal

    This is the camera I’ve been waiting for and will absolutely buy if the image IQ, noise, etc. is anything like the X100 with better AF and menu layout… What the heck I’ll buy it anyway!!!

  • Anonymous

    goodbuy olympus , hello fugi

    • evox


  • Raúl

    Could someone explain what is the VIEW MODE button for?

    • jorldenorl

      Hi, I have the x100 and the viewmode is used to troggle from, frist, the finder only operation to, second, the finder + display operation (the latter shows only parameters and not live view and switches off if you approach the VF with your eye)to, three, live view only by means of the display.

      The camera is highly customizable and a pleasure to use. Operation quirks are condiderably exagerated in forums although it is not a “snappy” camera like the GF1 to quote an example. It is reponsive enough for street photography, though.

  • RW

    My, my…doesn’t that look sweet?

    If it has an M mount, I think that I will have one of those…

    • Godot

      Row of electronic contacts == not M Mount.

      But it’s pretty safe to assume it will be possible to adapt your M lenses.

  • Michael Devitt

    It looks like hybrid viewfinder is still there ;).

    • RW

      Well, it has a internal viewfinder of some kind at least, which is a step in the right direction…

  • Marc

    Ok, this looks awesome

  • groubas

    For all we know it takes half a day to write a raw file and it comes to market with a slow standard zoom lens. We have been waiting for years for the m4/3 line up of lenses to start to fill out and now Fuji is gonna save us with one leak? I don’t think so.

    • Mr. Reeee

      No kidding. M4/3 has TWO major partners and several smaller supporting companies. So, in 3 years we may see 1/3 of the lenses M4/3 have today? Although, if we get rid of all the duplicate kit lenses, other zooms and fisheye lenses, the number isn’t as high.

      • WT21

        I love my Pens + primes, but you have got something there on the duplicate lenses. Oly has released 3 kits lenses, Panny has 3. Panny has 3 long zooms, Oly has 2. Both have all-in-one zooms. That’s 12 lenses where only 3 were needed. How long between Canon’s updates on their 18-55 kit zoom?

        I think the LX is targeted at a niche, though, like the X100, and they won’t try to replicate the lens needs of the everyday consumer.

      • Anonymous

        HEY…don’t be knockin my fisheye! LOL!

      • Anonymous

        Hey..don’t mess with my fisheye! LOL!

      • But how many lenses are really needed? The reason I’ve never had an issue using Pentax DSLR’s is because I never needed the 70+ lenses Canikon offered. I think after a system gets over 10 lenses or so that will easily cover the vast majority of users; and it’s really doesn’t take that long to create a 10 lens system (Sony is almost there in less than 2 years).

        For this market (high end street/travel shooters) if Fuji is wise they should make (in 35mm terms) an 18mm/4, 24mm/2.8, 35mm/2, 50mm/1.4, 85mm/2, and a standard zoom of some sort. That would be enough for a lot of users right off the bat. Telephotos could simply be adapted until native glass is available.

      • camerageek

        Micro Four Turds has two wanna be companies, one about to go under due to scandal. Fuji isn’t marketing the camera for common filthy peasant who feel that a technical crutch like a zoom is the only way to shoot. They are marketing this to the Elites who know primes are better and you zoom with your feet.

        • lol.

          People can’t fly in the real world. Back to your MMO, troll!

        • Nick Clark

          And 43rumors has one dickhead.

        • Nowhere near Elite

          I think elite photographers understand that you change perspective with your feet and you zoom by changing lenses :-)

    • mahler

      Waiting for years? m4/3 is just about three years old, based on its announcement, availability isn’t even that long. It looks like that many statements here get out of proportion.

    • Zaph

      I doubt very much whether that will happen with Fuji.

  • This looks like the camera I have been waiting for. It will be interesting to see what kind of lens they offer

    • Marcel

      When Panasonic released their first lens roadmap I could not believe my eyes. A really good standard zoom, a fast normal every day lens and a stunning portrait/macro lens. In my view, the only lens missing was a fast wide angle lens. That roadmap, exquisite Leica lenses and the opportunity to buy a L1 at a very reasonable price got me into 4/3.

      A few months later, Panasonic ditched 4/3 in favor of m4/3. Perhaps I did not read the signs correct, but Panasonic’s move away from 4/3 surprised me. I never would have bought into 4/3 if it was Olympus’s own closed proprietary system. At that time I was already familiar with Olympus’s view on loyalty towards its customers.

      4/3 is dead. A shame. The Leica 25mm 1.4 deserves to be used with modern electronics. For the second time in history Olympus killed its own SLR system.

      Now, Fuji comes with a new and highly anticipated camera system. Without a doubt, the specs will on par with other systems. I will look forward to Fuji’s announcement. But the most interesting piece of information won’t be mentioned: what is their commitment to this new system?

      • I’m kind of amazed that you blame Oly for killing their DSLR system although they still are producing the E-5 and nearly all the FT lenses – while you aren’t that critical regarding Panny’s decision to let their FT users out in the dry. Had Panny continued producing FT lenses and cameras, the system would arguably still be going strong, today. So who is to blame?

      • digifan

        Sorry, but you are misinformed.
        Olympus still manufactures the E-5.
        Fuji is the one that killed it’s (D)SLR TWICE.
        Remember the fujinon k-bajonet’s with analog SLR, and now the nikon mounted S-series is nowhere to be found.
        Me thinks, you need a little perspective.

        • Oilymouse

          Indeed. Marcel’s objectiveness is clouded by his personal circumstances, that’s all. Nobody needs a “loyal” manufacturer going bankrupt while the rest of the world moves on. Olympus knows that, as do Fuji and the rest.

          But the E-5 should have been less expensive ;-)

          • Marcel

            It is very well possible that my views are clouded by my personal circumstances. But please keep in mind that the 4/3 system nowadays consists of only one camera. An expensive camera. Expensive in relative and absolute numbers. E-5’s direct competitors can be bought for significantly less money. And all these competitors offer affordable camera’s for beginners. And how many new 4/3 users are willing to spend $1600 (body only, on a body? Not many. I am not a fortune teller, but a DSLR system consisting of only one pricey camera and unable to attract new user is going to fade away at best. Yes, I am perfectly aware that the E-5 is around, but will there be a modern 4/3 camera in 2013? I doubt it. Will Olympus introduce an affordable 4/3 camera for new users or beginners? Probably not.
            I can only speak for myself, but I can not afford to buy new lenses every three years. I see my lenses as a long term investment. And therefore I would like to see commitment, or at least backwards compatibility. And at present, Olympus has neither.

  • Marc

    My photo finisher mentioned it to me Friday. He is a Fuji distributor, the Fuji rep told him, the model is the Fuji LX, APS-C sensor, 3 lenses to start with – an 18mm f/2, a 35mm f/1.4 and a 60mm something and the body will be priced @ 1,400. It will be called the Fuji LX. He said that it wouldn’t be available until Spring 2012. It’s going to be demonstrated at CES 2012 in January though.

    • Olympius

      Marc — perfect choice of focal lengths for the first three lenses. The old Minolta M-mount CLE rangefinder had three Minolta lenses you could get for it: a 28mm, 40mm and 90mm. Seems as if Fuji is copying that strategy somewhat. The information from your Fuji guy sounds very credible.

      And it’s possible that this little camera could have a hybrid viewfinder, with optical being an option from say 24mm to 135mm equiv — with other focal lengths being EVF only. If they can pull that off, Fuji will be king of the world.

      I know this is certainly a camera that I would be VERY interested in.

      Well, Panasonic and Olympus lost out in the DSLR world sticking to a 4/3 sensor, looks like the same thing will happen to them in the mirrorless realm as well, now that Fuji and Sony will be going with APS (or larger.)

      I’m not going to be selling all my Olympus and Panny gear to get a Fuji LX though, as the Lumix micro 4/3 cameras are still cat’s meow when it comes to video, especially with these new “X” zooms.

      – Olympius

      • Brod1er

        Olympius, Not sure a 24-135mm optical hybrid finder will work. Far too great a range to be practical. There is a reason why Leica use 28-90mm.

        • Olympius

          Canon uses a 28-135 equiv in the G12, and Fuji uses a 28-110 in the X-10. What were you saying about about the range being too great? :-)

          Remember, the optical finder is not needed for focusing, just viewing, so one could easily get away with extending it’s angle of view beyond the typical 28-90 of the Leica.

          – Olympius

          • Brod1er

            Hi olympius
            The canon system is a crude zoomable system whereas Leica use a fixed rangefinder with gridlines for different FLs. The latter can work as a hybrid, but I think it would be far too complex to engineer with a zoomable optical finder (they are very distorted and low quality). A zoomable finder is possible but not as a hybrid IMO.

    • George

      that is great news.
      fast lenses with aps-c sensor.
      I am so glad that they didnt use, joke-a-like DR performer m4/3 sensor i am not even mentoning ISO

    • Right. Fujifilm basically took a prototype X100, which had a lens mount while they were working out lens, and altered it a bit for different primes. It will have strong niche appeal, probably, as it basically produces a mini-modern-Leica. But it’s an opportunistic design based on the X100’s success (which makes you wonder why it isn’t the X200 or some other name that ties to that–what is their marketing thinking?).

      Fujifilm can’t seem to get out of the niche box. Nice to still have them as an option, but a niche camera division within Fujifilm doesn’t move the corporate bar any. Nice that they’ve got enough support to do this, but you have to wonder at what point cameras are just a useless appendage on a far bigger animal.

      • Olympius

        ….”you have to wonder at what point cameras are just a useless appendage on a far bigger animal….”

        If there’s any company that statement would accurately portray, Olympus would be that animal….with Panasonic and Sony being up there as well.

        – Olympius

        • Al

          Why would Fuji cannibalize X100 sales with an interchangeable lens camera of similar specs?

      • Low Budget Dave

        So why ddi they re-invent the lens mount? This seems like a beginner’s mistake.

        • calxn

          Because lenses is where the profits are! It’s basic business sense.

          • This certainly must be the reason why they never designed a single lens for their DSLRs?

            • digifan


        • GeorgeH

          Because adapters are a dime a dozen

        • Oilymouse

          Because it’s not the mount, it’s the digital interfacing between two computer systems, the lens and the body. In the X niche market there simply isn’t room for a big lens lineup, and Fuji will happily deliver the full range by itself, not worrying about compatibility with Oly/Panny/etc. lenses (especially old 4/3 stuff).

      • Who cares about corporate power and world camera domination? I’m just glad there is finally a company making digital cameras for those of us want Leica, but have Pentax wallets. I guess you could say Lotus is a niche car maker, and I am fine with that. The world would be a very boring place if everyone strived to be Honda. Between Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, and Sony I think mainstream users have plenty of choices. Now thanks to Fuji those of us that still regularly shoot with Nikon FE’s will finally have an affordable option in the digital world. Even if Fuji does decide these cameras aren’t profitable enough and kills off the camera division I don’t care so long as they produce one great camera for me to use for the next 10-20 years.

        It’s very odd really. Canikon never seemed to realize that that not everyone chose to shoot with Nikon F100’s back in the film days. Some of us preferred the F3. However, when they went digital it never occurred to them that us F3 guys no longer have an option unless you are willing to fork over $7k to Leica.

      • calxn

        I’m so glad Apple didn’t use the accounting/sales people group-think that you seem to display. I don’t know what Fuji is shooting for, but I’m glad they’re making very great cameras targeted at enthusiasts and pros. Not everyone is a soccer mom or 13 yr old Japanese girl so not everyone goes for the same “peace out, hello kitty” photos that m43 users make. Make a great product and let the chips fall where they do.

        Also, Fuji never targeted the X100 for mass market. They’ve even said it was a targeted as a niche product to demonstrate their technology. They were caught off guard by the demand. Throw in a revolutionary organic sensor in the LX and they have the potential to start a new revolution in photography. I’m so glad a photographic company is innovating instead of consumer electronics companies counting coins by making cheap plastic toys for teenage Japanese girls.

        In many ways, Fuji vs m43 & NEX is like Apple vs Windows. Great elegance vs mass market crapware. I appreciate Fuji for this.

        • Olympius

          “In many ways, Fuji vs m43 & NEX is like Apple vs Windows. Great elegance vs mass market crapware. I appreciate Fuji for this.”

          Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

          101% of Apple’s appeal is that of snobware — we are the computer/electronics company of the elite! Even though all the Mac’s are just PC’s in a fancy shell, and the Apple OS is just UNIX with a pretty face, they have become a force to be reckoned with, primarily through their marketing and design skills, not so much innovation.

          Fuji, of all the camera companies, seems to understand the snobware appeal of the Leica M9, and so will be targeting that system at a much less expensive price point, so that the common enthusiast can feel a little bit of that Leica magic, especially when combined with Fuji’s glass and sensor know-how.

          So rather than having another “me too” DSLR, or another “me too” micro 4/3 point & shoot, they’ve decided to go after the one company everyone else is ignoring: Leica.

          It’s a strategy that has worked wonders for the X10 and X100, and will work great for their new mirrorless system as well.

          It’s really rather amazing, as this seems to be history repeating itself, as many of the Japanese camera companies had rangefinders that were designed to compete head-on with Leica back in the days of 35mm film, and did very well copying that Leica look & feel. And then you have Minolta, who actually openly collaborated with Leica, and even made cameras and lenses for them at one time, much like Panasonic is now.

          You would think that Panasonic, of all companies, would be the one to follow in Leica’s footsteps, but so far, other that the GF1 and GX1, they haven’t come close.

          – Olympius

          • Oilymouse

            Amusing display of lacking knowledge regarding the history of operating systems. If you would have included NeXTStep, Solaris and BeOS, THAN maybe we would have “a winner” (blech!) argument here.
            I love what Fuji is doing not only recently, but this reasoning kinda sucks. Badly.

      • Thom, you do know that this is a niche-enthusiast site fan right?

        I love to read your comments, but were seldom interested in how the big market plays, and how we are insignificant part of it,

        On the contrary – cameras like this are exiting because fuji is the only company (besides leica, but thats a different story) that builds such uniqe photographic tool, which personally has everything that i want
        3 fast primes, EVF+OVF combined, RF sleek design, ring-aperture control, wheel shutter control, great IQ, and AF :)

        It personally its much more useful then a leica (for the above reasons) and cheaper as well, video is a nice bonus.

        Recently i have been shooting with a 1973 cheap Canon QL17, and (extremely) enjoying the feel of metal in my hands – only the style and the metal build of the RF body alone is enough to inspire me more then any nikon D3s, or d4s would ever could.

        • I have a 1970’s rangefinder addiction. Sell the QL17. Sell it before it’s too late!

        • Oilymouse

          Thom *always* addresses (ahem criticises) marketing first and foremost on every opportunity. I think his comments are usually fair, though often primarily just his personal opinion on things – professional marketers might very well disagree.

          Anyway, I like his inside information gossip and comments about photography technology much better, but it’s always good to have more than the usual forum criticasters around, so God bless ’em.

      • Zaph

        “Fujifilm can’t seem to get out of the niche box”

        Don’t Leica have a 0.15% share of the market? Niche seems to be profitable enough these days, if you do it right.

        • Oilymouse

          Indeed, and Leica recently reported total annual sales of €250 million, IIRC. Plus: I always feel that little bit better having a niche product. KR gave us “The Leica Man”. Now all hail “The FUJI MAN”!

  • Firefox23508

    I have been patiently waiting for Oly to insert an EVF in their bodies and I had hoped for an EVF in the new GX1. I have a G1 and want to upgrade. It looks like Fuji will get my money next, goodbye m4/3!

    • mahler

      You better get a GH2 for upgrade. A far more competent camera than everything Fuji will produce.

  • Rank


    Why have you persisted in this Fuji/M43 link, Fuji were only ever signed up to 43 not M43.

    • admin

      Because sometimes we all wnat to know what the competition is doing. If you are not interested skip this. I think 90% here is interested in reading that news. I already made a poll about that a year ago. Most of the readers asked me to keep posting the hot news coming from competition form time to time.

      • Voldenuit

        +1, Keep em coming, admin! And thanks for the continued hard work!

        • Oilymouse

          Yep. Until Fuji have their own mirrorless forum, we will discuss them right here, baby.

      • Admin…this is BIG news that I want to know!!!! If this camera fixes a LOT of the problems on the X100, has the image quality of that or better and has the fast glass that Marc mentioned above (with more on the way), I would be looking to eventually sell my MFT camera and nine lenses and move in that direction because of the image quality. Will I do it today? No. Maybe a year or 2 from now…. after I see what the Fuji is all about…and REMEMBER…Canon has not weighed in yet, so I would like to see their offering, too. This is THE most exciting news I have seen posted in 3 years…and I THANK YOU for posting it on this forum!!!!!!!!! I think most who come here would agree!!!

      • MikeS


        This is much more exciting than anything that’s come from Olympus/Panasonic this year (other than lenses and scandals, maybe).

        • Sadly…it is more exciting than ANY news that has come from Olympus and Panasonic. It is exciting to us…but we may be a small part of the market. Panasonic obviously doesn’t REALLY care about “us”, (ie..the people who have been looking for this form factor with HIGH image quality). It’s obvious.

          • George

            +1000 to you too. I am also saying as “sadly” since any news from pana-oly are either they are releasing a new cam with a button switching from left to right side of the camera and charging it for another extra $300 or worse another stupid lens that costs twice of its real value.

            Still waiting for 2 pancakes from SOny if it happens i will buy nex7 faster than anything but till that day this Fuji thing really excites me.

            • Brod1er

              Think you have a long wait for those NEX pancakes assuming you want good quality. The ratio of register distance to sensor diagonal makes it very hard to produce compact AF lenses of a good quality. Witness the poor quality 16mm NEX pancake and large Zeiss 24mm.

            • I think Fuji will get the lenses right!…after all …they made incredible lenses for my view cameras 30 years ago.

        • Justin

          couldn’t agree more. This is the most exciting news of the year, or maybe tied for the Nex7 leak.

          The internal leak of the lenses has me salivating. The lens in the photo looks super small (*edit upon closer inspection i think that’s a lens cap, too bad).

      • RW


        This forum has been buzzing with requests for just this kind of camera, and I think that most of us here are very interested in this offering from Fuji. Keep posting this info.

      • George

        all mirrorless cams are direct competitors of m4/3 cams. And there are tons of people like me who bought m4/3 sold either went back to dslr or bought a nex and waiting to buy a nice mirrorless camera. This can or can not be a m4/3

      • All hail admin!

  • Daniel M

    After a short exam of the picture presenting the back of the lens (especialy the electronic contacts) it is looking very much as a M4/3 mount. Just for fun, did Fuji already be part of the 4/3 lunch agreement.
    Fun to think that it might be a M4/3…

    • Brod1er

      Not enough electrical contacts (10) to be MFT (11). Pls can I collect my geek certificate now?

      • Daniel M

        I think the geek is the one who is always inventing new lens mounts thinking he will beat the major. It is only and simply pathetic…

  • What the hell. Still hybrid (or at least optical) viewfinder?! I’m courious how they have managed it.

    By the way, I’m not a really huge fan of such “constrained” retro design. Yes, the X100 is an interesting camera, but for everyday work a more conventional would be better, i.e. classical mode dial, tilt-and swivel LCD, etc.

    I greatly prefer the direction imposed by GH2/G3 (for dslr-like) or GX1 respectivey (pocketable, rangefinder-styled).

    • ypocaramel

      I’d agree there, I’ve worked with old cameras (FM2, K1000 etc…) quite frequently and I don’t really miss the shutter speed dial on digital cameras. You can’t assign it to do something else when in not in M or S. I’d prefer NEX7 or E-P3 here (Panasonic dial is alright, not my fav). It’s charming on the film cameras because it’s authentic, but if I want nostalgia, a old FM and a couple rolls of T-Max are cheap.

      My speculation is that the VF in optical mode has rangefinder gridlines. I’ve never shot with a good rangefinder before so I am curious.

      My personal view is that body size isn’t that important as long as it’s reasoanbly thin – I can deal with height up to a point. I’m more worried about lens size. Granted, if it is APS-C, then you can’t expect tiny primes.

    • Seb

      ” I’m not a really huge fan of such “constrained” retro design”

      So you prefer such “constrained” dslr design for mirrorless camera ? With a fake viewfinder bump and a central EVF for nose free people ?

      Who cares, there’s dozen and dozen of camera designed like that. But for people, like me, who like direct dial for crucial control, accesible without screen even when the camera is off, with high IQ, you only have one : Leica M9, and it’s not really affordable. But despite its price tag, it sell like hot cake, so i presume i’m not the only what with that kind of need.

      And now there is a second one, this Fuji. OMG, VINTAGE HIPSTER INVASION.

      • Mr. Reeee

        How about HEMP as an acronym for your hump: H(otshoe), E(VF), M(icrophone) and (Pop-up) flash housing? How else will you roll all that in one place? ;-)

        There’s nothing “fake” about the housing for those things. It does multiple duty and is logically located with it’s vertical alignment with the lens and associated good balance, especially when using longer lenses.

        • camerageek

          God when I read your posts I think you take the same idiocy meds that Hogan does. Yes it’s fake. DSLRs and originally SLRS had the hump due to using actual PRISMS!! Damn idiots that have no clue of history

          • Must.. Not.. Feed.. Troll… ARGH!

          • Oilymouse

            Time to panic, geek: it’s your knowledge regarding camera design that needs fixing. As if all SLRs had a hump, hahahaha. Silly man, you would be so more effective if you put in less blabbering! Keep it up, dork.

      • mahler

        Ahem, this camera exists: the GH2.

        Is has more direct controls than a Leica M9 and any mirrorless camera, and has those dials in a very ergonomic position. You can’t get anything better in usability. Get real. Accept the view finder and the hump, you’ll not regret it.

        • Seb

          “Ahem, this camera exists: the GH2.”

          That’s the whole point : this camera exists. And sure this design is not fake, it’s a direct descendent from the seventies reflex. And if you guys want this camera, buy it. So why do you want this fuji look like exactly that so many other camera ?

          Mahler : GH2 lacks of a direct aperture and a speed ring. I’m not a “one clickable dial for everything” kind of guy.

        • camerageek

          Really? Where is the aperture ring on the lens? Oh yeah right it doesn’t have one. Hmmm shutter speed dial so I can set that before even turning on the camera! Oh yeah right not there. Well maybe it has a control to set the ISO without turning the camera! Hmm not there, granted neither does the M9, but the old Epson R-D1 had that. So with an M9 and the upcoming Fuji LX I can set two of the three most important controls before turning the camera on, while the GH2 I have to wait until it finishes starting up. Umm yeah it has more direct control….

          Damn Peasant idiot.

          • RW


            Its a funny thing – I actually agree with a lot of the points that you are making, but you make them in such an offensive manner that it is impossible to take you seriously.

            When you insult people calling them stupid peasants and call a camera different than you would like a turd, it makes you sound like a 12 year old – flaming people with impunity, and hiding behind a wall of internet anonymity.

            Seriously, you sound like you have some good points to make – so have a point to make – just make them, and skip the insults. It only reflects on you – not your intended targets.

            • John

              Very well said…

          • mahler

            I don’t reply to the insulting parts of your post, but the poster to which I answered, did not specify the controls he needs.

            Despite of that, the GH2 is the camera, which has the most dedicated controls. If I look at the camera, I need to know, in which state it is (program mode, AF-mode, drive mode, AF-characteristic) but I don’t need to know on which aperture or shutter speed. That is something I am comfortable with controlling via the view finder. The Fuji cameras do have a different approach, of course, but neither one is better, just different. Both cameras, however, rely on direct switches, with the GH2 having even more. So don’t get fooled by the rangefinder design.

            Particularly, I don’t like aperture rings on the lens. They are only useful for complete manual control, which most people do rarely. Most often A or S mode are used and then it is ergonomically far better if you can change the “free” parameter (i.e. shutter speed or aperture) with the same control under your thumb. The left hand should not fool around during the shot with other things than stabilizing the lens or zoom (this is even more important with large lenses). Aperture control belongs to the thumb wheel. Thus, this old-fashioned rangefinder designs are ergonomically a step backwards. The only thing I like is the exposure compensation dial, which is, however, elegantly solved at the GH2 with the click wheel as well.

        • tomas

          That’s ridiculous, if anything, a mirror allows the viewfinder to be not centered over the lens, e.g., L1/E300. Most 35mm non-slr film cameras had an optical viewfinder centered on the body over the lens. One can argue with the slr-style design, but it is purely a design issue, whichever technology is involved.

          • Bidou

            Mostly because ovf have parallax issue when the viewfinder is not centered with the lense. Loads of high end high end analog p&s vf weren’t really centered though … (contax t2/t3, Nikon 28/35 ti, leicas, etc…). And even decentered with mirror and prism on the back of cameras. With an evf, there is no particular reason to center it with the lens except an old dslr styling.

    • Daniel M

      No reply intended, sorry

  • And another issue.

    This body is not just big. it’s HUGE. Just watch the mount, which – unlike the case of Sony, Pana, Oly etc. cameras – is significantly smaller compared to the camera itself.

    This means either a small sensor, like Nikon 1 (hardly believable, I bet On APS-C) or a really big body.

    • My guess is the OVF will only work with 28-75mm lenses. Traditional rangefinders have always had focal length limitations too. The target market for this camera will understand that. A hybrid OVF like this is exactly what I think Leica should do. The biggest downfall of the M-System IMO is the focal length limitations. If you want to shoot with a 135mm f/2 on an M9 all I can say is good luck.

      • I

        The good thing with the hybrid OVF/EVF is that you can easily use the OVF over the most used focal range ((24)28-75(80)). And when you leave that range, you just need to switch to EVF. As far as I am concerned, that characteristics only is enough for making me potentially buy it – no other mirrorless offers any solution for an OVF working on more than one focal. Being able to see with your own eyes is an incredible advantage.

    • MikeS

      > This means either a small sensor, like Nikon 1 (hardly believable, I bet On APS-C) or a really big body.

      The alternative is Leica M-size lenses, which are quite small despite covering a full 35mm frame. Considering the overall style of the X100 and this camera, I anticipate something roughly the size of a Leica M rangefinder, with a line of small prime lenses, possibly with autofocus and/or mount compatibility with M lenses. Leica M’s, of course, aren’t exactly pocketable, but they aren’t a D3/1D either; the lens sizes will more than compensate.

      I’m optimistic.

      • Trevor

        Don’t forget Leica is manual focus. There is a reason that Canikon primes are bigger than Leica primes.

        • MikeS

          Totally agree. However, given the rumor that this will be an APS-C sensor, it will hopefully give Fuji a little leeway with the size.

          Perhaps we will see some lenses like the Pentax Limited primes, which cover an APS-C sensor, can autofocus, have a reasonable aperture, and are pancakes. (example:

          It’d be interesting to see an Leica M-compatible mount with and extra pin or two to control autofocus for Fuji lenses.

          • RW

            100% agree.

            While we are fantasizing here, what about adding peak focusing so that those wonderful manual focus M lenses become a lot easier to use?

    • That body is HUGE. If you look at the LCD-screen, it seems smaller than 2,7 inch, which is on the E-PL1. So, if it’s a 3 inch screen, the body is indeed HUGE.

      Edit: This meant to be a reply to a post above

    • Thomas

      It looks big in that photo, but maybe the hand is really small. You know how some things can look really large in a woman’s dainty little hand?

    • Anonymous

      if you like smaller go and get an gf2/3. oare plenty of they on the market. but rangefinder kind of camera aren’t too many. if u want IQ it must tu be “huge” like m9 . no offense but classic design is most beautiful when we’ll speaking about photo cameras. and of course they must have good sensor too. par example x100 it’s looks very right but the IQ doesn’t impressed me too much. i really hope to see in the near future a m43 camera better than my gf1 with classic looks.. no touchscreen .

    • popeye

      if you like smaller go and get an gf2/3. oare plenty of they on the market. but rangefinder kind of camera aren’t too many. if u want IQ it must tu be “huge” like m9 . no offense but classic design is most beautiful when we’ll speaking about photo cameras. and of course they must have good sensor too. par example x100 it’s looks very right but the IQ doesn’t impressed me too much. i really hope to see in the near future a m43 camera better than my gf1 with classic looks.. no touchscreen .

  • All I can say is Panny/Olympus just have themselves to blame if they lose the enthusiast market. They have had more than enough time to do something similar to this and they never took the chance. Instead they made a bunch of cameras that appeared to be designed by marketing departments and gadget nerds instead of by photographers.

    I just canceled my NEX-7 order. If Fuji leaked this intentionally to prevent people buying something else it worked. This new camera looks absolutely perfect. I doubt it will have the NEX-7’s OLED view finder, but that’s ok since it is a hybrid optical. Now, I can’t wait to see the sensor specs. I’d love to see them match the 18mp sensor Canon is using in their 1Dx; but APS-C or APS-H are both fine also.

    • Really cannot understand you, guys.

      This body is big. B.I.G. Almost as big as a DSLR is. And – despite of its huge size – still has neither tilting nor swiveling LCD.

      And it‘s an ergonomical nightmare – e.g. just think about rotating tens of positions on speed dial to match the ‘A’ position when switching back to aperture priority mode.

      What is so special about this body – beyond its retro style?!

      • I’ll take it you’ve never used old film cameras like Pentax LX’s, Olympus OM’s, Zeiss ZM Ikon’s, etc. I’ve never once experienced an “ergonomic nightmare” doing exactly what you just said. I am not a sports photographer. I actually enjoy taking my time and slowing down by using firm manual knobs.

        I don’t need or want a technical wonder of a camera like a GH2. I want something that I’m passionate about, something I like to touch, something I like to use. In short; something that makes me forget its a digital camera.

        I also value simplicity. I exclusively shoot in aperture priority and manual mode. So if the mode dial has anything other than those two settings on it then it’s needlessly complex as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want an intelligent auto button, video button, wiz bang touch screens, stereo speakers, or anything thing else not tailor-made for shooting still photos in manual modes.

        As far as size goes, I’m guessing it will be about the size of the X100; hardly an issue if so.

        • ihateidiots

          You do realise you are actually the minority in the market right?

          • I’m ok with that. How many m4/3’s bodies have been made now? I think they have most normal users pretty well covered. Oly/Panny should have made a tent pole camera well over a year ago for niche users like me.

          • RW

            That’s OK with me, too. If I represent a niche market, I am more than happy to do business with the company that caters to my niche.

        • Mike

          @ Eric, +1 exactly. Looking at the size, I would expect a bigger-than-APSC sensor. Let’s see…You are not the minority.

          • ihateidiots

            The fact that Canon and Nikon maintain their sway over the market despite the existence of mirrorless obviously begs to differ.

            • Agent00soul

              They don’t. Canon might still be the no 1 camera maker but has alraedy lost big to mirrorless. And they will continue to lose if they don’t take action.
              Nikon hasn’t lost as much yet, but saw the light some time ago, when they began development of their mirrorless system.

        • Anonymous

          if u like smaller go and get some gf2/3. they are plenty on the market.. but this “huge” rangefinder kind of camera body aren’t so many. … if you want IQ it must be a bit “huge” like m9 .. no offense but the classic design is most beautiful when we’ll speak about photo cameras .

      • Mr. Reeee

        Not only that, but a rangefinder camera was originally designed with fixed pancake lenses, not the honking big zooms of today. Even the more exotic rangefinders with interchangeable lenses, the longest lenses seemed to top out at around 90mm, were fairly compact and not the brightest things around.

        I can’t imagine trying to balance a 14-140mm or 45-200mm or a 100-300mm or even a Voigtländer 25mm on something like that while using the viewfinder. Talk about out of balance, the lens would be where your right eye is. Ergonomic nightmare.

        How about a digital Bessa with an OLED EVF and a TiltyScreen?

        • Brod1er

          It’s official – “tiltyscreen” has entered the modern idiom!!!!!!!!

          • Mr. Reeee

            Damn, I forgot the ™ after TiltyScreen™. ;-)

        • camerageek

          Funny my Leica’s VF seems very bright and with a Noctilux seems well balanced. Perhaps only the elite know how to handle cameras as common peasants like you are the only ones who complain about such things

      • camerageek

        Did you personally use one? No? Then you have no idea how large this camera is. It’s most likely not much bigger than the X100 – i.e. about the size of a Leica M9. If you cannot understand what makes this camera special (same controls as the X100 BTW) then you really are lower than the common riff raff and peasantry that uses Micro Four Turds

      • Fants

        The body looks no bigger than an X100, M8/9 or an old Olympus 35RC, Yashica Electro 35, etc. I would wager it’s only marginally bigger than a NEX-7…which means that as a full package with lenses attached it’ll still be much smaller than said camera. And MUCH smaller than a dSLR. If not, then of course we won’t like it as much!

  • WT21

    Sony and Nikon can go soak their heads. It’s this or m43 for me. Where can I pre-order?

  • Too bad I’ve finally bought a X100 last month :/ NAAAA kidding, it’s an awesome piece of camera, probably the best I’ve ever owned (build, controls, IQ) :)

    But this new iteration with IL is just what I’ve been really really waiting for for AGES (if they managed to keep the OVF/EVF hybrid viewfinder)… Can’t wait to learn more about it :)

  • DonTom

    Well, the lenses look like primes. Perhaps this is also the new mirrorless Leica? With Fuji made AF primes, but native compatibility with Leica M lenses and framelines in a hybrid VF.
    With what Fuji have produced lately, and the uncertainty around Olympus…..I’m not going to put big money into anything m43 until I see how this one works out.
    Thanks Admin!

  • No, I don’t think there’s a hybrid viewfinder, which would be hugely difficult to implement with a zoom viewfinder (required for interchangeable lenses.) The fact that the “View Mode” is switched by a button visible on the back rather than a mechanical lever (as on the X100) proves this.

    So what kind of viewfinder WILL it have? Clue: See the two small holes next to the eyepiece hole in the back view? I suspect those holes are for focus-confirmation and flash-ready LEDs, as used on many older compact cameras. That indicates that the optical finder will be a simple zoom finder like the one on the X10… which in turn means that when using the optical finder, there will be no numerical finder readouts and absolutely NO way to tell where the camera has focused! This is the Achilles’ heel of the X10, and will be the same on this camera, especially if wide-aperture lenses are offered. You’ll have to use the back LCD if you want to have any assurance that the AF system has focused on the point you intended.

    The lens mount does look as if it might be mechanically compatible with the M mount — although I note that the style of locking pin and position of the index point are different than those on an M-mount camera, so I’m not going to get too excited about that possibility yet. Undoubtedly it will be possible to mount other types of lenses via third-party adaptors, as is already the case with M43 and NEX cameras, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

    I’m sure the forum salivators will be VERY disappointed if the sensor is not at least APS-C size… although it wouldn’t surprise me if Fuji were forced to go with a slightly smaller sensor to ease the problem of designing interchangeable lenses for a camera with a short back-focus distance. After all, they’ve already admitted that this was one big reason the X100’s lens is not interchangeable.

    So I’m not as enthusiastic as most others here, but admit it looks like an interesting dark horse. You know who I think it will hurt most? Sony’s NEX-7… the Thailand flood apparently has crushed their ability to deliver that camera to almost anybody except reviewers, so most would-be buyers will have to wait anyway… many of them are going to look at this and decide maybe they should wait a bit longer, to see if it turns out to be more appealing.

    And the doomsday comment: You do realize that Canon could crush this whole mirrorless picnic any time they decide the market is big enough to be worth entering, right? I’m sure they wouldn’t make the same mistakes Nikon did…

    • Trevor

      I disagree with you on the hybrid viewfinder. The front picture clearly shows a viewfinder. So, either they went all optical (unlikely) or it is a hybrid.

      Short back focus is an issue, but clearly Leica has gotten around that using a full-frame. Fuji is smart enough to get it done.

      And I think Fuji is smart enough to not repeat mistakes from the X10 in a bigger, more expensive line.

      As for Nikon making mistakes and Canon crushing the market, time will tell who the winner in all this is. Canon may find themselves late to the party, and Nikon’s mistakes may actually be what consumers prefer.

      • George

        let’s face it…. we all are niches to this market.
        We all think nikon1 sucks big time right ?
        At least i do … check out amazon rankings and look at how nikon1 doing.
        And sooner or later Canon will come to the field probably with a good mirrorless, Nexs with pancakes Fuji with hybrid viewfinder… these all means one thing…..
        Goodbye Pana and Oly

    • Fants

      There is very obviously an X100-style viewfinder switch lever on the front of the camera! It just isn’t attached yet in some shots. I’m putting my money on framelines in the OVF, personally.

      Also, I really hope Canon DOES enter the fray, as long as they don’t do the same thing Nikon did.

  • HMR

    Shutter speed control as the Main dial? Really?
    This might be a nice camera but it will still be a few years before it’s a mature “system”.
    Enjoy your m4/3 guys and gals……

    • Voldenuit

      It’s not a main dial, it’s a shutter speed dial. Same as on the Panasonic L1. You know, the camera enthusiasts have been pestering Panny to remake for the past 4 years?

      Hopefully, the ISO dial will also have an ‘A’ setting, that will allow automatic ISO selection with manual shutter and aperture controls – something my GF1 doesn’t allow…

      • Brod1er

        Never understood why Panny doesn’t offer auto ISO in manual mode on any of their cameras. Can’t be beyond the wit of man!

    • RW

      HMR says “Shutter speed control as the Main dial? Really?”

      Just like the Leica M9 in that regard…

  • c.d.embrey

    I find the hybrid viewfinder of the X100 too gimmicky, I’d prefer an EVF. I’m not impressed by retro styling.

    So, whats to like??? Fuji makes very good lenses, I hope they don’t waste time ans effort on designing 18-200 zooms.

    • Marcel

      And I also hope they will not waste much of their time on video. I want to shoot pictures, not stills.

  • dzv

    After my initial “Wow, look at that!” moment, I think I’m siding with kesztio and ypocaramel… The camera looks like it’s gonna be pretty big, and those control dials will probably get annoying very quickly. No tilt/swivel screen doesn’t do it any favors, and I personally don’t think an optical/hybrid viewfinder is anything to lust after. EVFs these days are great, and getting better.

    All I really want is a camera with similar features and controls as the GH series, but in a different form factor. Not necessarily to replace the GH line, but as an alternative.

    • +1

    • camerageek

      God idiocy pills must be given out for free to micro four turd owners

      • dzv

        Yup, the idiocy pills came bundled with my m43 camera. Unfortunately, I never got to try them; my master (a very clean, great-smelling, elite member of the landed gentry) demanded that I hand the pills over to him. He swallowed them all in one go, went a little nuts, and started posting delusional, pseudo-intellectual dribble on the Internet. Fortunately, his mom returned home early from her afternoon walk and sent him to bed.

  • Don

    is that a 1.4 lens i’m seeing on one of the pictures?!?! heeeeelll!!!

    • dzv

      Sure looks like one ;-)

  • Jorge

    I’m looking forward to seeing it coming but, though I like the retro design and, probably, APS-C sensor, I think this is just too little for so much enthusiasm based on a bunch of blurred pictures.

    If the size and the price mentioned in one comment are correct, it is more competition for the NEX-7 than most of m4/3, though body looks significantly bigger than the Sony’s.

    I wonder how the optical viewfinder works with interchangable lenses, since it would be pretty difficult to adjust it to the optical length of the lens.

    Anyway, I agree that Panasonic and Olympus should try a classic rangefinder design like this one. It would probably be a success.

    • camerageek

      The viewfinder probably works much like a Leica M. The zoom in the VF doesn’t change, just the framing lines. Actually isn’t that hard to implement considering Leica has been doing so going onto 60 freakin’ years!!! Damn don’t any of you know the history of photography?!?!?!?

      • Jorge

        Well… I’m guilty. I started to study, but didn’t get to that page yet ;-)

        However, now that I understand it, this method seems to work well only with prime lenses (with a zoom you would have to guess between the divisions), which is possible, and matches the comment of the initial three lenses, but would make it even more a niche product.

        • Oilymouse

          Oh yeah, I remember now: there was a reason for introducing the whole SLR concept. Thanks for reminding us, dork! But you missed the usability point raised in the process. Dork.

          And I should hope Fuji comes up with something a bit more innovative than the stuff Leica has been doing for the last 50 years, if only to expand your knowledge of photography a little. Dork.

  • Bryan Br

    A boutique camera for a niche audience.

    Like the NEX 7 with its $1200 price tag, this camera is interesting from a technology standpoint, but ultimately meaningless to the market that m4/3 is entering.

    Once the high end enthusiasts pipeline fills, the number of units sold of the NEX7 and this camera are fairly small.

    m4/3 with the $450 E-PM1, the $350 dollar E-PL1 or GF2, the $500 GF3 and the $600 G3 is in the process of stamping out the high end point and shoot market.

    The larger market is what Panasonic and Olympus are targeting.

    • Nelson

      True, in Japan the best selling mirrorless is still GF2 and E-PL1, outselling many other new releases

  • Mike


    Let’s just hope they weren’t using the new Fuji to take those pics. ;)

  • Simon

    Looks like the seize of Leica’s M9. I wonder what the sensor size will be…

    Pana seems to target beginners and mass market now, while Olympus still has to figure out whom they want to serve…

    2012 will be Fuji LX vs. Sony NEX 7. Exciting times. Hello Canon?

  • Luke

    Too bad Oly and Panasonic slept for so long. Congrats Fuji and good luck. If it fixes the quirkiness of the X100, it’ll sell by the boatload. A small, but very determined boatload.

  • bai

    godam, I am so excited for this awesome upcoming camera but also feel sad that my 1 week old x100 is going to become obsolete…

  • Pu

    The body has an estimated width of 140mm. Height 83mm. Depth 28mm. That is without a grip, for which the mounting holes on the right side are for.
    That’d make it a hint larger than the X100. But I wouldn’t consider it a huge body. But that of course is up to personal preference.

    • Brod1er

      Depth of 28mm seems optimistic? Panny GF3 and Sony NEX5 are around 32mm. I guess it’s not impossible but if they make the body so thin (ie with a very short register distance) the lenses will either be poor quality (like the Sony NEX 16mm), or will have to be long (like the Zeiss 24mm for the NEX).

  • JesperMP

    I am guessing the OVF will NOT zoom to follow the main lens FOV. There is not enough room for the zoom elements. On the X10 the zooming OVF folds in a way that the OVF on the LX does not.
    I am guessing it will be a hybrid OVF/EVF and only the framelines in the OVF will adapt automatically to the main lens.

    Another question: Focal plane shutter, or in-lens leaf shutter as on X100 ?

  • Daniel M

    It is clear that Fuji “Film” is trying very hard to “X”pand their market share in digital field. And with the Olympus financial interlude and the Nikon stock weakness and their not so “X”citing new serie 1 Fuji may have a go for taking a more proeminent market place. But by creating a brand new product niche it may ask for big technical challenges as for old newcomber like Panasonic have already experimented. Good luck for them but maturity might come from a long way.

  • MP Burke

    I agree with the comments about knobs and dials: since I almost always use aperture priority I regard a dedicated shutter speed dial as a waste of space.
    This looks like a bit of a niche product that will be priced above m43, rather than competing directly with it. More like a poor man’s Leica than a rich man’s m43.
    Who wants another system where the shortest lens is 28mm equivalent? It could be a great camera for landscape photography, but for my purposes it would be severely handicapped unless they have one or two wider primes such as 9mm or 12mm. Buying such a camera and then having to ultrawide zoom lenses designed for APS-C slrs on it, via an adaptor, would be anathema to me: it negates the benefits of a mirrorless system. I wouldn’t consider buying such a camera unless a wider range of lenses was available.

  • Someone

    According to the same source on the same post. He saw working samples of 18mm F2 and 35mm F1.4 and a 60mm lens. If those are true, it looks like Fujifilm wanna resurrect Contax G series on possibly APS-C sensor.


    • Marcel

      Olympus died while sleeping.

  • Anonymous

    I hope with this camera will give Pana/oly a lesson to shange their path,.it obviously Fuji knows better what the photographer want than any other mirror less camera company specially panasonic,….Give em a lesson Fuji

  • Mr. Reeee

    OMFG! A shutter speed dial!

    • Vivek

      Ha ha!

      Knobs and buttons for the sake of the looks. This is going to be released in 2013?!

      Leica should be proud. LOL.

  • Brod1er

    Interesting but for me (and I guess many others):
    Too expensive
    Too big
    Too old school
    Too inflexible
    I would be alarmed if I was Sony though!!

  • Where is the decorative frame advance lever, which would have completed the retro look?

    • LOL

    • Mr. Reeee


      The film advance lever will be for the second generation. It’ll detach and be useable as a combo toenail and cigar trimmer!

      I hear they’ll even be selling matching ensembles of the finest quality leather camera strap, suspenders, watch and hat bands. A dream for every retrodrone in the known universe! (or at least Williamsburg) ;-)

    • You guys can make jokes about “retrodrones” all you like, but I don’t understand why you care. The simple fact is if you want a GH2 type of body you guys have plenty of options. Heck, I can’t even count all the options you have. Go buy an A-77, it’s out, and available. Don’t want that? Get a Nikon D7000, Samsung NX10, or any one of the other options.

      The simple fact is some people don’t want that type of camera; and until Fuji came along everyone other than Leica ignored that fact (unless you count the also expensive Epson RD1). Since most of us can’t afford Leica we’ve felt we were left out in the cold. So this is a wonderful time for us because many of us have literally waited a decade for this. So we have a reason to be excited.

      People are all different. Not everyone is going to want the same thing. Just because someone prefers retro looking/functioning cameras doesn’t mean they are trying to be cool or hipster; it just means that’s what they like; and it’s as simple as that.

      • RW

        Well said, Eric.

      • Mr. Reeee

        A cheap laugh is better than no laugh. ;-)

        Yeah, I do have a GH2. And I used real rangefinders and SLRs for many years. I also agree with others’ and think there SHOULD be M4/3 version of an X100 with interchangeable lenses. Whether I care to use one or not is beside the point.

        Some people take blurry spy photos way too seriously. Some of the crazy reactions to all this is incredibly amusing.

    • Scotch

      You guys are right, GF3 style with power zoom lens is the way to go..

      hum.. no wonder Panasonic/Olympus keep on introducing plastic POS m43 body design..

      Actually using a camera is just too old school, how about using your phone instead?

  • Bluejake

    Goodbye Panasonic and Olympus. You squandered your lead in this market. The GX1 is underwhelming compared to the Nex 7 and this Fuji offering. If Fuji can produce one good lense to go with this camera then my m43 stuff goes on EBay. Panasonic and Olympus have got to raise their game very quickly – it may already be too late. It makes me wonder what they are thinking. Nikon has shown they can – if they wanted to – produce an M43 killer. Soon someone will produce that camera. Panasonic and Olympus have wasted their lead. They should have gone full steam ahead to secure this growing market. Instead they lacked ambition and now it may be too late.

    • Scotch


      • Oilymouse

        -1. try again.

  • To the person who took these photos:
    Can you get rid of your Hello-Kitty Kamera and grab an MFT body with the Pany/Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro and go back in and shoot this over. We need the details and don’t forget to shoot the lenses up close…front and back!!!!! :-)
    (actually the way the photos are is more exciting right now …and it is hysterical the way they have everyone speculating on the edge of their seats….LOL…). This is GREAT!

    • MikeS

      Exif says they were taken with a camera phone (Experia x10). Looks like it was through plexiglass, given the glare from the flash. Obviously done in a hurry, and probably in secret.

      • Anonymous

        agreed…I just couldn’t resist!

      • Oilymouse

        It *has* to look that way. Makes it more exciting.

    • Ant

      From some reflection, seems like the person wore some kind of factory cap too.
      Well, if he’s not paid for the corporate espionage, hope he kept his job.

  • fujikillolympus

    The guy on xitek said he saw the 18mm pancake fujinon lens, if so, the sensor should be aps-c for sure. I really hope some one can make a FF + evf camera.

  • Bimbo

    Is it me or is the mount size really small?

    Assuming the holder of the camera has a normal thumbsize, this mount is definitely smaller than m43.

    • Brod1er

      Looks like the mount is c54-58mm wide although it’s hard to tell from the distorted images. For reference MFT is 54mm. Interesting…….

  • Ryry

    Wondering what that window is in the 4th picture. Above the mount, in between the stereo mics. Only thing I can think of is a rangefinder window.

  • pelex

    Let’s just hope this guy/gal still has a job at Fuji…

  • pdc

    This is a BIG camera. No hinge LCD.

    Perhaps it will prompt Panasonic to finally answer the NEX-7 with a GLX!

    Don’t understand why the “enthusiasts” on this site are so anxious for $1400 plus quality bodies that are going to be obsolete in less than 3 years.

    • RW

      Really? You don’t understand it? The biggest excitement of the year to date was the announcement of the NEX-7. Whatever you might think of Sony and the NEX system, clearly they hit a chord with enthusiasts by providing the combination of features that enthusiasts want. Enthusiasts will buy the NEX-7 by the cartload when it is available and the $1200 price tag won’t stop them. I completely understand if this camera does not appeal to you personally, but what’s not to understand about competing head to head with the biggest camera announcement of the year?

      Camera enthusiasts spend money. I don’t think a $1200-$1400 will deter enthusiasts who fall in love with the Fuji or Sony flagship products. As for competing in the less expensive side of the market, it looks like Fuji is not planning to play that game. Nothing wrong with that IMO. Manufacturers of premium products often ignore the low end of the market. There are no low end Porches, Leicas, or Ferraris after all. It may not be a mass market strategy, but it is not necessarily a recipe for failure either.

      • mahler

        Honestly, the NEX-7 per se was not a sensational announcement at all. After all it still has the same stupid usage paradigm that all NEXes have: soft controls only. The only sensation Sony delivered in 2011 was the 2mpx OLED view finder and perhaps the focus peeking feature. But that wasn’t special to the NEX-7.

        The E-mount still lacks a competitive lens line-up, and as long this hasn’t changed, even a NEX-7 is not an attractive camera.

  • seems that Fuji is working much faster than Pana !!
    should i sell my M43 stuff now??
    very exciting!

    • mahler

      How do you come to that conclusion? So far Panasonic has released 10 bodies for m4/3 (incl. AG-AF100) plus 14 lenses with two fast zoomes already announced. Fuji so far has not released any mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, just one partly flawed fixed lens camera (X100) with an exorbitantly high price for what it does and a compact camera with retro style, the X10. Even for about a year that the X-type camera was announced, not a too impressive release performance.

      Currently, there is no strategy of Fujifilm revealed (do they really aim at a camera system as large and diverse as m4/3), just some images have been leaked, so nothing to worry about. Fuji will probably release an expensive niche product, and it remains to be seen how long that “system” will survive. Their DSLR engagement obviously was a failure, and did not show a lot of commitment.

  • bananacam

    Hey, whats this about APC-C focal lengths in the mini-update?
    Wasn’t this camera supposed to have a full frame or at least APS-H sensor?

  • Marc

    I remember reading somewhere that Panasonic is going to assemble Leica’s mirrorless camera, that is going to be debuted at Photokina 2012, they are shopping the sensor around though, and it maybe an APS-H 16 mb sensor, not Panasonic’s M43. Leica has been observing the mirror less market, and the Fuji release will most likely give them time to fine tune their offering. Good year for camera’s coming up all around. Rumored 5DMKII replacement, Lecia’s mirrorless, and this Fuji offering. Wonder if Olympus will get it together for the Olympics? They are official sponsors, not selling my micro four third lens – just yet.

  • Low Budget Dave

    So why did they re-invent the lens mount? Maybe Thom can answer this for me. It it a Copyright thing? Can’t Fuji and Sony just admit that the wheel has already been invented?

    When I buy a new computer, they don’t make me buy a new monitor.

    • Thomas

      Same reason NIkon, Canon, and Leica all have different mounts. They can sell you the camera once and continue to sell you the lenses many years down the road.

  • Boot

    How much will it be in Euro?

    • Rex Luscat

      Will the Euro be around when this is released?

  • Anonymous

    what a slap in the face of 4/3 fanboys, goodbye pana oly, you had your chance… 3 years of market advance but nothing but lukewarm updates and castrated and re-castrated cameras… i won’t start with examples you know what i mean…

    this is exactly what i’m looking for for years, and fuji finally gets it.

    enough sad, it’s the right decision not to stick with the toy 4/3 sensor

    • Thomas

      As slow as Fuji is, this thing won’t be out until the summer of 2013. Then just before release there will be a large asteroid or gigantic solar flare which destroys most of the factories in Asia where these things are built.

  • Mike

    I’m so happy that I sold my M43 some months ago. Just look at what Sony and Fuji do with their APSC sensors, no turning back. Bye Bye M43…

    • TheRealMike

      Once you figured out you never took any pictures at all, it was wise to sell devices capable of taking them.

      • Mike

        Every decent camera is capable of taking pictures, but some can do better. My new NEX 5N can take pictures that I can sell, my M43 couldn’t, just as simple as that.

        • Oilymouse

          You compare a specific camera to a system. You don’t mention lenses. You don’t tell reasons. You sound like a smelly troll. Also, you are not a professional photographer. Happy selling, troll.

    • Why are you still hanging around a place where m43 is discussed? You don’t appear to reflect happiness to be out of m43…

      • Mike

        Just to show Panasonic and Olympus that they have to improve, not just having a new model every few months without any significant improvement nor innovation …

        • I

          On that I unfortunately have to agree. What happened with the Olympus innovating spirit. With their 4/3 DSLRs they were always bringing great new features, very often being the first brand to introduce them: anti-dust, live-view, … And when m4/3 started there was a lot of very exciting rumors: modular design merging 4/3 and m4/3 or at least adaptor for 4/3 lenses with integrated phase detection autofocus, fixed mirror camera, Foveon sensor, rangefinder style camera… And what happened: nothing! Not a single one of these ideas came to reality. Or at least not from Olympus, because all of them are progressively coming from others: fixed mirror and and adaptor – Sony; Rangefinder style -Fuji.
          And while waiting for Olympus to finally come with a really exciting m4/3 product for me to buy as a second lighter camera, I got the best of my 4/3 equipment stolen. So at the end, I will probably eventually re-equip myself with a Pentax or Nikon DSLR and a Fuji X100.

  • Is this the dream machine? NEX-7 may be excellent, but Fuji has the knowledge to get it right with the lenses (Sony has not). If it is FF level of quality, it cannot be a version of a X100.
    Price for camera and lenses will be high, but maybe 1/3 – 1/4 of Leica M9 and in that sense cheap.
    m4/3 today has four advantages:
    And low weight and price! If you get a Fuji system instead, your camera bag will be heavier but your wallet lighter!

  • Nikku

    Panny/Oly are dead! Oh noes!!1 Woe is me!
    I love the naysayers predicting the demise of m4/3rds every time another camera manufacturer sneezes. Me personally, I think m4/3rds has truly hit that “sweet spot” of size, function, and price. What other current systems offer Leica glass for under $1000? Or IBIS? Or nice OOC jpegs? That is why I just ordered the 45/1.8 and will be getting the Panny 7-14mm and an E-P3 in another couple months. See, while you are all soiling your pants over a pre-production camera, I am actually acting with my wallet, then going out and taking pictures.

    • pdc

      Smart move.
      Micro 43 produces GREAT images, and definitely is the sweet spot for a lot of us. We can also be thankful that it came from Panasonic, so we get that nice nice balance of IQ, form and function at a price that leaves room in the budget for great lenses and all the other accessories your particular photography style requires.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth and an inferiority complex seem to be the way of micro four thirds. Or at least Olympus users. ;-)

      Honestly, we have some excellent cameras, some great lenses and a good overall system with lots of accessories, PLUS the added ability to use gear from other systems.

      Gimme a tall chair and a short length of rope! I can’t take it any more! ;-)

  • Boooo!

    “Should Panasonic/Olympus do a camera like the FUji X you see here?”

    No, thank you.

    E-7, E-50, E-650 please. Normal cameras that can use good lenses and bright zooms, not pocket toys with software-corrected primes.

  • Robbi

    I like this bait post… so many trolls

  • pelex

    Shades of Konica Hexar RF….Dig it!

  • Man, it’s easily bought if it’s m43. Invested in a lot of lenses to switch over just because Fuji looks cooler, heh.

  • fred schumacher

    Fuji is reinventing the Leica rangefinder, and by staying with a composite viewfinder, they find themselves stuck between 28 and 90 equivalent focal lengths. Great for enthusiasts, but not so great for the masses. This is a niche product.

    • RW

      So when did “niche” become such a dirty word? Niche means catering to the specific needs of a specific group. If you are not in that group, ignore the product…but if you are in that niche (like me), this rumor points to a very promising development.

      It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If your dream camera is a G3 or GH2, that’s wonderful. Not only is there a choice of bodies to buy right now, but also a high probability of additional models. If your dream camera is a rangefinder-like pocket camera and a small set of primes, however, there ain’t many choices. The X100 gives me hope that the new Fuji will be a lovely piece of hardware that meets “my” needs. Is that so wrong?

      If the 3 lenses in the rumor turn out to be of good quality, that is all I need – i.e. “System complete”. Your mileage may vary of course.

      • Scotch

        there is nothing wrong with Fuji.

        it’s just because you are posting in a m43 site full of m43 fanboys who want RF styled GH2/G3

    • Voldenuit

      Leica has a viewfinder that only goes as wide as 28mm, but that hasn’t stopped them from making lenses wider than that (with accompanying optical VF).

      Similarly, Fuji can easily release lenses longer or wider than the OVF, especially since this will probably have a hybrid VF that can be switched to EVF mode.

      • pelex

        @ RW, +1

    • Scotch


    • Scotch

      don’t forget the EVF and get yourself a GF3 :-)

    • hmph the great unwashed masses can look after themselves, the X-100 is a runaway success for its “niche” so bring it on Fuji, the rest of you can have your GH whatevers if that serves you, great… Besides no camera can be all things to all people, why should this one have to be?

  • pelex

    Regardless of sensor size, anyone care to comment on “organic” CMOS technology (which it may have?)

  • The Master

    So, this is where greed comes back to bite Panasonic in the ass. They thought they could just keep milking their customers with things they really didn’t want, knowing all along people wanted a mini rangefinder with pancake primes and now Fuji gets the cookie. I very much hope this costs Panasonic there newly acquired third place status and people flock in groves to Fuji and Sony. I just throughly detest greedy people and corporations and love to give an enthusiastic, standing ovation whenever they mess there own pants. :)

    • Mike


  • The Master

    Who the hell asked for, or wants a 4/3 ratio sensor anyway? I always shoot 3/2 and if the sensor doesn’t have the ability, like the GH series to utilize most of the sensor, then what’s the point, as in what’s the point with the GX1? Just more milking the customers is the point. My teats are getting sore, from so much milking, from Panasonic, how about yours? :)

    • flash

      Is that for your slide projector? You loose all creditably with your statements.

      • The Master

        I don’t get the slide projector thing, there, Mr Flash, but as far as credibility goes, well, geeezz,I stand shamed by you and I so wanted, to be credible in your eyes. Feel better? Now get a sense of humor, buffoon, before it’s too late. :)

        • flash


          I was just suggesting the only reason to use 2 by 3 format was to make slides, :). Prints are very rarely in that format. Some are a higher ration most are 3 by 5 ratio. Items for the computer or tv screen are also less.

    • Oilymouse

      3/2 is actually a 4/3 frame cut in half, master. It was a practical solution once. Now, millions of APS-C pictures are cropped to 4/3 or 5/4 every day (or at least they should be, darnit).

      It’s the sad, sad truth. And such a waste of megapixels if you think about it. I do hope you enjoy your wonderful 3/2 shots, master. I’m very glad somebody actually thinks it’s more than a mere compromise.

  • Igor

    It’s hard to understand the plethora of comments on some fuzzy pictures from the Xitek forum. There have been already a few posts regarding FujiFilm idea to try their own lens mount on a future mirrorless camera. Fujinon is a division of FujiFilm that specialises in the production of optical lenses for photographic, medical, video, and television use. Some of them are of very good quality that come at a high price tag. I wish them best of luck to make and sell they own inter-changeable lens system, even though I don’t see myself among the first customers of an absolutely new camera system. Three years ago, I’ve sold my Fuji S5, which they abandon concentrating on mass produced P&S compacts, and last year I switched from my last Fuji S200 to Panasonic GF1. At least S5 had Nikon F lens mount. At the moment I have more trust in micro 4/3 system.

    • RW

      I don’t think this is so hard to understand. If you take this forum as an indicator of what enthusiasts want, they “seem” to be asking for a compact camera (ala the GF1/GX1) but with an internal EVF and some fast pancake primes. Everything else seems to be covered already by the GH series. This is not a new song that is being sung. I have been hearing this since I bought my GF1 and 20mm. Fast primes, internal viewfinder. There is nothing new about these requests.

      Is it so surprising when people get excited about a camera that (on paper at least) seems to be hitting that particular sweet spot?

      As to your point about having more confidence in m43 because Fuji has abandoned some product lines in the past, I wouldn’t be so fast to throw that particular stone given the slow death that 43 is undergoing, and the more recent abandonment of forward compatibility for the LVF1.

  • Nate

    Finally, a compact camera that I would purchase. I can’t wait to see all the details when it’s actually released!

  • flash

    I like this Prototype. It makes me nostalgic for the old day,of using a rangefinder with only 3 lens. I guess that is what Fuji is trying for. For me to buy I would need a longer lens, good flash system.

    I do not think it will be big seller, It will sell like their x-100 or a little better which is probably what they want.

    As far as comments about the M mount or a Nikon mount, it would be a mistake to use them for Fuji. They would have to cripple their camera, so it could use other peoples lens.

  • GeorgeH

    I used to be a long time 4/3 user (E-1, E-330, E-420, E-3, 25/1.4(2), 14-54, 12-60, 14-35, 50-200, 7-14, 25/2.8, 14-150) then I sold it all. I’ve been waiting to get back into m43 for a while but since they took so long to to come out with high quality primes I gave up. They finally came out with decent 25mm and 12mm but I’m waiting on a decent body and the GH2 / E-P3 / GX1 doesn’t cut it for me.

    I’d rather pay the premium and go with this camera why?

    a) APS-C image quality with Fuji DR
    b) Give me direct access to shutter speed, ISO and aperture by quickly glancing at the camera and not having to access any menus or look at the LCD

    This has nothing to do with film or retro, although I find the design quite nice. This has everything to do with me knowing how to control my tool and being able to work at the speed I want. I use the 5D2 and I get the same via the display on top(same with E-3 / E-1).

    I hope Panasonic / Oly responds in force and releases something that is interesting to enthusiasts more than just being fodder for their frustration.

    • RW

      GeorgeH says: “This has nothing to do with film or retro, although I find the design quite nice. This has everything to do with me knowing how to control my tool and being able to work at the speed I want. ”

      +100 George, but you may be wasting your breath. I’ve had a lot of people tell me in various threads that I don’t really want an internal viewfinder much less niceties like non-menu based controls.

      In all fairness, the controls on my GF1 are excellent, and if it had a proper viewfinder, I wouldn’t be looking at the Fuji as closely as I am.

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