First leak of the Fuji X interchangeable mirrorless camera (no m43 mount)


The new Fuji X interchageable mirrorless X system has been leaked at Xitek. As you can see from the pictures it is the final prof that it will not have a m43 mount. Too bad, it really looks nice! it has almost the same Fuji X100 design. This is probably a camera Olympus and Panasonic should have made long time ago. It also has the Optical/Electronic viewfinder switch!
A curiosity: Can you guess the possible size of the sensor? Click on pictures to enlarge the images!

UPDATE: There should be a 18mm/2.0 pancake, 35mm/1.4 and a 60mm lens. In APS-C terms this means that Fuji will offer a 27mm f/2.0, 52mm f/1.4 and 90mm lens.


And here is a poll. I already know your answer but I know Olympus and Panasonic are reading us and do need a bit of pressure to get the message:

Should Panasonic/Olympus do a camera like the FUji X you see here?

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P.S.: Fuji X100 links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Ab

    It’s HUGE! Seriously, either that guy has small hands, by a stretch, or that camera is about the same size as an M9.

    Well, I didnt get an ILC so it could be big, I got it so I could take pictures where people (family, friends, travel, reportage, blogging) thought I was using an “old” cam or a P&S.

    Simple. It is a nice cam, it isnt targeting the M43rds market, only the enthusiasts. If people think the enthusiast it going to ba able to lead the masses towards a product like this they are fooling themselves. This is for them, and them alone.

    • napalm

      i think it’s about the size of a 4/3 cam than a m4/3 cam… which is not bad considering you’re getting an APS-C sensor and slightly-more compact body than DSLRs yet not overly compact like the NEX. I like it. partner this with a couple of primes then you’re set to go.

    • MJr

      For a small camera people complaint about the missing EVF or small sensor, when it does have the things we want, ofcourse people want something smaller. Make up your damn mind people.

      “it isnt targeting the M43rds market, only the enthusiasts […] and them alone.” Huray for stating the obvious !

      • Ab

        I never asked for a built in EVF, or viewfinder, i have those on my DSLR. I have my VF2 when I need the VF in bright light… Aside from that I get better candid shots of my son without the camera covering my face.

        I find when out and about in the city I can compose and do all sorts of things without the viewfinder.

        Now onto your comment about the obvious, the fact it is a niche product wont stop all the enthusiasts from moaning about missing every lens on the planet… “when will fuji bring out a fast 70-200” or “when will we see a 500mm f4” and all that nonsense.

        The fact that these people are even comparing this camera to m43rds shows their thinking, so i guess it isnt so obvious after all eh?


        • Forbes

          I think every person following the development knows that Fuji is targeting the enthusiast market with this. More particular, it is targeting the enthusiasts with money. Those thinking about an M9, but not having the cash (or willing to spend it on the M9).

          For them (for me) the size of the M9 is fine.

          • popeye

            +1 for me too.

            if someone complained about size the gf3 is available for they… smaller … touch screen.. and very ugly design :)

  • Nick Clark

    Does no one see the irony of naming a high-end ‘rangefinder’ styled camera after a high-end SLR?

    • I think it has a nice symmetry actually. I’m a proud owner of a Pentax LX. Arguably the best SLR ever made in my humble opinion. I’ll be happy to own both of the LX’s :)

  • Thomas

    just a theory but maybe the 18mm/35mm and 60mm are pretty much what a fullframe needs? Well, sure no 50mm equiv. but 35 and 60 is a pretty damn good combination, better than 35 and 50mm…

    And the 18mm is a UWA lens. So maybe wideangle, all-purpose and “portrait”. Sounds legit to me. Would be a nice combination for the beginning.

    • pdc

      Not a chance – it is APS-C and the 35mm is the “normal” prime.

    • Nick Clark

      The 35mm perhaps, but a full-frame 18mm is very niche and a 60mm basically non-existent…

      In APS they’re the classic three-prime kit.

      • MJr

        three-prime kit… better start saving up ;)

      • Bob B.

        Obviously, its an APS-C. If Fuji can’t get that right by 2011 they might as well throw all of it in the dumpster. It is the same or similar sensor that is in the X100 with 28.8mm, 56.0mm and 96mm equivalent primes. AND they are fast glass. Thank God. Photographers who desire one of these does not want a F%@#ing plastic kit zoom. :-)

  • This is really interesting.. but I wonder, who will buy this camera if it does not have:
    lightning fast af or a REAL rangefinder?

    I´ve tried the x100 and the autofocus is like my old Powershot A620.. like three seconds to get the shot… But, imho, the x100 is selling really good.. So are people just stupid?

    My suggestion is to stop buying things that are not worth buying! Then maybe the camera developers will start to make the cameras we need!

    • Forbes

      I’m sure it will have fast AF, Fuji will have to in view of the competition. It is not a rangefinder though, the pictures show that clear enough and I don’t think it would make sense seeing Fuji developed the X100 as a test to see if the market was ready for this higher end model. A rangefinder would be a different camera all together.

  • Miroslav

    Obviously gunning for Leica M9. 18mm/2.0 pancake, 35mm/1.4 and a 60mm could as well be for 2x crop sensor. Don’t like the retro design, but not enough data to judge.

  • Matt

    I have a Hasselblad X-Pan, which is of course made by Fuji and repackaged as a Hasselblad and I´m quite excited. I´d love a modern camera which provides me with what the Xpan does, well built, light enough to travel with (and I don´t mean fits in a pocket, I mean in comparison with a proDSLR), with excellent lenses and no-nonsense controls where everything is accessible via chunky, dials. That would be my dream camera. This camera is exciting me enough to hold off buying into m43 (I have an EPL1 with kit lens) at least long enough to see what the final version is like.

    The lens choice I can live with, my Xpan only has 30,45,90mm lenses (though each has two angles of view because it is a dual format camera) though I´d prefer 24 and 40mm to 28 and 50mm but hey. I do have a couple of worries. I wonder what the manual focus mechanism would be? My Xpan is the ONLY camera Ive ever had where I have zero focussing worries, I find rangefinder focussing the most reliable form of focussing since you aren´t worried that the camera is locked onto the wrong target and it´s much easier than any digital camera I´ve ever had in tht regard – I don´t use it for moving subjects though, my photography is essentially static. If there is no rangefinder, what kind of MF aid do they have? I´d prefer frame lines to a zoomable viewfinder too actually I think. The other worry is the rather grim user interface of the X100. I hope they have learned some lessons since then (I used a friends, nice camera but in some respects urgh). I don´t like the self-consciously retro design. An Xpan or a Leica simply is what is, plain and functional. The X100 was trying to hard.

    People who haven´t used a rangefinder much can overstate the cons (and pros) of using them. Using multiple fixed lenses within the 28-90mm range really isn´t a problem. It wasn´t for my Xpan or for a Bessa R2 I also had and sold to get the Xpan. Wider angles (like the 17mm pano view of the Xpan 30mm) can be accomadated with external viewfinders. The main problem is for long telephotos. But for most things it simply hasn´t been a problem.

    Ok it is a niche, I for one have reservations, but I´m also quite excited. Looks like I´m not the only one either. It´s not about the retro-charm its about the functionality and no-nonsense controls…..

  • steve

    This will be a Leica M9 killer….!!!

    • MJr

      Damn, just with the M10 on the horizon. Not really tho ;)

  • BLI

    Would I buy the *rumored* new Fuji system camera? Well, I like the design. But NO. I have already invested substantially in the Nikon system. My top quality lenses are *heavy*. It is not the body that contributes the most to the weight, but the lenses. If I change to/add another system, it would be a smaller/lighter system. Thus an APC sized sensor is out of the question. The m43 system appears to have excellent lenses, both from Olympus and Panasonic/Leica. They seem to have some potential for improvement in sensors, though, with the 1-system and the X10 reportedly producing pictures of similar quality.

    What about Fuji and lenses? Someone suggested that Fuji owns and produces Hasselblad. This is not correct. Hasselblad is a Swedish company (although owned by Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P.). Fuji is still involved with Hasselblad, though — Wikipedia states: “The H-System is largely designed and manufactured by Hasselblad, with Fuji’s involvement being limited to finalizing Hasselblad’s lens designs and producing the glass for the lenses and viewfinders. Fuji was allowed under the agreement to sell the H1 under their name in Japan only.” The last time Fuji made a DSLR, they used Nikon bodies to take advantage of the Nikon lens system.

    • Matt

      Fuji have never owned Hasselblad or produced their products in general BUT the Xpan system in particular was designed and manufactured by Fuji in Japan. Basically identical cameras were sold in some areas as the Hasselblad XPan or the Fuji whatever-it-was-called in other markets. It was just a re-branding/marketing exercise. The quality of the lenses was very high.

      Fuji have produced a variety of small camera systems and the corresponding lenses such as their panoramic MF cameras and also make lenses for LF systems, a couple of which I´ve owned. I wouldn´t doubt their expertise on the lens side. The menu/user-interface side based on the X100 perhaps……

      • The Other Chris

        Wrong. Their entire H-line is produced by Fuji.

    • Bob B.

      BLI….after sleeping on this news…I tend to agree with you. I have a LOT invested in a full-frame Canon and a LOT of L glass. I bought into MFT (GF1) to complement my larger VERSATILE full-frame system. I have 8 MFT lenses and love how this system COMPLEMENTS my larger system. I LOVE its small size AND versatility in its own right. I have captured incredible images using this system, too. Even with this Fuji news..which is exciting to me as die-hard photo nut…I am tending to the purchasing of a GX1 (which quite honestly is a benign offering with modest improvements from my GF1) as I want another body so I can carry two ready-to-shoot-primes..and just to have a slightly better camera and make the GF1 my spare body.
      I can’t see stepping “up” to this camera without selling my MFT gear..and that would be a COUPLE of years down the road. There has to be a LOT of the quirks of the X100 gone and a bountiful lens selection for me to own this system. Also…I want to see what Canon is going to do in this area…although I am sure it will not be as interesting to me as this fine and quirky photo offering. It is soooo cool that this camera is being made. Really.

  • Gekopaca

    But what about the mount?
    I’m affraid it isn’t a M mount… Too bad! I don’t care AF lenses and I want to use my favorite ones

    • MJr

      If it’s shorter than M-mount that really doesn’t matter does it, especially without autofocus anyway. If it’s not m-mount i’m betting there will be a fuji-branded adapter right at the announcement, probably one that can just as well read the aperture for metadata and focal-length for the OVF frame-lines.

  • al-chi

    Interesting. I was about to buy some prime m43 lens, but I’ll wait. If they deliver some good lenses then the Fuji X seems to be more interesting than GX.

    • MJr

      Yea me too.

  • Lysmester

    Look closely at the numbers on the lens mount. I think the lens on the left is for an APS-C sized sensor, a 22mm (22×1.6) = 35,2 mm equivalent lens. The one on the right is a 31mm (31×1.6) = 49,6 mm lens.

    In other words a nice set of large aperture primes. At least F2 lenses.

    I think the camera name will be LX200 or X200 and hopefully in an all black version.

    But I could be wrong.. :)

  • Lysmester

    Oops.. Sorry, they are F1.4 lenses as you can see in the picture behind the shutter wheel.

  • If they keep making mindboggling crappy MF for their cameras, then I don’t really care- but hey, that’s just me.. wait.. It’s NOT!

  • MJr

    I hope they don’t really keep silver outlines around the buttons. And i have my doubts about buttons on the thumb grip ?

    The hot-shoe is in the middle of the lens-mount, unlike the X100. Very good for mounting a OVF for super-wides for example.

    And anyone notice the lens aperture ring up to 1.4 in image4? Awesome. Means it will have manual PASM without a PASM dial. That is if the lenses are coupled and have ‘A’ ofcourse but i’d assume so. Basically a interchangeable X100 after all :D

  • Not particularly interested.

    Frankly, as competition goes, I’m more interested about what Canon has for us in store.

    I’ve never used RF and those few encounters I had with Leica M8 I failed to see the appeal. And I prefer the VF in the middle – not on the side. Somehow, camera holds steadier if VF is in the middle. If Leicas and the lenses had shed at least half their weight, it might have been different. But they are as heavy as they are.

    The faults in the design of the modern cameras are of different nature (simply too much features and too much controls, as I’m concerned) but I do not see how RF style ergonomics solves anything. Stripping features is not the solution: making cameras software being able to make more intelligent decisions is. I would have always shot in Auto, if that worked at least half time decently. But it is not.

    As much as I like the idea of hybrid VF (no, I do not like its implementation in Fuji X100), I would still rate touch-to-shoot a better tech innovation.

    • Forbes

      I think you explain very well why this camera and RF cameras have no appeal for you, they are different types of cameras.

      I like this and RF cameras because they allow more control. In fact, that is the whole reason why I still haven’t decided between getting a modern camera or a Leica M2. The only reason I haven’t bought an M2 yet is that I don’t know about developing my own film. But what is great about the M2 is that when using ‘sunny 16’, nothing needs to be turned on. It’s all mechanical and provides full control to the photographer.

      That is, I think, a pretty big contrast to what you prefer (automation, touch-to-shoot).

      Not saying one is better or worse, just different.

  • Ben Y

    Looks like this will be in all black considering all the dials and even the hotshoe mount is painted black, which is probably why they didn’t release a black X100. Nice.

  • Yun

    Only the design of Fuji need further improvement , a design such as NEX 7 & GX1 , more appeal to nowsday generation .
    Image quality , I have no doubt over Fuji’s credibility but right now I’m still keen on GX1 .

    • Ben Y

      Who are you to say that most people prefer the GX1 design? It’s a subjective issue. It’s nonsensical to say the GX1 is an improved design to the Fuji when they are meant to be completely different.

  • Bo

    I would buy a interchangeable lens X100 right away.. if it had a M lens mount. a smart Fuji would have made a M mount with electronic contacts, able to accept old M lenses and autofocus lenses…. if they were really clever the lenses would even mount on a M camera. it would generate sales for both reasons.

  • nerk

    +1 laughing at the chorus of ‘it’s too big!’. What did you expect would happen when they included all the bells and whistles you’ve been asking for? Sometimes I think we get the cameras we deserve. If I were a manufacturer scrolling these forums I honestly wouldn’t know what message to take home, except perhaps that people want a magic chameleon camera that is both large and small, has everything and nothing, and changes dimensions and feature set depending on who is holding it.

  • DR

    Ok, this is looking really interesting.

    I use a Canon 5D and have been holding off upgrading it until I see the Mk3. Also use a GF1 and 3 lenses. I like the GX1 a lot and will probably buy one after the price drops a bit.

    But. What disappoints me about m43 is the slow pace of sensor improvement, other formats are pulling ahead while m43 only gets incremental improvements and s l o w l y . . .

    So, if this LX has a FF resolution and great DR and noise as they suggest, and has a usable and fast system, I’ll get one of those with a couple of lenses and hold off on the 5D upgrade. That still gives me a FF for when I need one, a current high DR/Low Noise/High Res sensor camera, and a foot in the m43 door if they ever get their sensor act together.

    Happy with where m43 is with lenses, lots of good choices there. Really surprised they haven’t moved ahead in the sensor dept like I thought though.

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