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First image samples with the Panasonic X lens.


Arkadiusz Olech from Lenstip (Click here) posted the very first full size image samples taken with the two new Panasonic X lenses, the Panasonic 14-42mmm X and 45-175mm X. The test images do look good or not?

The same website (Click here) also posted some Olympus 45mm f/1.8 image samples. Olympus Japan confirmed that the lens will ship to every corner of this planet from Spetember 9. You can preorder the lens by clicking those direct search links at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Olympus is great… they make a guarantee on their shipping dates.. confirming it will ship to THIS ENTIRE PLANET september 9th.

    …. Panasonic, on the other hand… can go screw themselves. pushing back release dates is just not okay… i mean, it doesnt even make sense! its not as if the lens are defective? some parts of the country got them months ago. soo… where are they?! why would you tell us the leica 25mm dg will ship july.. push it to August.. then push it to september.. and now that its september 5th.. IT STILL AINT OUT YET! (it seriously feels as if they dont want people to buy it. -__-)

    pushing back a week or soo, is reasonable.. but 3-4 months? GOD!!!!!

    so, if history is right. this 14-42mm HD lens AINT Never comin out.

    • im seriously thinking of just getting the Voigtlander 25mm. or possible even the 45mm olympus. im sure they will ship wayyy before the leica anyways.

      soo tired of this waiting…. ehh.

      p.s. i do not want to spend $250 over retail value. might as well get the Voigtlander

      • Mr. Reeee

        These Panasonic X lenses simply are not in the same league as the Voigtländers. Their biggest selling point, as far as I can tell without having used one, is their compactness. The 14-42mm on a GF3 could be a fun little kit, but without a focus ring, I’d be inclined to skip it.

        The Voigtländer Nokton 25mm is a fantastic lens! The images it produces have a really special quality to them that’s hard to explain. The build quality is excellent and it’s a real pleasure to use. The focus is easy, fast and accurate. I chose it over the Pana/Leica 25mm. If you can afford it, just get one!

        I also have their 35mm f1.4, while it’s not quite as nice as the 25mm is still very nice and very compact. It’s my favorite walk around lens.

        • Mr Reee, how do you AF? magnify?
          I’m sure you have a newer M43 then me, but on my GH1 its a PITA to MF, magnifying full view makes composition useless, unless ur tripoding

          I wish they introduce peaking

          • Mr. Reeee

            I have a GH2. Manual focus is easy, especially with the V25mm. Composing and focussing on non-centered subjects can be challenging, shifting the focal point with the 4-way buttons, but you get used to it.

            Actually, shooting in full manual mode on the GH2 is faster and easier than any camera I’ve ever used, going back to 35mm film cameras (Konica and Nikon). Between setting the Aperture on the lens, using the Control Wheel to adjust exposure and for focus assist, all coupled with Constant Preview in M makes it intuitive, enjoyable and accurate. The Control Wheel is brilliant (and a real shame Panasonic left it off the GF3).

            That said, I’d love to try focus peaking on a NEX-5n or NEX-7. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a fantastic compliment to manual lenses. One could buy a NEX body and skip the crappy artillary shell lenses entirely. I wish the Voigtländer 25mm had a Leica M mount so I could use it on larger format cameras. It’s really that good!

    • Mike

      The Leica 25mm is available in North America here:

      • what is i have never heard of it! have you ordered from there before? can i trust it?

        • ohhh nevermind. that is canada. doesnt ship to the US.

          the helll? why would it be available in canada and not the US? now i am MORE ANGRY…. AHHHHH

    • Anonymous

      > its not as if the lens are defective?
      Well, didn’t Panasonic say in marketroid speak that this X lens line up will be optically flawed and using software corrections for covering that?

      • carpandean

        He means defective as in not built to specs. What Panasonic basically said was that due to the physics of it all, getting such a lens in that small of package would give an image that is not as desired, but that it can be (and is) fixed in-camera with software. It’s part of the design. You get the desired end result in a smaller package by adjusting the image in a predictable way. That is very different than having a design set, but producing defective units. Those defective units will give undesired results. I know that a lot of “old school” photographers have an issue with software corrections to lenses, but if the result is the same (indiscernible when printed at the desired level) as a bigger, more expensive “optically correct” lens, does it really matter? Welcome to the digital age.

        • Peter

          But _is_ digital correction indiscernible from a good (better) optical design?

          For example, these lenses generally rely on digital correction of massive amounts of barrel distortion (upto 5% I think?) Now as far as I know this works by “stretching” the image and then cropping. Does this not inherently lead to a loss of resolution at the edges?

    • Nat Whilk

      Who said the Leica 25mm dg would ship in July? The original product announcement said “August”.

    • Vlad

      People forgot what happened in March. Many companies pushed back their announcements and releases. An example would be Sony.

  • Hassler

    i don´t see that these lenses justify their price.

    the example images are not very sharp.
    i would say i could hardly distinguish them from images made with the kit 14-42 lens on my e-pl1

    • Lenstip always uses lowest sharpening setting, and samples have some camera shake blur too. This one looks ok:

      • Mr. Reeee

        It also seemed that they’re clueless about how to use ISO.
        The interior stage shots were ISO 160, while the exterior shots in bright sunlight were ISO 320! It should have been the opposite.

      • That’s taken with aperture at 6.3. It’s also very dark.

        Well, what can you do with small aperture lenses in such dark lighting? It’s basically next to useless to try to use something like that indoors. Maybe if you can hold it against something.

        Waiting for the bright zoom…

        • Mr. Reeee

          Even in those lighting conditions, it’s totally doable by bumping up the ISO a bit to 800 or 1000 or even 1250 and doing it hand held. I find things to lean against or rest the camera on and been using the same technique since using 200 or 400 ASA 35mm film. Sure, I have to shoot a few, but I WILL get at least one good shot.

          Fast lenses DO make a heap of difference, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, these dinky zooms just ain’t it! I’m not a big zoom fan, but the 12-35mm looks pretty compelling. If it was f2.0…..

    • Kralin

      Really where is the “pro” performance?
      I’ve seen 2 or 3 of this tipe of samples, also take a look here, even if they are most out of focus:

      they are simply kit lenses, and have nothing to do with leica lens.
      I was thinking to take the 45-175, but I’ll go for the 45-200 cheaper and longer tele with comaparable IQ.

      If I have to spend 400 dollars/euro for the 14-42, maybe it is time to invest in the oly 12mm

    • EddyKilowatt

      Glad you said that, I’ve been wondering if my kit 14-42 is defective. It produces images just about like these. I knew going in that the kit 14-42 doesn’t have a stellar reputation, but it is generally regarded as ‘adequate’. I don’t think of myself as having high standards, but I was pretty disappointed when it arrived and began producing images like these.

      I was hoping the new X-series 14-42 would earn the ‘X’ by being an improvement… not a huge one, since I don’t expect miracles and realize there are tradeoffs for the compact size. But it’s going to be tough to justify $400 to upgrade from the kit lens with compact size as the only benefit… no optical improvement, it appears.

  • LGO

    Great possibilities but the photo samples are less than convincing. I wonder how much of the limitations in the sample photos merely reflect the limitations of the sensor rather than the lens. If the photo samples already show the best that these lens can do, then these lenses are non-starters. But I will wait for other samples to see what these 2 “x” lenses are really capable of.

    • MJr

      Limitations of the photographer… these shots are all shaken.

      • 1+
        Most of them shot at 160 which is not enough for motion pic

  • bookervrk

    Actually, In Taiwan, the olympus 45mm is selled in the street. there are some test for this lens , I just hold tight my hand not to buy one.

  • If I were Panasonic, I would ask the site to remove these samples. They might be nice snaphots as personal remembrance for that event but they are way too unprofessional to show the potential of these lenses.

    • Kralin

      If I were panasonic I’d set up a demonstation with much more ambient light. but I’m happy they didn’t since we can se what these lenses can do in real life situation.

      • Nick Clark

        But in this case you’re seeing as much what the Photographer and camera-body *can’t* do as what the lens can…

        • Kralin

          Nick these are the best pics I’ve seen at this show. let’s say the IFA is not that populated with photographers.

  • Brod1er

    Were they taken with the pre production lens made available to the press? If so, let’s wait and see.

    • Anonymous

      Pre production, pre roduction…
      The fact is that when it comes to mass production of either complex electronics or mechanics/optics manufacturers can’t correct flaws by snapping fingers.
      In prototyping manufacturers have lot more flexibility for doing changes fast because components/parts are made individually when needed but when product (and all the tooling needed for individual components) is set up for mass production changes are lot harder to do and take longer time.

      Now for pancake 14-42mm mediocre performance would be fair to expect but Panasonic themselves has admitted that this supposed premium lens line isn’t anything about actual quality but software corrections of optical flaws. (now there’s Microsoft of lens manufacturing for you)

  • fgl42

    This should be the regular kit lens

  • Lots of camera shake caused by low light I think. Still, nothing impressive so far. We’ll have to wait a while yet for the truth.

  • 43pr0n

    Instead of a video lens, I’d rather fetch me a nice 20/1,7 …

  • Olympus 45mm f/1.8 looks good. I hope that Panasonic makes an OIS version of this lens. The current Panasonic 45mm f/2.8 is a bit slow for low light video.

    • Panasonic probably won’t make a stabilized 45/1.8 anytime soon. I believe they’ll concentrate on fleshing out their system first. If you want a stabilized 45/1.8 you have to get an Olympus body with sensor based stabilization, or buy a Sony NEX body with the Sony 50/1.8 OSS. That lens has a little less reach but features lens based stabilization.

      • wonderer

        does “sensor stabilization” or IBIS in Olympus works when shooting video?

        I’m thinking about getting m43system, GF2 is my choice right now (stereo mic, decent videos) but it has no in-body stabilization. I wonder if it is such a difference using Olympus body while shooting videos (say E-PL3).

        Picture quality is alright for me on both, I came from P&S premium compacts e.g. G12 addict, so it is still twice as good that’s fine for me.

        • notImportant

          The stabilization in video mode is an electronic one, by shifting the image instead of the sensor. To do that, they crop the image by a good amount.

          Everytime i shoot video on my epl-1. I just disable the stabilization.

          • wonderer

            ok thank you for the reply, so this is the olympus case. I know there is a software that can crop it for you, which is probably better option.

            so I will go with panasonic then, unless there’s some other stereo-equipped portable camera that can shoot decent videos.

            I was scared of Olympus XZ-1 output and G12 made me cry with its video weaknesses, so good bye compacts, m43 for me with a decent compact lens.

  • Don’t look too bad, some blue fringing around high contrast areas. Nothing special nothing terrible.

    • Hassler

      nothing special.. yeah… except the price.

    • Kralin

      consider fringing is removed with in-camera software, and still you are seeing it!

  • DonTom

    Well, nothing proved or dis-proved with those pics! Actually, we are mad to expect anything extra special IQ wise from the X 14-42mm. Its “X” factor is the collapsed size.
    Hopefully it’s a different story from the faster “X” zooms. But I won’t be buying one unless I can use the OIS on my E-PL1. Olly is nuts if they don’t sort their firmware out to allow that, as it will drive all video focused users to Panny. I want OIS for video, but I also want Olly jpegs……’s a system, they need to keep all lenses and bodies compatible!

  • Hi admin,

    I already had the 45mm pre-ordered on for 270EUR, delivery in September. I cancelled my order and ordered again, using your affiliate link for an even better price, just the delivery date is estimated to be in October now. Let’s see if that holds up, I could actually use the lens earlier.



  • Boooo!

    For the people claiming “badly focused” and “camera shake”, here you go:

    Exposure 0.006 sec (1/160)
    Aperture f/4.5
    Focal Length 14 mm

    Blurry mess, lots of CA (and keep in mind that CA is already corrected through software).

    This is a $100 kit lens at best, not a $400 “special über-pr0 X lens”.

    Yay, it’s collapsible and small when the camera is turned off. Who cares?

    $400 for a 14-42 “X” f/3.5-5.6

    $500 for an Olympus XZ-1 – an entire CAMERA – 14-56 f/1.8-2.5

    I know what I’d choose.

    • maybe missed focus or some issue from OIS. I do not believe in such poor quality.

    • wonderer

      ISO 160 and F4.5 and still 1/160 shutter speed? I wonder what camera this was on – GF3 James Bond edition? (I know is underexposed but one would expect 1/10 time with such a settings and conditions)

      it certainly looks like a smeared mobile photo, where JPEG processing engine went over the top with noise reduction, at F4.5 it should be sharp as hell, not like this…

      eagerly awaiting proven RAW versions, X lenses makes m43 system what it is supposed to be, pockatable DSLRs on low ISOs…

    • The image is sharp on the license plate, everything else is OOF
      besides are we sure its final production sample?

  • popeye

    i’m not interested in 14-42 lens . but i saw the samples and i’m asking if the rumored GF7 will have g3 sensor. cos i don’t like the way how it’s looks the “colors”in generally speaking . off course the pics could be cook in LR after. why panny wouldn’t use the GH sensor instead ? i hate this panny color sensor touch .. more yellow and cold blue, worst combination ( sry, off topic )

    • Kralin

      the problem is not in the sensor. if I open g3 raw files in aperture I get much much better color, and image quality without any processing. the problem is in the jpg engine, that is almost useless to me on the g3. you you want good colors on jpg go to olympus

      • Mar

        Wasn’t the G3 commended for having very good JPEG engine?

        In any case, it’s funny how Olympus beats Panasonic with 3 year old sensors in IQ department.

        • Olympus colors are still the best, even compared to other companies – but i dont shoot jpeg anyway

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s easy to adjust the auto white balance on a Panasonic to cut down the yellow. Do it once and you’re done. I prefer to use a grey card to set white balance instead of relying on defaults.

      Personally, I prefer the more accurate and natural colors of Panasonic JPEGs vs. the over saturated and exaggerated Oly JPEGs. But I can understand the appeal of the Oly’s.

      Adorama had a $149 special on LightRoom 3 last week, so I ordered a copy. I’m anxious to finally learn how to use it and eventually ditch JPEGs entirely.

    • popeye

      no, i don’t shoot jpeg, only raw and dropped in Lr for finest adjustments at the end. still panasonic colors are not so sexy ( in raw mode & before to be processed ) i’m not interested at all in jpeg engine but i heard is rubbish. i have an gf1 and after i saw on flickr a lot of pictures from m43’s cameras.. i think GH2 is quite nice .. in color terms way of speaking ( assume that i saw jpegs coming from raw files )

  • Diane B

    Two comments about the lenses. Maybe I missed the “pro” designation and my understanding is that the levers are aimed at videographers and the 14-42 is aimed specifically at those who want pancake size but a zoom range. I haven’t looked at samples yet as I have no interest in either but I do think people are putting these into the wrong category.

    Mr. Ree, you’ll love LR. I have used it since beta 1.0 and many RAW converters before that (and LR is so much more than just an outstanding RC). I was really happy when the G3 was supported.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Thanks Diane, I hope so. You helped me over on the DPR M4/3 forums in my other guise.

      I’ve used iView Media (Pro… Expression Media) for years and think LightRoom will take me to the next level. I still like the ability to save separate catalogues by event or day or trip, etc. and it seems LR should allow me to do that. The lack of file control is why I dislike iPhoto and avoided Aperture.

      • pdc

        Thanks Mr. Reee and Diane B. for constructive, civil content.
        Panasonic JPEG developing is not so bad, and I rarely have to
        fall back on the RW2 files. Most of the time, for stills to be shared
        I simply do some tweaking in Picasa. Likewise for video I generally use
        the 720p60 iA presets, as most of the time the results are pleasing enough. For a flatter more cinematic effect from the GH2, 1080p24 with the Cinema film setting and contrast and sharpness turned down produces good results. The present Panasonic AF lenses are OK for video, especially the 14-140, but am really looking forward to the X-series 12-50 and 35-100 especially if they are fast throughout the range, and are also parfocal (but doubt that). I also like the Nokton 25/0.95 a lot for ambient indoor lit shooting, but do lose a lot of footage due to MF, but if you want to pull-focus you have the control, especially if you use a small HD monitor. Not sure that the Leica 25/1.4 would provide the flexibility I now have with the Nokton. This site is full of Panasonic-hating disgruntled Olympus FT owners, but I think they are developing a wonderful enthusiast platform in mFT. Sure, they can’t quite keep up with demand, but for goodness sake get in line and you will get your toys in time!

  • Jurek Ugarow

    This is most probably a pre-production lens. It is also being displayed at a trade show with the usual horrible lighting situation, with perhaps the cameras and lenses chained to a counter or with other limitations, and with little ability to make creative framing.

    Given that, I think a couple of pictures show real promise. But really, we all need to wait for the final product to make any kind of rational evaluation.

  • Anonymous

    The last three (the side portrait) are fine. The rest are pretty bad lighting and (I suspect) micro blurring due to camera shake. Really, if you want to test a lens take some shots in good light so we can see what it can do under good conditions.

  • I find it hard to believe that these are unprocessed images. If you look at the closeup of the women – her skin is pore and blemish free and those lips are, well non-human. Not going to base a decision on these images. Will wait until there are other reviews and samples to look at.

    • Jurek Ugarow

      Are you sure she is in fact human? I thought it was a mannequin.

  • RJ

    These are very poorly executed test images and based on this, I would not purchase either lens. Really odd article.

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