First image samples taken with the new Nokton 42,5mm f/0.95!


This is the very first time you can see some image samples taken with the new Nokton 42,5mm f/0.95 lens. Here are the links to the three images. Please be aware that the photographer made the mistake to write 25mm instead of 42,5mm on the title. He will correct it soon :)

So…what do you think? Is it good enough for you?

Still no info about the availability of the lens. Save this search on Slidoo to be notified when the lens will be available for preorder on eBay.

Thanks Nanoka for sharing the links!

  • This will be another beast. I’m curious about the tests and final price.

  • Marck

    Maybe a camera is not the best subject to test a portrait lens, but anyway there’s really too much ghosting in black-to-white changing zones (such as the “nokton” word on the lens) in all 3 pictures.
    I would appreciate a better bokeh, otherwise it can only be used as a video lens with almost no use in photography (if I have to step it down to f2.0 to get something usable I can use the much better Oly 45/1.8)

    • ghosting? its the out of focus area, and its surely for more purposes then video only. I think this is an interesting lens, independent from the looks of the OOF.

      • Marck

        sorry, I’m not mothertongue and I don’t how to call that effect… the white that comes out of the letters and goes over the black.. is it blur? Sorry for the bad english! :)

        • oh….yes its the defocused area, while the infocus are looks free of it,Maybe in very high contrast light the letters may give ghost or blooming effect, but thats to be expected in many extreme fast lenses.

      • Mr. Reeee

        This looks extremely interesting. I was about to spring for a 17.5mm, but maybe I’ll wait a bit and see about this.

        Love my Voigtländers! I want MORE!

  • Tulio

    I prefer the character of the Zeiss-Contax 50mm at f1.7: that I paid $50 3 years ago.

    • Maley

      Which is nearly 2 stops slower…

  • Bob B.

    Bokeh monster. (need an assistant to pull focus for me, tho).

    • Michael Devitt

      Focus puller is actually included in the box, dehydrated in the silica bag, ready to use, just put it in the water :)

      • Bob B.

        hmmmm…but the Panasonic f/1.2 will have autofocus…hmmmm…this is getting interesting….I bet the price tags will be close to the same…but I bet the “look” will be considerably different!
        (I also wish that a FAST Pany/Leica 17.5mm would be produced as well…like a f/1.7 or f/1.4…I think it would totally trump the Oly if it was faster and sharper).

  • doc

    is this the final product? or is this just a test model.

  • Who are the people that get their hands on these lenses before everyone else? Seems like the first pics that leak out after a new lens announcement are always the most pointless photos ever taken. I can deduce absolutely nothing from these samples. I eagerly await some solid portrat samples.

    • this is what the poster said(translated online):
      “I went to CP + today. If you are looking for a new 42.5mm in Koshinabusu, I will not be displayed anywhere.
      So I asked at the counter, “Yes,. It is this” you gave me and easily.
      Moreover, we do not hesitate to let me try that preview that OK (!) Be attached to your camera very much.
      Development in all olympus viewer2 from RAW.
      0, the standard tone, noise filter OFF All Natural finish, contrast, sharpness, and saturation.
      If I become your reference.”

      • Eric

        May be, the close focus (and hard lights) is increasing the chromatic bokeh. But still, closing at f/2.0 didn’t remove it completely.

  • CV give me a copy from that lens and I will make some nice photos with it from some gorgeous models, so it will stimulate the sales of this product.

    • Ulli. That’s a great offer. I hope they take you up on it.

  • We will, I hope, not chose the quality of a lens from three snap-shots obviously taken under restricted circumstances?

    • All lens quality will be judged by the worst possible photo. However, once we buy the lens, it will be judged by the best possible photo.

  • kavat

    Exactly the same rendering as the 25mm 0.95 cv. I prefer the SLR Magic signature.

    • maybe, but like Rolf mentioned, better wait for more photos, made under various light scenarios before making a final opinion.

  • Eric S

    Awful bokeh due to a lot longitudinal chromatic aberration.

  • clem

    I don’t speak Japanese, but there is Nokton 25 0.95 written all over the page, but not 42.5 0.95 …

    • uiti

      That BBS doesn’t have a forum now for Nokton 42.5mm. That’s why he wrote about 42.5mm on 25mm forum.

      • uiti

        Here topic’s Google translation.

        “I went to CP + today. If you are looking for a new 42.5mm in Koshina booth, I will not be displayed anywhere.
        So I asked at the counter, “Yes,. It is this” you gave me and easily.
        Moreover, we do not hesitate to let me try that preview that OK (!) Be attached to your camera very much.
        Development in all olympus viewer2 from RAW.
        0, the standard tone, noise filter OFF All Natural finish, contrast, sharpness, and saturation.
        If I become your reference.”

        I don’t mind you belive or not.And sorry for my poor English

    • JF

      +1 It’ written 25 mm not 42.5 !!!

    • ksk

      As uiti mentioned the guy on the BBS says that he went to CP+ Today and we was able to try on 42.5 on his own camera. I happen to plan to go to CP+ tomorrow so I can confirm :)

  • btw didn’t previous post say it has no aspherical elements?

    • ignore please

    • admin

      It was written on

  • JF

    It starts being sharp at f2, not spectacular… but maybe for portraits you don’t want too much sharpness ? Isn’t a manual lens boring for portraits where you need to be fast to react to your model actions ? Do you have time too precisely focus manually ?

    • Well, at that close range and f/0.95 or 1.4 there’s not much to be in focus anyway. It seems however to me a bit “dreamy” at full aperture but that’s no bad thing for portraiture.

    • Crap

      Don’t worry mate. A sharp lens does not ruin portraits. Manual focus is not a problem for portraits. Most lenses are sharp enough.

      • Esa Tuutense

        Finally someone with a clue, it’s refreshing. Thanks.

  • Ulli

    i would love to see a comparison between this lens and the Nokton 50 mm f/1.1
    Despite loving that lens and done some nice model series with it, I had many troubles with several adapters for m43. It worked perfectly on Ricoh GRX & M module combo, which lacked in another department (framebuffer) though. The 1.1 has a characteristic rendering wideopen which many people dont like, but its great for moodful portraits without the typical buttery/smooth bokeh mostly associated with the popular portrait lenses.

    • Did you use the Novoflex LeicaM/MFT for your Nokton 50mm? Mine works perfectly. Yes, that lens has some strange characteristics but I tend to like that ….

      Three lousy snapshots from the 42.5 and people already know everything – really, grand visionaries all around… ;-)

      • rrr_hhh

        I have a Novoflex adapter and the 90mm F2 Sumicron isn’t able to focus at infinite. The 50mm F1.4 by contrat works fine. Sometimes I wonder whether I shouldn’t try to get a cheap Asian adapter and see how it would work with the 90mm. Just to say that paying a lot doesn’t always go with quality. I’m pretty angry that the Novoflex costed so much, yet doesn’t work.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Try Rainbow Imaging. No problem with infinity focus with any of mine.
          For $20 you can’t beat them. The Leica M and L mounts are even cheaper.

        • Ulli

          Is it possible you got an older version? I read on their site that they improved their adapters to get rid of the infinity problems.

        • bobsiolf

          Just to say I agree with Mr. Reeee I bought the rainbow imaging specifically for use with my 90mm Sumicron . It works perfectly with my E-P3 and GH3

      • Ulli

        Rolf no i didn’t get the Novoflex adapter, but only after i sold the 1.1 I found out about them……do you use novoflex with the 1.1?

        • Yes. I have three Novoflex – LeicaM/LeicR/NikonF-MFT. Apart from one problem – NikonF is a bit wobbly turning slightly in itself but not focus-plane wise – I never encountered any problem here. Usually Novoflex are considered highly (price: poooh) and I’ve read too many stories about adaptors getting stuck or performing other stunts so I decided to opt for security.

          But – whenever we introduce another factor to the delicate relationship between camera and lens, problems may occure or get enhanced. Lenses are and will stay complicated beasts and especially if you get a used one there may be problems hidden in their history. Just had to send in even my rather new Voigtlaender 17.5 as it suddenly startet to go over infinity. And this lens is solid like a T34 tank.

          Cheaper adaptors may have problems with manufacturing tolerances or lousy material easier than more expensive ones but surely such problems may occur in the expensive ones at times. If an adaptor works without problem with one lens but problems appear with another, the probability that it’s a lens problem and not that of the adaptor seems logical to me.

        • ……and it is me….

  • It’s definitely got that CV Nokton look to it. It’s a very unique, very characteristic look that the other f/0.95 lenses have, as well as something like the Nokton 40/1.4 for M mount. You either love the look, or you hate the look. It is definitely not a ‘technically perfect’ rendering by any stretch of the imagination, but it has a great character, and if you like that rendering, you’ll love this lens.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Technically perfect is boring as hell.

  • tomas

    the dof is so shallow that if used for face portrait…you focus on eye and nose is out of focus :-)

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      As every f0.95 photo. You have to stay some steps away from the subject of course. Close ups are “artistic” shots, but I would not take a close up of an eye, it would be awkward IMO. :)

  • hsalonen

    Would love to see a comparison between this and Panasonic 42.5/1.2 .

    Being lazy PHOTOgrapher and not VIDEOgrapher, I do value the auto-focus.

    • hsalonen

      That or focus peaking..

    • hsalonen

      That or focus peaking..

      • adventsam

        That or Focus peaking..

        • Gys

          That or Focus peaking..

          • P4INKiller

            That or focus peaking..

            • TrollAnyBody?

              That or focus peaking..

    • Ulli

      I agree with the AF being a plus, but like you i am interested in a comparison. I have the feeling that I might like the looks of portraits, especially half or full figure, done with the Nokton wide open, more then the Lumix at same setting, even when the last one wouldbe sharper……but too much assuming indeed….lets hope we see comparisons soon.

      • Esa Tuutense

        I know what you need then: a Canon or Nikon 135. It’s also cheaper if you are going to need a few proper lenses.

        • no i actually need 6×6 or 6×7, but anything bigger then m43 is not practical for me, so this the best compromise.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I would use it for my night portraits, wide opened at f0.95, but I already have SLR Hyperprime Noktor 50mm f0.95. I think I’ll wait for the Panasonic f1.2, just to have a bright AF. What I don’t like that much about this Voigty is the spiky bokeh when stopped down.

  • Flash

    Looks like it will be a great lens for more traditional portrait shooters. mFT has another excellent Prime Lens. Just needs some native telephotos, till then adapters I guess.

    I got to use a Voigtländer 25 and really like the feel and results. I guess I like the manual focus when done right.

  • Matthias

    For me image samples are useless if they are not in full size… ;-)

    • uiti

      you can down load full resolution image sample from the bbs, but you need account.

    • Ulli

      does that mean you only care about sharpness?

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Not everyone are interested in soft lenses with undercorrected lens aberrations especially if that doesn’t show in price.
        If lens needs stopping down because of lack of sharpness (and not DOF) then it’s not worth the price premium over slower lens sharp from the start.

        Out of focus blur/bokeh sure can’t be mimicked in post processing but aberrations caused overall lack of sharpness can be if that soft look is what’s required.

        • Esa Tuutense

          Thanks, but these things have little to do with photography. And they are not even true.

        • You expect a 0.95 lens wideopen to be free of “softness”? Maybe if you spend enough money for a lens which is optimimized to be used wideopen and reaches its full potential already at or near that setting(Noct Nikkor 58mm f/1.2). The CV is prob aimed at people who dont want to spend much more then 1000 euro. I dont like a lens to be soft either, but in most cases softness is a combination of blooming(or glow, a term mostly used when we talk about certain leica lenses…….) around details which are actually still sharp enough, its normal as there is so much light coming in. It helps alot if you choose to work under more ideal light situations, but even then, it has its charms and can add to the quality of a photograph.

          • Mr. Reeee

            I use my Nokton 25mm in all sorts of lighting situations… near darkness, day, overcast, whatever. I like the glowiness @ f0.95 and consider that an advantage at times. Stop it down to f1.4 and it’s mostly gone.

            • Esa Tuutense

              Good, someone is actually taking photos here, I am glad.

  • LouisB

    Ugly, ugly, ugly oof areas. When will the idea of mf lenses for m43rds finally die out? CV would do a lot better to invest in creating AF m43rds lenses and provide a real alternative to Panasonic and Olympus.

    • kENjONES36

      @louisB I tend to agree most of these lenses are rip off priced toys for old men to play with.

  • MFTler

    It’s a pity that the 8 focus blades a not round.

    At fully opened aperture the bokeh is amazing. But from F1.4 on you see octangonal out of focus highlights.

    As amazing the Voigtlander may be, the consequence could be that Oly 45mm bokeh may be better for F/1.8 and smaller apertures.

    • strangely, at 1.4 the irisblades look different, not octa, but more like the old russian lenses with 10 or more irisblades. But at 2.0 it seems to be round again. But i find the 1.4 not ugly.

  • Robbie

    LOL this is just some guy who went to CP+ and took some quick snaps using the new lens, cant believe all this crap talk about the new lens again. This is not even the official sample….

  • Lwiuehh

    I know they want to show super shallow DOF and in order to do this with a FF equivalent DOF of F1.9 they need to focus super close. To be honest I don’t care how the lens performs when focused a foot away from its subject. I want to see how it performs at normal differences for the purpose I will use it for

    • sorry….. most of us think in equiv. as much as a “FF” user does,in case a medium format user comes along, saying that a “FF” f/1.2 is just a f/2.0 on medium format.

    • mert

      On a FT sensor at 0.95, I appreciate concern for DOF equivalence at or below 25 mm. Above around 30 it becomes pointless as your DOF is already razor thin.

  • Cannot see 1 piece of sharp pixels full open. Better test shots please.

  • Apart from all of this – I still find it somewhat strange to discuss a lens in deep with these examples. Would we discuss a new Toyota in deep after someone just sat in it on a car-show and started the motor once?

  • mimstyle

    Great but I prefer the pana 42.5 F/1.2 with AF, but 0.95 is great !

  • Fants

    How anyone can judge anything about a portrait lens based on three quick shots taken of a camera at what is probably very close to MFD is beyond me. Your typical subjects with this lens are highly unlikely to be inanimate, contrast-heavy objects that are a foot away!

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