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First IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 review!


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The world’s fastest lens for mirrorless cameras is the Ibelux 40mm f/0.85. You can get it with native MFT mount at Adorama (Click here) and in Germany at Technikdirekt. (google translation here) is the first website who reviewed the lens (Fuji X-mount version). They posted many image samples and test. Of course it’s a bit tricky to rely on the google translation tool but these are their findings (if correctly interpreted):

– lens quality is very high (made of metal and nice glossy painted black).
– smooth focus ring and very accurate. A bit weak click when using the aperture ring (sometimes you may don’t notice it and rotate further).
– sharpness is decent wide open and improves dramatically at f/2.8 towards.
– There is some fringe at wide aperture
– It has a “gentle” blur
– no major ghost or flare issue

Now are your ready to spend 2000Euro/Dollars on that lens? Me not :)


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