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First G3 in Stock at Amazon (+ more US deals)


The very first Panasonic G3 is in Stock at Amazon (Click here). It is the white model with 14-42mm kit lens. There are more white models in Stock at eBay (Click here) and also a red model on eBay (Click here).

The most popular and most demanded micro 43rd lens, the Panasonic 20mm pancake is back in stock at BHphoto (Click here) and Amazon (Click here).

And there is again a new price drop on the Olympus XZ-1 at Amazon (Click here). I guess Olympus is making space for the upcoming new Olympus E-PM1.

The last deals is about the Panasonic 100-300mm lens. Every week the price drops by $5-$10 and is now available for $513 only at Amazon (Click here).

  • Andi

    In Germany you can already buy and test/touch it in the shops. Even the big Canon/Nikon supporter/discounter do have it!

    Poor USA!

    • Poor You

      Don’t be silly, people in the USA have had the camera for some time. is not a reflection of all US stock.

      Think before you post, you could avoid making yourself sound stupid and trollish.

  • Chris K.

    I pre-ordered a red G3 on May 12 (and I’m in the US). Amazon’s estimate is June 21-July 14. Let’s see if they can make July 14. I may end up buying a E-P3 as well (love my E-P2, and wish it had a “zoom” button like the E-P3 will have.) It’ll be a race to see which gets to me first. >:^|

  • Bob B.

    Well….it certainly isn’t going out of stock as fast as the Fuji X100. :-)

  • marilyn

    haha wait till olympus release the new line up hahaha

  • Jeffrey D

    Even if it’s supposed to be a good lens, I can’t believe that a prime lens that’s basically equivalent to a 40mm f3.4 would be a hot item at $400.

    • The world doesn’t revolve around just DOF either. Just FYI.

      • Jeffrey D

        Of course not, no need to be snotty. It’s just that a 50mm F1.8 will cost less than $100. $400 for a standard lens that isn’t fast just strikes me as bizzarely expensive.

        • Poor You

          Apparently you haven’t used one before. People have paid up to $600 for used ones on eBay, that simple fact right there overshadows any silly weak argument you can try to muster up.

  • Bomberesque

    I pre-ordered mine on may 13 aswell but from Amazon UK … and it was delivered 2 days ago :-D

    I considered it against the X100 and while in the looks dept the X100 is hands down, and IQ it probably comes out on top aswell, the added flexibility of an interchangable lens system swung it for me. First impressions are they are at a bit of an ergonomic minimum, I can’t really imagine using a fully manual camera any smaller without surgery to shorten my fingers … it is just on the edge while still being usable (Fn buttons perhaps a bit tough to find) I got the 20 f1.7 and 45-200 F4-5.6 at the same time, total cost about the same as the X100 current street value. The kit lens will be used mostly to see if I need anything wider than the 20. I used to have an EOS 20 F2.8, which maybe my favorite lens of all time….

    it’s awesome, get one. The 20 is great aswell, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a fast prime, the bokeh available is considerably deeper than I recall having on the standard 50 F1.8 I used to use on my film camera .. but that was a long time ago, I’m not sure of the physics of saying 20 F1.7 MFT = 40 F3.5 35mm, I get the crop factor ofc but not the Fstop equivalence, may need to look that one up, that would also mean the 100-200 (and kit lens) have max ap. equiv of f8, that doesn’t feel right. as for the price of it I have to agree, the Cannon 50 F1.8 I recall paying about 120 USD for new 10 years ago, the glass in my new 20 can’t be more complex, can it? yet it’s 3 times the price.

    either way it’s giving very good first impressions.

    IMO olympus have nothing to offer in competition with this, unless they include a built in VF with their new line up, which rumour has it they aren’t. Bolt on VF is OK I suppose, but please for the love of god, just build one in and I’d be sold.

  • Andi

    “Of course not, no need to be snotty. It’s just that a 50mm F1.8 will cost less than $100. $400 for a standard lens that isn’t fast just strikes me as bizzarely expensive.”

    Well, maybe we can use the new lense wide opened…And I’m pretty sure that you can not use the 50 1,8 wide opened!

    • Bomberesque

      I realise I got the equivalence wrong, that would make my 45-200 F4-5.6 max ap at 5.6 (not 8 as I incorrectly stated), losing 1 stop not 2. That might make sense from an equivalent exposure point of view although I still think the DOF feels like I’m not losing a stop. shame I don’t have the 50 F1.8 anymore, I’d like to see a side by side DOF test, better still, I’d like to see a side by side with a 35/3.5 full frame prime. Whatever though, the 20/1.7 gives nice punchy shallow DOF, better than I expected.

  • Per

    Luminous Landscape has started testing the G3 + Leica 25mm. Report in July. It will be very interesting to see it’s findings. This kit has a price similar to Fuji X100….

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