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First Fuji X100 in Stock at Amazon US


You can get the Fuji X100 right now at Amazon US (Click here). In Stock for the normal price $1199!

It is still not in Stock in Europe…Only one European reseller has two Fuji X100 on eBay UK (Click here).

P.S:: ISO Test GH2 vs X100 (Dpreview forum)

  • Brod1er

    …..or you could buy Panasonic 7-14 and 20mm f1.7 for your mft. (my favourite)…….Or the 45mm pana/leica macro and 8mm fisheye…….Or the 100-300 and wait for the new imminent new lenses……or order a f0.95 nokton and panny 14mm. Lots of choices and options (and the glass will hold it’s value).

  • BK

    Its now $1799 to $4000 : )

  • Rachnaroch

    Too much need for money? Because I don’t see a reason to post about the NON-MICRO-FOUR-THIRDS X100 almost daily… other than to try to grab some cash something from your affiliate links… We get it, you like the Fuji, it may be very profitable for you, but… please stop it, it looks desperate, not serious at all.

    • admin

      Many 43 readers are interested in getting that camera (there was a voting where over 70% expressed that interest). And please do not write FALSE info like “post..almost daily”. That’s wrong. I posted a review yesterday and than the latest X100 news have been posted on April 14 when DxOmark posted the sensor results and we compared it with the m43 cameras. That’s 18 days ago. So where do you see the daily posting? Please be serious ;)

      • > Many 43 readers are interested in getting that camera (there was a voting where over 70% expressed that interest).

        Do you really believe poll numbers??? Car analogy: 70% of people are interested in Ferarri. ;)

        • fta

          Good analogy Dummy00001 :)

          It is true, there is a lot of X100 news here. If Fuji has truely joined m43

          Then post rumors on Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W3 cameras, since Panasonic has a 3D lens. What about Kodak or Sanyo? They have cameras too..

          Admin, I really appreciate your work here, but it is very obvious you really like the X100, or hope someone clicks through on an X100 link. But it is NOT m43, it is not even ILC.

          Sorry :(

          • admin

            Hi! I am not going to buy tge X100 but it has a few interesting features I would love to see on a m43 camera. That’s it :)

        • babbit

          You car analogy is exactly why X100 news should be on this site. Polls show 70% of people are interested in Ferraris according to inaccurate polls. Car magazines and blogs talk about ferraris and exotics way more than the average cars even though most readers would not buy one.

          Anyways, the X100 carries many of the same attributes that us M43 lovers like…small compact cameras with great qualities. Since the ILC market is still pretty new, there’s only the NEX and Samsung NX camera news available. Until this market grows such that Nikon and Pentax enters the market, having the occasional X100 news doesn’t mean less attention is given the M4/3 and other ILC camera.

      • Miroslav

        I agree with Dummy.

        NHF admin, but there are many non 4/3 items that 70% of readers would like to see here. As for Fuji being part of the 4/3 consortium, so are Sigma and Leica and we don’t see Leica X1 or Sigma DP2 posts here. X100 belongs to, it would be great way to further popularize that site.

        • admin

          Hi Miroslav!
          Nobody here is interested in the Dp2 and Leica X1. And yes it’s my personal choice to talk about tge X100 simply because I do like to talk about innovative products. But I do agree that MirrolessRumors is the right place. The problem is many do expect me to report news about the Fuji X100 on 43rumors. You don’t know how many readers do send me info about the X100 on my 43rumors address:) The solution could be to post everything on Mirrorlessrumors with a link from 43rumors where I do remind the readers that they can follow X100 news on MR.
          What do you think?

          • Miroslav

            “The solution could be to post everything on Mirrorlessrumors with a link from 43rumors where I do remind the readers that they can follow X100 news on MR.”

            Yes, the best solution I can think of – short version of a post here and full story on Mirrorless rumors.

            I understand some ( many ) people come here to read about X100. It would be quite hard to tell them all to just go to another site. A good idea as well would be to increase the number of posts on Mirrorlessrumors by regularly posting shot version of important stories from 43 and SonyAlphaRumors there AND broaden MR scope of posts with those other large sensor compacts. People ( myself included ) are attracted by more regularly posted quality content, so if you keep posting unique stuff on MR at least once a day, you’ll expand the site visitor base. And it’s up to you to steer your existing readers and attract new ones by choosing what you write about. It’s up to you to raise interest in something by writing about it ( for example X1 and DP2 ). Why are so many people listening to music from MTV? Because it’s served to them and they’re lazy or don’t have time to look out for something else.

            That’s the thinking of a mechanical engineer – I’m no marketing or web design expert :).

    • GreyOwl

      Out of order.

    • jack

      Leave the admin alone you non-contributing zero. It’s his website–if he wants to start posting Holga updates me is more than welcome to. Furthermore, the x100, while not 43, is a very similar camera–if his viewers expressed interest then he’s correct in his posting.

      • fta

        Jack, I agree, it is Admins website and he can do anything he wants 100%.

        My only problem with the X100 is when people like yourself start saying how very similar the X100 is to m43??

        >Furthermore, the x100, while not 43, is a very similar camera–if his viewers expressed interest then he’s correct in his posting.

        I’m worried that like every other internet misconception, this will spread around and cause problems later on.

        The Fuji X100 is more like the Leica X1, both are APS-C non-interchangeable lens. The Fuji is not similar to a G1/G2/GH1/GH2. It is not even similar to an E-P1/P2/PL1/PL2… etc…

        If people start saying that the X100 is similar to say a Oly E-P2, well, then by the SAME logic, the Panny GH2 is similar to a Canon 60D or T3i… Actually the GH2 is MORE similar to a 60D/T3i than the X100 to any m43 camera.

        I like the X100, but I just don’t want it to be “just like or similar to a m43”, it is a niche camera, lets keep that in mind. apples and oranges.

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