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First forum rumors about the next Olympus Fourthirds camera…


A dpreview forum user just wrote this:

Just got back from PMA Melbourne. Spoke to 2 olympus reps.
Both confirmed olympus commitment to DSLR and Lens production.

One rep told me there is a pro spec DSLR on the way. It will use the PEN TruePic V
“and a few other surprises that will make it quite a remarkable camera”
I was told an announcement is due at photokina 2010.

I went to the show looking for an oly alternative, but after some discussion and a play with the super pro lens line up, im happy to stick with olympus. (Cause i didnt want to change systems anyway,)

Normally we don’t post rumors like this but in that case our sources do confirm that the informations are correct. As we told you on 43urmors the camera will have some “modular tuch” :)

  • Zonkie

    I’m not sure if the E-5 will be the modular camera or if that modular camera is something they are planning for later. I mean, the E-5 is meant for semi-pros and pros who buy the SHG lenses, so I don’t think they want a modular camera, they surely prefer a solid, weather sealed one that can do the job.

    So my bet is that the E-5 at photokina is not the modular one, though it will still have some nice surprises (no idea what, though).

  • Atkins

    I hope they put some decent sensors finally.

  • CR102


    You obviously know more than you’re saying, so here are a few questions:
    * Are the high-end and the modular the same camera? If true, what about weather sealing?
    * Does the inclusion of TruePic V mean that the high-end body has a single sensor?
    * Are there new or updated 4/3 lenses on the way?

    I don’t expect answers, but who knows (:

  • Brandon

    I have one question: Glass. The lenses you see them focusing on, doubtlessly there are rumors of primes, doubtlessly 1.4s and such. If I’m going to invest big (I’m about to choose a system–post Photokina–I’m going Canon or Oly)–then I want some fine lenses.

    I want a:
    Super High Grade MACRO.
    Super High Grade Pancake.
    T/S, with greatest freedom possible, five flavors at least: Ultra-Wide, Wide, Normal, Short-Telephoto, Medium-Telephoto.
    I want hyperprimes (1.2 or better–come on 0.95!).

    And everything that is possible must be SWD (come-on already!) and weather-sealed (this is what Oly is normally good at, and exactly why Sony–still putting out 2k lenses ‘pro’ w/o any sealing whatsoever–is not close to an option for me).
    Normal lenses are not worth making a choice over–they’re the everyday stuff every manufacturer carries.

    P.S. Why don’t manufacturers get smart and provide a little overlap within their zoom range? A 7-14 + 12-36 + 34-100 is not only much more convenient when you find that framing right on the edge of a zoom-range, but it allows you to never be forced to use the very limits of the zoom–where Optical Quality is weakest.

    And regarding the camera-body: Please Oly, if you’re going to re-envision the form-factor (which yes it is time someone did) then don’t squander this opportunity to make a soul-satisfying, aesthetically pleasing design. I want to see a skunk-works camera that would shame any model holding it.

  • Neville

    great news but I don’t think it is telling anything newWhy would a sales rep know anything, they are pretty much the bottom of the rung.
    Anyway I need HDR, and usable 50-1600ISO. I know it’s not SHQ but the 12-60 and 50-200 overlap is enough for me. The size/weight of the zoom with a 1.4 makes me happy when I see the ridiculous size of the Canon lens and corresponding tripods. At least I can easily day hike with this setup and the correspondingly smaller tripod.

  • The only thing substantive I find in this rumor is the mention of the True Pic V engine. Everything else seems pretty “duh” to me. I definetly agree with Neville on the 12-60 + 50-200 making a fantastic combo (at a very reasonable price).

    What I would like to see from Oly:

    A replacement for the Bigma. I’m not a Sigma fan by any means, but the discontinuation of the 4/3 bigma leaves a real hole in the lens lineup (especially for us birders).

    A weathersealed strobe. Seriously, if Canon can do it why can’t Oly.

    I will say that I have very high hopes for Oly’s forthcoming pro body. They’ve consistently introduced revolutionary new technologies that (IMHO) have really helped us out, ie. IBIS, live view, automatic sensor cleaning, RC flash control, etc. If they can just get the performance and IQ up to snuff we’ll be sitting pretty…

  • Michael

    I agree with Zonkie: high-end DSLR shouldn’t be a modular camera but solid tool you don’t worry about in any conditions. Pair the state-of-art sensor with famous glass or with upcoming Zuiko primes and deliver outstanding images that photographers will say: that new E-5 really stands out among the other cameras in this class. Pleasing camera’s output isn’t everything: high-end E-5 has to be a well designed camera. A true joy to look at it and work with it. Olympus designers are capable to accomplish that. Show us that E-System is still alive and stronger then ever before.

  • Neville

    Yes I would agree that one of the main reasons for buying the E-5 (?) will be weatherproofing. Trying to hold the 620 in a waterproof bag was more annoying than I thought. Catching wildlife at dusk like that is near impossible (too slow to change settings) unless you are inside the waterproof casing yourself, then you are pretty much restricted to tripod shooting IMHO.

  • Neville

    Sorry I forgot to say, my wifes trupic V is a substantial improvement over my current IV, but I would REALLY like to see a new generation in the E-5(?)

  • John

    I for one would love a modular system! Not sure exactly what it will all entail obviously, but so many ideas come to mind; tilt shift in camera, hi iso chip, low iso chip, diffrent ovf & evf options, ability 2 have ff chip with ff lens, etc. Now that is not to say that I belive that it could be the best backpacking camera or in adverse weather (though some weather resitance could be built in, a good “rain coat” would take care of most conditions) the E-xx line could gain weather sealing. Olympus needs to gain a big market advantage, a true “studio” camera would make allot of scence to many high end shooters. Currently the only really customizable cameras start out at $10,000 with 1 lens, if you can offer tilt shift & very good low iso at a lower price I know of many people that would buy into a full pro lens setup. Though the SHG macro would be a must.
    I don’t know this is their goal, but there is so much of an advantage to a view type camera it would be a large “boom” in Oly sales & allot of top glass to go with it. It also interests me & other techno geeks just 2 be able 2 customize 8-)

  • deltafalcon

    Credit where credit is due please…

    Taken from here:

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