First Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera unboxing by Blunty


The new Cinema Camera is shipping in small quantities and Blunty posted that first (very long) unboxing video. Let me know if you got your preorder and if you have some tests to show on 43rumors! Thanks!

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema preorders in USA at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and in Germany at Technikdirekt, in France at pbs-video. In Sweden at macoteket, scandinavianphoto, protel.jetshop, webhallen.

  • At the risk of sounding like a stereotype: That camera is soooo cute! :-)

  • Andre

    Blackmagic Pocket also by Philip Bloom:

  • PEN

    After hearing about all the limitations of the camera (SD card speed and format, battery life, poor audio, massive file size, screen usefulness in daylight, tripod mounting, etc.) it was clear that this is not a good tool for an amateur like me. I canceled my order. Probably would not have got it for many weeks, anyway. If movies are your life I can see its attraction. I am more into hybrid photography.

    • Chris

      The GH3 just dropped in price ;)

    • Steve

      Why would you want to shoot a Prius ?

      • Uberzone

        Because you get more miles for your money.

      • Now, now… is this really the place for road rage? :-)

    • Thomas

      this camera compares more to cameras like the RED scarlet, the C300. not with the otherwise lovely GH3 which has no professional codec, much too small file size.

      • Kefran

        Er… the BMC pocket can’t absolutely be compared to a Red Scarlet. Maybe a miniaturized c100 with external recorder, but I’d say it compares in terms of files to a ikonoskop or the future digital bollex. No c300 or Scarlet involved here ^^

  • Mr.Chainsaw

    What is it with these boring unboxing videos nonsense?

    • Rico

      I was thinking the same thing…”what’s the deal with unboxing videos?”

      I also wonder “what’s the deal with PREORDER madness? Every time a camera is announced all the sellers say “available for preorder”. Whatever happened to the social contract of a. Having it in stock,
      B. waiting for a review and seeing real world images and testimonials, and c. Actually being able to deliver (not black magic’s strong point) ditto the digital bolex and so many other cameras.

      • Bob

        “What’s the deal with pre-order madness?” Simple. For some people, OWNING the latest gadget is more important than actually using the equipment you own for it’s intended purpose.

        Sure, for the relatively few professional video makers who need a small, portable camera, this appears to offer a lot. (Although, by the time you add a standard professional rig to this the size of the camera body doesn’t matter much.) But for the typical amateur, the issue with our videos isn’t the technical quality, it’s the [lack of] artistic merit.

        The vast majority of amateur videos are pretty much crap. The video equivalent of a point-n-shoot snapshot. And no piece of hardware will fix that problem.

    • OMega

      I think it’s the only thing some people do with their camera, apart from when they get their next one, then the last one is used to film that unboxing!!!

      • Mr.Chainsaw

        lol :)

      • cuius

        They miss the best bit – the door-bell ring of the courier and signing for it

  • Martin

    I don’t get it, why does this camera cost so much. There is nothing to it. For the same price you can buy a GH3 or GX7 which has a larger sensor, EVF, tons of buttons, a lot more features, AND can also take amazing pictures. Even if the BM has better video quality then those cameras, I just cant justify the price. For that price, I would have to own that camera, with an included film director and dedicated camera operator.

    • Norwegian

      This camera has nooothing at all to do with. the price is because of that it can give RAW video. No other (pocketable) videocamera can give such quality. EVF is not included do to only increase prize. Because this is a proffesional camera and so you will have equipment doing that instead. Buttons, why would you have it? Only need on and off. The lenses should be manual focus due to bokeh and focus issues. Pictures, its a camcorder. It also supports an external mic, which you are also going to need. But everybody will buy this due to raw videos. This is a camera that you will attach a RØDE mic and not use the internal mic

    • bousozoku

      The GX7 isn’t in the same category and the GH3 is only adjacent to it because the GH2 became a cheap darling of film makers, and the GH3 continues to provide a powerful device at a reasonable cost.

      It’s not a camera for people wanting to make videos. It’s a camera for film makers, especially for those beginning.

      At 1920×1080, a large sensor is wasted–even a smaller sensor could be wasted but getting clear video output is a priority, not taking still photos.

    • Sqweezy

      The appeal of this camera, along with the justification of its price point, is the capability to shoot RAW video. Despite the compromises you mention, RAW video is something that no other camera can do in such a compact and affordable price. Obviously, it is a niche product in the current landscape, but like all other things, technology will trickle down in time. Panasonic should take note and consider implementing this ability in its next generation of cameras when the future cost to do so would ostensibly be less restrictive. Here is what I am hoping to see offered in the GX8:
      1) RAW and ProRes video recording
      2) Global shutter, with “color-splitter” sensor
      3) External mic input and headphone jack output
      4) PDAF/CDAF hybrid autofocusing
      5) Weather sealed body

      These would be significant and yet reasonable upgrades to see 2 years from now. RAW video is an inevitability, in the same way RAW has proliferated through time for still images. The BMPCC is simply the first affordable option that will undoubtedly pave the way for future products to come.

      • Mr.Chainsaw

        RAW video with 5-axis IBIS would be awesome.

      • James

        RAW video would be great but sadly companies like Panasonic and Canon will never offer RAW video or a professional codec like Prores in a consumer product. Canon will ignore the incredible Magic Lantern Hack and continue to release DSLR’s with the same compressed and substandard video. Marketers sadly always win over engineers.

      • Koseng

        Wow, you’re greedy :) I think a good 10 bit codec is what Pana and Oly need just to maintain their competitiveness in the prosumer market. RAW is too heavy even for many professionals. The additional workflow, storage, equipment upgrade…etc will cost a lot of money.

      • Steve H

        They can’t produce RAW video off a 16 megapixel sensor without cropping it immensely. RAW is RAW. It comes off a specific set of pixels.

        Sure would love to see Pany or Olympus come out with a m43 sized sensor that is 4K sized (only 9 MP), and that therefore had larger pixels and higher dynamic range and the ability to shoot video in RAW. But it’s never going to happen.

        So, I wish Blackmagic would come out with one that is m43 sized. But they have their S35 sized one coming out, so that’s never going to happen, either. Which is a bummer because there are some very nice m43 lenses for video, but I don’t ever see being able to shoot in 4K RAW with them. Just 1080p or 2.5K on the Blackmagic cameras.

        • JBL

          yeah ,it’s mean press to Pany that they will release pro-hybrid cam on end of year(is not GH)
          new feature that still wait such as video raw,4K,better video autofocus,high speed storage,sensor buffer ect.
          oh and don’t forget Global Shutter.
          i saw join develop 4K sensor on image sensor world site by Pany and others factory,
          on video feature i don ‘t think Oly will get better because they ignore to hybrid cam,
          in the future PRO competitor is Hybrid Cam from Canon,Nikon and Sony,others still focus on still photo and image file

  • mackajay

    The drawcard of this camera is the dynamic range and the codec. GH3 gives GREAT images but the compression leaves a lot to be desired for heavy grading – which means you can still get great pics, but you need to get closer to the final colour in camera as you have less range to push and pull. The blackmagic shoots higher quality proRes, or in future raw, giving you much greater ability to grade. Whilst not everyone needs/ wants this, it makes this cam very different from the GH3/ other more highly compressed codec video cams. Having used the pocket last weekend I can say that my initial impressions were pretty positive (as was my impression of it’s sibling, the passive four thirds mount cinema camera).

  • As a “stills-only” photographer, I truly believe that both Olympus and Panasonic should develop a similar camera to this … and scale down the video features in the PEN and OM-D ranges, which would/should equate to less R&D and thus a lower price.

    • since live video is part of MFT, its a standard feature of every mft body.

      • Werner

        As a video/foto grapher I´ll buy only cameras which give me decent of both. That´s why I went for the GH3 instead of EM5… as Ulli said and since the Sony deal no longer worries them about sensor development I too think the R&D regarding video is not that resource hungry and actually crucial

        The Olympus jpeg engine is better than their competitors, their stabiliser is far superior… implant a decent 10bit video codec, variable frame rates and I´m sold for the EM6… I wouldn´t suggest leaving this field to Sony or Panasonic entirely.. especially since Olympus has no own video division to cannibalize… same like Nikon in the full frame business…

      • JBL

        no,what the proof of Oly camera in video grapher ,the base their camera concentrate to still photo,
        i not blame to Oly, thay are not sensor producer ,can not specific and design for best of video spec ,
        their choice of suitable is only still-photo cameras

  • James Bridges

    What happened to the rear screen? It appears to be dented?!!

    • Esrhan

      Please think before posting. Allow me to quote Blunty from the very same Youtube page: “It’s the protective plastic wrap ya fuckin’ dingus… *EYEROLL*”.

  • James Bridges

    Whoa, Ershan,…no need for the unprofessional remarks, I did not hear him comment on this.
    If I missed that, of course that is my mistake, but please keep your comments professional.

    • Well said James. Blunty is a disgrace of a role model of a so called professional with such bogan replies. Perhaps Esrhhan is Mr Blunt in disguise……

      • You may be correct Lee, in any case, a simple reply, “that is a protective cover” would have sufficed.
        I think some people do not realize the the video link does not connect to YouTube proper. I wouldn’t have seen the comments left or the responses given.
        All I ask, I imagine like yourself and others is to keep responses civil and professional. The moderator and owner of this site should see to that as well.

  • Jason

    It is easy, In video, olympus has to copy the same specs that the pocket, menu too ;)

  • Bob

    As another wise soul recently said: I think unboxing videos are the sign of the final fall of civilization. Why in God’s name do we care about watching someone take a camera (or anything else) out of a box? I care about how it works, and the quality of it’s output, NOT how it’s packed in a box!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to see the camera coming out of the box. I want to see what the Panny 7-14mm and 8mmFE look like on it. And I don’t think I’m the only one. Dead cool camera though, especially as Nauticam are working on a housing for it. And then I could buy an EM5 for stills dead cheap because it is now obviously a completely obsolete camera and needs to be sold off for almost nothing.

  • Antonio

    Unboxing videos can be useful if you purchase online, they are not intended as a replacement for a technical review.
    If you purchase in a shop, the seller will unbox the equipment for you, these videos try to mimic that event.

  • Anrakufilm

    It’s my first comment, although I open this website at least 3 times a day! It’s was just be agree with the fact that spending 4 or 5 minutes of the life to watch the “unboxing” video camera seems to me very crazy, and near to technology idolatry.
    I was also very enthusiast about the upcoming BMPCC, but with time, I realized that “ProRes” is not enough to deliver the best shouts and then movie. There are parameters like the sensor size, and only even how easy you hold the camera to shout could also be make the difference.
    I am a Gh2 owner and I am very happy with it, but I had the necessity to get another camera and I opted for The G6, cheap, lighter, 50Pfs, focus peak…this is for example some quick test I made with:

    In my opinion, I don’t see more difference in quality between BMPCC. Thanks! I am apologize for my poor English :-).

    • stu5

      Nicely framed video. The Blackmagic video quality is much much higher than this though. It has far better dynamic range and it would have been very easy to see on this type of subject.

      • Anrakufilm

        I am not so expert on “dynamic range” or more demanding, rigorous about image quality, for me a good setting with a hacked GH2 is enough to make a good “static” and “cool” movie …and depend of what somebody want. Without quite any color correction (just corrected the shadows…), if I can get that result, it’s good for my “standards”.
        when I remember Black and white old film system, and the great quality of film that had been produced, I think DR is not so determinant to make a good movie.
        Anyway for me it is better to have a little bit large sensor for the camera than a DR resolution for example, may be it is why I can’t see this huge “superiority” of the BMPCC against, G6 or hacked GH2 neither GH3.
        Anyway I can wait to see your video tests :-).
        Thanks for your replay!

        • IcelandicBunny

          If dynamic range isn’t important to you, then don’t buy a BMPCC. For those who appreciate cinematic video quality, then a BMPCC may have greater relevance. I think the small BMPCC’s huge dynamic range and RAW recording set it apart from other hybrid cameras (whether M43 or FF DSLRs) – an interesting product.

          • Anrakufilm

            “cinematic” for me is not just the perfect DR image…but it could also be about good “point of view”, “Travelling” effect, “close up” instead of “extreme close up”, some kind of lighting instead of another… and so one.
            May be I will also buy the BMPCC in the future, but many tools to make a good movie are already on commerce out there, I use to see many good video shouted with…without notice this “terrible” lake of DR. 3 or 4 years ago I didn’t found so many “Dynamic Range” discussion as we’re assisting those few months. I am afraid that it could just be more about commercial selling tactics than the real necessity of improvement people need.

            I am not a DoP, and It’s not my intention to kidding anybody, but if we left the very expensive tools, all the rest (which sometimes are also using the same sensors!) seem to be able to deliver quite great performances if adopted by good users.

  • Anrakufilm

    Excuse me stu5!
    I thought you’re the one that get the BMPCC! It’s why I asked for video test!

  • This Blunty guy is such an arrogant douche bag. Look at his replies to genuine questions. The idiot id full of himself.

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    I love my punching bag stand and would not trade it for anything because it allows me to have all my emotions out and get a good workout at the same time.

  • This camera compares more to cameras like the RED scarlet, the C300. not with the otherwise lovely GH3 which has no professional codec, much too small file size.very nice.

  • Interesting.Nicely framed video. The Blackmagic video quality is much much higher than this though. It has far better dynamic range and it would have been very easy to see on this type of subject.

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