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First BlackMagic Cinema Pocket camera preorders in Europe!


The Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera can be finally preordered in Europe too at Technikdirekt (Click here). They ship in Europe and you can easily change language settings on top of their page. This is really a great videocamera!

UPDATE: Thanks to 43rumros readers help we have new EU preorder links. 900 Euro (with VAT included) in France at pbs-video. In Sweden atmacoteket, scandinavianphoto, protel.jetshop, webhallen.

P.S.: New E-M5 auctions at Olympusmarket:
Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens (Click here), Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens (Click here), Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens (Click here), Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens (Click here), Silver E-M5 body (Click here), Black E-M5 body (Click here) and Silver E-M5 body (Click here).

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a great camera but will you actually get one before the year is out?

  • Sqweezy

    This camera would be even better, and completely displace the GH3, if they implemented a m43-sized sensor instead of the 16mm sensor currently employed. After all, the mount is m43 and 16mm can always be cropped from it. Perhaps cost is the issue, but hopefully in a few years BlackMagic will sell a pocket camera with a m43 4K sensor with global shutter… the perfect camera for video!

    • Dorian


      Personally I couldn’t care what size the sensor is as long as the video has sufficient IQ and DR to work with although I understand and appreciate that others will value such things for DOF and whatnot.

      One of the constraints that they might face going above the current spec is that the pipeline to the SD card might not be able to handle more than 1080 in raw format.Already they are having to specify not only SD Card classes but specific class 10 cards just to handle the current raw stream.

      Sadly the performance of class 10 cards varies significantly: Sandisk Extreme pro UHS-I at 95/mb/sec a Sony pro Duo 45/mb/sec and a Transcend 45/mb/sec – all class 10 cards.

      • Es

        A class 10 card specifies minimum write/read speed of 10MB/sec, nothing more.

        • _gl

          Actually it denotes minimum write speed only, as that’s what’s most relevant (and slower than read).

      • Sqweezy

        You’re probably right about the storage requirement as the bottleneck preventing a 4K specification. However, I can still appreciate a 2K RAW sensor at a four thirds size. It does seem like a waste to implement an active mount with a sensor size less than can be accomplished. Increases to processing power should allow for the future use of global shutters. The storage format is probably the last component needed in the equation. All said, this pocket camera should be using the same mount with a larger sensor in a future model.

    • caver3d

      Sqweezy – Let’s correct this common mistake. It is a 43 sensor, not m43. There is no such thing as a m43 sensor.

      • Mr Pedant

        There are m43 sensors in m43 cameras. They are the same size and spec as 43 sensors.

        • Anonymous

          Nope. The sensor in a Micro4/3 mount camera is a 4/3 format sensor. As one of the other posters said, we don’t refer to PK, MD or FD sensors.

        • Anonymous2

          Olympus says the E-M5 uses a “4/3 Live MOS Sensor”. Not a m4/3 sensor. So, the sensor is a new 4/3 sensor according to the camera maker.

      • Anonymous

        well if we are correcting it is not a FT sized sensor but is actually smaller, as for no mFT sensor there has been no new FT sensor since 2008

        • Anonymous2

          Except for that 12MP released in 2009, which was also used in the E-P1, 2 and 3. It’s actually the Four Thirds System (According to Olympus anyway) sensor. m4/3 is the mount. You don’t often hear reference to the PK sensor, of the Alpha sensor, etc.

          • Anonymous

            the “2009” 12mp sensor is the same as the one in the 2008 e-30 and the same as the 12mp in every other FT or mFT be it in the E-5 or the gf5


            FT is dead mFT is the future or do you seriously think an FT mount DSLR is on the cards lol

            • Teacher

              You didn’t do so well in school did you?

              • Billy Holland

                I am not sure which of his points you are insulting him about .The ubiquitous 12mp sensor did make its first appearance in the 2008 E-30 and with minor adjustment to the AA filter is the same 12mp sensor that is used in all subsequent OLympus models till the E-M5 appeared last year.

                As to the possibility of a future FT DSLR ,while I honestly hope that Olympus bring a suitable camera to market for the FT users .I very much hope for the sake of Olympus it is a high end mFT body the OMD pro as launching an expensive DSLR would be folly of the highest order. The FT market is of minuscule proportion as most have either moved on to mFT or to other DSLR makers. The remaining users of the lower end FT bodies E-30,E-620 etc who have not moved up to the E-5 are hardly likely to jump on an E-7 which due to the economies of scale would in all likelihood be if anything more expensive , the E-5 launched at $1700 , I cannot see how this would be a good idea for them.

            • Anonymous2

              Well, that’s nice. Too bad Olympus says the E-M5 uses a “4/3 Live MOS Sensor”. Not a m4/3 sensor. So, the sensor is a new 4/3 sensor according to the camera maker.

        • OMega

          If we are correcting what others are saying we should appreciate that the sensors in all 43 & u43 system bodies are the same size apart from the multi aspect Panasonic sensor which appears to have been abandoned even by Panasonic. Not forgetting that this thread is about the Blackmagic which has adopted the u43 mount for what appears to be a smaller sensor, I guess they could have developed their own smaller mount but why do that when they had a perfectly suitable ready made mount from an open source system which they could use, with a ready made wide range of lenses. While this does make it slightly different, it is after all not designed as a stills camera, you could say this is u43 equivalent of CaNikons APSc range of bodies, which have their own lenses but also accepts the standard lenses.

          • aaron


            There is no ‘source’, just a specification. And whilst it is open to other manufacturers to license that spec quite easily, there is nothing ‘open’ about it.

            Whilst MFT is the most open spec for a system camera, lets be realistic about how open it really is.

  • Anonymous

    not really fast admin… I ordered in Europe one day after NAB announcment ;)

  • WHAT THE HELL. Does this camera have a square sensor?!

    • _gl

      No, it’s a larger sensor that they’re cropping from (the lowest part is unused).

      Akso re. 4K RAW, they are using a lossy compression in their larger 4K Production camera to keep the data rates manageable. But as the Pocket is only 1080p they are using lossless RAW compression (although they will probably add the lossy version as an option too). All straight from the CEO.

    • Geoff

      I wondered about this when I first saw it.
      The lower area of the CMOS sensor is probably just processing circuitry.

    • JBL

      and not full size ,see bottom of squre is behind the m4/3 mount circle!!!

  • OMega

    Four Thirds sensor image size = 18 x 13.5 mm. Four Thirds & Micro Four Thirds system use the same sensor size (4×3)

    Super16 image size approx 12mm x 7.2mm, a 14.55mm diagonal, aspect ratio of 1:1.67 = 15×9 (crop the top and bottom a little to get 16×9).

    Size information edited from The Film Centre,

  • Oskar

    We’ve had this up for preorder in Sweden for over a month now, e.g. at
    The link in the post looks a little bit cheaper though.

    And yes, the sensor may be square, but it’s just using a small 16:9 portion of it. My guess is they’ve ironically found a cheaper sensor that just happens to be square. No idea if it would be possible to hack or use more of it.

  • Weird

    Seriously doesn’t make any sense… the euros is far more powerful than the $
    they pay the camera including vat/tax 999$, in Europe we should pay 750 even with tax… so Blackmagic BS with the price, i’m tired to see a up price for the Europe… 999euros = 1300$, NO ONE THINK IS WEIRD THIS ?

    I just check the american website -> 999$ ship include for some website, in Euro 999euros without ship include also…
    for a camera that doesn’t include a articulated LCD (only poor lcd) a poor design that copy the canon design SX230 kinda , just because it record in raw, doesn’t mean it really record in raw (it is compressed/lossless format) a low budget sensor… don’t even put a M 4/3 sensor… etc… lack of features…

    People think that because they can buy this camera, they are going to be the next director… seriously, just take a D5200 that even cost less and will give you a better picture in every weather (including low light) and with the ability to shoot picture…

    Damm if you accept that type of product, is like accepting every worst product in the market… people should refuse this price or a product with a lack of features… don’t be brainwashed, just because that BMC said yes we did that, they didn’t do anything… they just sell product that is unfinished (like the 2.5 Camera that should be the 4K camera at 2.5$ and not 4K) it’s like selling One pixel at 1 dollars, it is expensive

    Surely the IQ or DR will be not better than even a RX100 Sony… so lets think about.. why you think they didn’t talk about the crop…

    Even the sensor of the RX100 or Nikon V1 is bigger, at this time, just take a Gopro Black that all

    Believe they never going to ship the product in July, you can wait until next year and with a new announcement camera again.

    Continue to believe on BMC, it’s like continue to believe nothing

    • tnucaru

      Your post is nonsensical and disjointed – please, if you are going to criticise, at least present a rational well thought out argument rather than this gibberish.

      • Anonymous

        @uracunt ther are people from all over the world posting here many of whom are not native English speakers, there are also many dumb Americans so let’s be a little more tolerant lol

        • tnucaru

          How about you don’t reverse my name like that you insensitive clod – it’s a maori name and you should be more culturally aware.

          • David Findlay

            I suspect your name was rearranged to reflect your posting attitude in every post in this thread , you insult people and yet seem surprised that others will take offence with you. There is no need for insults or name calling and sadly the more people do to the more others respond and we end up with the typical consequences that the anonymous nature of the Internet generates.Where people find it very easy to trade insults with no possible repercussions.

            • tnucaru

              I can insult people for holding stupid opinions – it is something they choose. I did not choose my name or my race.

              • kennyHall

                Just to clarify your point , you are saying it is ok to insult someone for their post content ( grammar, arrangement ec) despite the strong possibility that the poster may well not be a native English speaker .Yet it is unacceptable for some one to insult you , your race , your culture and your dog by rearranging your name in an admittedly crude fashion lol.Seriously you need to get over yourself or people will think that you are acting like a palooka or worse still a gump , or are those sacred words unique to your culture lol.

                I am afraid that you are in the apparently highly populated demographic of people who are happy to insult others , while complaining bitterly when they are returned. As I am sure you Mum will have told you when you were a little boy ,if you don’t like getting it don’t give it out.
                Kenny ( feel free to use my name for anagrams , I will not be offended )

                • tbunny

                  Actually he didn’t say anything about his language abilities. He said it was gibberish. Gibberish can be perfectly fluent.

                  • kennyHall

                    True, I believe all politicians must master the noble art of gibberish lol

                  • tnucaru

                    Exactly – some people don’t have the presence of mind to pick up on the difference unfortunately.

        • tnucaru

          And it has nothing to do with whether the OP uses English as a language – their thought-stream is messy and incoherent. I can read through grammatical and spelling errors, this guy just has crackpot ideas.

    • heinrich

      LOL, don’t tell me you guys seriously believe him. This is what real Maori names look like:

      Maori language doesnt contain any kind of phoneme that describes sounds like tnāori_language

      Its kinda sad to see people defend themselves with references to cultural minorities they have no idea about. Probably they think it’s funny or cool. Pathetic.

  • Nottroll

    My pray has been answered!(that it doesn’t cost 1499 Euro/1199 GBP here)

  • Imagine a cross between the E-P5 and this. All that is needed is some collaboration between BMD and Olympus.

    • Weird

      I’m not sure if BMD will like to work with Olympus or the inverse… too proud for that.
      If you check correctly, the company like that doesn’t give all in one time to keep more stuff that they can sell later.
      That’s why BMD release the 2.5K BMC (well never really release in the end or only limited) to prepar others camera like the pocket one and the 4K one, after the next pocket one are going to be 2.5K with raw compressed support + maybe 2 slot sd card… and a new 4K with slow motion and co and after the next one gonna be pocket 4K and a new 8K camera… etc…
      BMD go slowly to keep interest…

      Anyway better be have a good 1080P than a worst 4K, you know what i mean :). actually the 4K is only usefull for TV that is higher than 60inch or more… you don’t see any difference betwen a Bluray for exemple or a 4K sample that camera from a RED Camera… on a TV screen that is less than 60inch

      • 4K is for cinema theaters and even at that size it’s not really different from 2K if you consider the viewing distance.

        • tnucaru

          this palooka just wants 4k for the latest buzzword, he probably wants a 4k, 3d, oled iPhone just so he can brag.

          what a gump!

      • tnucaru

        Do you have any facts to back up your claims? More likely is that BMC offered what was the best they could engineer with the available technology at that point (factoring cost as well).

        But then again you will always get nutters that come up with conspiracy theories like this.

  • kennymc.c

    I’ve ordered my BMPCC in Germany at for 880 Euro including VAT and shipping. They also ship to some other countries in the EU.

  • Here in France you can preorder it for 897 euros (Paris BlackMagic reseller )

  • Weird

    Wait what, you are talking to me Tnucaru ?

    You should calm down, BMD is your company ? i said my point that’s all, if you are not happy with that, go somewhere else, i probably know more technical point than you and i work on this industry, sorry if the English is not my native language but don’t get wrong just because you see no sense in my point, it’s normal, you stay in your position and just insult everyone.

    So let me explain you on a dumb way…

    You are Customer ? so BMD catch your attention, because BMD Said that it record in RAW (the only good point) but in the end is a false information, as it record in a compressed way… so is actually a false RAW… is like saying that DNG = JPG

    Just to calm your mind, the sensor size is under the one that came from the Nikon V1/RX100… (you should think about the crop point and the limited distance between 2 object) but apparently you don’t know anything about what is a good XYZ space.

    The sensor size of the Pocket version of BMC (kinda super 16) = 12.48×7.02mm (actually is even less than super 16
    = 12.52×7.41)×410.png

    The sensor size of the Nikon V1 and RX100 = 13.2×8.8

    The sensor size of the GH2 = 19×10.5

    The Sensor size of the BMC 2.5K = 15.6×8.8 (kinda close to the one of the Nikon V1/RX100)

    So what you said abou the sensor of the blackmagic pocket is totaly wrong….

    Now let’s talk about the raw compressed -> as far as you maybe know, the pocket camera doesn’t include a dual slot SD Card, the buffer is limited and can lead to a overheating problem… go check how many problem that BMD actually have on the 2.5K version, you will understand that BMD are not a good camera maker.

    Again, BMD play with words to keep attention… what about the temperature you will take during constant record in raw compressed (prores or not) what about the crop problem, what about the viewfinder/the articulated lcd and co… you steal need to buy external accessories and co… check the price and check what product have next to it… every camera can perform a lossless format (the Pocket will never be able to record in a uncompressed format, that all)

    Talking about the 13 Fstop, it’s completely wrong and based on the BMC 2.5K spec but is not even close, more you up the iso more the fstop go down, so let’s check the sensor size vs the one of the BMC 2.5K, you will see the native result and it will go no more than 10/11Fstop in reality… like i said BMD like to play with words….

    Better to take the GH3 naked for the same price and you will see better result in reality or take a D5200 or others camera… that can perform better than the pocket version… overpriced product but like always with BMD.

    Don’t forget that the design is basic, the body is not stabilized at all (why not a 3/5axis stab with a small sensor like that)

    Just check the back, it has nothing professionnal at all, it’s more a gadget than a good product.
    Iris button will be useless if you want to use better lense that can show a more wide picture (same of the focus)
    you don’t have any fast access to the menu, etc… also the lack of exposure control and co…
    the FOCUS can’t help that much or prevent any lighting problem… even the RX100 have the abitility to fix the exposure/light or even use HDR during video record ! also have a similar peaking than the BMC 2.5K, RX100 is still the best compact video camera even more than the pocket BMC but the problem is the lack of the 24p but you will be able to perform a 24p video using a the 1080p 50i format that record at 25fps -> deinterlacing…

    Anyway if you don’t know anything about how to shoot, seriously Tnucaru don’t talk… you have a lack of technical experience and you just insult like most of the apple users that insult windows users and co… when you know that Apple product is pretty limited for heavy use… same for the BMD company.

    Sorry to think about using my money correctly and not to spend this money on a unfinished or false product… or sorry to not believe on the BMD commercial… so sorry Tnucaru

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