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First 30 unit of SLRmagic spotting lens discounted


SLRmagic just sent us this: “There is a photo of the Spotting Scope mounted on the GH2 for digiscoping of wildlife videography. It is a prototype but it is close enough to what the final version will look like.
The effective focal length is 420-1260mm. In 35mm terms it is 840-2520mm. We recommend using this scope at lower magnification for best results. Due to long focal length a tripod should be used to reduce camera shake.
The SLR Magic 12-36×50 spotting scope has extra low dispersion optics for the best image quality. The micro four thirds version comes with an adapter that has to be bought at the time the spottting scope is purchased. The adapter is an objective that is compatible with the spotting scope and will mount directly in mFT mount. Traditional spotting scopes require a universal adapter wich require complicated horizontal and vertical alignment. Depending on the brand it is a trial and error process as universal adapters are actually not so universal since there is another trial and error process as to which lens and which eyepiece to match with the camera. Some adapters have a hole cut out for setting adjustment. We have decided to leave that out to prevent light leak for the best image quality as well as less controls so the bird photographer can just concentrate on shooting. Ours is an all in one solution aimed for ease of use and at an affordable price for leisure bird photographers.
The 50 size is good for portability. The scope looks big but it is actually quite compact as the built-in metal lens hood is fully extended in the photo. The lens is weather sealed and weather resistant but we will not advertise it that way as the camera mounted to it is not! Some readers suggest it is a rubber scope with duct tape. We usually prefer metal body but we made a rubberized outer design to protect the scope from accidental fall, light rain drizzle, and comfort when used in cold weather.
Please kindly tell your readers we are offering the first 30 units at a discount as we wish to have some sample photos from our customers. People interested may email us for details and price at

These are the links to the other current lenses:
SLR magic 11mm f/1.4 lens you can preorder on eBay (Click here) Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4 lens on eBay (Click here) SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 MC lens on eBay (Click here) Noktor 50mm f/0.95 lens on eBay (Click here)

  • Li

    2520mm!?! So, is this for sitting on roofs and photographing movie stars in their pools from 10 miles away?

  • Tiago

    And the price is?

  • Mice

    We’re a valuable resource!

  • Mr. Reeee

    That thing looks insane. 2520mm.. f100?
    I just did a bit of googling and 2000mm equivalent spotting scopes aren’t uncommon.

    So, I tried scaling from the photo to figure out the length. I measured my GH2, then scaled the photo in Vectorworks and I’m guessing that the lens is about 16″ long ±. Even at that length it’s still shorter than the giant Canon 600mm telephoto I saw a guy in Central Park shooting roosting red tailed hawks on a building at Central Park West and 81st Street.

  • Boooo!

    Use this in public and special police forces will tackle you to the ground in five minutes. Good luck explaining it’s not a sniper rifle, but a camera lens :)

    • john

      happened to me once! i had to explain i was taking photos of ducks

  • Jim

    How fast? What F number is this thing operating at?

    And What is the price? – discounted means what?

    • bilgy_no1

      for binoculars, the 12 x 50 means 12x magnification and 50mm diameter. Same convention applies here. Calculate the f/number from that.

      • Jim

        so F8.4 @ 420mm – F25.2 @ 1280mm

        Usable at short end to mid way – but deffinatly quite soft at full reach!

  • stopkidding

    whats is the difference between a spotting scope and a lens?

    • Leendert

      You can use a spotting scope without a camera!

  • Leendert

    Most populair spotting scopes for digiscoping (for good IQ you need scopes with special glass elements):

    Kowa TSN-883 (or 884): weight 1520g, diameter 88mm! (around 1800 euro)
    Swarovski 80 HD: 1600g, diameter 80mm (around 2100 euro)

    See for bueatiful pictures of birds with this spotting scopes!

    Some examples of Canon lenses for wildlife:
    canon 300mm F2.8: 2400g (around 6500 euro)
    Canon 500mm F4: 3190g (around 10.000 euro)
    Canon 600mm F4: 3920g (around 12.000 euro)

    You see: Spotting scopes are a cheap and light alternative for the heavy and expensive primes.
    And the spotting scopes as the Kowa TSN-883 and Swarovski 80 HD give you good IQ (better then Panasonic 100-300mm, Sigma 50-500mm???)!!

    For the Kowa and Swarovski scope there are eyepieces with 60x magnification! And this dslqmagic scope is only 12x?

    • Leendert

      ok, now I’ve read the price: $400 (very cheap!) then 12x magnification is fine!
      I’m very curious about the image quality (ED glass?). Is it similar to Kowa TSN 883 or swarovski 80 HD?
      When it’s OK, I buy one… $400 is not much!

      SLRMagic: Can we see more image examples?

      • john

        you should not compare a 50 scope to a 80 scope. however, a swarovski adapter alone would cost you well over $400

    • john

      x60 would have too high of a f number

  • Kralin

    Price? f?

  • Brod1er

    A very appealing PervScope! Perfect for adding some revealing exposures to my private collection….. Uurghhhh-dribble.

    Sounds like the usual converted product with poor performance at much beyond the short end. I may be wrong, but guess that you might be better buying the Panny 100-300 and trying harder move around to get nearer your subject. It’s smaller/lighter, has OIS (can be handheld), is similar cost, more general purpose and has AF. Get a Swarovski if you really need significantly higher magnifications.

    • BS Artiste

      There are times when you simply can’t move closer to the subject, at least at a reasonable cost. For example, the alternative to taking aerial pictures of buildings from atop a skyscraper is to rent an expensive heliocopter. Taking photos from shore of sailboats saves the cost and time of getting on a boat to get closer. Also, when taking pictures of a grizzly bear, no sane person wants to get real close to the bear. The general public (i.e., non-researchers) is prohibited from getting too close to Mt. Saint Helen because the ash dust is several feet thick and still unstable to walk on. Plus, trekking out for a closer shot would take significant time. A long focal length lens or spotting scope on a tripod or suitably braced is good for these situations. Not every photographer’s passion is for portraiture and street photography.

  • Chris

    I wonder what the quality will look like. Top branded scopes are £1700 so if this $400 scope can pull off the same optics and sharpness for the same price?, well I will be just blown away but its a big if chaps

    • spam

      From the text it looks like it’s a £250 scope and £150 for the addtional lens/m4/3 adapter.

    • john

      $1700 does not include the prisim and eyepiece!

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