First 12-35mm X video test. 35-100mm X coming soon…


Panasonic 12-35mm Lens Test (Informal) from Jurek Ugarow on Vimeo.

Jurek Ugarow sent me his first Panasonic 12-35mm X video test. Enjoy!

The second 35-100mm X zoom we saw many times as prorptype lens will be announced within six weeks! We are still pretty much in the dark about the final price but I have been told it will cost more or less like the current 12-35mm X lens.

P.S.: 15 X lenses are back in Stock at Amazon (Click here). And with the X zoom we now have three Panasonic lenses within the 20 most ordered lens ranking list (Click here to see).

  • Russ

    horrible test

    • tL

      I must agree

    • Gabriel

      It is better than nothing… I appreciate the footage.

  • frank

    Interesting….It has a certain 3D quality to it, though i don’t like the content.

  • Camaman

    All I see in all those video tests is just how bad current video codecs are.
    They dont do 720p frame size justice neither in real resolution, sharpness or photo level DR, let alone 1080p…

    • Jurek Ugarow

      “All I see in all those video tests is just how bad current video codecs are.”

      While you may not appreciate my methods here, I think many at the last Zacuto shootout would disagree with your assessment. Have you gone to the Vimeo site and downloaded the original H264 file?

      • Esrhan

        I don’t quite understand what you’re aiming for. The Zacuto shootout used 2K DCP projections for the test screenings. Not some H.264 file compressed for the web.

        Current video codecs which are used at sites like Vimeo and Youtube, are indeed a compromise between quality and bandwidth. There’s no way around that yet.

        • Jurek Ugarow

          Sorry, I thought you were referring to the camera codec. But as I mentioned, the work around is to download the original file, although that too is compressed. I have a ProRes HQ version (6GB!) that manages to retain much of the detail, but who’s going to host that.

          • Esrhan

            I’m not the same guy by the way, but I would also argue that consumer codecs like AVCHD and MPEG-4 are not acquisition (unless hacked for ludicrously high bitrates) but rather straight distribution formats. The codecs aren’t necessarily bad in terms of technical quality, but they are intended for a market void of post editing and essential metadata.

  • JP

    The lens is the best MFT zoom to date, but once Olympus comes out with a high grade zoom – it’s over Johnny!

  • Incessant Troll

    do you think that the gh3 + 12-35 kit is going to be more than $2000?

    • Jurek Ugarow

      I’m thinking $1799 (hoping).

      • yosemite

        I highly doubt that they will sell this lens bundled in a kit.

        • Nelson

          More like a WR version of the kit like pentax’s 18-55 WR lens?

    • I’m hoping no more than $2000, especially considering that the A77 + 16-50/2.8 kit costs $2000.

      Also, $2000 max makes sense based on the original prices of GH2 body ($1000), 14-140mm ($850) and kit ($1500); the kit saves you $350. So, if the GH3 + 12-35/2.8 kit would save you the same amount as the GH2 kit while the 12-35mm costs $1300 and the GH3 body is estimated to cost $1000, the kit should cost $1950, which is actually cheaper.

  • Filmed also with the DMC-GH2 with the 12-35 and the 7-14 Lenses. Paris was dirty today…

  • I forgot. Sorry, but I think this test is pretty good. And the editing too…

  • hercules

    olympus won’t come out with a highgrade zoom, they got burnt with regular 4/3 zooms, nobody bought it.

  • Doug

    My 2¢ about the 12-35… I just got mine the other day, and I noticed, taking low light shots at Disneyland, after a car show in Burbank this Saturday night, that the IS in the lens worked better than the IBIS in my OMD….

    • aqasem

      IBIS still great for prime lenses (non-IS lenses). that’s why I would love if the G5 got similar to OMD-5 IBIS.

    • The IS is that good?

      • Jurek Ugarow


    • mooboy

      Hi Doug – how do you find it as a companion to the OM-D? Good fast auto focus? No clattering aperture blades?

      I was using my D700 with 24-70 on the weekend, and it really made me want to get the new Panasonic lens as a lighter option…

  • Doug

    I was going to ask where that was filmed, but I noticed a building with a NY area code… So I assume NY

    • Jurek Ugarow

      Maspeth Queens, Greenpoint Brooklyn, 34th Street Manhattan, Garden City Long Island.

  • Marco

    interesting that the panny 12-35mm is the only one in the top 30 amazon lemses that costs more than 1K.
    Don’t know what that means, but interesting nonetheless.

  • To you who have bought the 12-35mm (yes, I have myself): Do you find there’s still that slight purple tint on the external finish on the lens? I thought that was said to be only on the prototypes, but I find it is still there on my lens. And not pretty. Can’t understand why they went for that finish instead of regular black. But the lens is good anyway.

    • Yes, mine’s purply-black as well – I call it the aubergine. Utterly daft styling for a lens that wants to be taken seriously and the person who thought of it should be sacked immediately, IMHO…

      Nice video test BTW, thanks.

  • ED

    So you cannot zoom in and out as you shoot with this lens in video mode, is that correct? It’s a pity not to have that option (even though i know some ppl find that ugly)

    • Esrhan

      Sure you can. It’s a zoom lens with a fixed aperture and a much smoother zoom ring compared to the kit zooms.

    • Ragnarok

      It is not ugly. It’s a good method of determining if a videographer sucks or not.

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