EosHD: Gh3 with 70-80Mbit bitrate?


Andrew from EosHD sent me the link to his latest post where he writes: “The GH3 is going to be more professional this time around according to my source in Asia. It is moving up the line and will be more expensive as a result. The camera has a high bitrate mode of around 70-80Mbit. Panasonic have decided to put the features we need in the box rather than risk unreliability with a third party hack. This is a very good move.

It’s certain the GH3 will be a super videocamera but I have no info yet about the exact video specs. Would be surprised to see Panasonic moving away from the AVCHD 2.0 standard. On the other side Olympus decided to not use that file format on the Olympus E-M5 because of his complexity. Hmm, filmmakers out there…what do you want?

  • TTTulio

    AVCHD is a useless pain, good riddance.

    • Monicalol

      It will be AVCHD (even if it is 80mbs)
      Eoshd has always had a habit of rumours and hyperbole.
      We shall see once the GH3 arrives.
      It will be expensive.


    Oh well, G5, it is then….

  • matt

    nice sharp gradable avc-intra 1080/60p with 4:2:2 8/10bit (50-100mbit) will be probably enough for 90% of us

    if panasonic can store via avc ultra 1080/25p 4:2:2 10bit @ 25mbit (they said they can) then my upper suggestion should not be a problem

    some avc codecs are good (intra/ultra) but the lowest (avchd/avchd 2.0) are too much crippled , I don´t need to store 10hours of footage of my dog playing with a ball.. this is not a camera for consumers (I HOPE) so there should be some advanced technology, I don´t care what codec will be implemented, I just want nice sharp (GH2 level) 1080/60p with no fucking banding in the sky and all that with better DR for grading and professional jobs..

    you can do it panna.. the only thing that holds me from blackmagic is no m4/3 mount and no compression and 1080/50p options ..

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > nice sharp gradable avc-intra 1080/60p with 4:2:2 8/10bit (50-100mbit)
      Make that straight away 100Mb/s.
      After all GH2’s 25/30p could benefit up to fair 40Mb/s and intra frame compression has lot lower compression ratio than standard inter frame compression. Further 60p doubles the amount of data which needs to be stored and intra can’t even avoid storing duplicate data in doubled amount of frames.

      That 70-80Mb/s of rumour would actually sound sensible for very high quality inter-frame compression considering Blu-ray has max 40Mb/s for 25/30p.

      And AVCHD isn’t codec but scrappy too low bitrate container format for limiting output quality.

  • Camaman

    I just noticed Format Factoy won’t recode files from my OMD!
    What exotic thing does it use, that FF doesnt support it?

    • ulli

      i re-encoded my om-d videoclips with Premiere,VLC or Handbrake…..no problems here

    • MJr

      Drop it in MediaInfo.

      • Camaman

        I will give them a go. Thanks to both of you.
        I wanted to recode them to mp4 x.264, but the output clip only comes out 2 sec long.

  • Tom

    I want a mediocre but useable codec for scouting, b-roll, or other non-critical uses. A clean uncompressed HDMI output for recording externally for actual production use. I don’t think that manufactures have to put so much effort into squeezing performance out of AVCHD because ultimately I’d rathe encode directly to PRORES or Avid format.

    Must have 23.976 and 29.97 (25 for PAL people) frame rates otherwise it is an immediate no-go for production work. It would be nice to have true 24 for rare project that needs a film out rate and 50, 60, 120 etc… is an increasingly popular pleasant feature for slow-motion use.

    What separates the truly professional products from the prosumer, besides the above?
    Timecode support of some sort and actually being able to jam to external timecode reference, usually on lemo or BNC and some sort of professional audio interface for laying down a reference scratch track for watching dallies or assist post synching / editing. My first choice for sound would be a built in mic for reference and an AES/EBU 24/48 digital input for production quality sound. The ability to hook up mics or have camera mounted mics means zero for me because it will never happen, would never use a camera mounted mic for anything serious.

    • Tom

      By the way, I would actually take HD-SDI output over HDMI, but I’ve never seen SDI on anything under $10K. I’m hoping for a sub $3K camera for crash cam, B-Cam, and Indy level A-Cam use.

      • amweber21


        • Tom

          AF100 is 8 bit 4:2:2, not bad at all. It is an almost $5k camera, but more importantly, it is a different product than what I’m talking about. At that size, other than price, there is no advantage over shooting something like a C300, EX3, or even broadcast style XDCAM or HDX. Epics are everywhere too, it seems, and rental prices are reasonable. I’m still looking at the handheld crashcam and true b-cam applications.

    • Agreed on the lower bit rate. I’d like the option to change bit rates for different uses. I teach guitar lessons and would like a low bit rate for posting strait to the internet.

      Seems to me an “expert mode” that allows a custom frame size and rate along with encoding options wouldn’t hurt their rate as long as they made it clear it can be unstable depending on the memory used and scenery shot.

  • Good!

  • Gabriel

    > filmmakers out there… what do you want?

    I want native Pro Res or RAW, but neither seems possible on Pana consumer based model

  • MikeH


    Any price range at all on how much the GH3 body only might be?

  • tyler made

    So this ‘camera’ is optimized for ‘video.’ If I wanted an expensive camera, I expect premium camera features, not video enhancements. That’s what video camcorders are for!

    G5 sales will hit the roof! Maybe that’s Panny’s plan after all.

    • Gabriel

      Except DSLR/Mirrorless camera video shooting is very popular in these few years and GH series is known for that

      photography camera… video camcorder… phone.. media player… (just to name a few), around 10 years ago each of these items were separated, but now many of these are coverage together… time has changed.

    • Steve

      Very few GH2 owners will “upgrade” to the G5.

    • Tom Goode

      My own prediction based on gut feel is that gh3 will be $1299 for the body only.

  • Fafhrd

    Hate AVCHD.

  • io

    Good news. It seems that Pana is listening users.

    Anyway, as a “filmmaker”, I’m more interestend in Olympus and their lack of videocameras to protect, their Sony sensors and their IBIS.

    The O-MD is my (almost) perfect camera; give me 25fps, more bitrate and focus peaking, and it will be perfect for me.

    Meanwhile, I’m happy with my hacked GH1 :)

  • The GH2’s AVCHD format works with Final Cut’s Log and Transfer, which is a huge convenience advantage. Also, it gets around other formats’ file size limits, allowing me to record as long a take as necessary without a break (important for stage performances etc.) So to me it’s a no-brainer: advantage AVCHD.

  • chris

    EOSHD is not exactly a great source of info, 50mbit seems more likely since that’s a codec spec that’s already widely used in Panasonic’s professional camcorders and larger ENG. I have a hard time believing that a m43 camera is going to be spec’d with a higher bitrate than its $25,000 cameras.

  • Brod1er

    Panasonic need to focus on stills improvements as this is where the GH2 lags behind most. I have no problem with video improvements but I don’t think this is a viable product if it sells only to video users. The OMD is clearly way ahead for stills now and the GH needs to keep up (ps I am a GH owner ).

  • Farrukh

    I want the GH3 bundled with the Olympus IBIS :)

    • James

      Not going to happen. Buy an Olympus.

      • Farrukh

        And that’s the only reason why I haven’t bought a GH2. Between stills and video, stills still take priority – for my needs at least…

        • Tom

          I am in agreement….for their “flagship,” why do they put so much emphasis on the video portion over stills??? Why not just make a dedicated camcorder, instead of a DSLR-styled one? ::confused::

          • Anonymous

            +1 Oly wins hands down for the stills shooter. So as far as I am concerned Panny are a non starter.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Panasonic talks up the GH-series video capabilities as product differentiation. The GH2’s size and video capabilities are a way to compete with DSLRs. It’s really a fun camera to use, too.

            As far s I’m concerned, the GH2 is a fantastic stills camera, with good ergonomics, that just happens to have excellent video output! Hopefully, the GH3 will only improve upon it!

          • wayne wong

            the GH cameras surely provide all the features that a M43 flagship should have, and a great video function is always welcomed, why do i have to buy a camcorder while my camera can shoot great videos?

  • Gekopaca

    We already have it.
    With GH13.

  • Yun

    I would like to know what is Pana’s plan after GH3 .
    The theory of my beloved L style camera still far from reality . While Olympus already have OMD Pro on it’s way , wonder what Pana will come out for it .
    Fuji’s next generation of X Pro is tempting too , likely to swift to other brand if Pana still can’t come out what I expect .

  • S

    If there’s a cheaper metabones style adapter that will allow me to use Canon lenses with autofocus (for photos), stabilized lenses, and control aperture this will be an instant purchase.

  • Urban Ninja

    Depends on price.. I almost bought a GH2 3 weeks ago but am now waiting for photokina.. Anything more than $1500 body only and I won’t be buying a GH3.. Anything less than that and it’s a definite purchase from me.

  • dg

    The Black Magic camera is far more interesting for Indy filmmakers. Have you seen the dynamic range that thing is capable of? Whoa! If this rumor is true, and I doubt it is, the GH3 is more interesting for filmmakers but still, I think much of their target audience will be deciding between the d600 or Black Magic and win’t even consider the GH3. And if Panasonic doesn’t make the GH3 a BIG upgrade they can forget about any chance of big sales.

    • MikeH

      The BM trades DR for a lot of other flaws. I have been less than impressed with the footage shot with it that I have seen so far.

  • I’ll probably buy a GH3 no matter what it has. My GH2 is battered, it’ll be two years of constant shooting when GH3 rolls out. I recently bought a huge monitor for my workstation and can finally see the hoopla about the GH2….video is stellar! And that’s stock. GH3 will go beyond that and perhaps be one step ahead of Vitaliy.

    I’m essentially a 24p shooter, but will take anything above that for fun stuff since my collaborative partners prefer 1080 24p or 30p. But I’ll dabble with 60p, 80mbit, 4k, whatever GH3 has. Let’s go!

  • Carl

    I want to shoot at 25fps at the highest bit rate possible without making the camera crash. Also want more colour information and a log mode

    panasonic must sell at least 3 times as many gh2s simply because of the hack, embracing that is a good move for sure

    external battery grip with built in XLR audio would be pretty cool too

    please please please keep the extended tele zoom mode!!!

  • Sounds good to me, Panasonic needs a killer feature to draw people away from the OM-D and we all know it’s going to be video related, it’s just what is the question. The looks of the thing don’t even matter.

    I hope they go all out and put the price up a little. It’s hard to compete with the Olympus IBIS and possibly colour rendering, but everything else they can have a good stab at.

    If it’s a bit expensive I might get myself a GH2 for video.

  • I suppose to make it competitive against recent initiatives of Sony, GH5 MUST have.
    1) Unrestricted range of the frame rates (not silly bound to the PAL/NTSC regions): 1080@24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
    2) 4:2:2 and at least 10 bit/color (12 bit/color would be better, though I am not sure it is feasible on a 1000$ device).
    I have no idea which present compression format fits to this, perhaps they shall introduce something new (imo, the best solution would make the codec interface open for the third party Apps). But without that the present video lead of Panasonic vs. Sony on the mirrorless will disappear very quickly. I bet.
    3) Clean RAW via HDMI.

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    80 Mb/s would definitely put a competent avc codec in the professional range for fullhd p60 (36Mb/s is base line). But don’t be naive, the camera should be up to 144Mb/s by now, with 3840×2160 shd resolution like the JVC video camera, that is professional (144 is a bit low for this). Small cheap consumer cameras have been capable of doing 24Mb/s fullhd for years, 17 Mb/s on video cameras since around 2006 or so, even the Gh2 was shown to exceed that after it was ‘liberated’. You are not getting what you pay for, but what you are prepared to pay for. Even the cheap cameras should be up to 96Mb/s by now. I’m sure much more expensive models maybe available to offer more pro quality.

    If, however, it came out with a low 80Mb/s at shd resolution, I would not mind it.

  • Above it was the hardware MUSTS request.
    The focus peaking is the ergonomic must-have…

    • One possibility to provide 4:2:2/12 bit is to send it to HDMI directly – without attempt to encode/store it. The stored/encoded video can be of lower quality (e.g. 4:2:2/10 bit).

      • DIY Cinema Camera

        Yes, if 4k p50 HDMI 4:2:2 12 bit was out it would be good too.

    • MikeH

      Focus peaking is NOT a must have for most.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’ll trade all the scene modes for focus peaking. Seriously.

        SInce the majority of shooting I do with my GH2 is with adapted and manual lenses, the ability to use focus peaking, in addition to magnified focus assist, would be extremely helpful/useful in some situations. It may not be entirely necessary, but it would be great to have the option.

        • @MikeH
          For filming with the manual bright glass – what most of serious moviemakers (potential audience of GH3) do – peaking is an absolute must.

  • ronio

    gh3, gh3, gh3.

    • I would prefer that they finally provided a decent 1080p implementation (in terms of color/DR) before going to higher resolutions. As you correctly noted there are no tech. obstacles for that – only stupid, stubborn “marketing” strategies which successfully failed – as the AF100 fate shows… I hope this lesson will force Panasonic to finally make an un-castrated video implementation on mirrorless.

  • I would like to see a built in Sennheiser wireless receiver (to record a lavalier, or audio mixer; and a wireless video export to monitor on my ipad… Asking too much?

    • MikeH


      As long as it has all of that and the price is under $300. That is a must!

  • the GH3 needs to have the build quality and usability of the Panasonic L10 plus weather sealing…

  • Eric Stemen

    People that are into video are used to finding workarounds to make things work. Give us something awesome, and a software company will make plugins for us that aren’t limited to current standards.

  • Pat

    it wont be more than AVCHD 2.0, if its that. Frankly, what I need is 10 bit video, with better than 11 ev of dynamic range. Seriously, when was the last time Panasonic did something out of standard? or right…never. They may create standards, but they aren’t the type to ditch a standard and go nuts.

  • Marcus Wolschon

    It will be AVCHD. Even though plain mpeg4 container files would be far easier to work with.

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