E-PL1 king in USA. Panasonic GH2 for 599 Euro in Europe.


E-M5 vs E-PL1: The most discussed camera of the moment of the E-M5 but it’s the E-PL1 that is doing an impressive performance bye remaining on top of the Amazon US ranking for three weeks now (Click here to check)! Probably whenever a m43 camera price falls below the $300 barrier it quickly climbs the rankings.

GH2 superdeals: Yesterday US and Canadian readers had the chance to get the GH2 body for $579 only on eBay (Click here). But also Fotomundus in Germany (Click here) has the GH2 body for a very low price, 599 Euro! So this sounds like a global action ongoing. Hope to find more of them soon!

Some more European deals: Olympusmarket (Click here) has some new refurbished PEN auctions. This includes a black E-Pm1 here and here.


  • ght

    I wonder if they are finally starting to run low on the EPL-1 at Amazon- the price was down to around $260 and now it’s $299. I guess the EPL-2 is next in line for deep discounts and then the EPM-1. I suspect the EPM-1 is a really cheap camera to make.

    • “the E-PL1 that is doing an impressive performance by remaining on top of the Amazon US ranking for three weeks now” Thom Hogan will be disappointed

      This kinda vindicates what I’ve being say in that Olympus have been using competitive pricing to introduce people to PENs who will later upgrade, buy accessories and lenses and generate valuable word of mouth.

      I can’t see the pricing of the E-M5 dropping anytime soon due to massive demand…

      • Esa Tuunanen

        In the end momentary sales numbers don’t matter.
        What matters is can Olympus get decent profit from those sold cameras for pulling camera division’s nose above water level.

        And unlike in Asia/Japan in North America (or Europe) mirrorless hasn’t been eating sales from DSLRs but from P&S cameras so there’s zero guarantee that people stay in system in future. Even entry level DSLR consumer masses rarely buy more than that kit.
        That’s why Olympus must get some profit from those cameras immediately and not maybe some time n+x years into future.

        • @Esa Tuunanen
          Micro Four Thirds has a 25% market share of all interchangeable lens cameras sold in in 2011 in the United Kingdom and is picking up traction in the rest of Europe and now North America, ignore at your peril!

          Mft owners are buying plenty of lenses the difference between a mft owner and most DSLR owners is that mft owners are actually use their cameras , it doesn’t sit on a shelf at home breeding resentment!

          I’m pretty sure Olympus imaging financials for 2012 will be a lot better ie profitable, they are already running at an operating profit excluding one off charges.

      • PS


  • JimD

    More US subsidy by the rest of the world. US$579 is EURO 440 then add EU VAT total EURO520 The Ebay listing was for 121 units for sale in US and Canada only. (paypal from other areas to be rejected) That smells of subsidy to the US market and the rest of the world locked out the sale being controlled by Pany not the seller. Or is US business practice so poor that they are dumping unwanted stock, but there again it is still the world subsidising the US.

    • Joel

      Considering they were about US$2,000 in Australia I think we subsidise the world for Panasonic, well we would if someone bought one here, I wonder why they don’t? lol

      • JimD

        Australian marketing managers want a new BMW with each item sold. On top of that most are not very good. Very good at stuffing up after big expenditure then leave as the cookie crumbles to repeat somewhere else often leaving a floundering company when the damage becomes apparent. Big Egos little ability. However having said that I do know some good ones, very good ones.
        I believe the Olympus E-m5 will be about AUS $1200 bare bones, about AUS $100 over the US price when GST is added. At that rate or more, I may purchase OS. OK I will have to pay GST but my aim is not to avoid GST its to avoid the new BMW for someone else who has done nothing to help me or even informed about arrival.

        • Joel

          Yes I pre-ordered from Adorama, I think it will cost me about the same maybe slightly more and probably warranty issues but I am also a little annoyed they can’t provide a price or shipping estimate in Australia..

    • Boooo!

      The GH2 is still 1000€ over here in Europe where I live.

      1000€ = $1310

      So right now, the US people are getting it for less than half the money I’d need to pay. Wonderful!

      But at least we’re not Australia. They get seriously screwed even on simple things like digital software purchases. I have an internet friend that complains about games on Steam for his kid – they cost double in Australia, even though there are no taxes to be paid, or anything like that.

  • BLI

    DXO “review”? See http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Publications/DxOMark-Reviews/Olympus-OM-D-Review/Comparison

    Somewhat strange statements: “Lacking integrated stabilization, a tropicalized finish, and OLED screen technology, the Panasonic Pen E-P3 is soundly beaten by the much more upscale Olympus OM-D E-M5. But the two hybrid cousins share the same sensor and video mode, and further, they share the same autofocus system speed.
    Geared more toward amateurs, the Panasonic G3 is lighter, less expensive, and has the advantage of a fully-articulated touchscreen display.”

    * I assume “Panasonic PEN E-P3” is meant to be “Panasonic G3″…
    * But how do they know that they “share the same sensor and video modes”, and “share the same autoocus speed”??

    • JimD

      And! These are the EXPERTS that so many rely upon for accurate information.
      Yea, I say unto you look at the bloody picture, the rest is gobeldy gook to keep some (incompetent) one in a job.

    • flash

      If what you know of their report is wrong or full of errors, why put any thing in what you do not know of their report. DXO seems to need an editor at least.

    • Digifan

      DxO lost it completely in my book, what a sh!tty review.
      The AF is not the same it’s very clear, and I very much doubt the sensor is the same as the G3’s.
      They mention E-P3, but you are right they might mean the G3.
      The reviewer probably had a party shortly before writing this, the alcohol hasn’t left his system obviously.

    • kesztió


      Regardless of what say the comments above, I’m pretty sure that DxO is already working on E–M5 review and – though thre review isn’t published yet –they already do know that G3 and E–M5 share the same sensor.

      Just watch here:

      “Lacking integrated stabilization, a tropicalized finish, and OLED screen technology, the Panasonic Pen E-P3 [obviously G3, typing error] is soundly beaten by the much more upscale Olympus OM-D E-M5. But the two hybrid cousins share the same sensor and video mode, and further, they share the same autofocus system speed.”

      • JimD

        Companies that want to be taken seriously should not make typo mistakes. A photographer does not need DxO to take photographs likewise a DxO report will not tell a photographer what to use to get an effect that is wanted. Shots from Robin Wong, Gabrielle Motola and a host of others will provide far more information.

  • counting down the days untill the OM-D’s arrive in either Germany or the Netherlands. Sold all my prev equipment already…..

    • What gear did you sell? Was it not m43?

      I’m going to keep my GF-1 for day-time snaps when I don’t want bulk. Then use the OM-D for more serious/tricky/paid work. Although It’s likely that in practice the OM-D won’t be that bulky anyway and I’ll probably use it all the time.

      I can only think of the attachable VF that will become redundant.

      • had an E-P2 with a Nokton 50mm 1.1 before I switched to Ricoh GXR/Module
        (for the same Nokton) Though I wished I can’t afford to keep it as 2nd camera, so the Ricoh was sold to a Leica photographer, while the Nokton went to Belgium via Ebay auction.

    • Me too!! Even my alpha 77 which was not the right camera for me.
      I got the silver EM5 with the vertical grip for free here in Spain for 993 euros or maybe less when my store get final prices! Unbelievable!!
      They told me it will arrive in around 10 days but I don`t trust them with the delivery date, lol

      • Spain has the free grip offer too…great. So only 2 countries in Europe sofar? Good price btw!

      • BLI

        Where in Spain? :-D

      • Vivek

        993 Euros with the grip is the price I think is fair for this camera.

        Any links to actual shops with the listing?

        And Ulli, which other country has the free grip offer within the EU?

        • @BLI Spain belongs to Africa, just at the north :|

          @Vivek: Here is the link


          hope admin don’t kill me, just answering your question. I checked for you the shipping cost and for EU they charge around 60€ :|
          I know these guys for at least 8 years and normally I retire the shoppings direct from the shop.

          I think @Ulli refers to UK as the second european country with the free grip offer.

          • Vivek

            Thanks, zinanGa!

            ( I hope the Admin is OK with this sort of queries and answers! If not, please let me know!)

      • BLI

        One site in Spain: €1099 for body only, € 1299 for body + 12-50, €235 for grip… Not exactly cheap…

  • BLI

    Another “test” — perhaps not extremely thorough, but the person hasn’t had the camera for a long time: http://www.yugatech.com/photography/olympus-om-d-e-m5-in-the-flesh-sample-photos/

    • ght

      I’m anxious to see that stabilization trickle down into a cheaper model. I’m really impressed with the video it is capable of producing with the stabilization turned on.

  • Alex

    Dear admin, is it possible to have news about upcoming Panasonic LX6 or Olympus XZ-2? It’s a long time since LX5 and XZ-1 are on the market, and we have no infos at all about these two new very interesting products… especially if, as rumored, they boast a 1′ sensor!

    ps. sorry for my baaaad english

  • Ted Shred

    Kinda crappy of Panasonic to cut the price that much to their existing GH2 customers who now hold a cheap camera.

    • fugu

      welcome to consumer electronics.

      • Pixnat

        > welcome to consumer electronics.
        This is a huge and massive scam!

    • Joel

      I sold mine 2 weeks ago, just in time it seems..

    • @Ted Shred
      you have actually been using your GH2 camera, haven’t you?????

  • Joel

    WOW it has dropped in Australia too, it was around AUD$2,000 but has dropped to around AUD$1,400 thats only around US$1,480 for body only…

    Great work Panasonic Australia… :P

    At least Olympus price almost level with the US here, Panasonic Australia have no idea, no wonder I can’t recall ever seeing one being used (other than when I had my one that I imported from the US)..

  • Berneck Ramolt

    The hype is hitting ground slowly, it s a pen

    • lol wrong thread, it sounded bit better in the other one

  • DaBastl

    This is not a new GH2 at Fotomundus, it is a used one. It is titled as “Vorführgerät”, so don’t worry, it is just a single used camera, not a real price drop.

  • kesztió

    It’s a bit OFF, but


    3rd April will be the Worldwide Micro Four Thirds Photography Day!

    “The idea behind WMFTPD is simple: Micro 4/3 users around the world set out each year on April 3 to make photos and then share up to 3 photos from that day with the group.”

    Worldwide Micro Four Thirds Photography Day Sponsors:
    1001 Noisy Cameras
    Cyclops Photo Studio
    Fourthirdsphoto Forum
    M43 Reviews
    Micro Four Thirds Community on Flickr
    Micro Four Thirds Street Photography Group on Flickr
    Olympus E-System Community on Flickr
    Olympus Pen Camera Flickr Group
    Olympus Zuiko Digital Club on Flickr
    Olympus OM-D User Group on Flickr

    It would be nice for our 43 rumors community to take a sponsorship position regarding of this event as well.

    @ admin?

    • That sounds like fun – thank you for sharing that.

    • JimD

      Good spotting, sounds interesting.

  • CM

    About to pull the trigger on a GH2 + 14-140mm kit at B&H for $1200AUD including shipping. When you factor in the cost of the lens separately, and it is quite a good, versatile lens I think this is a pretty good deal. What do you think?

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