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E-P5 video shows new WiFi and QR code features. Camera shipping on June 14th


The video on top shows you the new E-P5 WiFI and QR code features. There is also a video in German made by Digitalkamera. A couple of Image Samples can be seen at Olympus Imaging. But this may not be very interesting because the quality is exactly the same as the E.M5. And in case you missed it the new E-PL6 has been announced in Japan (

The camera will ship on June 14 according to Amazon US (Click here). Let me know if you can find preorder links and shipment info in Europe!

First look video by WhatDigitalCamera:

Specs, Price and Preorders:
Full dedicated pages to the new Oly stuff at Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 White at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 Silver at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 Black with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Silver with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
E-P5 Silver with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
17mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
45mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
75mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
VF-4 viewfinder at Adorama, Bhphoto.

  • ffjd

    It’s remarkable just how little effort Olympus put into improving the video capabilities. As has been said before, the 5 axis IBIS is of huge benefit to videographers- but almost none of them will look at this camera because of what a joke the video specs are. No built in mic or headphone jack, no 24 fps, no 60 fps…what are you thinking Olympus?! Yet another squandered opportunity.

    • ckmaui

      ditto ! bummer they could do so well with updating the video !

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they’re copying Panasonic and making the flagship model the video-specialist – i.e. the new OM-D model (EM-6?).

    • @ffjd
      Its remarkable just how little effort people out into their constantly changing 43rumors usernames.

      • Anonymous

        And it’s also remarkable how hard you care when people decide to point something against Olympus and its products, to be honest its inspiring how much you admire the brand, you should apply for sales agent!

        • @Anonymous
          PEN is not aimed at videographers and never will be, audio in the E-P5 is linear PCM and accessories are available.
          If you looking for better video capabilities from Olympus then wait for the O-MD Pro.
          BTW “ffjd” isn’t a video professional.

          • true homer

            Im curious, to who exactly is the 1000$ pen aimed for?

            • qwerty


              • @qwerty
                Go there with the racist comment!

                • Anonymous

                  all the Romany gypsies I have ever came across are thieving,begging scum bags

                  • Do

                    All racists I met were dumb as shit

                    • hadn’t you

                      this dies not change the fact that throught Europe the Romany Gypsies are by a large majority low life thieves and beggars , to put it bluntly have you ever came across a gypsy who has an honest job

                • qwerty

                  Definition of racism: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

                  Now just suggesting that gypsies might be the target market is not racist, I am a gypsy and I feel that I am the target market.

                  You are racist for instantly thinking that gypsy is a derogatory reference.

                • true homer

                  Still waiting for an answer hard as nails

                  • @true homer
                    I can’t see commented nested 4+ deep on tablets or phones on 43rumors not matter if I use android or desktop call up…

                    The E-P3 is aimed at:
                    a. E-M5 users that don’t need or use an EVF
                    b. People who want to use their Four Third lenses on a mft camera as it gives the best focusing due to new algorithms
                    c. People wanting to upgrade from earlier PENs
                    d. Enthusiasts that are buying their first Mft camera and like the specs.
                    e. Folks that need the faster shutter speed, flash synch speed, wide variations of art filters, photostory, built in wi-fi, on board flash, useful timelapse, etc and the best Olympus mft controls

            • Dentists…

          • AG

            These are good points, but remember that these are Japanese companies and I think they tend not to tread on each others turf out of respect for one another.

            The GH3 is the m4/3 video model of choice and it seems be Panny’s specialty. (I don’t enough about the Black Magic camera to speak.)

            Think about it, cost aside, you could have both EP-5 and GH3 with same set of lenses and for very different purposes.

            • true homer

              Why? The gh3 has the same sensor, so why not do video with the gh3 AND take photos with it as well?

              • Anonymous

                Try to stick a gh3 in your coat pocket… try again with an e-p5. Also, regardless of all the whining about how pana has ois equipped zooms covering 12-300mm, having ibis means stabilized primes, which gains you a lot in size and upto 2 stops better low light capability. YOU might not need it but refusing to realize how that can be a very significant advantage is a sign of stupidity.

          • ffjd

            “PEN is not aimed at videographers”
            Neither was the Canon 5D Mk II but they ended up selling a ton of cameras to videographers. With only a few minor improvements Olympus could have been selling a ton of these to videographers- they’ve already got the best stabilization among ILC/DSLR cameras. With the improved 5 axis it’s like having a mini-steadicam built into the camera, for use with any lens you choose. That is HUGE. Sadly, the suits at Olympus don’t seem cognizant of this golden opportunity.

            • stickytape

              They’re reserving it for the OM-D Pro, just like they reserved the in-built EVF for the OM-D line

      • hard as snails

        OK cool, can I have your name?

        • hard as nails thick as shit

          nope I have his full name

      • true homer

        So hes wrong? Theres 24p?!

    • Anonymous


      • true homer

        Anonymous +1d it

        • fake homer

          i found a name to use – i wont be anonimoose anymore

    • Riley king

      I am ver much into video I use manual focus tripod mounted shots for the majority of my shooting with the E-M5 5 axis only really coming out for the few run and gun type shots I do. No doubt someone shooting sports etc will find it more useful for me.There is no better combination in any system than my GH3 with my E-M5

    • Holy Oly

      Yep, it’s just a ridiculously overpriced point and shoot.

      Stick ’em up!

  • AK-47

    Oly must be smoking real strong dope- $1449 body, attachable VF and 17mm f/1.8… Thank you, I’ll pass… :)

    • meatface

      are you on crack, where the fsck did you get $1449 for the body

      • ak-47

        I think you are on crack or can’t read- $1449 body+ attachable VF+ 17mm f/1.8… you can also click on the link here

        • meatface

          You must have been smoking crack in school.

          You wrote “Oly must be smoking real strong dope- $1449 body, attachable VF and 17mm f/1.8… ”

          What you meant to write “Oly must be smoking some real strong dope- $1449 for a body, attachable VF and 17mm f.1.8 lens..”

          The missing preposition means that the the $1449 only applies to the first clause (the body) and not the subsequent clauses (The VF and Lens).

          • Zgeiss


    • 1449 usd for body, 17mm 1.8 plus the VF-4 is actually a great price. Buy them seperately and then its indeed expensive.

      • Dukratus

        Following that line of thought, if they ask you 2000 US dollars for an “E-M6” with a kit lens would be perfectly adequate! Because lets face it, if they are asking this much for this kit on a PEN they’re going to be asking 1500 min for the “E-M6” body only….

        • That depends on the specs of the new body plus which kitlens and possibly an extra accessoiry (HLD-6), but since we dont know for sure the actual specs..better wait.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Since I need a second OMD as back up, I’m waiting for Em6 (or Pro). 2000$? I need it and probably I’d buy it (with some sacrifice). People usually forget that these are cameras, not medicines.

          I bet almost noone on this forum will buy any of the new cameras, but most of us will keep complaining about everything: lens color, prices, size, shape.

          • Anonymous

            You’re absolutely right there! Not meaning to buy them, not at these prices at least, didn’t complain about anything else because the price itself is reason enough, and to be honest unless you’re making a living out of it from a certain price range it’s a bit complicated to justify the investment, at least for me, but then again your money, your choices ^^! In reality there aren’t really expensive things, it depends on the way you value them, I can agree with that. But I mean 1500 US dollars for the whole package is still a LOT of money for millions of people in this planet.

          • My OMD needs to do alot of more work before i will actually buy another body. I would love to have a 2nd body but i can’t afford as my priority is now a 25 mm.

      • NO, IT’S NOT..

        The Fuji XE-1 Is a MUCH better deal AND camera. For Around $100 less, you get a built in VF.. And better Glass.

        This Olympus camera is highway robbery.

        • admin

          I am not a fanboy. And I like the Fuji X series. But to be honest, the Olympus comes with a fast 17mm f/1.8 lens and with a nice electornic viewfinder, it has way (way way way!) better autofocus, it has much more features (5 AXIS stabilization) and so on. I reepat, i like the Fuji X series. But we should be honest when we compare cameras :)

          • Damn Oly

            two months ago I used to think that Fuji X-E1 is a better camera than the OM-D E-M5, until i purchased it and tried and compared in the field,.so far,.i’m not impressed by Fuji X-E1 camera,.no matter what people says about Fuji,.The slow AF, Weird color in JPEG,.The skin Tone-especially with Velvia simulation mode,.is really awful to create skintone,.its like watercolor,.

            my experienced with Fuji X-E1 is make me convinced,.that olympus know how to make a better IQ camera,.and their JPEG engine is the best,.

            • calxn

              You used Velvia for skin tones and complain? LOL. You had better stick to your instagram filters.

            • stickytape

              Yes, why did you shoot people in Velvia mode?

          • ADMIN, REALLY??

            First off, for YEARS here, the TOP complaint was the lack of a built in VF from both Olympus AND Panasonic, yet here come this camera with an ENORMOUS one! To say that This camera is a better deal than the XE-1 is a joke!


            -If you slap that Humongous VF on the E-P5, forget it.
            -the EX-1 has a 16.3 MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor which is a better/larger sensor.
            -True, Focus is slow from the EX-1, but the Quality of the pics are better than the Oly sensor, plus better bokeh.
            -Olympus has a good jpg engine, but it can’t compete with Fuji’s built-in Film Simulation.
            -BOTH the XE-1 and the E-P5 Body cost: $999.00 -and the 35mm 1.4 from Fuji is superior glass!

            You cannot tell me which is the better deal, and I’m vested in MFT’s!! Ibis, Wi-Fi, etc STILL couldn’t make the E-P5 a better camera! -See me when the E-P5 drops to $500.00 Until then.

            And nobody called you a fanboy, yet that’s the first thing you bring up…

            • admin

              Playing Freud?
              I dind’t say the E-P5 it’s a better deal. Please stick to real words. These are two different cameras. It all dpeends from your personal needs. Example: Care about AF? Go for the PEN. Care for ultimative image quality? Go for the X-E1.

              And please…relax :)

              • “relax”…indeed, many posters should relax and not get emotional. Judging/comparing based on specs list of each camera is fine. But why get stressed if the price/phliosophy/quality is not to one’s needs? So many choice out there. I just decided to add another lens to my existing setup, nothing new though.

              • true homer

                Need af go for the pen? Why? The epl5 is half price, with the same sensor with af just as fast. the g6 is near half price, its as big as the omd (therefore as big as this) and has 5 fn buttons, a great sensor, insane fast af wifi and nfc. and the omd is less expensive. With weather sealing and a vf, two dials, same sensor, grip options etc.
                What are you left with? 1/8000 shutter? A way better 3 stop nd filter from bw is less than 100$. The jpeg? Really? You buy into a 1000 $ camera because of the jpeg?
                This is unjustifiable and its not funny anymore how people here keep on trying to. It has now become officially sad.

                • admin

                  we were talking about E-P5 vs X-E1. Of course if you want to talk about ALL cameras than I have my refurbsihed E-P2 I paid 160 Euro that does the job fine and price was ridiculous :)

      • Damn Oly

        yep if someone buy them separately it cost like $1777,.$328 more expensive

        but if i think the other way,.like the VF4= $279 plus zuiko 17/1.8=$499 =$778,.it make me think that the body cost is more cheaper 1449-778 =671,.if i buy the bundle kitlens plus VF4 ,.the body will cost like $671

  • ckmaui

    time lapse only 99 frames ?

    • Yeah, why that stupid 10 second limit??? It’s almost like they’ve put in a preview of the feature: “this is the time lapse – you’ll have full feature on our new OM-D Pro”.

      • BLI

        I love that they have included a time lapse function!! Great!! And then…
        * what is the resolution of the pictures/the film? Full HD? Ultra HD? 16 Mpx?? Are the original pictures kept? What is the format? I.e if I import it to my computer, can I pay it?
        * Often, one doesn’t know when interesting things start to happen, or the needed time interval. So it would be useful to be able to decimate the pictures in the film
        * 99 pictures/10 seconds — very little. I once tried to make a time lapse of drying salt water, to capture the crystal growth. I left my D300 going all night, and got some 800 pictures. Way to much, but I didn’t know what time interval I needed in advance. Also, some time things happen at differentbtime scales…

        Anyway, this is a very nice first version!! And if Oly also includes a high speed facility, it will also be possible to slow down fast happenings.

        • Four by Six

          Agreed. Why only 99 frames? Seems like an artificial limitation. Not nearly enough.

  • Throttle

    It all looks good spec and features apart from lack video improvement which i rarely use, I would have been very interested in buying one as a backup to my Omd but the price is a bit more than I’d be willing to pay.. think i will pass until it drops in price a lot.

  • Victor

    If this camera was a computer the first thing I would do is uninstall all the bloatware: the useless wifi (proper tethering would have made sense… sharing photos to your phone is just dumb on a *high-end* camera) and photostories and art filters and everything that detracts from what Olympus should focus on… say… more than ONE model with an integrated viewfinder. These are features for grandparents who are not going to spend 1000$ on a body.

  • true homer

    The best thing about that video is that he had to click easy setup button 5 times before it actually did something. And then you have to scan code, install, go through a couple of screens, exit the app, dig in the settings and then open up the app again. Yes, veeeery easy. It wouldnt be olympus if you didnt have to menu dive.

    • µITRON

      they should have used NFC

    • The best thing about that video is that it shows how touch screens on phones slow operation down, yet the phone industry insist on them more and more. The guy repeats every other touch on what should be one of the best screens out there.

      • true homer

        Operation doewnt seem to slow down on the gh3 with wifi

  • PLI

    I don’t know how it works on Panasonic. But, according to the video I think Olympus should improve steps of creating Wifi connection. Clicking trilions of times on Install button, entering some passcode and searching for the camera’s Wifi in settings, it’s not very user friendly. As I say, I don’t know how it works on Panasonic, maybe it’s the same unfriendly way :)

    • true homer

      Press wifi button, select new connection, look for your phone on the list, select it, click ok on the phone, start using app

  • Charles

    I don´t think the P5 is overpriced but it´s nevertheless expansive. Just for comparison, my Canon 6d body did cost 1750 EUR, my three primes are the Canon 35mm 2,0 for 260€, the 85mm 1,8 for 350 € and the Samyang 14mm 2,8 for 310€ – 2670 EUR in total for a relatively lightweight full frame kit.

    Would I want to upgrade my mft kit now (e-pl1, pana/leica 25, double kit-lenses), I would buy the Pen 5 for 999 EUR + Vf 4 for maybe 300 EUR, 12mm 2,0 for 650€ (or 9-18) and 60mm 2,8 Macro für 600€ – 2550 in total.

    Mft has gotten really expansive and the OMD Pro might be priced much higher than the OMD 5. Now as I see the figures, it might be a little too much money for what I would get.

    • Anonymous

      Looking at the scaling of the prices I can guarantee you’ll have FF price equivalent prices soon enough! But then again for some it’s justified cause it’s more portable and it seems in the end you’ll save on the orthopedist because of your back and all that FF material weight carrying! You should keep buying micro four thirds not because it’s cheaper but for health reasons!

      • Riley king

        Actually my friend if you want a bit of resistance cardio and some conditioning thrown in for free then FF is just what the doctor ordered lol ,

        • Charles

          It´s true that in general FF lenses are heavier (especially zooms) than mft lenses. But when you compare primes with moderate apartures the weight difference is not so significant. The Canon 6d with 35mm 2,0 or 85mm 1,8 weighs around 1kg. The Pen 5 with the evf and one of the primes I mentioned above weighs roughly 600g. The weight increase hardly causes me health issues and I get excellent dof control, resolution and high iso output, not to speak of the big and bright ovf or the handling.

    • Why buy the EP5 and VF4 seperately? Better buy the kit (EP5,VF-4, 17mm 1.8 for 1450 usd), sell the 17 mm seperately if you dont need it, so you have extra cash for the other lenses you need. Suddenly the comparison looks much different then. But still, why should a great MFT set cost less then such 6D set. Each has its advantages. Just choose whats most important but dont expect top of the line compact systems to be cheaper just because of smaller size or weight (I am aware that “bigger” is a built-in preference in many herds on this planet.)

  • Ep3pl25_ninja

    I read engadget that the wifi control via app only works in iAuto? Admin.. Is this confirmed?

    • Yup and it’s absolutely stupid. It’s a glorified iPhone camera if you can only use iAuto. Even though the interface on the Panasonic wifi app needs work, at least I can control the majority of essential shooting functions on my GH3 via my phone or tablet. Touch AF, timer, and shutter on iAuto is useless unless you just want to take Facebook photos wirelessly, Olympus!

  • It’s a pretty camera, but it seems a bit silly to have an tilting OLED and a tilting EVF, how redundant. I’ll stick with my EM-5 and 14-150. I’m looking forward to the Lumix LF-1 as my ‘pocket’ camera.

  • Anonymous

    WOW…the 75mm REALLY looks better in Silver!!!!! :-)

  • beefcake!!

    Admin- does the screen flip 180 degrees?

    • Cheetos

      No. It has the same OMD screen articulation.

  • Wonder if there is any news about Pana GX2?

    • JBL

      until June,you will receive any news or rumors about new GX line,
      i’m not sure they still called GX because GF6 is GX1 replacement .
      may call new line with most advance features .

      • Thanks.
        Currently this E-P5 really rocks for me, except price (do not care about EVF really) :)

        Would be great to see Pana’s rival to compare and choose a new camera in compact rangefinder form-factor

  • thanks

    hello, in first video i see in min 4:57 image of camera show at tv, is possible use HDMI out for shot images and Video?, or in video use cable composite video from USB of camera?

    In all other cameras olympus not possible use hdmi out for this.

  • 54235

    not much smaller then a dslr.. why should i buy that?

  • Yun

    Better save $$$$ for something that is better ahead .
    I still feel the EP5 is not that advance as such image quality are similar from EM5 .
    Definitely will skip this for something that is really serious , example EM7 or Pana’s top camera in the year end .

  • Cheetos

    So for $50 more than the standard price for the black version of the 45mm 1.8 lens, you still don’t get a hood included. Guess I don’t feel too bad for buying the silver 45mm 1.8 for $325 a month ago.

  • colm47

    Will the viewfinder from the EP2 work?

    • Yes i think so, and also VF4 will work on E-P2 and all camera by AP2 port after firmware up grade, by this info i have.

  • sam

    They could have at least edited the video and took out his mistakes Or, did a second take for the WiFi segment.

  • Are there any differences in picture quality between this and a Olympus EPM2 that vcan be bought by <£400 with a kit lens?

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