E-P3 with kit lens for $379!


The E-P3 has been announced almost two years ago and the price for the camera with kit lens was $899. And as you know digital stuff quickly looses the value and you can today there is a new price drop that pushes the price down to $379 at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).

Of course this happens because the Olympus E-P5 is going to be announced soon (on May 10th according to TVsmith).

More US deals:
Panasonic G5 for $498 and leading the sales ranking at Amazon (Click here).
GX1 body for $249 at  Adorama (Click here).
GX1 with kit lens for $379 at Amazon (Click here).

Thanks anonymous source for finding the E-P3 deal!

  • PannyBoom

    I hope to see a price drop like this for the OM-D E-M5 later this year.

    • bert

      Don’t hold your breath, the move to the new sensor that began with the OM-D was the introduction of a new generation of camera’s for Olympus. They have not yet even finished releasing the new sensor across the product line, let alone even consider large price drops on anything carrying the new sensor. I’d say at least another 18 months until you see significant price drops on anything carrying the Sony sensor.

  • Tom

    E-P3 or the GX1?

    • GX1 for image quality, E-P3 if stabilization is a big deal to you, or you really like the handling. I’ve owned both, and I do prefer the GX1 files, but the E-P3 was my favorite camera to handle.

      • bill

        actually, if you check out the steve huff review, he said the e-p3 put out better images, as far as color rendering and such.

        gx1 has better iso performance but everything else, e-p3 beats it.

  • Steve Biro

    If you have no problem with the original, Panasonic 12mp sensor for micro four-thirds cameras – and by that I mean if you generally plan to shoot no higher than ISO 1600 – then buying this camera and lens at this price is a no-brainer. Think hard: How often do you really shoot higher than ISO 1600? Be honest with yourself. Don’t allow the spec sheets of the brand-new cameras to dazzle you.

    Some people actually do a lot of low-light work and shoot at high ISOs much of the time. But, the truth is, for the vast majority of us, the answer is “not very often.” Actually, you can shoot at ISO 3200 in a pinch with the E-P3. It’s just that results aren’t the camera’s best. In fact, many people who own brand-new Olympus cameras with the latest sensor say the older Olympuses with the original sensor put out better colors.

  • sneye

    I have a feeling the E-P5 will not see such a price drop after two years. The design will make it a modern classic and will help keep its value for a long time. It looks like Olympus is on its way to a small triumph even before the big announcements planned for this autumn. The E-P3 is still a lovely camera, although the colors it produces are perhaps slightly less pleasant than the best of Oly’s efforts (E-1, E-330, E-5 and E-P2 are my favorites).

  • Art

    I’m surprised the NewEgg deal isn’t mentioned at $299…today only


    • bousozoku

      You’re only paying $80 more for the E-P3 than the E-PL3 with that discount but someone might like the E-PL3 better.

      • sunnyvale

        I saw this deal, but opted for the E-PL3. Due to my location, the E-P3 was 380 USD plus shipping of 26 USD. That was putting it in the 400 USD ballpark, so I decided that 100 USD extra wasn’t worth it, given the similarity of both cameras.

    • sunnyvale

      I’m surprised that deal wasn’t published here. It lasted only a few hours, though. I bought it, just for getting started with something a bit more pro than a simple P&S.

      Is there really a big difference between the E-P3 and the E-PL3, so far a tried to do a comparison, but it all came to appearance, no built-in flash and less art filters. Any suggestions are gladly welcome.

  • extreme price drop for a great camera. Prob the OMD will suffer the same fate as soon as the new OMD appears.

    • Farrukh

      I’m waiting for this drop :)

  • mino

    E-P5 born just dead….i’ll never buy it without integrated viewfinder….too big error.

    • Its amazing that neither Panasonic nor Olympus realized this after all these iterations, isn’t it?

      ..unless of course, you are confusing your needs with market results…

    • Richard

      Let the OM-D line keep its integrated viewfinders and its mini-SLR appearance. I prefer the rangefinder look of the PEN line, and I don’t need two ways to see what I’m shooting. An integrated viewfinder for me is an unnecessary increase in size, weight, and cost.

      When I started looking at these cameras a couple years ago, I read remarks from lots of people demanding viewfinders, but those demands are getting less common. I think most SLR veterans are adjusting to LCDs.

  • stravinsky

    Lots of people, myself included, already own external evfs from owning ep2 and ep3,so it’s not a huge issue, plus makes the camera pocket able

    • I’m still waiting for a pocketable piano to be released.

  • kl

    What a fantastic price. And if you must have an integrated finder, we’re spoilt for choice with Sony nex, Fuji x-pro/xe, Panasonic G/GH even Nikon 1

  • kl

    And there’s of course the wonderful OM-D already if you can’t imagine yourself going for other makes. Nobody’s holding you back.

  • adaptor-or-die

    one good thing about these endless, ‘new releases’ for those demanding the very newest and best specs which all come with a price … the latest and highest; is that the older just as usable models get the heavy discount treatment. Suddenly a year or two year old camera is no longer seen as functional. because it’s usurped by style changes or the newest, must have gimmick. That is exactly when it becomes a useful bargain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 12Mp models, plenty of serious photography can be done with even less. Prices are excellent.

    The last three camera bodies I have bought, all NIB, cost less than the the VF2 EVF!

    • I bought a new E-PL1 for $129. I’m using it mostly for copy work, but I do have a VF-2 and use it also as a compact camera with the 14 mm f/2.5 and the 60 mm Macro.

  • The difference in price to Germany is crazy – reduced from EUR 899 to EUR 649 only (USD 845): http://www.amazon.de/Olympus-E-P3-Systemkamera-Megapixel-Bildstabilisator/dp/B0058G3YHM/p3

    • Dont worry, youre turn is next. In the Czech. rep. the E-P3 prices dropped last week to 400 EUR (VAT included).

  • ggweci

    Looks like a good deal, but if the E-P5 kit for $1000 really includes the 17mm 1.8 lens, as some hope (expect?), then it’s not THAT good of a deal. Of course this assumes that one would buy the 17mm lens for their E-P3.

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