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E-M5/GX1 and lens review roundup (E-M5 again in Stock at eBay UK).


Washing test by 20minutos (Click here / via 100nyc / Thanks Jeff)

One week to go until the E-M5 hits the stores in USA and Europe! Although in some single cases the E-M5 can be found in Europe like it is now on eBay UK (Click here to grab one of the five E-M5 that are in Stock right now). I am really curious to see if the Olympus can surpass both current most requested cameras like the NEX-7 and Fuji X PRO 1 (at least according to A. ranking).

Meantime read some of the latest reviews of the GX1/E-M5:
Imaging Resource (Click here) posted the final Panasonic GX1 review: “Though they missed a few key features users were hoping for, like dual manual control dials as seen on the Sony NEX-7, the Panasonic GX1 is a good start toward making a camera that enthusiasts will appreciate. An increase in resolution comes with an improvement in high ISO performance too (Click here for the translation) posted a set of GX1 + the new Sigma 19mm image samples.
E-M5 preview and image samples at DC.Watch (Click here). The 12-50mm lens got tested by Quesabesde (Click here for the translation).

Links to preorders of the mentioned cameras (Just click the shop name to check availability and price):
GX1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
E-M5 at Amazon USA, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.
Sigma 19mm at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France.

  • Duarte Bruno

    What are these people doing? She starts the review with two huge imprecisions, which reveal some hard product ignorance …

    First she says it’s the biggest resolution m43 sensor (which is the one on the GH2) then she says it’s one of the few that has a double processor (well that’s almost true because the GH2 has 3)…

    Someone should have done their homework!

    • Don Pope

      She is technically correct.
      The GH2 and the OM-D both have the same resolution, so this sensor does have the highest resolution in its class.

  • Murdoch

    Ok ok, this is true…but she looks pretty good :-)

    • BLI

      The camera looks so big in her hands… :-) Ok, she managed to keep my interest for 7+ minutes, although I didn’t understand much…

  • Murdoch

    Sorry for double post :-(

  • Bad review… A lot of mistakes on camera specs

  • Keith

    Admin, there are no em5s in stock in uk ebay.
    They are in asia being shipped to uk. shipping time is 13-15 days ie not in stock!!!!

  • Ernest.orf

    Dear Admin !!!
    Please stop putting reviews of the spanish site ” quesabesde” those people are sold , to money , if the brand not pays , those guys never say something good, are really sold , believe me !!!

    • Where do you get that from? I’m a native spanish speaker, and their reviews seem pretty professional and honest to me…In fact, I’d say quesabesde and dslrmagazine are on the top of my list as well as luminous landscape, dpreview and photozone…

  • Mar

    I’m ashamed to admit this – but every time I see a Spanish person talking, image of Torrente springs to mind :D

    • Ernest.orf

      Jaajj sure torrent is SOMETHING , between stupid & asshole, but is a funny guy after all xdd

  • Vivek

    The EM-5 (with all the grips) is worth ~800Euros tops. Why are they trying to sell it for 1350???

    • The Eye

      Is that a rhetorical question?

      • Dave

        No, it is worth the asking price. Just because YOU don’t want to pay that, doesn’t mean that you are right. What planet are you from?

    • caver3d

      Since when are you an expert on pricing?

  • tmrgrs

    Once again, Rocketronics is a Hong Kong seller on Ebay-UK who is pretending to be selling from the UK. He likely has a UK proxy who forwards to the buyer but the camera is almost certainly from HK.

  • miquel


  • amvr

    For those saying this review was bad I have to wonder whether they speak spanish at all, i do and I found it thorough. It may have it flaws (hey, even dpreview and dxomark have them too)but it does excel at something (besides having a cute chick), it DOES go through the vast majority of the E-M5 unique features, of which many reviewers don’t point out. This is VERY important to newcomers, not everyone wastes their day on gear sites like we do, some people don’t even know m43 exist at all let alone oly vs pany compatibility or difference in features.

    I enjoyed how they explained the advantage of the lens catalog and demonstrated the weather sealing, also they commented on the little details like the dials ergonomic design during evf use and the thumb rest.

  • Is the E-m5 the biggest camera in the world or is she the smallest girl?

    Now the 19mm from Sigma. I reckon these shots look good the OOF is very soft and recognisable, something I prefer to the all blurred and fuzzy with strange shapes that so many like. The straw hat for example is clearly in a shop that sells straw products which can bee seen but not the main feature, a nice balance. With many of the lenses that some want to shoot with, the hat may as well be on a post and the rest of the picture be redundant. OK, so stop down a faster lens. Reality is many do not and lose balance in a shot, just to create exaggerated depth.
    When I look at something, I can see quite clearly at 180 degrees what is around me, it is not a load of fuzz, its soft but identifiable.

    • “When I look at something, I can see quite clearly at 180 degrees what is around me, it is not a load of fuzz, its soft but identifiable.”

      Human vision has about a 95 degree view with only about 10% in focus. Just saying.

      And yes she is a miniature girl. Big things come from Texas, little things, Japan.

      • Wide-angle perspective distortion, or she also has hands as big as her head ;)

      • I and most of my friends can see what is happening fully left and right at the same time while looking straight ahead and sitll discern objects. That’s a hell of a lot more than 95 degrees, who is limited to 95 degrees, I don’t think anybody is that restricted.
        She is Spanish not Japanese.
        No comment on Texas.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > I don’t think anybody is that restricted.
          Lots of brain/thinking capacity restricted people…

          Just like with Don Rosa’s detailed drawing style being underrated by many in favour of boring simple drawing style.

  • MA

    I can’t get her language. Russian?

    What if I accidentally spill Beer or spirit over the camera. Is it still OK? :)

    • Pedro del Río

      It is actually Spanish from Spain.

      • MA

        Thanks! but even so, still I don’t get hers :p

        • Pedro del Río

          It is a big world out there beyond your village. There are many languages around.

  • Pei

    Why is the site two news per page now? More ad money?

    BTW, she should dip the camera in a bucket and take it out. I don’t care much about rain on camera.

    • Robbie

      This is a weatherproof camera, NOT a water proof camera.

      • Geoff

        A good point, though if I may add when Oly brought out the E-1, again a weatherproof design a friend placed his (brand new) in a bucket of water for 15 minutes, pulled it out and started shooting.

        Regards MA (post above) make sure the lens is weatherproof as well and wash it under a running tap (water faucet), I suggest fitting a lens as I’d be unsure about the seals with body cap fitted.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Usually weather proof item is also waterproof for being dipped in water.

          Question is really about pressure exerted to sealings.
          And even without iten being submerged in water higher speed/pressure jet of water could easily go past sealings…
          In case of someone having missed it nowadays high pressure water jet is commonly used for cutting steel.

  • Alfons

    I don’t know if it’s the combination of Spanish and shaky camera but this video made me dizzy.

  • Freddy

    I received an email from Unique Photo today… subject E-M5 is almost here.
    So I called Helen right away, she told me I should receive my E-M5 next week, beginning / middle of the week!!!
    I’m almost on top in the preorder list!!! so mine will be here soon!!!

  • Nawaf

    This video is awful.. They should have used a fish eye lens to really get the effect they were looking for. I just don’t see it here, still needs more distortion and pincushion to make my day ;)

    Nice shower show!

  • Bob B.

    Video at the top of the page…in a word: stupid. Wait…make that STUPID.

  • andy

    I don’t know what she’s saying but this is hilarious; the facial expressions, the water test, the stabilisation hand actions. She’s the female version of Kai from Digitalrev!

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