E-M5 special kit announced. And new E-m5 firmware adds ISO 100!


Today there are also two major news related to the E-M5:

1) New E-M5 firmware update to version 2.0 (Source: Olympus Japan). This firmware adds:

  • Small AF target (icon) was added to the AF target settings.
  • ISO LOW (100 equivalent) was expanded on the low sensitivity side.

Quite nice to have ISO 100!!!

2) Olympus also launched the special E-M5 kit with 12-40mm f/2.8 lens, new leatherette body, refined dials. There is no price info but the kit will be released in March (Source: Olympus Japan).

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  • duartix

    Nice (for JPEG shooters), but it’s probably no more than ISO200 overexposed…

    • you can use it in RAW mode too, just tried.

      • rrr_hhh

        Nice, but it will come at the expense of DR if it is extended..

        • I hope there will be some tests about that…

      • Bob B.

        Ulli…does the new ISO show up in your menu and “Low” or as “100”?

        • it says LOW, Bob

          • Bob B.

            Thanks..I am guessing that the ISO 100 is achieved the same way it is in all the Oly bodies with that setting which is using the DR of the raw file to achieve the 100 setting..otherwise Oly would designate it as a true ISO 100. I wish that all of the cameras had real ISO 50! I would gladly give up quality at the higher end to have a true 50 and 100 ISO settings. I think that I may be in the minority there though.

            • jim

              Totaly – lose 25k and 12k ISO so top end is 6400ISO (the usable maximum) and add ISO 100 and 50 at the low end – that would be excelent… giving a better camera rather than a bigger number!

              Gotta hate marketing!

              • Bob B.

                Yeah…..the situation is so stupid…it disregards photographers to satisfy competition and claims in advertising!

                • The Real Stig

                  How do you suggest they achieve this? The ‘true’ base ISO is a fundamental intrinsic feature of the sensor which Is probably determined at the quantum level.

                  I don’t see that stupidity comes into it.

                  You might as well gripe at at Olympus about the 200 asa film Fuji makes.

                  • Bob B.

                    I am not a scientist quantum boy. Just a photographer that would like low ISO so that I could get better base level images and shoot with f/.95 or F/1.2 glass and not have to put $200-worth of ND filter over my expensive lenses just to get low DOF in daylight. We (photographers) could us 50 ISO film 50 years ago as a high quality choice…It is too bad that having true lower ISO is totally disregarded with today’s cameras. it’s not the end of the world or anything…but we (photographers) have definitely lost something here.

                  • jim

                    Well maybe by specifiying a sensor with a base of 50ISO rather than make a base 200 and chase the high ISO… I belive sony can make sensor with ISO 100 – I think this is standard sony base, so I assume olympus requested it?

                    Has amplifacation got nothing to do with it? as Oly have always had ISO 200 as base and panasonic did not?

                    We can all see oly loses out a bit of IQ at the “best” ISO and is not kidding anyone about ISO 25k… even a D800 is a shaky affair at ISO 25k!!

                    • The Real Stig

                      I don’t think Olympus could specify a base ISO of 100 to Sony without also specifying a greatly reduced number of pixels on the sensor because I think there is a relationship between the physical size of the wells on the sensor and the sensitivity at which their S/N ratio is at it’s max.

                      “Digital cameras have only one sensitivity, given by the quantum efficiency of the sensor, and the transmission of the optics and filters over the sensor. ISO is simply a post-senor gain applied to the signal from the sensor.

                      Smaller pixels generally have lower holding capacities, and it goes roughly by the area of the pixel. So a pixel with half the area, will generally have a maximum holding level half that of the larger pixel. An analogy is two buckets of different sizes: the larger bucket can hold more water. But the larger bucket only holds the water poured into it.”

                      The pixels in the E-M5 are 3.7 microns while the pixels on the sensor in a Canon 5D MkII are 6.4 microns so they can store more electrons hence you can expose the sensor to more light before the wells fill up giving you a lower ISO.

                    • jim

                      To Stig…

                      Why can compacts with very small pixels/sensors have ISO 64?
                      And why did the old 12Mpix sensors not have a lower ISO?

  • jim

    Is this a true 100 ISO or just and over exposed and compensated 200ISO – like the EP1 100ISO….

    Nice to see at least some upgrade via FW…

    • Hifinut

      According to Imaging Resource, ISO 100 in a well-lit and modest-contrast subject,the iso 100 actually better than iso200.
      Link: http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/olympus-e-m10/olympus-e-m10A.HTM#IQ

      • jim

        As is the IQ from my EP1 – untill DR is an issue – yes the noise and detail in soft contrast is better but you do lose a stop of DR…

        Lets hope this is a true 100 ISO … but I’m not holding my breath.

        • Anonymous

          The only way you’ll get a real ISO 100 is by changing the sensor.
          It is a hardware limitation not a software one.

  • Those refined dials, do they still fall sporadically off? :-P

    • john

      Never heard of this problem or experienced it you must be using your camera as a hammer or something

      • OMega


        • Chikibaga


      • Nailing focus I suppose.

      • Dials falling off the E-M5 have been reported on dpreview more than a few times. Here’s an example:

          • The Real Stig

            So given the number of E-M5s that have been sold, what dial failure rate are we looking at, 1/10,000 ?

            • Uberzone

              There is one for auction right now on eBay with a top dial that has fallen off. While the problems with the EM-5 hardware are fairly few, this one ranks up there. The only one I’ve heard more about was the cracked bezel.

            • Are you implying everyone who has an E-M5 posts on dpreview?

              State the numbers, if you have them.

              • The Real Stig

                Of course not but it is a truism that people who have a complaint are generally far more likely to voice a comment than people who are perfectly happy. I have never gone on Dpreview and said ‘hey guys, the dials on my E-M5 have never fallen off and the viewfinder eyepiece hasn’t fallen out and the lens mount flange hasn’t come loose and the rear LCD hasn’t fallen off and it’s bezel isn’t cracked and… you get the picture.

                I would guess only Olympus has the numbers.

                I will tell you that the failure rate for products I have bought from Apple is an order of magnitude higher than that for things I have bought from Olympus, and for Sony, it’s an order of magnitude worse than for Apple.

                • I have owned a multitude of cameras since 1981. I’ve never had a dial fall off. If I read repeated reports of a newly released camera shedding parts I do wonder. I also wonder why my E-620 requires a new top plate every two years (The mode dial and on/off switch wear out). Am I rougher on the gear than I used to be, or is service life reduced due to design?

                  I’m not sure what’s more common: people siging praises or people damning one thing or the other. ;-)

      • a!

        I had mine fallen off, after just 3 months of use, nothing extreme. Was repaired by Oly without a problem, but still…

    • Bob B.

      The lens sheers off to when you use your camera roughly…but it is a built-in feature to protect the camera from worse damage! :-)

      • You are talking about the 12-40. On the 12-60 the front element falls sometimes out for protection when the lens hood is removed. :-P

        • Bob B.

          Are you just making that up? I did not hear about that. All kidding aside…. I do have to say that Oly is very good with their warranty repairs (in my experience)…but what I would be concerned about is an issue like the 12-40mm lens-mount sheering phenomenon which would tend to occur with more usage (I.e. When the lens is out of warranty).

    • David

      My main dial on the EM5 fell off after about 2 months of use and I am not even a heavy shooter. I glued it back and kept it to dry overnight. In the morning I realized that I did not place the cap flat and the dial now just waves around. I have gotten used to it, but I did not pay all the money for something with parts that would come off like that. I could have lost the cap, but luckily when it fell at home, I did notice it.

      • Since you could glue the dial back on, I presume the dial is keyed to the underlying rotary switch. Also, it seems the dial is not screwed to the switch, but either snapped-in or glued to begin with.

  • Archimedes

    Australian pricing for the EM-5 “special kit” is $1699 (according to the Gizmodo review of the EM-10 that you’ve linked to in a previous post).

    • Ross

      It’s also in the Oly press release.

    • That’s not a bad price :) Especially since the Aussie dollar is falling.

      • Ash

        Not bad at all, considering that mainstream australian retailers are trying to flog the 12-40mm alone for $1,199.

      • Ross

        That’s right & so long as the price doesn’t if the dollars falls more. We’ll just blame those Americans if it does. ;) :D

        • Ross

          I wish there was an edit here. That should have read, “That’s right & so long as the price doesn’t rise if the dollars falls more.”

  • Agent00soul

    Very nice to have the small AF target! Now my E-M5 is finally equivalent to my E-PM2.

    • Bob B.

      Hee hee…funny…I have the small focusing targets on my E-P5 and E-PL6…they are GREAT! I keep them as my default focusing method.

    • Hey, Yeah!

      Hell has suddenly frozen over and pigs are flying…

  • Rudy

    New update is great. I am using only small AF now. I also have personal feeling that high ISO images looks better :)

    • rrr_hhh

      Plus one ! The addition of the small target is a great step forward. No need to activate magnification to get the small target : it will speed things up for me considerably !

      Thank you Olympus. I guess this improvement is due to the introduction of the new kit with 12-40mm. May be those two facts are an indication that the E-M5 will not be updated very soon.

    • Ross

      I’ve done the update & love the small focus points too. I only wish I had them sooner. Now all I want is to have them on the Stylus 1 as well, ’cause there is no magnification mode available on that camera.

  • graben

    I finally wont have to stop town my prime in bright light and can shoot wide open.

  • saphoto

    anyone have a link to where we can download the new firmware 2.0 for the em5?

    • rrr_hhh

      There is no link allowing a firmware download : you have to use the Olympus USB proprietary cable to hook the camera to your computer and using the little updating program, the camera will make the update. You can’t make it yourself. That is Olympus way of doing (screwing) things

    • rrr_hhh

      This is the link to the firmware updater : http://www.olympus.co.uk/site/en/c/cameras_support/help/firmware_updates/index.html

      It isn´t the firmware update, but the program that will allow the camera to make the update by itself when you connect it to your computer.

      • saphoto

        I just did the update and the ISO 100 shows up as just LOW on my ISO setting LCD.

      • saphoto

        thank you. I haven’t done a update for a while now and forgot I had to use the oly app.

  • Bobafett

    Great, for the moment! I’m still hoping for a FW with better video codec :)

  • PL

    I was expecting focus peaking for the e-m5 with this upgrade! Now that the e-m10 has it, it’s strange they keep a more advanced model without this important features. And it can definitely be added via a firmware upgade.

    • Ross

      It also depends on the available processing power too. The E-M10 has the new TruePic VII.

      • PL

        I don’t think it’s more CPU-intensive than any “art” filter…

        • And those happen to rely heavily on hardware acceleration for being visible in live-view, and cause pretty clear limits on framerate when fully displayed in live-view.

          • tokugawa

            A machine that can handle the “Keyline art filter” can also handle Focus Peaking, because it’s just the same algorithm.

            • That is just a bit too simple.

              First of all, keyline and focus peaking are somewhat similar but not the same thing. Keyline tries to enclose areas with similar color and intensity (ie, edge detect), whereas focus peaking shows areas where contrast passes a preset threshold. The consequence is that focus peaking works pretty well for showing if textured areas are in reasonable focus, whereas the keyline filter typically doesn’t. In itself this doesn’t have to be a problem, as telling contrast of a select area of the frame is also needed for cdaf, so this might be there.

              The second issue is that manipulating the display data is expensive, and is different between keyline and focus peaking.

              • Deaner

                But Keyline works great as a focus peaking alternative. Why can’t Olympus just employ this methodology and call it ‘focus almost peaking.’ I would be happy just with the added functionality even if it is not perfect.

            • peevee

              If you can quickly focus with CDAF when whole area is chosen, you can show focus peaking.

      • john

        +1 If they could have easily updated it they would have by now, this missing feature puts the camera at a disadvantage to the competition and it would be self defeating not to update it whilst it is still on the market.

        No doubt nutty conspiracy theorists who think they know everything about camera design will tell us that it is just a bit of code by an intern and poof! you have focus peaking!

      • 78photography™

        Both, theE-M5 and the E-P5 useTruePic VI, the latter got focus peaking

      • tokugawa

        The E-M5 should be able to handle it. After all, there is a hack that abuses the Keyline art filter as a focus peaking mode (by mapping that art filter to a Fn button).

        And the Keyline art filter is actually just the same algorithm (edge detection/enhancement) as focus peaking.

        Of course, when using that, the framerate drops, but really, it’s still usable enough.

        • Actually, keyline can be abused, but its not entirely the same algorithm. Focus peaking shows areas where contrast passes a preset treshold, whereas keyline shows the boundaries between clearly different areas.

          Often it comes down to approximately the same thing, but focus peaking can often show if a textured area is in reasonable focus, whereas keyline filter often can’t.

      • Alex

        Firts congrats Oly!
        Great update!!

        About focus peaking…
        I agree with Ross and still thinking it’s a processor capacity problem. People argue that it can handles Keyline so focus peaking too. I’m not expert at all, but IMHO it’s not the same thing to show incidentally focus point like keyline that to have the function of showing precisely the focus zone. The day I test keyline for focus I almost put out my lunch, I hated!

        Unless, there is an other limitation: Oly lacking of programming engineers, and so they have to work alternately for each camera. Now they again programming for EM5 and we get this two great features! Maybe soon focus peaking?

    • BLT

      Lack of Focus Peaking is disappointing. And makes the E-M10 a more attractive camera to me.
      I want to get involved with the Voitlander lenses but find the whole ‘magnified focus assist’ method an unacceptable way of taking pictures.

      • Erics

        I would also love to have focus peaking (or Fujis split focus) but to be honest the combination of magnification and easy focus (magnification) point selection works very well with Voigtländers 25mm 0.95 lens. :)

      • Uberzone

        From most of the comments I’ve read from people who have used both, most have come to the conclusion that while focus peaking works, they get better critical focus with the magnification mehtod.

  • 43 fan

    is there any update about focus peaking? its important for using third party mf lenses.

    • OMega

      I don’t understand all this craving for ‘focus peaking’, I use a selection of Zuiko lenses from 21mm through to 200mm (longer focal lengths with a 2XA converter), I’ve yet to find an issue with manual focusing with the E-M5.

      • 43 fan

        Yes you are right, here is many options for mf. But there is another issue about street shots. Especially using wide lens and the moment we need focusing quickly (like street etc.) Be sure, dont like to miss the point that you want catch. Anyway, Ricoh GRD’s snap focus and step zoom options are amazing. You should check on web if you haven’t heard before.

      • MMF user

        Neither do I, especially when you have the art filter workaround that does the same when assigned as a toggable switch via myset to FN1.

        Unlike what someone mentioned before the toggle does work in M mode and with fully manual lenses.

      • tokugawa

        It’s handy to have it, but I’ve been using it more rarely recently, instead using magnified view for manual focusing.

    • Fafhrd

      I know it isn’t the same, but are you at least using the trick of setting a button to magnify and invoke keyline art filter while focusing? I do this with my old OM manual lenses. While I hold the button, I adjust focus until the black keylines are thickest at my point of focus. If gets you pretty close. Not good enough for my 300 mm Zuiko manual focus, but usable for my other old primes. The effect disappears when the button is released. I map it to my video record button on my E-PL5 as I rarely use video.

    • …If it’s true, what they write here, http://cameras.reviewed.com/content/olympus-om-d-e-m10-digital-camera-review than there will be another update with focus peaking.

      Just scroll down a bit… .

  • john

    I was hoping for focus peaking and wifi but Olympus wants us Em-5 shooters to buy em-1 for that.

    • rrr_hhh

      WIFI ! This is a hardware issue, not something that can be solved by firmware. You can get an EyeFi or Flash Air SD card, or you can buy the Penpal accessory if you want WFI with the E-M5 or older Pens.

      • john

        My bad true, shooting a self portrait project lately and wanting so much a shoot remotely camera that I forgot. Anyway it’s a step forward but considering em10 has focus peaking imho they could have added it easily.

        • The E-M10 has a newer processor with new acceleration features. Many ‘live’ effects that can be displayed in live-view rely on those acceleration features or they’d have unacceptable impact on performance, battery life, heat production etc. Its quite reasonable to assume this also applies to focus peaking, and hence its unlikely to be a matter of a simple firmware update.

        • jim

          You might be able to use a WIFI SD card and a remote RF trigger from ebay?

          Should get you 90% of what you want… I hope

    • 43 fan

      Yes. İn other words, Segmentation :))

  • Konbanwa

    Good news. But dear Olympus, would it be possible to add 24mb video on the E-P5. IF cheaper EM-10 has it, so can E-P5.

    Also better wifi capabilities (manual).

    • Schwarz

      Exactly the same thought here. It now looks as though Olympus are determined not to fulfill video demands met by almost every other manufacturer of cameras within the same price bracket. Very sad to be considering a Panasonic, but that’s where we are now; lost sales over what looks like deliberate belligerence.

      • jim

        I’m hoping the next version will drop video to SD 15fps… if your gonna fail, fail in style!

        • Konbanwa


    • Konbanwa

      All i am asking from Olympus is to add the same video to PEN E-P5 as in OM-D E-M10 (24mb video).

  • Mony

    finally usable after 2 years, great!

    • OMega

      Are you trying to tell us you’ve had an E-M5 for 2 years and have been unable to use it? Please explain what your problem has been as I’ve had no problems with my M5 and I’ve no heard of anyone else who has found it unusable.

      • graben

        Maybe they mean iso 100 and small focus points are finally usable.

        • OMega

          The single focus point is a nice addition, the 100ASA I think as others that it’s no more than an adjustment to exposure. My point was that Mony suggested the camera was unusable, not a particular issue being unusable.

          • graben

            And I said perhaps he meant a single feature as he or she didn’t indicate wiich.

      • john

        Sounds like the problem is retardation, and it’s not the camera.

      • Jón

        Yes, he is right. I have being using my E-M5 as a paper weight all those time. I can finally replace it with a Canon EOS-M

  • SamPie

    Allright !
    Two things I’ve been wishing for !
    Small AF target is really necessary for thin DOF accurate focusing. I’ve missed this since my DSLR…
    Guess my ND’s will collect dust from now on… Was quite a hassle going from indoors to a bright sunny day outside and back indoors, putting ND off and on again… No more of that !

  • MP

    The greatest news: According to Amazon Germany, the 25mm 1.8 will come with lens hood included in the box! What a surprise!

  • Stanley

    When using the new small AF-Target box,

    Its interesting to notice that in C-AF TR mode, depending on the subject in lock focus, the green box seems to adjust the size of the green box automatically. I dont seem to recall this happening before firmware 2.0

    I cant confirm this just yet, but it seems the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 seems to focus much slower in low light. Can anybody confirm this. TQ

  • Totally useless. They should have added Full Frame and an espresso machine. OLLY DESSERVE DEAD!!!!

    • carpandean

      I guess FF would have been good enough, but I was hoping for medium format by firmware. Also, it should have removed the AA filter and upgraded it to 20MP.


      • Ranger 9

        And where are the antigravity neckstrap lugs? We were promised antigravity neckstrap lugs…

  • Jón

    I’m having trouble updating my EM-5 to from version 1.6 to 2.0.

    The software detects the camera, reports the current version correctly, but then gives up after a while with the “Failed to to communicate with the camera” error.

    I’ve tried it with lens on and off, restarted, removed battery, but nothing seem to work.

    One thing that might interfere, I can’t change the storage mode when I plug in the USB cable.

    Any advice?

    • Jón

      Never mind. Figured it out. Needed to remove the SD card.

      • Hey, thanks for mentioning that.

        The update instructions also mention this and have done so from the start, but so far I never heard of this actually being a problem.

        • SamPie

          Strange, I’ve managed to update from 1.5 to 2.0, even with a SD-card present, without any problem.

          • sheepthief

            In the menus somewhere you can change the default behaviour for when a USB cable is plugged in. I have it set to make me choose each time – so I choose storage, and I’ve never had a problem updating with an SD card. Maybe one of the other settings, eg auto, picks different modes according to whether there’s a card in or not.

            Just guessing though.

          • Same here (with 2 E-M5s), but that note about removing the sd card has been there since way before this update, seems it does somehow matter in some cases.

      • john

        Thats weird!

        I just did the update, SD card was in the camera with no problems

        • Ross

          I forgot to take mine without any problems. I think it is just to protect any files that may be on it, in case they become corrupted.

  • Dave

    I am elated! Thank you for doing this Olympus. Two of the limiting factors of this wonderful camera have been fixed.

  • Stanley

    I plug in the cable and On the camera. The LCD screen shows 3 modes and i chose Storage. Everything worked fine for the update

  • Has this been made because of Fuji, meaning that from now on Oly will upgrade its cameras, like Fuji?

    To me that was the really negative aspect, perfectly good cameras being held back for marketing purposes.

    Instead one gets the feeling of customer care, and of a company worth investing into.

    Personally I couldn’t care less about focus tracking and Wi Fi except that you can do tethering. But I understand that E-M5 had to fix so many things in the beginning, that they forgot about it or better entrusted it to an accessory.

    Small focus box and Low instead are true photographic features.

    • Camaman

      I also think so. Hopefully they will keep doing ut this way.
      Fuji is now even more serious cimoetition. Good word on support will mean a lot to undecided future buyers.

  • Hifinut

    Did anyone notice the IBIS only turn on when the shutter button is depress? I don’t hear the hissing sound when the camera is on. The hissing sound only turns on when the shutter is half press.

    • Do you mean the E-M10 or the E-M5? On the E-M5 you must activate it from the Wrench Menu.

      • Hifinut

        EM5. With the ibis activated, the hump only produce the hissing sound when the shutter is depressed. Try listen to it in a quiet room.

        • Didi I say it differently?

          You must activate it from the Wrench Menu, if you want it always on. Read the Manual.

          • Marc

            It’s possible that Hifinut was still on firmware prior to the v1.5 that modified the IBIS to make it quieter, so she/he is noticing a difference after upgrading to 2.0.

            I never tried the earlier firmware, so I don’t know how much of a difference it made in the behavior, or if it fits their description of the difference. Certainly, that’s how it already behaved under the most recent versions.

    • victor

      since the update, i also noticed the ibis only makes a noise when pressing the shutter and louder than before!

  • xus

    I’ve just updated the firmware and the new ISO LOW works fine, but I can’t find the new small AF target… where should it be?

    • In the Info button, when you select the AF squares.

  • AC

    Just got mine updated from v1.5. Small AF is just what I need. I can totally switch off the touch focus now. ISO LOW should be useful for bright daylight. Good job Olympus!

  • mil

    Does the new firmware also include other features from E-PL5/E-M2, such as the ability to assign Mysets to the mode dial? Frankly, I care more about that than about fake ISO 100…

    The small focusing point will be very welcome though!

  • Cupid Stunt

    Did anyone notice a sidebar in the Reviewed.com Cameras review on the the E-M10 that focus peaking will be available for the E-M5!!

    • Rudy

      Yes! “E-M5 owners should note that Olympus tells us a firmware update is on the way to enable focus peaking, bringing the original OM-D more in line with its new baby brother” http://cameras.reviewed.com/content/olympus-om-d-e-m10-digital-camera-review

      • jim

        HOLY Mother…

        Well go on olympus …. your just 1 step away from the ideal camera once this is implemented! – please just cram in 25p… 50/60p would be perfection!

      • Miltos

        Is this thing about Focus Peaking official?

      • nobody

        I think the revision number 2.0 is a hint that mayor things must be changed in the background. Maybe now the firmware has the architecture of the E-M1/E-M10 firmware.

        I hope that focus peaking will be possible in future releases. I can not imagine that the processor can’t process this feature. They might use another framerate for this feature.

        You can get a lot of performance out of a given processor when using better software. Best examples for this are the Voyager 1/2 space probes.

  • xxyyzz

    Any update on the self timer? Having a multiple shot options makes the lack of a wireless remote or Wifi less annoying. No one likes running back and forth to the camera to set the timer again if the shot wasn’t good. This is certainly an easy firmware that the epl5 and many cheap PS cameras have. Also an intervalometer setting would be great.

  • xxyyzz

    Making the delete button another assignable function button would be wonderful too.

  • Matt Jones

    In my experience the new cut ISO100 gives a cleaner image, but slightly, very slightly less detail than ISO200. They seem to be introducing some noise reduction. But it’s very done.

    • Matt Jones

      very done = very well done
      (wish you could edit posts here)

  • FW revision has a huge effect, I hope that Oly takes note. Fuji had it right, and now m4/3.
    A user which had an updated camera will probably feel like buying more lenses.

  • Just a heads up. Amazon UK is now accepting pre-orders for the EM10, 25mm and 14-42mm. The products are not yet showing in their search results, but I have linked to them directly from my website at http://www.olympuslinks.co.uk. Pre-order before the rush to beat the queue!

  • Solis

    Europ price for the “EM-5 pro kit” looks to be €1499.

  • PE

    Small AF target … thanks be to god!

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