(UPDATED) E-M5 sound issue? Shipment delay in Europe (video roundup)


E-P3 Video Test in Quiet Room feat. E-M5 from Michael Gakuran on Vimeo.

The new Olympus E-M5 is shipping in Asia and first user are reporting some “sound noise” issues. At Amazon Japan you can find two reviews describing the noise starting when you power the camera on. It remains there until you completely shut down the camera. I tried to find some evidence of the issue but at least from the video I found on youtube (Click here) I really hear NO noise at all. I have been told by my sources that the very low noise you here is coming from the 5 axis IS. And it is much lower during movie shooting (you will not hear it while recording the audio). It’s unusual in the beginning but you will forget it when working with the camera.

We Europeans and our Americans readers will have to wait a bit longer for our cameras anyway. Amazon UK issued the following statement: “We’re sorry to let you know that your order will take longer to fulfil than originally estimated. Our supplier has notified us that there is a delay in obtaining stock of this title. We now expect to dispatch your order by April 23, 2012.” :(

As I said, Japanese are already receiving their cameras and they are posting new video on youtube. Here is a set of short clips made by PortableTV and some ads made by Olympus itself:

Burst mode on youtube (Click here).
Rolling Shutter test on youtube (Click here).
Power ON/OFF on youtube (Click here).
IS test on youtube (Click here).
Af speed test on youtube (Click here).

OlympusOMD commercial (weird voice!)
Af speed on youtube (Click here).
FPS speed on youtube (Click here).
EVF on youtube (Click here).

Preorders: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

USA: E-M5 on position 5/7/9 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 4 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 15 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 8/16/17 (Click here).

  • Yeah, it is correct.

    I bought a OM-D/E-M5 on Mar.31, a day of starting to sell OM-D in Japan.
    The sound is like a “hard-disk moving noise”, and here in Japan it is said the noise comes from some mechanical parts of “5-axis image stabilisation for movies & stills”, but also maybe somewhere else….As for me, I was a little surprised the sound “what the noise is…I have never heard of that…”, but relatively its sound level is not high, so soon you can be used to…
    And I am very satisfied its total abilities…

  • Woomi

    I also cannot hear any noise from the video clip.
    It may be high peach noise that I cannot hear, but teenagers can hear.

    Or some of the IS module is defect one so it makes noise….

  • I posted videos here showing the noise problem: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1041&message=41102040

    E-M5 video: http://vimeo.com/39635319
    E-P3 video of the E-M5 noise: http://vimeo.com/39635439

    • thanks Michael
      that sound is quieter than my fridge, computer, telephone wire and clock!

      • It’s non existent in video mode, pretty much. But quite audible in other shooting modes. Certainly a nasty surprise for people setting up the camera.

        • Thanks for making the video, Michael.

          It seems to me that the noise is pretty durned low, not a whole lot above the noise level of the recording. How would you say that it compares to the fan on a laptop?

          And since I’ve been forewarned, I won’t be surprised when my OM-D gets here in a couple of weeks.

          • It’s a very difficult question to answer without taking some exact audio levels. The best thing I can equate it to is the sound of a gentle laptop fan. Not intrusive, by any means, but definitely there all the time.

            Well, the main point is that the noise does not affect video mode. For stills, we’re all just going to have to live with it.

    • swested

      On another note, I’m curious to see what conditions the E-M5 clip was shot at. Looks like there’s a ton of ugly noise on the wood, but then again – it’s pretty dark.

    • Andy Taylor

      Cheers for that. It seems entirely bearable to me, which is nice to know! :)

  • the “noise” is from the stablisation in the EVF, you would literally need to have your ear pressed against the camera to hear it.

    lots of photos from Japanese users here http://www.flickr.com/groups/om-d_user/

    • I’m not so sure. The noise levels change between the video mode and other shooting modes. If it were a stabilisation issue, why does the noise level change when IBIS is constant?

      • apparently Olympus Japan have said the E-M5 has two stablisations, one for the sensor and one for the EVF which is activated on start up until shut down…
        I didn’t notice the “noise” when I tested the camera a couple of weeks ago…

        • Me neither! I didn’t hear any noise at the hands-on event. I was very surprised to hear such a clear noise tonight… Judging by the two negative Amazon reviews, Olympus may be on the verge of a PR catastrophe. If enough consumers jump on the bandwagon complaining, it could really make the product bomb. I’d hate that, because it’s an otherwise excellent camera…

          • admin

            Thanks for your test Michael! Very appreciated!!! :)

          • @Michael
            anyone idiot can leave stupid reviews on amazon, that one reason why i dislike them…
            I could only hear the “noise” when I turned up the volume on my computer full blast and even then my computer hard drive was louder….

            • The noise level on the video recording is misleading. The room was dead quiet when I shot those videos, so all that static noise in the video should not be there at all. The change I was trying to show was when switching between video mode and stills mode, but unfortunately the static background noise masks that change unless you crank up the volume to hear it. Try it in person and you’ll see what I mean. Either that or I do just have a loud copy…

              • Quite obviously, the noise is clearly amplified by the wooden table the camera is standing on. It will be far far less loud if you keep the camera in your hand or put a piece of cloth between table and camera.

                By the way: Toshi Terada expained Ian of FourtThirdUser.com that it’s – just as I assumed days ago – caused by the electromagnets producing the magnet field keeping the sensor where it is supposed to be. I asked at DP Review if the Pentax DSLRs that use a similar IBIS system do also produce a hum (not so loud due to the bigger body) and a Pentax user confirmed that his camera (a K100?) also is humming all the time. It just isn’t an issue – but it will become one if we continue discussing it. As I see it, all this fuss is just ridiculous.

                • tmrgrs

                  There’s a lot of viral pro & con warfare going on right now with this E-M5. Lugs out of place, humming noise and one character posted at DPR that it had the worst ergonomics that he’d seen in 40 years! This will start disappearing when there are enough cameras in enough users’ hands to give some real weight to the truth instead of to the FUD campaign that’s currently getting so much attention.

                • I can tell you that isn’t the case. The sound may perhaps be slightly amplified by the wooden table, but it is quite audible when held in the hand. I didn’t notice any difference between the noise levels holding it in my hand and when placed on the wooden table.

                  • Sorry, but it’s just impossible that the sound is just SLIGHTLY amplified. Do you know these little hurdy-gurdies? You nearly can’t here them if you turning the crank while holding them in your hand – but put them on a table and they are loud enough to be heard in a big room. In my schooldays we used these things to drive our teachers crazy. So no: SLIGHTLY amplified just can’t be.

                    • Andy Taylor

                      I’m agreed with this in principle – putting something that produces a noise on a hard wooden surface cannot fail to amplify the sound it makes.

                      Michael, perhaps it sounds similar on the table at a distance because in use the camera is near your face and thus amplified by proximity? In which case, your subjective opinion is still useful here because we know what to expect in person.

                    • Stop being such a prick. The man has the camera. You haven’t. End of the story.

  • E-1

    At last someone did a meaningful AF video. Sad thing: 50-200 looks unusable. Had high hopes. Not really better than on my EPL-1. 14-54 is better but still too slow.

    • Andy Taylor

      To be fair, the focusing in that test is still faster than the kit lenses on my old E420. I found that usable, if sometimes frustrating, but then I usually manually focus so I guess YMMV.

      Until they can do PDAF on their mirrorless devices we won’t be seeing E3/5 speeds any time soon.

    • Ru Elpser

      Pen and tell blog knows best

      Take your lesson

  • ebbesen

    I imagine that the two Amazon /reviews/ are written by a couple of trolls hoping to start a fight …or perhaps Canon’s marketing department.

    The faint humming has been discussed on the dpreview forums over the weekend; it’s a non-issue.

    • swested

      …or perhaps because the camera is not the holy grail everyone on here has been making it out to be?

      • Andy Taylor

        You’ve been reading a different set of comments to me. ;)

        Back on topic, your comment would make more sense if the bad reviews were complaining about anything *other* than this noise, but they aren’t.

    • Andy Taylor

      Bang on the money. There are always some idiots out there who do that sort of thing.

      If it’s quieter than the IS on the K5 in Live View mode (that’s hilariously loud) then I’m not at all worried.

    • Perhaps my hearing is just very sensitive..? Could well be, I suppose. But I can definitely hear a fanlike noise similar to that of low-powered laptop. Definitely irritating in quiet environments, or at least until one accepts it. It’s just not something you would expect from a camera, is all.

      • Andy Taylor

        That depends – have you used I.S. systems before? I have yet to hear one outside of a compact camera that doesn’t make audible noise, so for this camera *not* to make noise would have been unexpected for me.

        I’m basing my expectations around the Pentax K5, though, which makes a noise not unlike a simmering pot or kettle when its I.S. kicks in. This is in itself broadly similar to my old Canon L 70-200mm f4 I.S. lens.

        I guess the point here is that they probably should have primed buyer expectations with press along the lines of “the soft humming sound lets you know the I.S. is working” or some such other press mulch, rather than leaving it to the early-adopters to panic over. :)

        • Well, put it this way. I can’t hear anything when my E-P3 is switched on. I can hear noise easily when the E-M5 is switched on.

          I agree though. The new IBIS is superb, so even with the noise I’d take it. Just a very big surprise that was never mentioned before now in any reviews, and a little annoying in quiet environments.

          • Andy Taylor

            I can certainly agree with you in principle here – my EP-2 doesn’t make any noise, but then the IBIS in it is rather sad and ineffective. The K5, by comparison, can run IBIS during live-view / video and has a noticeable effect, so is presumably working harder. Accordingly, it makes that strange sound like water boiling.

            Nobody had mentioned that in any of the reviews I’d read either. I think it’s just because reviewers didn’t notice it or expected to hear it, but it seems a little off to leave it out entirely.

            • Geoff

              I have to disagree about the IBIS on the E-P2, I have one and regularly use OM 135mm and 200mm lens occasionaly with 2XA converter, and it works a dream, in fact I find it an excellent unit.

      • ebbesen

        > irritating … until one accepts it.

        This was my conclusion as well. We’ve all come to accept the mechanical noise from the shutter – most of us I guess have grown quite fond of that sound. We all accept the sound of a lens focusing.

        So the OM-D emits a quiet hum when turned on. But it’s not an error in production, it’s not a faulty component – it’s by design. It’s the quiet rumble of the engine humming along under the hood, it’s the sound of the inner mechanics at work.

        I can’t help but wonder btw. what sort of pictures you’re taking when you’ve /turned off all electronic devices and lights, closed the curtains and used a battery-powered headlight/ :-D

        • Haha. I had to do that, otherwise I’d have forum users on my back for electronic interference!

          Even after doing that I had to do about 20 takes because of cars driving by. You have no idea how much swearing took place. :p

      • tmrgrs

        Haven’t you already said that you didn’t notice this noise when you handled one at a store?

  • on the video when they are focusing the camera away from the viewer they re doing onto a backlit area which slows down the focusing of CAF cameras (maybe on PDAF but I don’t have much experience with them), when the camera is focusing on the point on the right it is picking focusing quicker which also looks like it would be a low contrast scene which again would slow the focus up a little….

  • End of April was what I had expected from early on. So if that’s the delivery date, it’s not much of a delay.
    Regarding the noise: obviously the IBIS unit needs to hold the sensor in place usig voice coils even when the stabilization is off. That’s why it emits a noise. Theoretically it shouldn’t be necessary during playback though. But who knows?

  • safaridon

    Surprisingly while the E-M5 is doing very well in US rankings but not quite as high elsewhere in the world? In Japan if these rankings are anywhere near accurate, the Pany GX1, G3, and GF3 are each outselling the E-M5 by a wide margin at present so obviously size does matter as does price?

    Somehow what many on this forum think is best for everyone is not necessarily what the buying public wants or is willing to pay for?

    • @safaridon
      the O-MD user group on Flickr (established 2 months) nearly has as many members as the Nikon 1 group for the J1 and V1 (established 8 months) with members from all over the world…

    • MP Burke

      That’s hardly surprising. In the UK the GF3 and G3 have been out for quite a while and their price has dropped to quite an attractive level. The EM-5 is priced at £1149 including lens and is not even in shops yet. Sales of the EM-5 may well be stronger in a few months’ time, once they are in shops for people to inspect and people start discounting the prices.

      • Andy Taylor

        Please don’t rain on his sadness parade! The EM-5 has clearly failed before it’s even been released. /sarcasm

  • bilgy_no1

    As I was reading this, I received a mail from Olympus: E-M5 will be available at Olympus Partner shops on April 19. No freebie accessories, only a free magazine…

  • MP Burke

    I listened to the video on the posted link and had to turn up the volume until I could hear any sound- my PC has a cooling fan which drowns out the sound of the video.
    I can often hear the noise made by (what I presume is) the O.I.S in my Panasonic 45-175mm lens. The noise in the E-M5 seems to be much quieter than that.
    I don’t see how anybody could consider such a noise as a problem for video. If you are serious about video sound quality you should be using a good plug in mic rather than relying on the one in the camera.

    • I had to turn up the volume so much that the “humm” of my hifi equipment through the speakers was much more loud then anything else… So it doesn’t seems to be a problem for me.

  • Karl

    From dpreview forum, “E-M5 First Impressions”:

    “I had read about this issue before receiving my camera, so I was prepared for it. Even so, I was initially very shocked when I turned on the camera. […] the E-M5 sounded like it had a mini hard disk fan inside the unit. It has a ‘shaaaaaaaaa’ whooshing sound. […] The noise level in regular shooting is indeed very audible when in a quiet room and does bother me slightly.”

    The issue looks real. But let’s wait to see if a firmware update can (partly) fix it. Some people might be bothered by the noise/hum, others might not notice it or give a damn :)

    • Andy Taylor

      Thanks for that. More balanced info is always good!

  • 43shot

    Placing any audible object on a hard surface will amplify the noise. A proper test is to hand hold the camera as that is how the camera is used frequently. I can make an almost inaudible fan be heard 20 feet away if I screw it to a hard surface. If it is an issue under normal use or is even noticeable then I am wondering why it was never mentioned in reviews by people like Robin Wong. All of a sudden there are noise issues?

    • Nawaf

      +1 on the hard surface thing.

      • That’s a fair point. I can only say that the videos I took do not truly capture the noise as I hear it (because of the amount of white background noise). Without better recording equipment though, I can’t do much more on my end. I’d advise you to check the camera in person if you’re worried.

      • + 1 on the hard surface.

    • There’s a post on Robin’s blog related to the subject of noise: http://robinwong.blogspot.de/2012/04/shutter-therapy-overdosed.html.

      Personally, I don’t think it’s a “non-issue”. It’s “non-issue” with other cameras if they don’t have any noise. Well, some feedback on part of Olympus would be most welcome and due…

    • Esa Tuunanen

      There should be something soft (like cloth) between camera and table.

      Hard reflecting surfaces themselves can already accentuate noise and if noise source itself touches the surface it very easily leads to object acting almost like diaphragm.
      Probably most of you have example of that straight next to you: That’s the main source of HDD noise, vibration of spinning platter assembly and R/W head movement spreading to chassis through non-elastic mounting.

  • @Michael

    Given your prior posts on this website, I find your account to be quite convincing. I’m sure that finding out that your new camera emits a constant humming noise can best be described as “an unpleasant surprise”.

    For some unknown reason, there seems to be an alarming number of people looking to minimize your claim. Even @ Admin appears to have ‘updated’ the post with the new title describing it as a ‘false alarm’.

    Like it or not, this is how the current electronics market works. Whether it be antenna-gate or white orbs. Quality control is key in the era of YouTube unboxings.

    Good luck to Olympus and all early adopters. I hope the issue is not widespread and that people continue to be happy with their purchase. However, I think denying or minimizing the issue is not very constructive.

    • I didn’t want to believe it was quite as audible as claimed before I received my unit. I even downvoted one of the Japanese Amazon reviews before receiving my unit. I can now say though that the Japanese reviewers are spot on in their assessment of the problem. But that does not merit giving the E-M5 a 1-star rating at all.

      As I’ve been saying though: Noise does not affect video mode (it is not picked up). Noise is quite audible in stills mode (at least on my unit, to my ears).

      • Geoff

        Since when did audible noise affect a stills photograph, someone who is nit picking in a big way here.


          Again, I’d like to stand up for Michael! He is simply bringing up an ‘issue’ that he did not expect when he upgraded to a new Olympus camera. While a constant humming noise may not affect YOUR still photographs, that may not be true for everybody.

          I’d prefer that we all simply acknowledge that this humming sound does appear to be present on at least some of the cameras and may be bothersome to some owners. Whether it is viewed as ‘trivial’ or a ‘deal breaker’ is dependent on the camera operator.

          I, for one, am grateful to be educated on the issue even though it likely wouldn’t affect MY buying decision. I would prefer not to be surprised when I turn on the camera for the first time.

          Thanks Michael! Keep up the good work.

          • Ross

            That’s fine so long as the Canikon camp are not going to try making it a negative thing (throwing mud on their competition). I probably wouldn’t hear it as I can’t hear the high frequencies (20khz) like a teenager could. I remember students using a high frequency ring tone (or SMS tones) on their phones in class that the older teachers couldn’t hear, to avoid been caught or just for the fun of it.

            It’s OK to be aware of it as some people were alarmed with IS noises coming from their E500 series cameras (when turning OFF) & were concerned something was at fault until they were re-assured by others.

            • Andy Taylor

              I had that exact experience with the E510. Ahhh, memories! :)

              Awareness is key.

        • Do you have the camera smart ass?

      • Liam

        The Nikon P5000 had a similar “problem”.


        The noise also affected the video, so it really could be considered a problem. It wasn’t fixed until the next version of the camera!

        My experience is that you stop noticing the noise in normal shooting environments.

    • Andy Taylor

      I think the problem here is one of people not understanding what others are saying. Michael is trying to express that he has found his product to behave in a way that isn’t expected, while others are questioning whether it constitutes a problem. It all tends to get unnecessarily heated! You’re right to defend Michael’s posts.

      Even so, part of why the other side of this debate is arguing is inherent in your post. The other comparable issues you mention (iPhone 4 antenna and white orbs) are examples of products not behaving as specified; in this case I think there is no “problem” and the camera is operating as intended. Unfortunately whether this constitutes a problem for a prospective owner is something only they can tell. We need information without hysteria and people here seem to be doing a good job of providing that.

  • Keith

    Who cares? canon IS has always made a whirling noise….

    • Had some “noise” when shooting with my 40d and the Canon 24-105 L (pro model). Only when pushing on the shutting button, like the IS was using some gyroscopes to help the stabilization.

      What’s more strange is that for the Olympus, some items seems to make noise, other not .. why ?

  • I don’t know if the E-M5 has AGC, it sounds like AGC is amplifying at max because its a quiet room.
    The noise is a lot more annoying then the “sound” of the stabilizer.

  • The title of this thread should be E-M5 non-issue.

  • What a disaster, Olympus is so dead, man ;-)

    Download the sample pics under the pic with the pizza almost at the bottom of this page, so far the best made E-M5 full size sample pics I’ve seen:

    • Nawaf


  • Geoff

    Just had a listen to the clips and have to say that my impression is that someone has amplified the sound a great deal to over emphasise it, I get the impression it is an almost inaudible sound in real life, something I was certainly unaware of when i had a chance to handle one recently.
    Sounds like someone who wants to see Olympus die and is grabbing at straws.

  • GreyOwl

    Quote from E-P2 manual, page 58, ‘You may notice an operating sound or vibration when the image stabilizer is activated.’

    • Nikku

      Interesting. Never noticed on my EP2.

      • My ep2 originally made noise, more than the video. I don’t notice if it still does. I originally thought some thing was wrong but realised it was the IS. It all seems to be fine though.

  • marilyn

    i got mine and i dont have any problem with the sound…

  • Fan

    I don’t expect a problem either. I’m not overly sensitive. Don’t mind the clicking apertures with Lumix lenses on Oly either.

  • Jalo

    The EVF video shows a 1:1 aspect ratio as a selectable option. Is it really so?

  • EnPassant

    That sound seem such low that I don’t think it would disturb me if I would notice it at all. In most normal environments it would drown in the background noise.

    I’d rather have that sound and good image stabilization than the opposite. Though Olympus could of course have made a little better insulation.

  • nicwalmsley

    And I was hoping for a silent shutter.

    • narutogrey

      From the first impressions so far, the shutter is the quietest of any of the M43 cameras.

    • The Master

      Well, you don’t have to worry about the shutter sound, with the EM5, the IBS sound drowns it out. :)

  • Berbu

    Olympus Japan said it is a IS noise, according to KAKAKU.com. Many people complaint that the noise is somewhat annoying level.

  • FT1 – probably fake rumor

    Noise is not the only problem!
    As you can see in the end of the video below the OM-D E-M5 shared with the Olympus MAL-1 Macro arm has a strong dazzle effect too.
    This effect can be so serious that the new eye sensor of the built in electronic viewfinder doesn’t work anymore.
    So you have always to carry an EVF-2 as a backup solution with you.
    Speak to your doctor about your risk profile before using the new OM-D E-M5 unprotected!

  • drone9

    A third 1 star review at amazon.co.jp complaining about ‘white noise’…

    Thank you for your videos!
    Could you shoot one showing the E-M5 turned off-on-off for easier comparison?

    • There really is so little difference between the noise level in video mode and when the camera is off, that it’s not worth me posting a comparison. All you’d hear would be static background noise. The issue is with stills mode.

      • Are you in C-AF or S-AF? (with/without tracking) Does it make any difference? The IS may be active all the time in C-AF updating the EVF and sleep in S-AF as EVF update is not required.

        • Pretty sure it didn’t make a difference when I switched modes yesterday night. I’m going to the store today to hopefully test a different unit.

  • Quite obviously, the noise is clearly amplified by the wooden table the camera is standing on. It will be far far less loud if you keep the camera in your hand or put a piece of cloth between table and camera.

    By the way: Toshi Terada expained Ian of FourtThirdUser.com that it’s – just as I assumed days ago – caused by the electromagnets producing the magnet field keeping the sensor where it is supposed to be. I asked at DP Review if the Pentax DSLRs that use a similar IBIS system do also produce a hum (not so loud due to the bigger body) and a Pentax user confirmed that his camera (a K100?) also is humming all the time. It just isn’t an issue – but it will become one if we continue discussing it. As I see it, all this fuss is just ridiculous.

    And: my OIS eqipped Lumix lenses (14-45 and 45-200) also are producing a rustling noise all the time – no matter if the OIS is switched on or off. I asked at Panny if that was normal and when I was told yes, that was the end of it for me.
    I never got the idea to call this an issue.

    • Andy Taylor

      The issue is that a lot of people do not know that an advanced I.S. system in continuous usage is not going to be silent. It’s a lack of knowledge on their part, and unfortunately now it’s being treated as if it is an issue with the camera.

      The annoying part is that while Olympus could have mentioned this, none of the other manufacturers do with their I.S. capable gear and it has never been raised as an “issue” before. So while I do not question to motives of Michael and others here, it does smell slightly of a smear attempt.

    • Quite obviously there’s a good reason why you’re called Don PARROT…

  • Amy

    I can actually hear the noise as described on the E-M5 I have as a test camera. Although you probably wouldn’t notice it that much if you were outside, inside it is actually quite distracting!

  • Harold

    …now if only they had a release date or even price for Australia!

  • Fish

    R.I.P. Olympus – I’m going to buy a NEX instead.

    Just kidding. This is not a problem for me but it is good to know. Thanks.

  • marilyn

    Admin here my share i uploaded a video…. with the sound issue… i dont see anything is wrong… tnx for watching


    • I don’t hear anything except your breath and a noise from the micro of the cam you used ;)

    • Nawaf

      I think people are just exaggerating this whole sound thing. Grow a pair and embrace technological advancements.

  • shin

    well if we dont want our electronic camera make a noise we should all back to film, its dead silent.

    • tmrgrs

      Yeah until you use the flash.

    • Don’t forget the film wind on noise and the auto timer.

    • Geoff

      And the mirror slap, that was like an atom bomb exploding……

  • I hear people complain about mechanical noise all the time. AF has electric gears so may produce some noise. Also, the IS that the OM-D uses, uses magnets so the noise it dramatically reduced.

    All I say is that I don’t take a photo with a stethoscope attached to the camera…

    Are you going to worry about the ever to slight noise it makes or the image results?

    • marilyn

      i dont know with them for me that sound dosent bothers me at all…

  • Juan Caliente

    This reminds me of the story of “The Princess and the Pea.”
    Oh no!
    Moving parts make noise!
    Untie your panties y’all. Ain’t nothing worse than mirror flap and people put up with that for decades and still do.

    • Ross

      Nicely put. ;) :D

    • +1 …and even that paled into insignificance compared to the average motor-drive!

  • Oh dear, when I eat chili beans I make much more noise than the E-M5 IS.

  • Dave

    Most point & shoots suffer from this sort of thing. No big deal.

  • rang

    The only problem I’m having is when I attach the 20mm f1.7 of pana so noisy

  • 43shot

    It’s the camera humming out of boredom form being in the hands of those that worry about these details over taking pictures:) The reality is more likely the PWM of the stabilization coil and it is possible a firmware upgrade could change this.

  • Chad

    There is three one star rating reviews now with reference to the annoying sound. I can read Japanese and those comments are pretty sincere. Japanese people don’t usually troll, neither do they get people to sabotage other companiese with negative postings. This sound issue seems serious.

    • Ross

      That shouldn’t worry you if if you’re not buying through Aussie Olympus (or have I got the wrong Chad). ;)

      • Hey, Oly Aus has removed the blog where the price was listed and it got trashed along with their marketing. (All entries very critical). Maybe some one from marketing came back from their 2 month long lunch to make sure the lights were off.
        Or maybe a retailer I told about the blog has managed to wake them up?

        • Ross

          :D Maybe they got sick of your complaints, ;) but it did seem a little strange that there was no responce. Maybe all of us making any negative comments will be black listed. ;) There’s no comment from Shane after my last forum entry (OM-D promotions) either, but maybe prices & possibly a promotion might be reconsidered yet.

          There’s still no prices up on the main product page yet, but I did notice today that one of the Camera House stores were advertising the E-M5 with the 12-50mm lens for $1299. I wonder if they will stick to that or if that listing will get pulled too.

          • If you look at the Oly Aus blog site there are only 2 comments on all the blogs. I think management looks at their own blogs with the same enthusiasm they show for their products.
            Very inspiring for a potential purchaser?

            • Ross

              It has been reloaded with some lower figues on body & earlier lenses.
              Final Olympus OM-D E-M5 Australian Pricing
              E-M5 Body Only $1199
              E-M5 Single Lens Kit (with 14-42mm IIR Lens) $1299
              E-M5 Twin Lens Kit (with 14-42mm IIR and 40-150mm R lenses) $1499
              E-M5 Weatherproof Kit (with 12-50mm Lens) $1499

              (Initial) Olympus OM-D Australian Pricing
              E-M5 Body Only AUD $1299
              E-M5 Single Lens Kit (with 14-42mm IIR lens)
              AUD $1399
              E-M5 Weatherproof Kit (with 12-50mm lens)
              AUD $1499
              E-M5 Double Zoom Kit (with 14-42 IIR & 40-150mm R lenses)
              AUD $1599

      • Chad

        Haah yes that was the same Chad, I contributed to the trashing complaint on the pricing and now they removed the page.

        I want to support locally but It’s a sad circle, even the sales rep at the stores are terrible now. Visited some of the shop and the sales really didn’t know what they were talking about. I don’t think they even own cameras of their own and were simply regurgitating the specs sheet.

  • its all sounding like a Shakespeare drama…much ado about nothing….

    • Geoff


    • Ross

      Yes, I think so too.

  • 43shot

    All those that think the issue is serious cancel your orders now and get something else. Everyone else can just wait for their camera to arrive. Now how many people are going to cancel? Forums seem to reveal the paranoid, nit-picking, package envying, folks that are influenced by the sheeple mass mentality. Make a decision or return it because you think it is a buzzing mess but skip the neurotic vacillation. People here seem to need external gratification for material envy or fear rather than a passion for good photos. Go take some decent photos and focus on that not pretty animated Amazon box figures with fear of sounds that have no impact on photo skills.

    • The Real Stig


    • Andy Taylor


  • BLI

    Amateur Photography published their review of the E-M5 a few hours ago. Score: 85%, which should be compared to 87% for the X-Pro1 one week ago. Most of the assessment could have been written by reading the product specs… Reviewer suggests that DR is not better than most other m43 cameras (around 10), while APS-C cameras are suggested to be at DR 12 and better — and then says that we have to wait for official tests… There is also some mentioning that it is not an FF camera — indicating that many (?) photographers had expected this. In my view: the only thing that separates the review from an informed overview, is some sample photos to check the resolution. Still it is interesting.

  • Geoff

    If only they’d installed an MP3 player, no one would notice the noise then.

    Says he very tongue in cheek.

  • mapleflot

    Ordered E-M5 from Amazon UK last week (March 29) .
    This is on my open order listing:
    Dispatch Estimate Tuesday 8 May 2012 – Wednesday 6 Jun 2012
    Delivery Estimate: Friday 11 May 2012 – Tuesday 12 Jun 2012

    Just hoping it arrives in time to get serial number off to Olympus UK for the free grip. Otherwise it will go back to Amazon.

  • This page truly has all the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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