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E-M5 photo contest by Olympus. Tomorrow E-M5 Amazon DDay.


The official Olympus Facebook website (Click here) launched a new E-M5 photo contest: “The “OM–D Photo Contest” will be held on facebook starting July 2! (Japan Standard Time). The first contest theme is “First shot taken with the OM–D.” Submit a favorite photo that was taken soon after you bought your OM–D to the OM–D’s facebook page. One photo each will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze from among the submitted photos. Selected photos will also be posted on the OM–D’s wall together with comments from the Olympus Photo Contest Team. The deadline for submissions is 6:00 p.m., July 23 (Japan Standard Time).

And while you are there you may “Like” 43rumors too? :)

After two months the E-M5 kits will be in Stock tomorrow at Amazon (Click here). Finally!
June 19th for the Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens (Click here).
1-2 days processing for the Black E-M5 with 14-42mm lens (Click here).
June 21th for the Silver E-M5 with 12-50mm lens (Click here).

We Europeans already have the Black models in Stock but are still missing the Silver version here and there: Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon France.

  • first


  • Mar

    They could’ve offered some prizes for that as well since they’ve made a lot of money on those cameras.

    • Peter


      Dont like it, dont enter.

    • MikeS

      Yeah, they’re just using Facebook to get themselves some free photos from users, and publicity. Offering no prize is a little insulting.

  • Karl

    Whats with everything being on bookface? I wish competitions were open to everyone, not just people who like to poke, like and check in.

    • Bob B.

      LOL!!! I am with you Karl. “Bookface” that is funny. I call it “Macebook”. I cannot stand it. So ego driven.
      Hey…there are no prizes…so it is no great loss if you do not enter!!!! (I thought I was the only one who just cannot stand Bookface!!!!!!! LOL!

  • Farrukh

    Wow, a contest where you win stars as you do in primary school. And if you are lucky it’ll end up on a website! Goody goody, what an incentive!

    • Bob B.

      you HAVE to admit….it is pretty exciting…and just think (WOW!)you are not just getting stars for your efforts, your photos will be posted on BookFace…what a special event!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

    • +1

      Pretty sloppy on their part, right?

      I guess soccer moms will participate with the latest and greatest pic from last weekends match…

  • adriaantie

    Foto contest on Facebook. The best platform for m43 (tiny foto’s) LOL.

  • The Master

    Olympus is looking for suckers. Why else would they make a camera that isn’t comfortable to hold, without a three hundred dollar added grip. Don’t be a sucker! :)

    • anonymous

      dont be a troll

      • Boooo!

        He is correct – unfortunately, people who spent a thousand moneys on a camera will try to justify their purchase in any way they can, including saying such things as:

        * “I never push any buttons accidentally”

        * “The strap lugs are fine; the palm of my hand twists the space-time continuum like the Steve Jobs reality distortion field and so I bend them out of my way, instead of them uncomfortably pushing into my skin”

        * “The camera can totally do CAF; let me show you my photo of a slow-swimming duck with a DOF of 10 meters because I used a short slow lens at f/11”

        * “My Sets are the bee’s knees”

        * “It makes total sense to produce a weather-sealed camera and release non-sealed lenses”

        * “We should be privileged that a couple of random people from Olympus are going to rate our shots and we should give them our work for free”

        • bli

          * I do have pushed buttons accidentally. And on the PEN, I sometimes also forgot to change the timezone when going to Asia. No, wait! That was on my Nikon D300

          * the strap lugs cause absolutely no problems.

          * I haven’t used the CAF. The CAF was never an important decision factor. So how does it compare with other cameras in the same price range? Probably not as good as the Nikon 1. But others?

          * My Sets…???

          * Hm… Pentax exclusively makes weather sealed lenses? Nikon? Canon? Etc, etc?

          * People from Olympus rate my shots?? I’m not submitting photos to the competition.

          Hm. With such a low score on your list, might I suggest you are clueless?

        • Anonytrackball

          When you grow up, do you just want to be bigger and brighter? or just bigger?

    • Anonytrackball

      The world is full of masochists. Oly markeing is after just 5% of them.

      Its big business. Ignored by canikon. A market ripe for the plucking.

      Seems to be working. Or have you been away on a space trip or otherwise tied up.

    • A. Merican

      “Every for profit organization is looking for suckers. ”


      Courtesy of your average human being, currently in the process of being ground down under the heel of another useless CEO’s $5000 bespoke leather loafers.

  • Chris

    So they expect me to join up to Facebook despite all its privacy issues just to give them some free photos!!!


    • c.d.embrey

      No Way !!! Facebook SUCKS … Big Time !!!

      What a dis-incentive to entering a contest.

  • bonzoo

    Still waiting for the E-M5 in Switzerland :(

  • Olympus seems to be obsessed with social media.
    Why use facebook for a competition. Advertising? No, I don’t think so. I know about the competition and not through facebook, so that seems a bit flawed as an idea.
    Oly Aus is obsessed with Twitter and they do bugger all on their web site, so many Australians generally have no idea about Olympus (It’s a mountain in Greece, isn’t it?)
    The use of social media means they only get those that are already “in the club” it does nothing to find new users.

    • Ross

      You won’t get me onto FB, Twitter or the others either. Actually, I enjoy forum membership in the UK with other Oly users. That will do for me.

      I am enjoying my E-M5 with the 12-50 lens (& adapter for 4/3’s lenses).

    • mert

      If olympus want to cut some fat they should look at Oly AU marketing, they seem to think that the social media cool aid will make up for the fact that they dont have shelf space in australias top retailers (Harvey Norman, Bing Lee etc) and not even in photo shops like Camera House. Get out there and provide training and incentives to sales people to sell Oly…

      • Ross

        My daughter was watching TV this morning & lo & behold, the OM-D ad came on. :)

        I think, now that the backorders have pretty much been caught up on, that we should start seeing some OM-D’s on the shelf. The PENs have been seen in some places, but I do agree with you MERT & hope to see more being stocked by these major stores with the range of Oly cameras on their shelves & Myer may be one of them. I think Harvey Norman have had the PENs as prizes for Australian Photography magazine comps & I don’t go into their store too often, so we shall see how well Oly cameras & particularly the OM-D takes off in retail with them & other stores generally.

        At least I got a very good deal from DigiDirect for mine.

        • Ross

          On reading Mert’s comment again, I think I need to rephrase my comment. Apart from my dislike of FB & Twitter, I probably need to retract my agreement with MERT with Oly Marketing & staff after reading Hayden’s comment (because I haven’t been in those stores much of late) & I don’t want to be saying untrue defamatory comments.

      • hayden

        Um, what? I bought my PEN at a Camera House. I look at the new Olympus models at my local Harvey Norman and Ted’s… have you been to a retail store lately? My experience is that what you have said is completely incorrect, Olympus seems to be present at nearly all my local electrical stores/camera stores.

  • Andrey

    Is that a leather instead of rubberized plastic on the picture above?

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