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“Olympus LiveTime” on the E-M5 is the Best New Technology 2012 according to ePhotozine.


Image courtesy: Lepidi.

ePhotozine selected the “Olympus LiveTime” feature of the Olympus E-M5 as the Best New Technology 2012. I would also say that they should give them an award for the best design too :) P.S.: The E-m5 looks even more a winner with that nice PEN F fron cap you can buy on eBay (Click here). Thanks Lepidi for sharing the pic!

Reminder: We got a rumor saying that a new E-M5 firmware will be released wihtin the next 10-14 days. With one “surprise” be added via firmware. posted this video with the E-m5 vs Canon M AF speed comparison.

P.S.: Set of refurbished E-M5 at Cameta (via Slidoo).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, poor M. The speed is really shocking.

    • Briany

      That video really takes me back – Back to the original E-P1. I’d like to see that going head-to-head with EOS-M. Oly still might win.

      Nice job Canon!

  • Yun

    Best 2012 technology for Olympus . I agreed .
    Pana really need to work hard next year & come out something special to respond on this .
    Let’s see how things goes in 2013 .

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Both need work.

      Olympus E-M5 has innovative digital age IBIS and Live bulb but unergonomics and video frame rates from half century ago.
      Panasonic’s GH3 again has superior modern ergonomics&controls and modern video capabilities but neither IBIS nor Live Bulb.

      • peevee

        What is “half century ago” about FullHD at 30 fps?

      • Ronan

        Ergonomic is second to none. It’s just like 35mm SLR’s, but more compact. You want a full grip + vertical grip? GO BUY A DSLR.

        Bad FPS? Seriously?… I never needed more than 3-4 fps to shoot sport. This has 9fps when locked. 4 unlocked i beleive. MORE than enough… IF you know how do take sport photos.

      • Ronan

        Oh and it’s video FPS is 29.97fps at 1080i… hardly ‘old’…

  • fl00d

    A pretty damn tepid showing from Canon. In this context it looks and sounds clunky. Like comparing current cycle camera with something 5years old. I know it produces some nice files, but half the fun of photography is *using* a camera, never mind the pics. I think Canon got lazy with the EOS M. Would be a chore to use if it is actually that sluggish. EM-5 is like snap-what-now-biatch?

    • “tepid”
      Bloody stone cold!

  • brod1er

    That speed test is hilarious. Is the Canon really that slow? Disgraceful.

    • Sorry, you don’t understand. Its to give time for a sponsored commercial. Everyone else is into it.

      Canon marketing say its a main feature its the only camera sympathetic to coffee drinkers. They can make one while it focuses.

    • Walter

      The E-M5 really is a speed demon in a lot of ways, though — at least compared to the 4/3 cameras I’m used to (E-30, E-510). I rented one for a project and went to take a test picture with the 45/1.8 and mashed the shutter button — I didn’t even see the thing focus, and then brrrrrrrrrrup it takes ten tack sharp frames.

  • brod1er

    PS so much for hybrid focus. How can it be so bad when Nikon 1 is very good?

    • Sky

      It’s not good. It just have an enormous depth of field hidding any issues with AF (noone would notice if Nikon 1 lenses would be set to hyperfocal with no focusing at all)

      • Compact cameras have a much larger DoF, and yet their AF systems are sluggish. So I don’t think that the Nikon 1 AF is good just because of the large DoF. They just did it right.

        • I think pany may disagree with you there. I think you would be hard pressed to find anything with usefully faster SAF than the new panys and the new olys from any type or manufacturer.

      • gtrvggy

        @sky that’s right a BS Olympus fans opinion is worth more than every review site on the web that says the Nikon AF is better you oly nuts have gone crazy since getting a camera with a sensor that only sucks because it is smaller as opposed to sucks because it is smaller and ancient .
        hey, I’ve got an idea why not post a photo of some fat dogs running to prove how amazing the EM5 AF is , or better still just one shot of a small unpredictable moving target in focus with actual detail.
        the only shots I see are blurry soft photos taken at apertures where they have 40 feet DOF to play with and the images still suck .With FF coming down in price and the rx100 being the start of a new line of genuinely competent small pocket sized camera mFT is dead in the water. we here all the BS look at the sales look at the sales when Olympus and Panasonic imaging are losing a fortune .if Olympus wasn’t such a corrupt bunch of scumbags the camera division would already be gone, lucky Sony will sort things out ( if the can sort their own company out first ) look how good the did with Minolta , oh yes that didn’t work out so good lol

        • Anonymous

          Oh, a nikon fanboy…

        • Bigger sensor is better, right?

          EOS M is APS and Micro 4/3 is 4/3.

          • bobbyt

            well to be fair while the performance of the eos sucks its image quality is pretty good

  • BdV

    Aw, that’s not fair. We already knew speed is not a reason for buying an M.

    Now what’s that firmware surprise Santa is going to deliver…?

  • Ren Kockwell

    Yay! new firmware. I’d be happy with CA removal if not focus peeking.

  • Sky

    Not Sony’s RX1? For the best new technology of 2012? I’m very surprised. Guess they haven’t got a chance to put their hands on it….

    • Pavlo

      Many people were disappointed. Interesting to compare it’s output to APS-C and even 4/3 cameras in DPreview RAW-comparison tool.

    • WSG123

      Either that, or they didn’t think a $3000 fixed focal length full frame camera with no built in EVF or OVF was the best new technology of 2012.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      What a great new innovations: 35mm sensor, fixed lens and not even viewfinder.

      Time for you to contact doctor for Alzheimer disease tests…

    • bart

      Gee, a fixed lens 35mm compact is really innovative…

      My Minox 35 GT is much smaller and lighter. Ok, its lens is only a 35/2.8 instead of 2.0, but it easily fits a jeans pocket. For that matter, 2 of them still fit a jeans pocket.

      The RX1 is a nice camera for sure, but there is absolutely nothing technically inovative about it, despite the novelty of a ‘full frame compact’.

  • The ePhotozine award was given to the livebulb/livetime technology, not to the E-M5.

    • WSG123

      I see someone else actually read the article!

    • admin

      Correct! Modified it now.

      • admin

        By the way, what made me force to the mistake was also that “Innovative camera of the year” banner. That isn’t correct too. It should be “innovative technology of the year”.

        • Ulli

          i think its fair to calll the OMD innovative for the 5 axis IBIS, especially for video.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            That’s definitely another notable tech in E-M5.
            Combine that to any super fast prime (which never have In Lens IS) which you can attach to m4/3 body and you can get landscape/scenery shots in dimmer light.

            • Anonymous

              @Esa the IBIS is nuts, i completely agree. Taking photo’s at low ISO at 1/5 and they are tack sharp. Fun, fun.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Admin, the “F” cap look totally out of place on the OM-D, it’s correct place is on the Pen. Also noted for the first time the sloping shoulders of the OM, such a shame it’s not flat as the original OM’s, if they were I don’t think there would have been such a fuss over the ‘hump’. Just my thought for the day.

    • ph

      The Olympus OM-D is about as good a camera as it is ugly. YMMV.

      • Anonymous

        I did not say it was ugly, just a shame that the top plate had sloping shoulders unlike the flat top plate of the original OM’s. As regards your thinking it is ugly, it still looks better than those rounded blobs from Canikon.

        • ph

          You’re right, I got carried away.

      • Anonymous

        50+ years of design for SLR’s, and you call the OM-D ugly? I’m guessing you find the iPhone pretty and innovative huh?


        • ph

          Nothing wrong with old school design. I think of the Nikon F as one of the finest looking cameras.
          It’s just the OM-D looks butt ugly to my eyes. The oversized hump… The sloping shoulders… All those angles and ridges… The strange curve that forms the grip…

  • martin

    As surprising as the slow autofocus is the second blackout when switching back from playback to live view. It seems that the read-out latency of Canon’s sensor plays in a different league than that of grown-up mirrorless systems.

    • digifan

      It’s the clearing of the buffer that’s slow, look at the led on top right over the LCD screen.
      A disaster cam that EOS-M. My Pen E-P1 is even faster!!!

  • Flangad

    livebulb/livetime is for sure a great and unic feature!
    i hope competitors (panasonic, Sony) can quickly implement it too in their hybridcams!!!!

    • adaptor-or-die

      LiveTime is really an extraordinary photographic tool. It’s a step where Digital goes beyond film ability. To be able to time an exposure by watching it develop in real-time is something that needs a lot more examination.

      While it works in realm of the long exposure, something that isn’t visited all that much in the digital sense … film has always held an edge in that court, until now.

    • The Real Stig

      That’s a pretty sad attitude.

  • Ross

    To be fair, I wonder if both cameras were set to the same photo review time. The E-M5 could have been set to off, which would make it look even better, but then, anything can look better in performance than that Canon. It is painfully slow.

  • Bollox

    Why has this camera got that big bulge? It makes it too large for the jacket pocket. And with that crappy little sensor, at least I want it pocketable.
    What a pity, I will have to stick to my proper pocket cam for my hikes… And image quality? Not worse up to ISO 1600. What a lot of good money I have saved.

    • Congratulations!

    • Walter

      That big bulge houses the EVF (which is pretty good) and an accelerometer for the improved IBIS (which is also pretty good).

      If you don’t want these things and the lack of hump that comes with them, both Panasonic and Olympus have models without them.

    • bart

      Curious, I have one in my coat pocket right now. Sure, this is my winter coat which has bigger pockets, but it also fits nicely in the pockets of my summer coat…

      So maybe your coat has exceptionally small pockets but more likely you never tried and are just making things up.

      • Bollox

        …or you are a marketing sod with horrid coats.

        • bart

          Possibly, but that doesn’t change that you are wrong.

          • Bollox

            Horrid coats may have huge pockets. Or maybe you mistook the hood for a pocket? Keep it coming, it’s interesting. Can you point me at a website with coats with pockets that size?

            • bart

              No need for that, the holes in your reasoning are so huge they easily accommodate any camera you might possibly own.

              • Bollox

                I rest my case. You are a low level marketing sod for Olympus. I suggest you upgrade to delivering pizzas.

                • bart

                  You made a case, other then you being bollocks?

                  • Bollox

                    Go on Fart, apply for that pizza job.

                    • bart

                      I have a perfectly fine job, thank you. I’ll however keep your suggestion in mind in case I ever need something. Its a good one, as my home-made pizzas are a lot more spicy then your flames.

    • The Real Stig

      Congratulations, your username and opinions are a perfect match.

  • ELK

    What a bunch of crap!
    (C) Flawty Twores, 1979

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