(Update SOLD OUT) E-M5 in Stock for $100 extra.


Once again the E-M5 with 14-42mm kit lens is in Stock at Amazon (Click here). You have to pay a $100 extra to get it. If the reports I am getting from European dealers are correct than the Silver E-M5 and the 12-50mm kits will ship in early-mid May only. Be patient!

UPDATE: Now sold out!!!!!

  • v

    i will wait

  • David

    Just cancelled my back order and ordered this one. I have a trip to Bryce Canyon coming up and I want this camera! ;-)

  • I’ve got a vacation coming up in mid-May, and I thought for sure I’d have my camera by then, as they said it would be released in April. Now I’m not so sure.

    tactical missteps like this can really hurt people’s perception of a company. If they said it was going to be released in June and it came out in mid-May, we’d all be ecstatic. Saying it will be available in April and coming out in mid-May? I’m not at all happy.

    • Matt

      I think not having a date is worse than having a bad date. I’d rather know bad news than no news.

      If the news were painful enough I’d look elsewhere for a higher price.

    • Fan

      On the contrary. If the camera is much sought-after, it leaves a good impression. A lot of people got it in April, just not everybody.

  • Kee

    I’m in the same boat, luckly my vacation isn’t till then end of June. I hope I have mine by then (since I had a later preorder). Fingers crossed.

    I also agree with you spencerberus in that they should be more careful with how delays like this might effect their image. It would be nice if with the delays we got some more reliable esitmates to the timeframe for the arival of the cameras.

  • Ryan

    Got it! Yahooo! $100 is nothing, I will pay to have it this week.

  • I pre-ordered one about 10 days ago in the UK and it arrived yesterday. They are starting to arrive here, but in small quantities I gather.

    I’ve already started reviewing it at:- http://soundimageplus.blogspot.co.uk//search/label/Olympus%20OM-D%20EM-5%20Review%20and%20user%20experience

    Great Camera.

    • robbie

      Interesting; where did you order from?

      • SRS Microsystems.

        • OlyFan

          Interesting! I preordered one from them about 2 weeks back as well. I have not received any call from them. What did you order – body only? Colour? Bummer, Now Im even more impatient!

    • batcat

      Hey soundimageplus, looking at your shot now, looks great. One question, where did you get the nice retro leather half-case for the E-M5? Or is it an old one just mashed on? Thanks!

  • YES, got mine silver O-M5 body today!!!
    I got it from http://www.dewinkel.nl
    Battery is charging :-))))

    • cool! i pre-ordered mine few months ago via Konijnenberg,untill now no status update, but its ok, i will cancel it as went back to FT for a while.

  • B.A. Baracus

    Congratz, I got mine from Foka. Called them saturday morning, picked it up the same afternoon!

  • shin

    you guys luck. in australia there is super duper limited silver on all in black. and noway i gone get the black.ashamed since i have to go on vacation on early may. unless there some miracle like when i got my x100.

  • Jason

    Goddamn it, now Olympus is fucking playing games….gimme my damn camera.

  • Rune

    I ordered my E-M5 with 12-50mm lens yesterday from Olympus Europe and it was shipped today (:
    Can´t wait to get it !

    • Jason

      @Rune, good luck with the $300 12-50 mm lens, I wish I could stand the IQ of that lens. But I cannot.

  • I said i wait for it to become cheaper, i lied…. sorry.
    Ordered one at Hans Keuzekamp with grip…
    Seems that are more shops in holland that have the gem allready.

    I love my winstuitkering, ( the dutch peeps under us will know what i mean), that makes it easier to buy it…

    Now looking for second accu…. that seems the most difficult item to get these days.

    • Digifan

      No second accu’s to be found yet.
      I bought the silver one last week.
      Keuzekamp wil get deliveries again end of this week they said.

      • ah well, fingers crossed, one batterie won’t be enough on a system camera…

  • Just got an email that my black EM-5 (body only) is on its way :-)

    I only ordered 9 days ago so the queue at my supplier (Dustin) in Sweden can not be that long!

    • Yusuf

      Hey Johanes ur not in Stockholm by any chance? I am in town till saturday! And still waiting for my EM5 in the UK :(

  • dan

    im tired of waiting on amazon… canceled my order today and picking it up from my local store

  • Jim R

    BH just told me my battery grip is shipping but no camera yet.

  • Geoff

    Everyone complaining of waiting, I guess that is good for Olympus in long run, shows the camera is popular and in demand, only good for systems future. Sorry for all you guy who are waiting though, seems Olympus may have underestimated the demand for it or they may have put date back a week or two. Just wish I could afford one right now having tried it out at Focus show, I thought it was fantastic, shot a few frames with the 75-300 on it.

  • ne130dy

    Its not quite sold out yet. I still see 3 in stock.

  • Kee

    Amazon has changed the status from preorder to backordered (in the US) on all the em5s. I wonder if that means they have started shipping their pre-orders?

  • BillBow

    I actually got one of these today. I went to Ace Photo’s site directly and they actually had the kit for $1099 – they must know more people look at Amazon’s site so they feel they can make a few extra bucks from people ordering from Amazon’s front page. Hope I don’t regret not waiting for the 12-50 kit I had on pre-order somewhere else.

    • BillBow

      Crap, a friend just sent me a link to a site that rate resellers and Ace has a 2.5/10 rating…keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Kevin

    just got an e-mail from Amazon uk – my Silver OM-D has shipped – delivery tomorrow!!

  • Paul

    Olyfan I’m interested as well as I ordered one from them on the 14.02.12 and no call yet!!

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