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E-M5 climbing the rankings…


Since Yesterday the Black E-M5 with 12-50mm is in Stock for the first time at Amazon US (Click here). And it’s already climbing the rankings at Amazon. Of course this has a very relative and pure indicative value but it’s somewhat nice to see an Olympus camera beating the 5DmarkIII and D800 (Click hee to see overall camera rankings). No PEN camera ever managed to get so much on top. WIll the GH3 do even better? :)

P.S.: E-M5 is on top at the mirrorless camera ranking.

  • Jake

    I have a feeling GH3 will struggle to do this well. I am sure it’s going to be an awesome device, but something about this camera makes it special in a way the next great thing isn’t quite going to be at the same level. From the retro good looks, to the awesome manual control scheme, great view finder and all the way to that magic in the 5-axis sensor based image stabilization.

    I almost think GH3 would need global shutter to be significant enough to really challenge this camera based on Panasonic’s normal approach to maturing that line. Seems that won’t be there just yet on the 3 though. I am sure the sensor might be new an improved, but even then I can only see it being marginally better than E-M5 unless there is a pixel level revolution that’s as big as global shutter would be, but that’s doubtful.

    I keep thinking “Well I should wait until GH3 to pull the trigger”, but then always tell myself, “It’s not going to have 5-Axis sensor and be a good match for all the great Olympus and older affordable glass”. I think there was a day I wasn’t a fan of sensor stable approach, but this cam has made me a believer.

    • Guest

      Most of my 7 lenses are panasonic… but only 3 of them have IS.

      My 20mm f1.7 and 7-14mm would go well on an olympus body.

      As would my 45mm f1.8 and 25mm f0.95

      The only things that have IS are my 14-42mm x pro, 14-140mm and 45-200mm. And of those, I only use the 14-42mm X pro, and that’s only because it’s small and fits in the same case as the 20mm.

      90% of the time I will be using a lens that doesn’t have IS.

      I’m also waiting to see what the GH3 is like.. but I think my next body is going to be the OM-D. (I’m also waiting so that the price will go down)

    • deniz

      the real killer from panasonic will be upcoming the fast zoom

      • Jake

        I keep wondering what an Oly fast zoom could be like though without the need for IS hardware in the lens?? I am sure they are coming as the regular 4/3rd’s fast high end prime tele’s and zooms from Oly are not matched well to the contrast focus in use now and are huge compared to what they could be on m4/3rd’s even though tiny for what they are.

        • Boooo!

          Erm, no. You only get smaller wide and normal lenses, not telephoto, and laws of physics regarding the diameter of the front element, as well as the weights of individual lens elements, still apply. You can cheat a little by doing software correction, but you can’t expect anything on the level of 4/3 glass with m4/3, probably never. Not a single m4/3 lens released so far can equal HG glass, and expecting something on the SHG level for m4/3 is like me expecting Famke Janssen to take me away on a magical rainbow unicorn and my wife being okay with it.

          • Jake

            I get what you are saying, but the new fast X lens from Panny is pretty darned good and really small with IS. The 12-35mm f2.8 has a bit greater focal range than the 14-35mm f2.0 SHG, but obviously is not as fast. I would think an SHG m4/3rds could be a tad bit smaller than the 4/3 due to use of software correction in the m4/3rd system anyhow. And technically something equivalent to the X lenses without IS and a bit smaller due to that is is obviously possible.

            Regardless there will probably be SHG and HG variety zooms and tele m4/3rd lenses from Oly eventually anyhow. The focus system needs changed to something that performs better with contrast detect and speeds them up, even if size isn’t reduced, but guessing they would reduce size also as the HG and SHG were full quality complete optical coverage lenses that didn’t assume ANY optical software correction.

            • Boooo!

              If you consider the 12-35 to be pretty damn good, then you’d build a shrine to the 14-35 :)

              It’s a solid lens, yes, and ironically one that looks best on the E-M5, but it’s not at the level of the 4/3 glass.

              The tests I’ve seen thus far indicate that the 12-35 is nearly as good as the 12-60 optically; it’s half a stop faster at 35mm, yes, but it also costs more money, is built worse, doesn’t have mechanical zoom and has shorter reach. And that’s just comparing “SHG” m4/3 stuff to HG 4/3 stuff. If you ask me, I’d rather pick a lowly 14-54 over the 12-35.

              • Jake

                From a resolution and brightness in the corners standpoint they seem VERY similar. Now chromatic aberration seems it could be more of an issue with the X lens and it is a half a stop which is pretty big when it comes to eventual size of lens. Haven’t used both to comment on build, but can’t say an Oly of this variety specifically for m4/3rds wouldn’t be of some “SHG” quality.

                Still say though software correction and other aspect of the m4/3rd system could allow a slightly smaller than “SHG” lens with similar quality and price. I think there is a market at that price for unique lens even if size isn’t greatly different as the biggest complaint with the “SHG” 4/3rd’s lenses on m4/3rds bodies is performance that pro’s who use such lenses NEED.

                I really think in the long haul stuff designed specifically for SLR setup is going to lose preference to mirrorless. I say this mostly due to stuff like live view, view finder resolution, and sensor based auto focus regimes will always improve and will eventually get to a point you will meet and exceed the more traditional SLR approaches to doing things. You can see this happening already with reviews of camera’s like this E-M5.



              • Ross

                Is the 14-54 lens such a lowly lens? I think it compares quite favourably with the 12-60 optically (from what I’ve seen of comparison photos) & works fine in Live View & on my E-M5 with CD-AF (albeit not as fast to focus as the 12-50).

                • Boooo!

                  I was being sarcastic ;) The 14-54 is a fine lens with very good contrast and nice bokeh that loses some sharpness near the long end, and I think it’s entirely optically on par with the 12-35 while being only 1/3 stop slower at 35mm.

                  Olympus Europe had a sale of the MkI for about 250€ a couple of years back, which was probably the best deal ever for a quality standard zoom. A new MkII with better CDAF compatibility and a slightly wider per-focal-length aperture costs about $500€. Compared to $1300€ for the 12-35, it’s easy to see why I’d pick the Oly over the Pana if I were interested in m4/3; from what I hear, it’s not at all uncommon for E-M5 owners to get the 14-54. Ironically, it may very well be one of the best m4/3 lenses.

                  • Ross

                    That’s a relief. :D
                    I’m glad I got my Mk II when I did (soon after it was released) for something better on my E520 at the time & eventually got matched up with a used E30 a year later. Now it will used on my E-M5. I did a comparison between it, the 12-50 & an OM50 f1.8 & the OM was the sharpest at 50 mm (set at f2.8).

          • Napilopez

            I understand you comments about the physical limitations, but I don’t understand at all why you imply M4/3 glass can’t equal SHG glass. I thought Oly said the new 75mm was one of their best lenses ever? They refer to is as “high-grade” in both their press release and website description. I see no reason why they can’t come up with equal quality glass as SHG. After all, all they would have to do is adapt the glass.

            I think they will as the system matures and more professionals adopt the system, as has already been started thanks to the OM-D. The post you were replying to was also largely stating that a tele from Oly would be smaller than one from Panny due to not needing IS, which is true. Tele’s could be potentially slightly smaller on M4/3, though as you said, not nearly as much of a difference as on the wide end.

            • Boooo!

              From the couple of full-size photos shot with the 75mm, I don’t see it being one of their best lenses ever. There is also a reason why some of the 4/3 lenses were labeled *super* high-grade.

              They could adapt the glass… But do they really want to? They’re charging a premium for mid-level primes without lens hoods (I still think that’s very amusing!). There’s a price premium on m4/3 equipment, despite it being easier and cheaper to manufacture than 4/3 equipment, and they’re pushing the limits. If a 12-60 were adapted to m4/3, it would probably be priced at $1500€ and I don’t think there would be any buyers. The 12mm isn’t selling well, the 75mm isn’t being preordered in mass quantities. Most people getting into m4/3 just don’t want to spend the money on what is their casual camera. We’ll see what the future brings, though.

            • Ross

              You talk about the primes being good quality, but it can be kept small enough for M4/3’s because it is a prime. If I wanted the equivalent lens to the 50-200 (f2.8-3.5) made for M4/3’s, it would not be much smaller or lighter. I somehow think the only large aperture lenses we will see on the M4/3’s bodies will most likely be primes & the HG & SHG (zoom) lenses will be reserved for 4/3’s bodies that are big enough (& the only suitable body for PD-AF at this point of time) to handle them properly. The pro photographer that have their E5 & a PEN or OM-D are most likely just using primes on their smaller cameras to suppliment their HG & SHG zoom lenses on the E5. That’s my guess anyhow.

          • Bart

            “and expecting something on the SHG level for m4/3 is like me expecting Famke Janssen to take me away on a magical rainbow unicorn and my wife being okay with it.”

            Not at all.

            Expecting SHG level lenses for m4/3 AND expecting them to be substantially smaller then their 4/3 versions might be like what you describe, but there is nothing stopping the creation of SHG glass for m4/3, and with time, it is extremely likely to appear.


            Because 4/3 is going to see ‘end of life’ at some point (some would argue it is already at that point),and a ‘true professional’ m4/3 camera will be introduced. There is no point in doing that without there also being matching quality (and price) lenses.

            A pro m4/3 body has been promised for quite some time, and will be there once Olympus technology is up to the task. Not releasing matching lenses makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    • Guest

      Without 5axis ibis etc, I don’t think GH 3 can do magic to override om-d unless there is another quantum jump of sensor.

  • popo
  • Ben

    It’s amazing what a little actual availability can do for a products sales numbers! =)

  • > Of course this has a very relative and pure indicative value but it’s somewhat nice to see an Olympus camera beating the 5DmarkIII and D800.

    The most concise way to read the ranking is:
    – Amazon makes more money off the E-M5 than off the 5D3
    – Amazon makes more money off the 5D3 than off the D800

    So much for the Amazon ranking.

    But still nice :)

  • Take a look at my last OMD E-M5 video ;) :

    • BLI

      Nice start with Parc Güell, etc. Didn’t recognize all the places, but a lovely city.

    • BLI

      …and Sagrada Familia, and which house did you climb — was it Pedrera in Provença? I never had the patience to stand in line…

      • Yes Pedrera ;) It was quiet, there was no line this day.

    • Ross

      Thanks for the showing. A very nice compilation of video clips in Barcelona. BTW, what editing software do you use for the .MOV file.

      • Thanks ;) I use Final Cut 7 with clips converted in ProRes.

        • Ross

          Thanks. I’ll check it out.

  • neeming

    Actually, what’s more meaningful is that currently E-M5 is ranked No. 4 among all interchangeable lens cameras (including both SLRs and mirrorless), and No. 1 among mirrorless.

    Of all interchangeable lens cameras, E-M5’s ranked only behind Nikon D5100, D3200 and Canon Rebel T3i, all much less serious cameras. Also, the fact that E-M5 is split into two different product entries on Amazon, one being the body only option and other the kits, while the other competitors are each grouped together, may have also affected the ranking.

  • BLI


  • Befürworter


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