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E-5 vs E-M1 size comparison. POLL: Do you think there will be any new FT camera?


E-5 vs E-M1 size comparison image by Paniko (Thanks!).

So, now we know it for sure. There is no new “Pure” Four Thirds camera. The E-M1 is going to replace the [shoplink 17163]Olympus E-5[/shoplink] too. This opens a couple of questions:

1) Was the E-5 the last Four Thirds camera?

2) Is Olympus going to officially announce the end of the pure Four Thirds camera system or will they follow Panasonic route and simply silently abandon the FT camera development?

I hope Olympus can answer these questions in September when they will announce the E-M1.

Meantime this is the question of the day:

Do you think there will be more new Four Thirds mount cameras in future?

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P.S.: An E-M1 vs OMD vs E-P5 size comaprison can be seen at Dicahub.


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