DxOmark tested the E-PL5 sensor. Beats the E-M5 by a negligible 1 point.


DxOmark (Click here) just posted the full E-PL5 sensor test. And as you can imagine the E-PL5 is as good as the Olympus E-M5 with even a slightly better score at High ISO performance. DxO writes: “The Pen E-PL5 changes the game by reducing the image quality gap between the micro 4:3 and the NEX APS-C formats. For color depth, the Sony cameras retain an advantage of 1 bit, more or less — fairly hard to detect on a photo. For dynamic range, the Pen E-PL5 is outdistanced by the NEX-5N by one full stop in terms of exposure latitude — ultimately not very much, given that the NEX-5N is a champion in this area. But compared to the NEX-7, with its score of 12.7EV, the Olympus is pretty much in the same league in this category with a score of 12.3EV.

That sounds very good! Can’t wait to see the Olympus version of the Sony NEX-7! My Olympus 35 Sp dream is coming true?

Price check:
E-PL5 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France and eBay (via Slidoo).
E-PM2 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France and eBay (via Slidoo).
Gariz case:
Black E-PL5 case (Click here).
Brown E-PL5 case (Click here).
Black E-PM2 case (Click here).
Brown E-PM2 case (Click here).


  • Ton

    Maybe I’ll wait for the next omd before I replace my 1yr old ep3. The only thing I’m wishing my ep3 have is usability of higher iso like on these recent pens.

    Hi Admin, is that a hint, that olympus will be making nex cams, or just wishful thinking =)

    • admin

      Nope, I want a SP alike m43 cam :)

    • Hey admin, do you have an Oly 35 SP? Or just stick to the Mamiya 7 ;)

      The SP might be a little bit big for m43. The RD on the other hand is nearly identical to the GF-1 in size and shape (with 20mm). Ideal if you ask me!

      Although, the SP does come in black…

  • ED

    Off topic sorry..but u guys are usually very helpful :) Does anyone know how to open raw files from the em5 in Photoshop cs4? Or is that not possible?

    • Adobe

      Get the DNG converter that is free and convert it to DNG or buy CS6 as adobe isn’t going to make Camera Raw backwards compatible.

    • Don Pope

      It’s not possible because Adobe won’t update CS4 anymore. You have to convert it with other software first.
      Some free applications are Olympus Viewer 2, Adobe DNG tool, iPhoto or Picasa.

  • JF

    The gap between EPL3 and EPL5 is huge. EPL5 has same dynamic range at 800 iso than EPL3 at 100 iso…
    I think I will buy EPL5 as second body for my EM-5 in few times when price will have decrease.

    • FW Scharpf

      or get the latest version of Lightroom, and then export to PS (even if not the latest version) if you still ned to do that after using the LR adjustments.

  • Dannecus

    More good news. I’m content to wait for the E-P5, expecting it to deliver more or less the IQ of the OM-D or a bit better, while sacrificing a little usability for smaller size.

    • adaptor-or-die

      The e-PL5 seems to replace the niche that the e-p1/2/3 held, which implies an upgrade so that the e-p5 will be some kind of RF version of the OMD, (If they simply take the OMD body from the top plate down, disapear the prism hump effect, push out the front body to the lens mount flange and then use the current height of the e-P1/2/3s to embed a left-side EVF .. it won’t be an optical RF, it will be quite a useful package and more compact vs the e-M5, and if it retains the body shape of the OMD, the same system kit accessories can apply to both the “SLR” style as well as an additional”RF” style.

  • Miroslav

    “Can’t wait to see the Olympus version of the Sony NEX-7.”

    Me too, but I’ve given up hope a bit. Unless Oly does a Hasselblad :D.

  • Do you really think, taht the PL5 is better, or can that be “fixed” / improved with a firmware update, so that the OM-D gets or already has the same quality. If it’s the same sensor etc. it should be more an software issue?!

    • Agent00soul

      It could be sample variation or some tweak of the noise reduction algorithm. The only difference is in the high ISO score.

    • beautemps

      It is an hardware issue. They dropped or weakened the AA-Filter in the EPL5.
      It is a development to supplement the on sensor filter by software postprocessing.

  • Yun

    I strongly believe the next PEN or OMD Pro , whatever you want to call it will be even greater .
    Likely to get a camera at these time around but I also aware Oly & Pana , both having their fullframe dream influenced by Sony , so need to careful on the m4/3 investment .

    • beautemps

      FF-Lenses will be extremly heavy and expensive. This will never happen until totaly new sensors are developed!

    • Bronica

      I difinitly don’t want fullframe. To slow or to big or to heavy.

      I would change my OM-D against a Leica M or a Canon EOS D5III onny for one reason: to sell the stuff and buy from the money a OM-D with 1,8/ 75mm. Or the nw Pany stuff like the 1,2 42mm.

      I have the cam day and night with me.

      Fullframe: Yes – from time to time I use my beloved Bronica GS 6×7, a Moskwa5 6×9 and Arax (Kiev) 60 -6×6. That’s fullframe. Not “Kleinbild”.

  • Bronica

    The E-PL5 has reached also the level of the beloved Fujifilm X100.

    That’s good, is’nt it? And the lenses are interchangable.


  • Alonso

    Talking about the 17mm again, did you notice that it simply disappeared from BH lists?? This is the most strange lens release I’ve seen. It was announced twice but no order option so far. I’m starting to doubt it will hit the stores this year….

  • sony

    still sony sensor, isnot it? So I bet the nex 6 is better

  • Looking forward to E-P5 with integrated viewfinder.

  • Austin

    As a Sony shooter I must say this is very nice for m43, very happy for them being able to get a great sensor at a good price. Happy shooting guys!

  • What makes the difference? Electronics? Heat? Speed?

    • jimbo

      the fact they tested it on Thursday, instead of Monday.. there were more Solar Flares

  • mimstyle

    Ok but the omd is much better, the point more is for the low iso. But is a great second camera this epl5

  • Adam

    As for the dynamic range, they mixed up NEX-5N with NEX-7. The latter is the “champion” and has significant advantage over E-Pl5.

  • AndyH

    I have tthe E-P5 and also the E-P3. In terms of dynamic range it is leaps and bounds ahead. High ISO performance I think it can bea Sony NEX-5R (which I also used beforehand).
    The reason I am getting into M4/3 is the range of lenses on offer (by both Oly and Panasonic). Other mirrorless “system” cameras are either “Late to the party” or “Too Slow” or “To protect their DSLR range of products”

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