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Dpreview interview with Aki Murata from OM Digital: “I can confirm that will be an exciting product announcement in 2021”


Dpreview published their interview with OM Digital CEO Aki Murata. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • “I can confirm that will be an exciting product announcement in 2021”
  • focus will continue to be on Micro Four Thirds, and on mid to high-end products.
  • In the fixed lens compact camera business demand for action cameras and cameras for 360-degree imaging is increasing (Tough line will continue)
  • “we’re more flexible now, compared to when we were a part of Olympus”
  • Why mirrorless is here to stay: A smartphone will never be able to capture a fast-moving bird, for example, from a great distance.
  • The size of the Four Thirds sensor offers the possibility of fast readout speeds, which makes this format ideal for computational imaging
  • The Micro Four Thirds system is not limited to 20 Megapixels. Our Pro lenses have excellent resolution and performance, enough to work well even with a 100 Megapixel sensor.
  • Technology will develop, and the physical disadvantages of smaller sensors will be eliminated in future. Once this happens, the last variables will be the size and weight of the hardware. And that’s where we have a big advantage with the Micro Four Thirds system.

I really wanna see a 100MP MFT camera :)

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