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Dpreview Interview: Aki Murata of Olympus says “Full-frame isn’t for everybody, more telephoto lenses coming”


Dpreview interviewed Aki Murata from Olympus. A couple of takeaways:

1) Olympus sees a trend with people coming from Full frame buying Olympus (for the birding and wildlife field)

2) Focus is on semi pro and pro market as Olympus can serve up products that can take photos which aren’t possible with a smartphone

3) Olympus will introduce more super telephoto lenses. And that’s an area of difference with Full Frame as Olympus MFT lenses will be small and of high quality

4) Olympus says Full-frame isn’t for everybody. It’s important for all photographers to think about what matters to them

5) There are no plans to make a new system with different sensor size

It was a nice interview with clear answers. Can’t wait to get my hands on their new 150-400mm lens :)

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