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Double hint from Pekka…


Pekka continues to raise the suspense on the next new OMD model by hinting tidbit

First Pekka wroteFor some of us E-P5 actually moves our expectations to the next model in OM-D line. I know pretty much what will be the big highlight of this body. Quite obvious to everyone seeing E-P5 should be that the next OM-D series model goes well above E-M5 in features. Incorporating VF-4 should be just one of them. And that is all I can say now…

And now: “E-P5 AF with 4/3 system lenses: Maybe there is a slight improvement over E-M5 maybe not. I tried shortly but did not notice anything worth closer look because the real thing for 4/3 lens owners is already on its way.

Meantime PChome (google translated) had an Interview with Olympus manager Mr. Haruo. And the interviewer couldn’t spill out any new info about the future releases but he said that he “got the feeling” that the new E-mount camera will be smaller than the previous E-5.

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