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Don’t forget to write your own reviews on 43rumors! (+43rumors stats)


Good morning!

It’s Sunday and there are not many news today. If you have some time feel free to rate the Micro Four Thirds product we listed inide our product database. You can write a whole review and rate the camera/lenses. Also a rating alone (without review) would be fine :)

That will help new or future Micro Four Thirds camera owners to get and idea about the quality of those products. Remember, you have to be a registered 43rumros member. We have a very strong spam filter. If you don’t receive the confirmation mail contact me at and I will complete the regisrtation for you.


And here soemthinge else:

For 3 months I used a new stat software which is awesome….it’s called getclicky. You might want to know who is visiting 43rumors? On top you see the most spoken languages of our readers. Below we have the list of the most present cities:
that’s it :)

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