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Don’t ask me what camera to buy.


Guys, don’t ask me if you have to buy the GF1 or E-P1 or if you have to wait for future new stuff. Believe me it really doesn’t matter what you buy! You are never going to make better photos only because you bought the newest model! I mostly shoot film and I only bought two digital cameras since 2001. The camera doesn’t matter. A good photographer can take wonderful pictures with a 30 years old camera or a cellular built-in camera.

If you need to buy a camera ask yourself following question: What kind of photos do I want to take? Try to focus on your needs. Do you need to make big prints? Do you need a camera you can always carry with you? Do you want to make landscapes or street photography?

Don’t waste your time and money with camera stuff and lenses. Try to find out what you are and what you want to tell. And don’t throw your money away!

P.S.: You want to take very good photos with a very cheap camera? Go for this:

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