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Does Ken Rockwell know that the Panasonic LX3 exists?


Ken Rockwell wrote an enthusiastic article over the new Canon S90. He never mentioned the Panasonic LX3 in this article or any article written before (a part from one advertising link inside the D-Lux4 review). And I really do not understand why. Does he know that Panasonic exists?

One of the sentence I didn’t like says:

“3.) Full-Sized Image Sensor. Well, not really, but considering that other makers lie about their 4/3 system DSLRs and E-P1 PEN as having full sized sensors (they are really only have quarter-sized), I’m saying “full sized sensor” here to light up the fact that the S90 and G11 have the biggest sensors of any compact cameras I’ve seen.

Any compact camera ever seen? What about the Lx3??? And I never heard Olympus telling anyone that they have full sized (Fullframe) sensors inside the E-P1.

UPDATE: he wrote a short Leica D-Lux4 review you can read here:

His sentence in short: “Would I buy one? No way.

P.S.: I like Ken Rockwell, but I just want to know why he is never mentioning the LX3

  • “P.S.: I like Ken Rockwell, but I just want to know why he is never mentioning the LX3”

    I don’t. Guy seems like a complete douchebag who doesn’t know about the industry he’s writing in. I honestly think I know more than him from reading that article and all of my current camera knowledge comes from reading 2-3 blogs.

    This dinosaur needs to step his game up.

  • ET

    I like Ken Rockwell too. But he’s a businessman as much as, if not more than, he is a photographer. And until the LX3 is readily available in large numbers for for people to buy via his affiliate links, I doubt he’s going to bother mentioning it.

  • Realist

    I agree. It seems as though he’s deliberately taking the position opposite of reason just to get page hits.

    Either that, or he’s an idiot.

    Another thing that frustrates me is when people claim that the 35mm format sensor is some kind of god-given “true” sensor size. Anything less than that is not “full size”. The fact that an even larger size is called “medium format” ought to give them a clue, but that’d be expecting too much.

  • Apparently he’s never seen a Canon Pro1, a Sigma DP1 or DP2 or the Sony DSC-R1… all have larger sensors than the G11 or S90.

  • Lucy

    Yeah, Olympus has a whole website clearly stating that the 4/3s sensor is half that of the full-frame sensor, and with many diagrams depicting why this leads to better lens design etc. etc. (Paraphrasing, not necessarily agreeing with them.) They claim image quality rivaling SLRs, but never sensor size.

    Personally, I respect Rockwell’s reviews and advice on optics and techniques, but not on digital bodies. It’s totally his choice to refuse to use all the innovations in digital photography (RAW, megapixels above 6, HD movie recording, etc.), but I want advice from someone who is adept in using MORE technologies than me… not LESS.

  • Jeffrey D

    I like Rockwell, keep in mind that he’s usually writing from experience having used the product. He’s just one guy and there’s hundreds of digital cameras out there, all getting updated every six months to a year, and he also likes to talk about classic film cameras and 4×5 large format.

    So it’s understandable that the only P&S digital cameras he really talks about are Canon’s – they’re the best-selling and generally the best in class, as well.

    His take on the Dlux4 was the common wisdom, really – it’s not a real Leica, and it’s better to just get the Panasonic version or a Canon.

  • Ben

    He’s a professional wind-up merchant.

    What he is not is a professional photographer or camera reviewer. Mostly a bored house-husband who has somehow built a massive following!

  • Patrick

    Everyone’s got an opinion – fortunately not the same.

    I guess Rockwell just mixed up Full Frame Transfer technique and Olympus stating it’s sensors being Fullframe.

  • roast

    Ken Rockwell is just a rich arrogant geek. His passion is not photography, his passion is talking about photography and licking canikon ass.

  • Rockwell is a gear hound who happens to catch some decent pictures. The comment above about an affiliate link to the LX3 not being fruitful is spot on.

    Presently I have a Pana LX2, and will upgrade soon. I love the Lx2 even with the grain characteristics of the small sensor files. One of my favorite features of the LX2 is the silly little pop up flash. I was in a museum once with a small Oly P&S, and I hated fumbling through buttons to turn the stupid flash off. The simplicity of the manually operated flash is almost worth the price of the cam to me.

    I’m not a Canon fan, but the little manual flash a la Pana LX series is a win for this cam. If the LX cams did not exist, I would seriously consider this little gadget. Had Canon implemented the ability to bounce it like the Leica Digilux cams, these things would fly off the shelves. Look up the DIgilux and you’ll see it;s not all that hard to engineer, although some space would likely have to be sacrificed. As almost everyone knows, even the most casual shooters, the built-in no-option flashes on the compacts is a serious image killer.

  • Plus, there’s nothing to get excited about the S90’s image sensor. 1/1.7″ is barely larger than the industry-standard (for point-and-shoots) 1/1.8″.

    This chart demonstrates the difference between most standard image sensors including 1/1.7, 1/1.8 and Four Thirds.

  • Mark

    Rockwell is a fucking clown. Everyone knows he does it to provoke to get traffic to his site and his ads.

  • I personally find Ken Rockwell amusing. He paints a picture of someone who speaks ‘authoritatively’ and yet he confounds by making claims that have very little real world basis. Some comments here suggest that he loves to wind up readers for commercial attention and I think that’s spot on. He probably realises he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but he appreciates the value he gains by saying something outrageous and making it all sound ‘logical’ to his followers.
    How shallow is his knowledge? Well he accuses Olympus of claiming that Four-Thirds sensors are full frame. In technical terms, a Four-Thirds sensor design is fundamentally based on the full-frame transfer (or FFT) architecture, which means that it shares the same broad design except that by relocating the pipeline from the front to the rear, an FFT design actually gains more space.
    I have long since ignored Rockwell although I did initially find his writings to be extraordinary, not in a good way, but in being somewhat banal. Writing him off will do most people a lot of good.

  • sinlemon

    who is he?

  • Simon

    Ken Rockwell illustrates one of the serious problems of web 2.0 and the blogosphere: it gets harder and harder to find reliable information. For newbies his page looks like an expert page about cameras with reviews and recommendations. What he just wrote about the S90 being the “worlds best compact camera” or the odd hint to shoot any camera at 6 megapixels only seriously lets me doubt his sanity. He seems to be even worse then some of the arrogant Canikon expert shop assistents. There should be a warning pop up saying “the following camera wisdom pages are advertising”.

  • D

    Rockwell’s an idiot savant (minus the savant). His type of “info” site is true to the spirit of the internet, give everyone a voice (even if they don’t know what their talking about). People like him because he seems like an everyday “Joe” that knows alot. Only the truly uninformed will believe this for long.

  • He is sometimes logical.But sometimes misleading! He made an unfair comparison between canon s90 and the canon G11 where he ONLY showed the points that the S90 out performs the G11. He neither mentioned the G11’s highest shutter speed ,nor did he mention the hot shoe. FLASH SINK AS WELL!!!

  • Jim

    Some of you guys are either blind, dumb or simply didn’t read the article. LX3 is clearly mentioned: “Unless I missed something when I tried it, the Leica D-Lux 4 (Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3K) lacks the emancipating direct control rings of the S90. Sure, the Leicasonic has a control switch around the lens for cropping, but no ability to control anything useful around the lens as does a real camera or the S90.

    This lack of direct control, and the suffocatingly complex menu system of the Leicasonic that replaces the direct controls of the S90, relegates the Leicasonic to the consumer electronics aisle, not the photography aisle.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it today’.

    Whatever people think of this man, at least he’s able to make a living from photography. Sounds like an awful lot of sour grapes here.

  • wellsaid

    Well said Jim.

  • Matt

    “For newbies his page looks like an expert page about cameras with reviews and recommendations.”

    Not really. It looks like a cheap advert.

    “Whatever people think of this man, at least he’s able to make a living from photography.”

    No! He makes his living from begging for money on his website.

  • Interesting. Ken seems just to achieve what he wants. More than 20 posts for such an unimportant topic. The guys who doubt his value as photographer probably did not look at the nice corner bathroom picture he gets exited about. The photos of his wife’s 100 000 $ Porsche Turbo Cayenne are very well done…
    What sense does a sensor make ;-}

  • Andy

    I like his website, and have found useful stuff on it. But by his own admission, he derives most of his income from the website itself. He’s a professional blogger, who earns extra money from photography. Sometimes he’s dead on; sometimes completely off the mark. Sort of like any reviewer. I am a bit perplexed at his fantasy world wherein he uses “RealRaw” to mean “film.” Film isn’t any more real a sensor than microelectronics is.

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